Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I set a target for myself earlier ~ to have 200 entries in my blog by the end of the year. And i made it !! For those who thought that i won't take blogging seriously when i i started to blog, SORRY to disappoint you. ;p

If you ask me what are my achievements in the year 2008, blogging is definitely in the list. Thanks to my lovely Biaomei, who inspired me to start my own blog. ( Biaomei, i love you, hahaha )With nothing much to share then to lots of nonsense now. Besides discovering my so-called talent in writting., mostly nonsense, i also have the chance to express myself better.

It's not easy for someone who is anti-social for me to meet strangers and develop a relationship. But i met some very nice people here. It's my pleasure to know you all.( tissue anyone? don't get me wrong, it's to wipe you vomit ;p ) So i tried to blog as often as possible, cos i know there's is some people out there who reads my blog.

Therefore, i will continue attacking you guys with my BIG MOUTH nonsense for the coming years. Wishing you guys, happy blogging and have a wonderful new year. :)

Lots of love.......

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Back !


第一 :


More Korea stories, coming soon ~ January 2009.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Going North

I am about to experience something new and exciting for me in less than 24 hours ~ White Christmas !!!! Yup, i am going to Korea for Christmas. Really can't wait to see the snow. You might think that i am a JAKUN, but who cares? As long as i can get to experience something new in my life, you can call me whatever.

The purpose of the trip is mainly to see their Christmas decors and to take a short break before i start doing my tong-tong-qiang Chinese New Year set up immediately once i come back. And also to see how VOGUE the people are. Maybe i'll come back with a new look, for the coming New Year...hahaha

Just for you to know, i won't be updating or checking the blog for few days till 30th of December.
So, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and try not to MISS ME too much ya?...LOL

By the way, i don't mind receiving Post-Christmas

Saturday, December 20, 2008


明天要回家過冬。有湯圓吃,還有那有夠辣的薑湯。想起都流口水 ~ syiiok ahhh !!!

老人家說,幾歲就吃幾粒。算一算,walau ehh!我的要好大的碗才夠裝。但,一個人吃三十一粒好像有點over。

那有誰想要跟我share share? 有得吃free的,大家又可以一起欺騙自己扮年輕一下下。哈。

一人一半,感情不散。(好想吐 。哈 )

Friday, December 19, 2008


今天發瘟在家翻看了TITANIC。天啊!醬多年了,還是那麼好看。一幕幕精彩的畫面,和那超感人的故事。我所說的不只是愛情,還有人性。看完後,整個人很down很down。連吃東西也很無奈。突然想起一件可笑的事 :




Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mamma Mia ! Mamma Mia ?

Just came back from watching Mamma Mia , The musical at Istana Budaya.

Thanks a lot to my Skinny Santa ~ CK. May God bless you, stay handsome, stay fit and gorgeous forever. And that applies to me too ..LOL

Now, back to the musical. I am not going to tell too much details here. Maybe i was having a too high expectation on the musical, especially the dance choreography ( which is the only thing i know ). I felt that it was rather simple and too easy. What i want to say is, i think it was an OK show ( Phew !!! Luckily i got the ticket free ;p )

Mamma Mia, here i go again. My my, how can i resist you .... or NOT. ( personal opinion )

p/s : I am always proud to be a Malaysian, but not in the theatre. Cos it was so MEMALUKAN. I have to write that particular word in Malay, just in case dia orang tak reti Bahasa Inggeris.;p

'BEST'est tree in town

Everywhere is having Christmas display now. Which is your favourite?

Mid Valley ~ Cirque du Soleil inspired Christmas Circus?
The Gardens ~ Eden Christmas?
Pavilion ~ Super huge White Christmas tree?
KLCC ~ Same old same old giant Chritsmas tree?
One Utama ~ Alice in The Christmas-land?
Sunway Pyramid ~ Red Christmas?

Well, my favourite is the one in the pic.

Why? Why this one? What's so special about the tree? No dramatic display or extravaganza lighting?
It's special, because the tree is MINE. Standing proud at the corner of my living room. And the best things is, my name is on the tree too :) Nothing is as good as things that we are involved in.
Happy Christmas :)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was buying my lunch at a mixed rice stall. Below are the conversation :

Kakak : Makan bungkus?

Me : Bungkus. Nasi separuh..... kurang lagi... ok.

Kakak : Makan bungkus?

Skinny guy next to me : Makan. Nasi tambah.. lagi.......lagi.......cukup.

