Saturday, August 30, 2008


I don't know what or when is your limit.
But i definitely know mine... or should i say ~
"I HAVE REACHED MINE." ( at least for now )
Just now.. at 5.30pm.

The following schedule will give you a better idea :

Thursday :
Class in the morning ( 10 am )
Set up event in the afternoon ( 2pm )
Preparation for set up ( 6pm onwards )

Friday :
Set up Raya display
One Utama ( 11am )
The Gardens ( 2pm )
Bangsar ( 4pm )

Saturday :
Class @ PJ ( 12.45am - 1.45pm )
( 1 hr rush from PJ to USJ )
Replacement class @ USJ ( 2.45pm - 3.45pm )
( 45mins rush from USJ back to PJ )
Replacement class @ PJ ( 4.30pm - 5.30pm )

The 1st 2 days were still bearable.
But today, the rushing experience is just ~ TIRING. No other word can describe me now.

Thank God, holiday is coming. At least can rest for 2 days before continue the packed schedule on Tuesday.By the way, tomorrow is a special day for me. :)

( I'm always on the run. But i definitely won't run same hand same leg. 同手同腳。So cacat. 哈哈。 )

p/s: i'm not complaining about the job offers. just wish that i have more time and energy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


上兩個星期買了Sex and The City的soundtrack,就風狂的愛上了它。現在已經長住在我車的CD机裡。Soundtrack裡除了那些聽了會讓人不自主的搖擺的舞曲,還有一串讓人心碎的慢歌。
慢歌裡頭我最喜歡India.Arie的 The heart of the matter. 為什麼?不知道。只知道聽了這首歌,整個人好像突然間down了下來。但那down的感覺又不會到想死。而是一種淡淡的憂傷。很享受那感覺。
還有那新改編的Auld Lang Syne也是很正。

India.Arie ~ The heart of the matter

Marie Campbell & Dave Francis ~ Auld Lang Syne

p/s :我送走銀WA的時候也是聽著這soundtrack。可知我當下的感受?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Who's the BOSS ??!!

As a visual merchandiser, my job is to make sure that my clients items are nicely presented. The presentation/display must reflect the brands' identity and trendy, in certain way. This is some area that i know i can have full control.

Now the area that i hate/have no control/worst nightmare is ~ CLIENTS CONTRIBUTIONS.
What type of contribution? Ideas, props, etc. that they think is suitable for them. You know, sometimes clients will something that is so 'OUT OF THE WORLD'. But the truth is, they are just trying to turn a TIFFANY window to POH KONG window.( if you get what i mean ).

So my problem is, who should follow? I know it will definitely spoil the whole display if i do their way. But at the end of the day, they are the one who sign my paycheck. But i don't want to do a window that is so SALAH, and it's embarrassing to tell others that i did the window. So how?


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let's challenge !

I was tapao-ing McD at their Drive-thru counter this afternoon. It was quite busy and crowded with a lot of people with flags and balloons. So, being a concern ( rather kepoh ) Malaysian, i asked the staff what's the occasion. Apparently, they are doing a Drive-thru challenge nationwide, targeting at 3000 cars in 3 hours. And i heard that they are doing well. Good for them. It's good to challenge ourselves once a while. So that we will keep on moving forward.

OK, i'll set a challenge for myself..

Since some of my friends complaint about me like to curse..
so, NO CURSING for 1 WEEK !
( seems easy, we'll see if i can tahan or not la ;p )

p/s: will let u know if i succeed

Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye & Hello


接下來的路,就靠你弄 。

Goodbye, 我的銀WA!

Hello, RUSH. 合作愉快!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Uncle, 你想太多了



以我的性格是不可能說出醬'CINA APEK'的話的喔。

( 但我也很想發的。嘻嘻。)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Not sure what is wrong with me lately.
Fall sick easily, already twice since August.
I can open a mini pharmacy with the medicines that i got.
Even the doctor recognizes me since my last visit.
Must be very careful this 'month'.
Really hope that everything will be alright real soon.


Friday, August 15, 2008




年年廿三。(最後那句講了好多年噢。哈哈 )



昨天和KK在Mid Valley lunch後,遇見文康。他說剛剛在Starbucks訪問完蕭敬騰。我的偶像﹣蕭敬騰喔!我聽完就一枝箭醬飆去Starbucks找找看。看到了!err....真人跟上鏡還真的不太像。不會很高,瞞瘦的,樣子普通,但粉很厚。不好意思,照片很矇因為緊張手抖(證明了我不適合做狗仔)。但如果在香港,已經可已大費周張了。蕭敬騰和助手on the way去廁所。

Wednesday, August 13, 2008





Loving and taking good care of ourselves is the best thing that we can offer to our loved ones. So that they don't have to worry so much about us. Vice versa. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Went to the studio shooting for the Astro new game show - Ready To Fly? ( 遠走高飛 ) with my sister today. Reached there on time. Registered and then lunched. Then went for makeup. I think the makeup 姐姐 was a bit nervous when she did my makeup. Probably this is her 1st time touching up such a big face and And she is going to use a lot of the cosmetics. RUGI BESAR lo.

