Thursday, May 31, 2012

sickness in motion.

My head is super sensitive. It gets dizzy quite easily. if i'm sitting on a linked chair and someone at the other end is shaking their legs, i'll feel dizzy. It's quite normal for me to vomit every time i travel ( car, bus, ship or plane ). And it's common for me to feel like vomiting when sitting at the back seat at other people's car. Dunno why. I'm just super sensitive over the top. Ahhh... maybe it's just some divaish sickness heh? ;p

Are you an easy traveller?

P/s : Tell you something. Sometimes i also feel like vomiting when i'm driving my own car..  over or not?  Hahahahaha... ;p

PP/s : congrats to William for guessing the function of roo correctly.  William, pls email me at :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

long grey.

I've been growing grey hair since my late 20's and it's getting worse when i'm in stress .. like now. I was so proud with my dark full hair when i was younger. And now, i can just patiently plucking my grey hair every time i look at the mirror.

But sometimes i thought maybe i should just enjoying having them. Maybe i can stop cutting my hair and let the grey hair grow. And in 10 years time, i'll tie them up ( ponytail style ) .. just like Karl Lagerfeld. Vogiu gitew. ;p

Do you have grey hair issue?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I only bought 1 ( ONE ) souvenir for myself from the Australia trip. It's a stuffed kangaroo made of leather. Not those typical kangaroo or koala plush toys that we normally see. It's simple and nice, just like me ( ;p ). Check out the simplicity of the details .. no eyes, no paws, etc.

Now, can anyone guess what is the actual function/ usage of this leather-roo? :)

I have something ( very little thing ;p ) from Australia for the1st person who got it right.
So, marilah mari...

p/s : those currently in the Aussieland no need to guess la ye? .. cos most likely you have already seen it in the stores. ;p

Monday, May 28, 2012

da bomb.

Yes yes.. i am referring to myself.
Not only i look malatopzz from the outside ( you may start puking now ;p ), i am also ready to explode anytime inside.

Been really short/hot tempered lately ( actually most of the time la, but lately became more serious ) maybe too stressed with the projects on hand. Am trying to be more patient with friends around me. But the bomb in me is just too hard to handle. To those who got bombed by me lately...

Buah langsat buah duku,
Rasanya manis enak sekali,
Jika terkena bom dan laserku,
Ampunkan diriku yang vogiu ini.

Are you a hot tempered person as well?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

beautiful aussie experiences.

Not going to post long stories or vogiuly annoying pictures of mine ( padahal tak banyak ambik pun ) from the trip. Just a few things that i think worth sharing ...

If you are a person with low self esteem ( like me ;p ), you'll love Australia ( or at least Sydney ). Cos they  are super nice and friendly, and most of all .. honest.

Cashier at Woolworth : Do you need a plastic bag?
Me : Nope, it's ok.
Cashier : That's beautiful. ( i know she's not talking about how i look, but i don't care. i'll take the compliment ... my way ;p )

A stranger in the hotel lift not sure how to use the door card and button thing, so i helped him. Guess what he said? ( lol ;p )
Him : Oh Beautiful. Thanks mate. ( again, i'll take that compliment .. my way ;p )

One day kena say beautiful few times, how lah the self esteem won't shoot up the sky ler? ;p

Then met up with a beautiful blogger ~ Malimo, ( thought can meet LeoNut as well, didn't know that he is in Melbourne. so LeoNut, we meet next time la? insya allah ) a nice guy who smiled a lot and surprised that i was not as bitchy as in the blog ( 1st impression ;p ). The 2nd time we met he brought us out with his wheel ( to me it's a canggih car ). Suddenly felt like diriku begitu berharga. (;p) Got to know him a bit more. Nice knowing you Malimo. :)

Went to the MovieWorld in GoldCoast and did something that i thought i'll never do ~ rode 4 different  roller coaster in one shot. FYI, i'm a easily pening then vomit person. Naik 1 coaster pun boleh mampus type of person. But i did 4 that day, super proud of myself.
( Safety tips when riding a roller coaster : Try go on the coaster with kids ( preferably girls ), so that you can literally scream your lung out like a little girl and no one will know. LOL ;p )

Supposed to go for a hot air balloon ride, but got cancelled due to the and weather. Tapi takpe la.. i'm sure there will be such opportunity next time.

So, that's my report for the trip.
Sekian berita.
Majulah sukan untuk negara. ;p

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Glad to be home.
I'm so so tired, that i can't wait to molest my long separated bed. ;p
Will blog about the trip soon.
But just fyi ..
Zzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzz


Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 days

Am leaving the country tonight to join Australia Next Top Model : Ampang Invasion. Be back in 10 days, hopefully with good result. ( lol ;p )

Hope that i can get enough rest within these 10 days. Cos it will be war again when i come back.
Don't miss me too much, and keep visiting ya? :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

maybe i am.

