Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pasar Malam 的廉價蛋糕





Monday, April 27, 2009


Have not been feeling well for the past 3 weeks. Went to see doctor twice already. Finished all the medicine given. Still the same. The feeling of vomiting is still there. But whenever i try to vomit, nothing come out. Thats the frustrating part, cos i really tried hard to vomit. I think i even hurt my throat while forcing myself to vomit. Not good, not good.

There's time that i have to stop by the petrol station while i was driving, just to vomit. But still the same, nothing came out. Dramatic huh?

But last night before i went to bed, the got the feeling again. The so-called 'sensation of vomiting' feeling running in my throat. So i went to the toilet and pose vogue-ly in front of my toilet bowl and ..........

I VOMITED !!! Banyak lagi..;p

I know this sounds strange but i am happy, cos i vomited, finally. And hope that everything will be fine from now one...

( My 'favorite' view for the past 3 weeks )

update : vomit again after lunch just now...;(

p/s: i think my weight is still the same, DAMN !!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009



我回家都會用elevated highway,而且通常都是在fast lane行使。昨晚駕到一半,遠遠有一輛KANCIL扮SPORTSCAR的黑車突然快速的駕在我後面。一看就知道是典形的飆車族,而且還是很海鮮的那種。看他醬‘趕時間‘,我就駕到second lane讓他過。好死不死,這時前面隔幾輛的突然從second lane駕到fast lane去。剛好頂著那輛以為終於可以大飆特飆的海鮮車。一頂就頂了十分鐘,直到toll為止。



Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Gardener

I was at pasar malam buying dinner when i saw this stall selling loud floral prints dresses. It suddenly brought me back to the days when i was still working with Tangs.

There's this one female colleague who loves to wear colorful outdated floral print skirt, especially those with roses print. FYI, she is in her late 30's , but still wear things like a small girl ~ floral print skirts with pink ankle length socks and brown shoes. Maybe she is still hooked on her glory days ( late 80's ) that she continue wearing it.

But the funniest part s not about her, it's her working partner ~ Kit. Kit is a guy in his early 20's and quite good looking and have good fashion sense. He always complaint to us how much 'attentions' the got whenever they go out to see buyers or suppliers. Thanks to her loud-floral-print-late-80's-calf length-skirt!

And whenever he complain to us, we will teased Kit :



Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Bump into with my ex lady manager at Mid Valley today. She is an super fun old lady ( early 60's ) but bitchy as well. We used to laser around just to provide some entertainment to our colleagues. And of cos she won't miss any opportunity to tease and laser me.

Her : Ooi.. how old liao? Still unmarried?

Me : Why should i?

Her : See? You start to grow old and got grey hair liao. Fast-fast marry la.

Me : You are much older and your whole head is grey hair lorr, why not fast-fast go die? ;p

Then we both laughed out loud.
Hmm... i missed my LASER days....


Tuesday, April 21, 2009




Monday, April 20, 2009


教完class,看到電話有一個missed call和sms。都是同樣的號碼。因為不熟息號碼,我reply了問對方是誰。5分鐘後,電話響,是剛才的那個號碼。

我 :Hello, 你是?

她 :Danny,是我啊。我是‘肥妹鬼小姐‘。

我 :( 屌,真衰。)是你噢。什麼事?

她 :沒有啦。要問你東西而已。為什麼你的電話沒有出我的名的?

我 :不知道噢。有save你的contact啊。

她 :yerrr。。。做麼醬的?你快快去check一下電話啦。

我 :噢。。。

要我快快去check為什麼沒有出她的名字,倒不如快快check有沒有caller-auto-block function 好一點。有的話,我一定會讓她排在榜首。


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Service with a smile :)

Still remember the ' if-u-have-longer-legs' incident that happened in S&K? Well, this time something else happened.It seems that the staffs there are very helpful and friendly, or should i say, over friendly to their customers. I was there to get another pair of cargo pants. So i took 2 styles and ask for the size.

Me : Miss, can you get me a S szie for these?

Her : S size worr.?You sure? ( with a smile )

Me : Yup, S size. Coz the cutting quite loose.

So i took the S size pants and tried. It was quite fit. But if i want to wear it to dance, i will need a slightly loose one. ( 你知道啦,我們每天都在劈退。鬆一點比較舒服。哈哈。 ) So i asked for a size M.

Me : Miss, can i you get me another size M please?

Her : See? I told you already...haha. (with a super warm smile )

Me : ( luckily you are quite nice and helpful....;p )

Then i tried on the M size pants. Looks good. So again i called the sales person to take the length measurement for alterations.

Her : Errr.. 37.5".

Me : Make it 37" la.

Her : You sure? Very short worr...

Me : Yes. Cos i got SUPER SHORT LEGS.

Her : Haha. You are so funny. Haha... ( and walked out ... )

Me : .......

Although i've been "humiliated" twice in that shop, but i still will shop there. And i am happy for the company that they have a helpful and happy-go-lucky sales team.


Friday, April 17, 2009

I cried ..


( Sorry, i've removed the clip.If you are interested to watch, go to Youtube, search for Susan Boyle and experience the miracle yourself.)