After makeup, went for the briefing. Once i know that the game is based on luck and not knowledge, i told my sister that this is not good for me. Cos i never have luck, all i have is BRAIN! 麼都無,死凈把口同個腦。And i was right, cos i was not doing good in the game. But i did manage to spread my 'SUEI'ness to other contestants. According to the host, our group was really SUEI, cos none of us make it to the fourth round.

But i did enjoy the process la. Screamed and shouted a lot, and also some OTT facial expressions ( hopefully won't get complaints from home viewers ) mainly to hope that the other contestant hit the wall...有殺錯無放過。And i actually got all the numbers that i shouted for others. Thanks to me, they will only travel in Malaysia..haha
One of the contestant told her friend that the middle guy in front line ( which is me ) always 開口仲。Guess i'm the bad guy for the episode. And i know that is one of my best talent.

So, if you want to see how i curse people on tv, check out the the show la.. premiering early September, i'm in the 5th episode.
Not sure Astro AEC or WLT ( i think should be WLT 311 cos it is in Cantonese )


Final touch up before start recording...

After the show, waiting for group picture

Group pic. If i'm not wrong, they will publish it in the Astro Programme Guidebook for September

You must be wondering why i mentioned about flying in the title since i didn't won the game. Actually i did fly. After the shoot, i 飛 car from PJ back to Ampang..hehehe

Monday, August 11, 2008

賤嘴正傳 ﹣她是我表妹

It happened in one of my company annual dinner, where everyone have to dress up according to the theme - Fairytale.

So my female manager ( Bobbie ) came in with her full Kung Fu suit. People were a bit puzzled with her look. So, someone asked her :

( What are you dear? Mulan? )

“ 不是,我是花木蘭的表姐。”
( Oh no, i am Mulan's cousin sister. )

( So you are? )

“你好。我叫 ﹣毒爛! ”
( Nice to meet you. My name is ~ TULAN !!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm not a dreamer...

Was at Sunway Pyramid the other day. Since i still got 3 hours to kill before going for my class, i decided to watch a movie. Cos i can sit, enjoy aircond and it's dark ( in case i want to sleep ;p ). So i went to the cinema. The only movie that fit my schedule is The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Hmm... never watch the first 2 movies of The Mummy series. But who cares, i just want to kill my time.

So i watched....
And watched....
Did i mentioned that i just watched? ( Without enjoying it? )

Why? Cos i'm never a fan of adventure and fiction movie. Or i just have to admit that i do not have the sense of FANTASY.

I think too much while watching the movie.
a) They tried too hard to create the 'funny' scene
b) Some of the things are not logic
c) It's an American movie
d) Most of all, was this question :

~ Alex ( American in China ) was talking to his workers in Mandarin
~ but why ChiYuan and her daughter, Lin ( suppose to be 2 ancient Chinese lady from dunno what Dynasty ) talked to each other in English? Is it because they afraid that Richie and the gang ( who were with them ) can't understand what were they talking about? Or are they like Astro, where you can switch the language to the one that you understand? Or they are just doing what the Chinese government asked them to do ~ SPEAK MORE ENGLISH?

Aiya, i should not think too much la. Cos it's a fiction..
So, i guess :

"I'm not a dreamer...i'm a realist."

ZhiYuan & Lin, 2 "ENGLISH SPEAKING" Chinese lady

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sample please...

What a special date for so many occasions. People fight to be get married on this date. Olympics officially starts today.
And i choose to do my medical check up today. Suppose to do it in May. But too busy.

I stepped in the clinic this morning and registered for the check up. Everything was good till the nurse called me for some urine sample. SHIT!!! I just went to the toilet 2 minutes before she called. Don't think that i still have any urine stocks. What should i do?
Suddenly i thought of something familiar. It's a same scenario that happened like 10 years ago, when i got my 1st job with Isetan. We were asked to go for medical check up before the job confirmation. I was so young and kan-chiong. I only managed to get very little urine in the container. Worried that i will get scolded by the nurse, i did the most craziest, stupidest, funniest and SALAHest thing. I mix my urine sample with some pipe water to make it half container. Never thought of the consequences of the mixture. And the result from the check up? ~ I AM HEALTHY. ( hahahaha )

I can't help but laugh at myself whenever i thought of that incident. Once a while, i do lost my mind. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

我。(掙D又) 仆街

Somethings is wrong with me lately.(有點發瘟) I was so clumsy and kept hurting myself. My elbow, my knee, my ankle, my fingernails...