" Hey Danny. What happened to you? You look sick. Are you sick? "

" Nope, not sick. I'm just tired. "

Been asked the same questions a few time these 2 days.. and i'm started to think that maybe .. i am sick. :(
Urgh! Can't wait for my holiday soon.

Take good care of yourself everyone. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Simon says...

I came back from the morning class and saw a few Malay kids ( primary school ) playing at the lobby. They are playing the " Simon Says " game, but in Malay version : " Cikgu Kata ". It's so nice to see them playing an authentic kids game, than playing with some iPhone of iPad.

While waiting for the lift, i watched them played...

" Cikgu Kata, lompat. " ( all jumped )
" Cikgu Kata, berdiri. " ( all stood up )
" Angkat tangan kiri. " ( nobody moves .. smart kids ;p )
" Cikgu Kata, pusing belakang. ( all turned back )

My lift arrived, and i stepped in with another makcik. While the door closing, i heard ..

" Cikgu Kata ... pantat. "

I looked at that makcik and laughed. She didn't say anything.. just " Ish.. budak ni. " LOL ;p

What is your favorite game when you were a kid?
Mine are hide n seek, galah panjang, congkak, etc.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

old V old.

Do you think that we should/must use a Hindi/Tamil song to do a Bollywood dance? Don't you think that it's too stereotype? Cos i did some shows with Bollywood choreos using pop songs and it's really nice. And there's surprise element in it.

I did a Bollywood choreography last week ( for 6 dance classes ). I think the members loved it, cos some of them asked me the name of the song after the class. Everything was ok until the 6th class when a che-che came to me and told me that the song does not suit the steps, and i should use Hindi songs ( she gave me some samples from Shah Rukh Khan, and bla bla bla ) cos other instructor used those songs to do Bollywood dance. I told her i have those songs. I just try not to use the same songs by other instructor so that we won't clash on the steps ( and also there won't be any comparison ~ not that i'm not confident with my steps ;p ). But most of all, i told her that i DIDN'T like those songs that she suggested. She got so offended and just walked away.

Why old people likes to give 'friendly suggestions' ( that you should follow wether you like it or not ;p )? And why they are so stubborn and refuse to listen to other people's thought?
I guess she didn't realize that i am ALSO an old people myself. LOL ;p

p/s : Happy Mother's Day you all :)

It's Monday again.
Have a great week ahead. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

bzzz bzzz bzzzzzz.

Yes.. i've been bzzzzzing not stop these few days, like a vogiu bee  ..
Busy dealing with that demanding diva. Kept asking me to change the details.

The filming crew still filming kat bawah lagi. Really hard to sleep with them shouting and slapping and.. firing gunshot ( kelas gitu ) at 3am. Light sleeper like me mana boleh tahan? Really need more sleep. ;(

Also busy getting medicine for my headache and body ache ..
yelah..dah tua... memang kena pergi pharmacy more often. ;p

It's Friday again.
Enjoy the weekend everyone.
Will try to get more rest and things done, before going off for my holiday next week. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Went for the meeting/ presentation yesterday and got the project. Yay! But this year is slightly more challenging that before, cos i need to work with another diva in the team. Sigh. :(
( Time to practice my patience )

The guy came to fix the Unifi at my home. And i got my 1st choice of the ID. But horr.. dunno which stupid fellow that reti baca, made a typo error.. So instead of dannygaga.. my ID now is ..
DANNUGAGA. Vomit blood!
( Bodoh kan? ;p )

Got a extremely scary dream last night. Nope, nothing to do with ghost. It was about how my family was abused and gone crazy! And guess who was the abuser? ... ME!!! Why? What's wrong with me? I actually woke up in the middle of the night and with tears. Cos it's to scary to see you make your loved ones suffer! :(
( My friend always said that i should go to see psychiatrist cos i'm crazy. And now i think i should. I want to be a happy person! )

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

enter frame.

I came back to my condo after the class. And i saw a bunch of people at the lobby. There's lightings, cameras, wiring all around. They were shooting!

Peluang keemasan untuk enter frame. LOL ;p
I wanted to go to the mailroom pretending checking my mails, but ken a block by the crew. Ada ke patut? Dia orang ni buta ke apa? Tak nampak ke ni Ampang Next Top Model tengah nak buat surprise cameo untuk movie dia? ;p

By the by, i cuma talk talk only. Cos i am shy to masuk tv. One time i was suppose to be interviewed for a segment, but right after the director shouted action ... my face turned red. Buat malu aje. ;p

Are you camera shy?

Monday, May 7, 2012


Before going in the studio, the members asked me what song are we going to dance. I wanted to say Justin Bieber, but my mind was thinking Justin Timberlake. So end up i told them :
" Live My Life, by Far East Movement featuring Justin Bieberlake. "
Oh malunya ;p

Then in the class, i told them ..
" 2 step to the right and add a body loll. "
And they laughed again.
" Aiya soli soli. My Cina suddenly came out. Body roll. Haha . ;p )

2 times within an hour. So the memalukan.
But horr, do you think if any of the member will that it's 'adorable' ler?
( syok sendiri ) Hi hi. ;p

Dah la air liuh mendrooling merata-rata. And now the mouth and mind tak sama channel. Definitely getting older liao. :(

Anyway, how's your Monday?