You might have watched this video clip before. The reason why i post it here is to share with you guys, and at the same time to REMIND myself that nothing is impossible, as long as we are willing to try.

p/s : Sorry for being selfish, but i would like to dedicate this clip to MYSELF :)


I am a very short tempered person. Any small matter can affect my mood for the whole day. And most of them are SMALL matter that its not worth wasting time to be angry on it.

For example :

I will get very upset if i bought a packet of nasi lemak with very little sambal....takde kick la ;(
Or i won't feel comfortable for the whole day if i suddenly realized that i wore the wrong shoes which doesn't match the style/look

Do you have same problem as me, losing temper over something that is so SMALL? Or i am just too free to waste my time on so many little things?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


還記得電影“我左眼見到鬼“裡,Sammi被一只肥妹鬼小姐纏著,說要上她的身。當Sammi拒絕時,她就死命重復那要求 :

“一個鐘呢?半個鐘呢?十分鐘呢?五分鐘呢?一分鐘呢?一個鐘呢?半個鐘呢?十分鐘呢?五分鐘呢?一分鐘呢?一個鐘呢?半個鐘呢?十分鐘呢?五分鐘呢?一分鐘呢?一個鐘呢?半個鐘呢?十分鐘呢?五分鐘呢?一分鐘呢? 。。。。。。。。。“



肥妹鬼小姐 (我)

星期三呢? (有class)
星期五呢? (有class)
星期六呢? (有class)
星期天呢? (回Klang)
Before class呢?(不能吃)
After class呢?(趕回家吃)
你decided呢? (再說吧)



Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I went to cut my hair yesterday before the class. When i reached the gym, one of my member saw me and said to me :
" Wah Danny, new haircut huh? Your ears looked so big with this haircut. Big ears, long life worr.. "

I called Win-ni just now to confirm the appointment. And she told me :
"Biaokho, i just mentioned your name to Vivian, and your called. You long life oo.. "

It's a bit strange when you hear the same comment from different people. Long Life. But do i really want a long life? As in live till 80 years old? Have you even thought of your dying number?


p/s: 剛好兩個都和死有關。但並不代表我想死。我現在可是活得很精彩呢。哈哈。

Monday, April 13, 2009


有一次我朋友很認真的問了我一個問題 :

說真的,我那知道到是會變怎樣worr? 於是我也馬上很認真的回答:

那如過我問你 :“你覺得你死了以後會怎樣?“,你第一個想到的答案是什麼?

p/s :沒有在咒你死,只是好奇你會怎樣答而已。:P

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The NAKED Truth

" Gosh, I feel as if I have been striped naked everytime someone tells me that they read my blog. Yea, I'm fully aware that this is an open blog - but, yerrr, people still shy one mar!!!! "
( Text taken from Win-ni's blog )




The truth is, i strongly believe that certain things are meant to be shared with certain people only.
Do you agree with me?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Confessions of a Bitchaholic

I was a shopaholic when i was younger, as in when i was in my 20's. I just can't resist the seduction of all the nice stuffs. Despite only earning less than 2k a month, i still managed to live ( quite ) well at the same time contribute a big portion of my salary to the retail industry. And because of that, i am having my own little boutique at home displaying lots of shirts, pants and shoes.

But as i grew older, i have changed from a shopaholic to something worse ~ BITCHAHOLIC.

If shopaholic is caused by the low resistant towards nice stuffs, then bitchaholic is all about the not so nice things. But i have to make it clear that I ONLY COMPLAIN/COMMMENT, I DON'T MAKE UP STORIES/RUMOURS. Cos i hate people bitching about something that is not true. Sometimes it's a bit hard to control my mouth as i speak out too fast before it got screen thru my mind. As a result, lots of people have the impression that i'm an unfriendly person.


So now i'm trying to change. If cutting off all the credit cards is the 1st step to stop being shopaholic, then what is the 1st step to stop as a bitchaholic?

Hello. My name is Danny. I'm a BITCHAHOLIC.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


你可能不知道,我們做instructor的,除了要教class,還要拼業績。什麼業績?就是management set給我們的attendance target。不同的 class和時段有不同的target。如果在一段時間裡都hit不到minimum的話,就會被換instructor或直接換class。


我最大的競掙是每個星期一和星期三的Body Combat。因為我的MTV Jam和Body Combat都是熱們的class。所以難免會有搶members的狀況出現。大戰開始。他用他那fit到暴的身材來做賣點。我沒有身材,只能用我那還可以的舞姿來勾引members。雖然大家都有一班基本的supporters,但偶而還是想attract一下那些剛報到的新鮮肉體來join class。哈哈。還好目前為止大家都還表現得不錯,沒被management換掉。希望接下來的classes都會有更好的attendance。


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


昨天在 Bangsar Telawi 的 McDonalds 吃 lunch。隔壁桌坐了三個鬼佬,聽他們的 accent,應該是英國人。講話很大聲,煩死人了。想要靜靜的吃都不能。突然A的電話響。

A : Hello blah blah .. we are at the McDonalds .....yup, the one at the corner.... blah blah ... what street? (看著B )

這時 B 很一枝箭衝出去看路牌。然後跑進來胸有成竹的對 A 說 :

B : Tell him we are at ..... JALAN SEHALA。

過後我就不知道發生什麼事了。因為我已經被 coke 嗆到,一直咳個不停。。。

真衰,不能靜靜的吃 lunch,還要給 coke 嗆到!:P

Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost an ORGY ...