Why lah? Why some people can eat the whole mountain but still maintain FLAT?
And my body will be bloated by just taking the breath harder ? ;(

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Big Mouth ~ The TERMINATOR

I terminate :

~ forwarded message / sms
( please la, be original. a simple message like ' happy bday ' is much more meaningful than a long pretty and warm greetings but ended with someone else's name ;p )

~ linked / chained mail
( i am not a believer in getting good things after i send / sms the message to whatever number of people. i just believe in working hard to get what i want ! )

~ any living creature, even a pot of plants
( the easiet plant to take care ~ monkey palm, died in my living room. and my ex housemate's fighting fish, died in my hand after only one night )

~ immature people
( due to my age, i can't really stand those people with childish thinking, not necessary young ones ok? therefore, i only keep in touch with people that have matured thinking and can help me grow as a better person )

So next time, please think twice before you hand over anything to me or ask me to do anhthing for you. Cos i TERMINATE !!!


UGLY danny

I was having lunch with some of my friends. And as usual, we bitches about everything....foods, friends and passerbys.

If you saw something UGLY ( or not pleasant, in a more civilised and polite way ), how are you going to categorise their level of UGLINESS? Here's what we got :

Stage 1 : Pretty UGLY
it's ugly but still acceptable if we close one eye

Stage 2 : Quite UGLY
a disaster that cannot be rescued

Stage 3 : UGLY, just UGLY
no more explaination for this

Stage 4 : FUGLY
yeah FUGLY = Fucking UGLY

Am not trying to offend anyone, just some nonsense that we got.

Ever heard of some a Chinese ryhme about the disappointment of seeing a lady with pretty backview, but the face was just...


Monday, December 15, 2008

They like to move it move it

I've been online at the cyber cafe due to the internet problem for the past few days. And when i told me friends about it, they all laughed at me. Cos to them, cyber cafe is a seafood junction. I have to agree with them. Cos i was surrounded by high cholestrol creatures all the time when i online there.

But luckily the cafe that i go is quite clean and no one is smoking inside. And most of them are Chinese. At least not very DARK~ hihihihi.

But i can't help but to look at them while browsing the web. Cos something caught my attention. Their fingers are really FAST. It was like non stop typing all the time. Not sure what kind of game they are playing. But it was nice to listen to the sound of typing keyboard in a super speed beat. And very rythmic as well. Weird, but very relaxing to me...;)

Maybe i should learn from them on that skill. Then can apply on my job. Super speed fingers...

SEAFOODS, i salute you ;)

They like to move it move it... real fast !!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i LOVE wrapping

Some people like to receive gifts, some like to unwrapped gift. But for me, the part that i enjoyed most is when i WRAP the gift. Not sure what is the main reason but i just like to give the present a very nice a nd attractive packaging. That's why i am in the VM line la.. all about packaging and presentation...

FYI, i am a person that hate to share the same thing with lots of people. I don't want to be normal. I want to be special ( still trying ;p ). Therefore, i always plan and make extra effort when i comes to gift wrapping.

My color theme for this year's Christmas gift is ~ brown and black. BROWN & BLACK? So not Christmas , you might think. Why not gold and silver? Or red and green? But with a little bit of extra magical Big Mouth touch ( vomiting.......), it will be so unique and Christmasy at the same time.

My personal Christmas gift packaging for this year. I think it's my best Christmas packaging so far. What do you think? Oh, and notice that ribbon is in single knot, not double. Something that i like, just being different.

HO HO HO .....

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I used to have not very good impression on those who always sit at the cafe, working ( or some just pretending ) with their laptops. To me, they are just showing off a certain lifestyle that i am not really impressed of.

Unfortunately, i've been doing the same thing for the past few days. Cos the internet service at my area is down. i think most probably bcos of the landslide near my area. And when i called people from streamyx, nothing help. they tend to get a shock when i told them that i am a MAC user.

Err..encik, MAC saya kurang pasti la... ( same answer from 4 customer service )

So now, ladies and gentlemen..
I would appreciate if anyone out there who is good in MAC to help me on the problem. Cos i am an I T blind. Totally helpless when there's an I T problem..

Why lah? Why i have to face all these problems...

S.O.S. !!!!!
( Saya Orang Susah ) ~ 命苦啊!!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Excuse me, sir ...

