Sunday, July 31, 2011

not black meh?

Remember my previous entry about getting a pair of black high cut shoes? Yeah, i got the shoes. And also found out that i'm not actually old and fat and wrinkled, but i'm oso COLOR BLIND!. And i'm loving it.

jika dipakaikan sepatu emas,
jalan berangin tak payah kipas.

So how?
Ada cantik?
Ada vogiu?
Ada match dengan i yang cantik lagi vogiu? LOL ;p

Friday, July 29, 2011

err .. err.. 死就死啦!

Went for a dinner organized by my client last night. It was a replacement dinner for all the performers and crews for the annual dinner. They invited us, the choreographers as well.

So i pun pakai cantik-cantik ( sevogiu-vogiunyer ) and go. Once i arrived, i went to say hello to the team leader. This is when he told me a shocking news :

" Danny, there's a request for all choreographers to give a speech later. "

Jeng.. Jeng.. Jeng..............................

I think heart stopped for 2 seconds. My mind literally went blank. Just for your info ... I CANNOT DO PUBLIC SPEAKING!!! You can put me on stage to dance .. or maybe sing.. but don't ask me to talk. I just can't!

So throughout the whole dinner, i was so nervous .. didn't really eat. Just sat there and wait for my turn. It was so torturing!!! And when they announce my name, i 'glided' to the rostrum ' dengan gorgeousnyer'. And i gave my vogiu speech .. which i can't really recalled what i said. But one thing for sure, i think i did not embarrass myself up there ... guarrr? lol ;p

Can you give speech? I mean not those pre-scripted ones?
Can you?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

weird? or caring?

Normally when you meet a new client / friend / anyone, what do you say at the end of the meeting?

" Nice meeting you. " ?
" Hope to see you again. " ?
" Keep in touch. " ?

Quite common right? But what if someone that you've just met say this to you ...

" Drive carefully. "

Do you think it's weird?
I think it's very weird lorr .. as if he/she is trying to curse me ( in a sarcastic way ;p )

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

get up !

Ok ok. Enough with the sickness. Enough with the tiredness. Enough with the laziness.

It's time to get up and be busy again after resting for 3 days. Todays mission :
~ to clear all the pending mess from the past few weeks
~ to prepare all the long overdue artwork / proposals
~ choreograph new steps for class ( i'll been canceling classes since 2 weeks ago )
~ clean my house !!!

But before that, i'll have to go and buy a pair of black shoes that i'm been eyeing for weeks. Sebagai hadiah pengubat sakit ... zahir dan batin. ;p But i always have 1 very BIG concern. Not sure if the high cut shoes will make my not-so-long legs looks.. err.. even-not-longer? Do you think i can carry this shoes?

Will be busy setting up the RAYA window display from next week onwards. And yes, the Ramadhan Bazaar is back. Can get all the yummy stuff liao.. People sibuk puasa, i sibuk berbuka. LOL ;p

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

一發不可收拾 !

Big Mouth is currently in the SICK MODE. :(

All the nonsense / small sickness that i suppose to have within the 2 months came out together. Sore throat, running nose, insomnia, digesting issue, etc.

Luckily i still have 2 days to rest before starting my Raya VM projects. Going to see doctor now. Hopefully i'll be vogiu again by tomorrow. ;p

Everyone, take good care of yourselves. :)

現在的我,多麼的希望 ‘財多身子弱‘ 這句話。。。是真的!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

camera .. action !

I was starring in my very own movie for the past 2 months. The plot and storyline was beautiful ... but the ending, was not. At least it was not what i hoped for. But i think me and the other casts did enjoyed ourselves while creating the movie. GO TITANS !

Tomorrow onwards i'm starting another movie. Hopefully there will be a happy ending. :)

It's ok if you don't understand what am i saying, cos i'm still very blurr and tired at the moment. :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

honesty is the best policy.

I was in the lift with a little girl and her mommy. The lift door opened, and they went out. The little girl turned back to me and said :

" Kor-kor, bye-bye. "

It's been a while since i last called kor-kor by kids. Cos most of the time their parents will ask them to call me uncle. Well, i have to agree with the theory of " KIDS ARE THE MOST HONEST HUMAN BEING ON EARTH." lol ;p

Little girl, you certainly made my day. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dumb & dumber

I was having my lunch at McD when i over heard this very interesting conversation from the table next to mine. There this 2 Ah Moi ( blonde hair, in their earlier 20s ) whom i think working for some slimming centre talking about one of their customer :

Blonde A : Eh, this morning your customer ... very rich horr? Sign up so many courses.

Blonde B : Ya la. She said she'd not from KL. She's from that country in between Sabah and Sarawak. What is that country ah? I forgot already.
( Me in my heart : Brunei la .. bodoh. ;p )

Blonde A : Err, i oso dunno la. I think it's Jawa.
( Me : fainted! )

What happened to the young people nowadays huh?
Or it's just they have to act dumb cos they are blonde? ;p

Luckily there's no this type of people in my circle. Or else sure kena laser kau-kau one. ;p

Sunday, July 17, 2011


FInally can sleep till 9.30am today. Yay !!!
Another hectic week awaiting.
Must stay strong and focused.