As i was conducting a class yesterday, i almost did my BIG FALL again. I was dancing on the stage. I was concentrating with the steps and didn't realize that i was actually dancing at the edge of the stage. So, when i took a step back, my right leg step on nothing (扠錯腳) and i fell from the stage but manage to land on the dance floor standing with my left leg. The stage is just 1 foot height but still dangerous to fall from. Luckily it was a staff class. So no member saw the incident. Phew..!!

But i knocked my leg on the edge of the stage. (有黑青囉) But thank god it's not serious, and i still can dance.

When i fell few weeks ago, i got a lot of job/project offers after that. Hopefully this one too. ;)
(同一句話 :賽翁失馬,焉知非福)

Well, my fall is definitely nothing as compared to hers.
Rachel Smith of USA fell in the Miss Universe 2007 Pageant.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Do you know that there's this shop in Starhill, that sells a lot of designers items mainly shoes and bags such as Alexander McQueen, Bikkimbergs, Puma, etc.? Well, they are having a GREEAAAAAAAT SALE now ~ "SALE GILA-GILA BABI" !!!!!

I went in the shop to touch up some display. After that, just walked around to check out their merchandise. To my surprise, i found something that is so nice yet so affordable. Apa lagi? I buy la..i swear to myself that this is the only thing i buy for this Mega Sale.

It is a pair of PUMA shoes by Japanese designer - Miharaya Suhiro. I've been looking for a pair of black shoes for quite some time as most of my shoes are in white or colors. Then i saw another bag from the same is a KILLER BAG. I SUMPAH, people looked at it when i bring it around...( haha...mission achieved )

Can you believe it? This pair of shoes is just RM139.60 after a 60% discount !!! 好抵啊!你忍心不買嗎?

And also the CANGGIH looking bag, you won't miss it if i pass by in front of you ;) It's on 60% discount as well.

So, if you are looking for some interesting designer wearables with a slightly smaller budget, go Starhill.
The boutique's name is VENUE ( V Station ), next to Lacoste.
Now Everyone Can Buy. Happy Shopping! ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Call me Mr Zhung

Hi, my name is Zhung, ZHUNG Wan-Gai. ( 揰瘟雞 ) That's who i am today. Went to Pavilion early in the morning to prepare for the Cup Rocking Demonstration. Everything was going smooth, except that i was running like a headless chicken around Bukit Bintang area. From Pavilion to Starhill to Lot 10 to Sg Wang to BB Plaza then back to Pavilion.揰上揰下揰進揰出。Sweat a lot, as usual. I don't really know what i was thinking or doing cos was still very blurr.*
*( I was sick yesterday with fever and slept the whole day. I cancelled 2 classes last minute. Got scolded. Makes me so unpro. ;( When i woke up today i think i still got the medicine ﹣ 瘟瘟盾盾 )

Back to the Cup Rocking Demo. It was organised by MOOKS International. They send this guy, Andy Uprock ( the Cup Rocking artist ) to do a world tour with his artwork. And Malaysia is one of the stop. We set up a few framed fencing in front of Pavilion entrance for his demo. It was a bit boring when he started to put the cups on the hole cos it's all white. But it got more and more interesting when he sprays some colors on it.

Gosh, My face is as pale as a paper. ( 俗稱的‘超級白‘臉。哈哈 )
Thanks to all the running and the medicine.

Friday, August 1, 2008


為什麼不直接打電話一次過講完勒? 有的更夠力﹣奪命連環SMS。

最近聽到一首‘軟硬天師和Juno‘的歌(忘了歌名),裡頭有一段歌詞很有意思 :


我說: ’reply不過三擺‘。


12:30 ~ 13:30

1 hour. Anything can happened within 1 hour. You can be dragged from your peaceful land to ' Basement 18' ( if you get what i mean ;p ). And within a minute it will lift you up high to the Cloud Nine. That's what happened to me between 12.30pm to 1.30pm yesterday.

I was meeting up my sister for lunch at Subang yesterday. As we drove to the nearby restaurant, some car coming out from the parking lot accidentally knock and scratch my car bumper. ( OK, minor damage. ) But the thing is, the male driver never bother to come out from his car or apologize to us. Luckily my 'professional negotiator' sister helped me to negotiate with that guy. Considered settled la. Thanks Lisa. But i just want to say :
W.L. Sung BHD 6298 Toyota Altis 019-66412XX - SHAME ON YOU, FOR YOUR LOUSY MANNER !!!

After that, we went to the restaurant to have lunch. Suddenly my phone rang. Someone from Astro called to inform that i am one of the shortlisted contestant from the audition the other day. And i need to go for their shoot in 2 weeks time. I was speechless, a lot of things is playing in my mind. But i am very happy. At least i have a chance to experience new things.

I've experienced a good and a bad things within an hour. Just another DRAMATIC day for to rest now, tired.