Sunday, November 30, 2008

鳥 vs 蟲





Friday, November 28, 2008

It's finally here ...

After 3 days of war with ticking clock and absofuckinglutely packed schedule, my biggest fear is finally here - my back and shoulder pain. Today is only the 3rd day, but my back and shoulder already start to send out signals. Whenever i roll my shoulders back and forth, i can hear those ' clak clak' sound due to the tense muscle and vein.

How lah? I still got another week to go. 2 weeks actually, cos next week i have to attend the 3 days Body Jam training besides doing the existing projects. These 2 months might not be the most productive months , but definitely the busiest period for me.

Is there any fast, easy and effective way to lessen the pain? Don't ask me to relax, cos time is the thing that i am lacking at the moment.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My inspiration...

I'm tired and my mind is totally blank. The war will begin in 10 hours. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, just enjoy the song that i'm planning to teach in the coming class. I think it's very rich and inspirational. But some find it very irritating. Different people different taste, and i know, mine is definitely better. LOL
( By the way, Dior used it for their Haute Couture show )

I know it's not the original MV. Don't complain, just listen ! ;p

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weather Report

Surprised and happy to received a sms from my Biaomei ( Win-ni ) who is currently chasing her dreams in London yesterday. Below is the message :

" Biaokho, London is snowing and i miss you !!! "
Short but warm. I miss you too! Hope that you are doing well there, cos you really make our village people proud! LOL

Back to me, i need to get some spray snow to touch up the display props. Unfortunately, i have searched the whole Ampang and no one is selling it. Not even in Ampang Point, Carrefour , etc. Really pissed off and tired driving around. Why? Ampang people never celebrate Christmas kah? So hard to get something that is so common for Christmas decor.

Really kanasai! People snowing in London, and yet i can't find a single can of snow spray here....
Ladies and gentlemen, i am regret to inform that :


Sunday, November 23, 2008



剛搬進來時,就有要請觀音的打算。我媽說買牠得佛尊要講緣份。覺得看對眼有感覺才買。所已以我那挑剃的性格,怎麼可能隨便買得到。我心想要的佛尊和市面上有的不太一樣。通常看到的都是坐著的。但我比交喜歡站著的。看起來交修長和model look。(我有沒有很過分?連菩薩都要很VOG-GUE的)找了很就終於找到了。身材比例都很好。我很滿意。唯一不好意思的就是害牠要每天站著,沒得坐。

GOD bless everyone. :)


Friday, November 21, 2008



我有個很賤的壞習慣,就是喜歡臨睡前想steps。因為通常在床上會有很多靈感 ( ooooo... juicy !! )。所已明明要睡了還要想一大堆的steps。想了第一個8,就會想繼續想第二個8。想下想下,就把所需的steps choreograph完。然候就很滿足的收工會周公。



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dream a (not so) little dream of me

Time to share my dreams with you guys again...

Dream # 1 :
Me and my sis were at a lake doing some research a la National Geographic ( dunno why, cos never interested in Bio and Geography ;p ). Suddenly a big gigantic BUAYA appeared from the lake and start chasing us, i mean ME! I ran away as DRAMATIC as possible ( run, shout and over-the-top facial expressions at once ). And when i turn back, that BUAYA look like a human being with white sharp teeth. Just like the one i saw in "Quarantine" movie trailer.....

Dream # 2 :
I was driving and wanted to go to some place. I am very familiar with that place. But the problem is, i can never got the correct junction to turn in. Always lost or missed the turning at the T junction and round-a-bout. It took me few times before i can get to the right place. Very pikchik.... ( but this is not only happening in dreams la.. real life also more or less the same, hehehe.. quite bad in direction ;p )

Dream # 3 :
Someone was chasing me... again. This time, the venue is in a building. I ran using the staircase, from ground floor to 10th floor. Then down again. I swing from bar to bar when i jump down, very artistic gymnastic-like.... ( as if i'm doing Madonna's 'Jump' MV...only without the spotlights....
The result is, my whole body is so tired and aching when i write this entry......
By the way, i also saw Faye Wong doing catwalk in one of my dream. She was wearing a black halter neck bareback long gown, with classic make up and hairdo. Haha.....


See, i always stay at home but got so many exciting experiences as compared to those who always go out. Free one lagi... hahahaha

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


如果你問我最擅長弄什麼,我會馬上回答 :福健麵。我因該是每天都會弄。有時還一天弄幾次。偶而還會請人吃。相信我身邊的人都被我請過。



福健麵 =(臉)面黑黑

Monday, November 17, 2008

Something to die for ...

Went to hardware shop to buy something just now. While waiting for the staff to get my things, i just browse some of the tools on the shelf. Suddenly something caught my eyes. There is a very "outstanding" packaging box on the shelf. A rather different one. It was a tile-cutter. But what is so special about the cutter?

It caught my attention because the packaging image is a sexy lady pretending to cut the tiles. Don't you think that is so SALAH? Cos normally they'll have the image of the tool on the box. Not some sexy lady which have nothing to do with the tool. Obviously their target market is those 痳瘌佬contractor.

Now, if this is an effective way to attract 痳瘌佬 buyer, can i propose something? These proposal is for those coffin seller. Next time do a poster of a sexy lady wearing lingerie. Then ask the lady to sleep in the coffin, feeling sexy. I think there will a lot of those hamsap Ah Pek 'dying' to buy the coffin from you. You happy, they happy. How? My proposal boleh jalan or not?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

二度 。出賣

You have seen how they practise in the previous entry. Here's the actual performance..
That Indian man is our Chief Finance Controller ( the one who approve our budget ). So die-die have to put him in the show. I did appear in the last clip ~ as the backstage coordinator ( the one in black t-shirt )
And please forgive my friend/cameraman. You can tell from the shaky clips that he was very excited. LOL

And here's the winner team...enjoyed their show very much.