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I was chatting with a friend the other day. Half way the conversation, he started to hum and sing a song that is not familiar to me. But i tak bother to ask la. Then suddenly he asked :

" Eh, i wonder what happened to Shakira now? "

" Huh? "

" Shakira la. I just sang her song la, bodoh. "

" Huh? That was Shakira? ( suddenly remembered the lyrics ) Wow! You killed the song .. in a baaaaaaad way. I hardly recognize it when you don't follow the melody at all. You tone deaf issit? "

" You bitch! You are not very nice. "

" Of cos i'm not. I'm vogiu. Haha ;p "

Do you have this kind of friend around you?
How to tell a tone-challenged person that he/she is having that problem .. in a polite/ nice way?
( but must make sure he/she dapat the message wor ;p )

Going for an important meeting Tuesday. Hope can get the job. :))
Have a great week ahead. :)

p/s : watched SMASH just now and they did this Bollywood number and dance. super nice. am going to choreograph it for the class next week. try listen to it :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

maintain you.

I went to my clients company for a meeting and my client ( also my friend ) told me that they have a new male colleague that she would like me to meet. According to her, he is good looking and she is eyeing on him. But when i saw him... FAIL.
Why? Cos he got those pre-set kau-kau shinny hairstyle. Taufan datang rambut pun still maintain the shape. ;p

I once saw a guy in the changing room applying his hair products after shower. Mak oooiiiii.. macam nak bukak salon. At leads 5 items .. gel, spray, etc and it took him 20 mins to 'set' his hair. Really dunno how they have the patience to apply the stuff one by one. :(

How many type of products you put on your hair at once?

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I was at the changing room getting ready fro the class when i realized someone is bitch-staring at me. I look dup, it was the bitchy-faced ( but very friendly ) instructor. It's his style/ signature to bitch stare people. So i jokingly warned him ..

" Eh, you try bitch stare at me one more time, i sumpah your eyes turned juling ( cockeye ). See how you bitch stare anymore la. Huh. ;p "

" Ah haahaha.. that's so mean but so funny. I like.... "

Another story...
There's a girl in my group who always tell us that she knows lots and lots of people. Whenever we go, there will be someone that she'll say hello to. She's the Miss Congeniality / Friendship / Goodwill of our group. So another bitchy friend of mine trying to put a curse on her.

" I wish one day when she wakes up and go out, nobody will recognize and say hello to her. Sure she'll die. Hahahaha . "

Very mean, scary for her but so funny to imagine that. ;p

Now, with the very limited info about myself here, what do you think will be the meanest curse on me? Haha.. i know i know.. i'm asking doing a suicide mission here. ;p
Try to be creative but keep it clean ya.
( my sisters are following my blog. wink wink* )

Out of curiosity, can a cockeyed person do a bitch stare? 

No offense to anyone :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

not for me. please.

There's few words ( not necessarily bad ) that i don't like to be associate with me. I get very annoying when people describe me using those words. For example ..

hello! i'm 35 this year and it's pathetic to be called cute at this age ... furthermore i certainly don't have anything animation-like on me or my face. :)

choi!!! never ever say i look slim when you see me .. pantang lah.. cos i'll eat more when i think i got slimmer. :(

ok.. this one depends on when and who said it. i certainly think that i am fierce and sexy when i'm dancing. but if you tell me i'm sexy when i'm shopping ... i cannot accept la ;p

So what is the unacceptable word(s) to describe yourself?

( no offense to those who got labelled with those words )

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

front or back?

Something from my own observation.

Older people likes to express their feelings/ thoughts tanpa segan silu to others. Cos i think we 'younger people' likes to do that behind the back. (:P) This is what i saw from the che-che group in my class. If they don't like you dance style, they'll tell you right away. If they think you new hairstyle is not trendy enough ' for them', they'll tell you in right at your face.

You see, i never tell her that she's too old for high school girl fringe hairstyle, or her workout outfit with the 'color-blind' theme. I only share it with you guys here. Haha ;p

I went for a foot massage the other day when the fat uncle next to me fell asleep and started to snore. It was very loud and annoying but me and the messieurs juts kept quiet and let him sleep. Then came this auntie customer, and the first thing she said was :
" Wah... so loud! " ( in a very loud and clear tone ;p )
It was so funny that i have to cover my face with the cushion but my shoulder was shaking trying not to laugh out loud. ;p

Do you like to confront people when you feel something is not right ( to you )?
Or you'll just bitch about it behind their back with your friends?

As a vogiu bitch, i'm sure you know what's my style. LOL ;p