Have a great week ahead. :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We were shopping in BKK when my friend decided to bargain with the shop owner on the shirt. So he started to bargain .. then slowly change his voice to a manja tone 嗲~ .. hoping to get a better offer. I just stood there, looking at him .. transforming himself from a late 30's man to almost a primary school boy. At the end, he got what he wanted.

I don't think that i can do any of those act. I think i rather die than act cute. Not that i have to jaga my 'water face', but i just can't! ;p

Are you a 嗲-possible / 嗲-able person ?

Monday, July 11, 2011

let's hug :)

I'm currently training an all man group for an event's performance. I have to say that they are a bunch of cool guys. Easy to work with, and they don't mind the hard works ( lifting, carrying, etc )

But there's only one tiny little problem with them. They tend to be too cool to pay attention. If i shout at them, it'll be be rude and unprofessional, cos we're all adults. And if i ask them to do other things like pumping etc., it will be too easy.

So i found a super awesome way to punish them every time they don't pay attention. I'll ask them to hug themselves. Yup. HUG for 10 seconds. You see, a 'cool' man is too 'cool' to hug each other in public, let alone 10 seconds.

Not bad huh? 這一招有沒有很賤?
A great punishment that can make them focus, and entertaining watching them doing it at the same time. :)
Or do you have any other suggestions .. custom made punishment for the cool guys? :))

p/s : i'm still in a very stress mode. till there's rashes on my arm....:(

Friday, July 8, 2011

enough is enough !

I was very excited when i first heard these songs. But after a while it got bored when everybody / everywhere is playing them out loud. And now, i'm officially sick of them.

Below are my TOP 3 SICK SONG ( for now ) :

1) On the Floor ( J Lo )

2) Marry You ( Bruno Mars )

3) The Edge of Glory ( Gaga - 姐妹都無情講!!! )

1 & 2, cos we're using it for some performance. Can you imagine dancing to it over and over again since early June? ;p
3, i did this song for my class too many times ( member requested to repeat ) .. a bit jelak liao...

So, what is your TOP 3 Sick Songs?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

this is how i earn my money ...

Super busy with some projects at the moment.
Please enjoy the clip of me sweating and shaking my flat ass just to pay my bills. LOL ;p

Thanks Stephanie for the clip.
BTW, i'm so sick of this song now. ;p

p/s : i didn't win the gaga contest.:(

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm desperately looking for 'church choir robe' as the costume for my project. I tried so many costume rental shop, but they only have limited pieces. I tried to look for friends from churches, and they don't have it. I need 6 pcs, in any color ( preferably bright colors ) EXCEPT black.

Anyone have any contact with any church goers that have those robe in the choir that i can loan/rent? Or where else can i look for? I need it quite urgently as the event is end 2 weeks from now.

Please ... can anybody help me? Thank you in advance and ... GOD BLESS. :)

If don't have church choir robe, graduation robe pun jadilah. As long as it's not bath robe. ;p

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


FYI, i went to BKK with someone who is quite well known ( Chinese celeb lah konon ). So while we were waiting to board the flight at the holding room, i saw a bunch of lalas looking and pointing at us, then came to us. One of them asked my friend if they can take picture with him. He agreed, and i quickly walked away ( as usual ).

But one of the lalas asked me to join them, no need to go away. I politely answered him :

" Never mind, he is the celeb ( although i'm the real diva ;p ). Just take picture with him will do. "
( 不用緊,他才是celeb。跟他拍就好。)

Will you feel weird to be in a picture that obviously you are not the wanted one?

Actually there's another reason why i don't join them in the picture. It was early in the morning ... muka i masih tembam lagi. LOL ;p

Monday, July 4, 2011

Project Runway : me GAGA-ed

There's a contest in town where you can win 2 free passes to watch Lady Gaga. All you have to do is send in a picture of you doing Lady Gaga. Tunggu apa lagi, i came up with something right after i found the details of the contest.

What do you think of the below ensemble?

Can you see the elements that i took from the storyboard?

I had the opportunity to watch my Goddess ( Kylie, if you still dunno ;p ) in person last week. Praying so hard that i can watch my sister too. You all must pray for me ok? Cos it's a pass for 2 ( plus free trip & everything paid )

Saturday, July 2, 2011

i hope you swallow .. well, almost ;p

There's this woman in my class, who likes to chew gum while dancing. I thought it's extremely rude and dangerous to do that, especially when you are dancing. Who knows sekali you are too excited and swallow the gum right?

But the problem is, i dare not tell her that. Cos she is one of those 'loud' members. She'll just say out loud whatever she doesn't like and of cos, complain to the management. I secretly pray that one day she'll learn her lesson by ( almost ) swallow it while dancing. But not really swallow, cos i won't know what to do to her. ;p

Do you like people chewing gums while talking to you?