( Don't get me wrong... no steamy story here ;p )

Something very 駝衰家 happened to me last Friday. I was teaching the class in one of the club. As usual, i let them take a short break after a few sets of dance. Then, we will mark the step before continue with new steps. And normally i'll say to the class :
" Come on everyone. Let's MARK."

But dunno what happened to my mind and tongue that i suddenly said:
" Come on everyone. Let's FARK...... "

Luckily the music was playing quite loud at that moment. So i think no one noticed my mistake. But i kept on laughing after that till i can't concentrate on the steps. The members must be thinking why this normally cold looking instructor suddenly become so happy ...

又是舌頭惹的禍 !;p

Saturday, April 4, 2009


前幾天去給牙醫洗牙。洗牙的指定動作 ~ 嘴張開hold著。然後牙醫就會拿一大堆的‘架撐‘在你嘴裡進進出出。洗到一半,我突然很想笑。因為我想到一樣很無理頭和尷尬的事。但只能忍。

OK, 來玩個遊戲吧。把嘴吧張開hold住3分鐘



Thursday, April 2, 2009

Showtime Blues 2

不好意思,一時上隱。都說的啦,老人家喜歡話當年。再講多一 part 做秀的經驗吧。

Annual dinner show for Dunhill. I think the theme is Wild and Red, very Dunhill image. So basically the boys only wear skimpy shorts with boots and the girls only with bra top and g-string with f*ck-me boots '. Half way dancing, you can see that lots of uncle rush towards the stage to take pictures....of the girls la of cos. Really shocking but very fun, looking at those hamsap Ah Pek and Pakcik's face. And also the expression of the Aunties when they saw us stripping on stage...LOL

CNY Dinner show at JB. Since it's CNY , so we have to do some typical CNY thing lo. Girls in cheongsam and guys with the 大頭佛 costume. Do you know that it's really hard to dance with that stupid mask? All that i can see is a small fine line. And bcos of that, most of the guys end up crashing on each other... which makes sense as a 大頭佛.

Akademi Fantasia at Astro Ria. I did the whole Season 1 ( 9 episodes and 2 outdoor concerts ). That was a very good experience. You basically can see my face every Saturday on tv. Macamlah glamour sangat..;p You might see my face now on and off, cos Astro sometimes re-air the performances from previous seasons.

Anugerah Juara Lagu TV3. We were backing up Dayang Nurfaizah, and won the Best Creative Ethnic category. Since i am the shortest male dancer, so my position is at the front row la. But knowing me, i was super nervous then. So when we did the ending pose ( me squat down in front of Dayang ), i forgot to smile. And when i don't smile, i look unfriendly. The next day, ll the people in my company who watched the show call me 'Penari Muka Masam.' ;(
( btw, the performance is viewable in Youtube. But you might not recognise me. Cos we have a lot of makeup on. )

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Showtime Blues


It was the Merdeka Countdown show in front of Sg Wang. 1st time countdown in a very spacious and comfortable area ~ backstage. Met lots of artistes there, such as HOCC, Gary Cao, Fan Wei Chyi, Lin Yu Zhong dan lain-lain. We were so into Gary that time where we posed long-long during the ending so that our friend can take pictures of us with BTW, FFFWC is kind of LCLY ( no offense to FF fans )

A joint production between Astro and Indonesian tv station at Arena of Stars. And it's a live telecast! Sheila Majid was one of the performers and she was so sporting. Cos she was there sitting with us in the dancers room and bitch about those Indonesian...hahaha. Everyone was so tensed but i think we did a great show. BTW, very good pay. ( Tak sangka Indonesia got such big budget ;p )

It was an annual dinner show for dunno which company. We did a Brazil Mardigras number where all of us wore lots of feathers and colorful ribbons. Suddenly, the ribbons on my wrist get caught in between the feathers on my headgear. 打死結. I can't do anything that i just keep on smiling and slowly go off the stage. SWEAT!!!
Oh ya, talk about malu. I once fly-skirt ( 飛裙露底 ) on Sg Wang's centre stage. I forgot that I was wearing a Scottish kilt and i happily go and did a big turn. So basically everyone can see my skimpy shorts....

Also an annual dinner show. FYI, we only have less than 3 minutes to change the overall costumes in between songs. And that day i am the LEAD !!! Cos i am the smallest size male la... It was an African number where we were topless with a leopard print cloth wrapped around the waist and barefoot. For the ending pose, they have to lift me up and i have to strike a wild pose. And i did.... together with my WHITE SOCKS which i forgot to take off during changing.... Can you imagine a wild African wearing white socks? ;p

Hmm... talking about the show, i can go on and on....
You know la, old people like to talk about their past....

p/s : The song that is playing now is the song for my 1st performance as a dancer ~ In Your Eyes ( Kylie Minogue )