I was at Ampang point area doing some set up for my client. Since i was there earlier than their business hour, i decided to wait by the road side in front of the shop. The funny thing is, people starts to ask me for directions. Not once or twice.

Excuse me, mana Jalan Mamanda 1?

Excuse me, where is the Post Office?

Excuse me, is there any handphone shop nearby?

My mom told me not to speak to strangers. Furthermore, have you ever seen an INFO COUNTER staff with such good taste in clothing? ( Tripple eye-rolls ;p )

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skinny Santa

After that busy and tiring 3 weeks, i finally can do things in a more relaxed pace. The first thing that i did is SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.
Then EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. What's next? It's will be my favourite job of the year~ Christmas shopping.

As you know, i don't really go out and mix around with people. Therefore, i appreciate the few close friends that i have. They helped me a lot especially when i am down. Since Christmas is the time to be grateful, i think the least thing taht i can do is show them my gratitude ~ Christmas gift.

I normally won't go for branded stuff, as i am a poor guy. But my friends normally extremely happy with the things that i bought. Cos i select each gift based on the person. And it reflect my personality and taste as well.

making a list, checking it twice
be good to me, and you'll get my surprise :)

( guess i'll be the skinniest Santa you ever met. HOHOHO )

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's been a really busy and tiring 3 days for me, as i was in the BodyJam Instructor Training. My body was so dead, as if was raped by thousands of people. Joints were sore and brain was nothing functioning well.

It was a bit different this time cos there's just 5 of us doing the program, which i felt good. Cos the trainer will have more time and focus for each of us. Made new friends as well. 4 Malaysians and 1 a girl from Maldives. The result? I PASSED, as a Trainee Instructor. I almost cried when the trainer told me that i passed and gave me my letter. Cos i was so stressed for the past few weeks. With lots of projects and classes going on that made me lost concentration. But now i am so relief.

Now, i will have to decide wether to continue doing the follow up procedures to become an actual BodyJam Instructor, or just hold on to it till i have the time to do it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


The staff performance competition project is finally over. We got second place for the performance. It's better than what i expected. Cos the rest of the group were quite strong as well. Syukur Alhamdulilah.

We were the second runner-up last year. And this year we got second again. Hopefully we will improve next year.


p/s: will post the pics of their performance once i got it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Copy Cat



Thursday, December 4, 2008


I don't hate smokers. I have a lots of friends who are smoking. As long as you don't blow the smokes to me, then i'm ok.

But there is one thing that i am not comfortable with smokers is ~ cigarette break. I mean you can take the break whenever you want, but not when you are working in a team with others. I used to have a team in BI who are really smokers. They tend to break every 30 minutes. Wasting my time only. Cos i can't do anything by myself. So i have to wait for them to finish they 'magic stick.'

And another thing is they will immediately lit up a cigarette once they finished their meal.
他們說 :飯後一枝煙,快了似神仙。

我不食人間煙火, 但我不是小龍女。哈哈。

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grrr..... Grrr......

Most of the people think that i am an easy-going and not calculative person. I am. Cos i don't like complications. But doesn't mean that you can that advantage on me. I know my friends won't do that to me, but my clients will.

For that, i will try to change my image. ( At least in front of them ) I want them to know that i am also a very stern person, besides my cheerful personality. Especially when it comes to budget and quotations. Cos they like to slash my price, and i am normally very weak at defending or rejecting.

So, what is the solution to change the look? Since i can't afford to do a facial makeover, i decided to get a pair of glasses. Something that will make me look more serious and fierce.

Macam mana? Ada garang kah?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Today is the full dressed rehersal for the group of staff that i am teaching for their Annual Dinner performance. Everything went well, except for one thing. There is this one staff that is a bit disappointing. Not that he can't dance or perform. But i think the main problem is his attitude. Cos he is not good, yet never try to improve himself. He is not playing the main role in the performance, but definitely will affect the total presentation.

To the few that have dance basic, thank you for making my life easy. I saved a lot of energy dealing with you guys. You are just .. 天才。

To those that is not good in dancing but tried very hard to reach my expectation, i appreciate your hard work and patience. Don't worry about the performance. Just enjoy it. And for that effort, you guys are just the so called ... 地才。

And to YOU, i've given up on you. Keep doing what you are good in .... be a super 廢才。


Monday, December 1, 2008

Clock in Clock out

前天跟Chris, Yi, SK還有Tagnan喝茶的時候,Tagnan說了一句很有意思的話。