By the way, can you tell which are the women and non women?
( Tips : Those pretty ones are NOT.. )

Friday, November 14, 2008



Found this clip while reorganizing my old files. The clip was made few years back. Those were my friends/ex-colleagues. The performance is for the Staff Performance Contest for their Annual Dinner ( again, but for another company ), themed FASHIONISTA. We got 3rd place .

I know it's always fun to watch your friends performing on stage. But it is funnier to see them behind the stage. So, i'm going show you how awkward, funny and blurr they were. It was recorded at my house as i was the choreographer for the show. The whole thing is quite DRY, without lightings and costume. Enjoy :)
( 2 person were absent, in case you see there's some moment with nobody )

Shasha, Agnes, Wendy, Karena, Diana, Miguel & Amy, I love you guys & please don't scold me. I know you guys enjoyed it very much . :)







還好只有我一個人,還可已忍。如果是和Persatuan Mulut Laser的members一起的話,肯定笑到趴地。
阿 Girl,stamp是拿來黏在信封的,不是黏眼睛。
(俗稱的~ 眼睛‘搭‘stamp)哈。

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Run Big Mouth, Run ~

I am very tired at this moment. Why? Cos i have not been having quality sleep for quite sometime. I normally dream when i sleep. But the dreams have been quite tiring for the past few nights.

Night 1 :
Back to my secondary school - doing CROSS COUNTRY. And guess what? I was in the top 3. Can you imagine how FAST i ran?

Night 2 :
Somewhere in Bukit Bintang. I left my wallet in the cab. So i have to CHASE the fast moving cab. I think i ran from Lot 10 to Loke Yew. On top of that, i have to SHOUT!

Night 3 :
Secondary school as well. Busy organizing activity for my club. Or is it open day? Can't remember. Cos too many scenes CRISS-CROSSING.

Can anyone tell me if that means something?

Apa nak jadi hidupku ini,
Siang menari, malam berlari,
Mental letih separuh mati.
Tapi body tetap berisi.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Wu-Liao2 之 噹噹噹噹 ~


那IQ題的答案是 :龍
The answer is : Dragon



Why? Close your eyes and imagine..
During 'Dragon Dance', don't you see 20 balls running together? LOL


Sunday, November 9, 2008




What animal with 20 ' balls / testicles '?


Friday, November 7, 2008

YOU no moon, I full moon !

Basically i am a nice guy ( yeah rite ;p ). I love to work and share my knowledges with freshies, as long as you are willing to learn. But if you are a nobody and try to act smart in front of me, then i'll make sure you eat shit without realising it.

It's actually happening between me and a young lady working for my client. Based on the few meetings with her, i can see that she have very little knowledge in VM. Mentang-mentang she is the newly employed Marketing Exec, she use her position and 'knowledge' to ask me to do ridiculous things ( in another word, S-T-U-P-I-D ).

For example, she told me to cut down the cost of the Christmas tree, by taking out all the fairy lights. OMG! A Christmas tree without lighting is basically a DEAD TREE. And she also like to use the word elegant, somber and sophisticated to describe her vision of the tree. Hello, i know what type of image and display is suitable for your company. I did the tree last year, and your principle from Singapore loved it so much !!!

But the thing that really pissed me off is that she called my supplier to check on my actual cost. That is too much ! It shows that she has no business etiquette and respect for business partners. And she cut off 70% of my proposed budget! So, i decided not to take the project. Let her use her smart brain ( if she have any ) to look for another freelancer to do the job. But i doubt she can find any in such a short notice. Too bad, i guess she'll have to learn from her mistake !

You no moon, i full moon. ( 你做初一,我做十五 )

Thursday, November 6, 2008



上個禮拜六早上,不小心拗到我的頸。但還是有去教class。教到一半,我的頸和肩膀突然硬起來。而且很痛。所已被逼提早下課。很辛苦的駕車去看醫生。因為頭不能轉去看side mirror,所已駕得很慢。從PJ回家用了將近2小時。看了醫生,打針和吃藥。比交好了。但到現在還是有一點痛。

好笑的是,那幾天我都呈獻一種‘狗眼看人低‘的狀況。因為頭不方便轉,所已每次有人叫,我都用眼尾去‘掃‘他。在這裡正重的對那些給我‘看低‘的人說聲 :不好意思。

p/s: 謝謝members的關心。

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


今年的聖誕mood特別冷清。去supplier的店,沒什麼人。如果是往年的話,早就已經人山人海了。大家都在搶Christmas tree 和 ornaments。怕死那些美的顏色給人家掃光。真的很熱鬧。但如今。。。

我的Christmas job也不如往常。很多都cut budget。只好接多一點別的job來cover。不然我就要吃草了。

第一次很天真的想寫信給Santa Claus。請他給我多一點job。

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Just confirmed a freelance job on Friday. It's to train a group of staff to perform in their Annual Dinner in December. This is actually my second year working with them. Cos i think they are satisfied with my work last year. We got second place in the competition. Hopefully this year will be better, with the new staffs, new theme, new concept and NEW BUDGET. Hahaha.

The clip below is my teams' performance last year. I think they were considered very good, despite the fact that they are STAFF, not dancers.

The rehersal for this years' performance will start on Tuesday. Will show you the result of their hardwork later. Hopefully with a better prize. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008