Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Been getting texts and calls in odd hours lately.
What is the acceptable time frame to call/text/whatsapp other people ( non-emergency case )?
Why some people like to do that early in the morning 5am just becoz the wake up early?
Or some still doing that even if it's 3am cos they can't sleep?
I think anytime between 12am to 8am considered rude.
Cos i normally will stop after 11.30pm or wait till after 10am then only start to call/text people.

What about you?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

call me maybe.

Were out with the girls for lunch yesterday. Then we saw some gorgeous people a few tables away. We started to stare, gossip and make jokes on them. Then we ( i think 'i' ) joke something ( lame ) like sending a glass of drinks attached with name card ( you know, those lame pick up tricks ;p )?

And we started to talk about sending/receiving name cards from strangers. I know my friend once received a name card from his admirer on his car wiper. Me too, saw a stranger's name card in my locker after the class. Happy nye. ;p Then i checked other lockers. All got the same name card .. from an insurance agent.

And the funniest thing is, my friend gave out her name card on a stranger's car wiper .. cos she accidentally banged his/her car. Hahahaahahahahahaha .

So, you ever received or secretly gave out name card to strangers ( someone you admire )?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

我 count 了, 你 count 了吗 ?

Yeah .. it's the 15th and final day for CNY celebration. There won't be anymore angpau from tomorrow onwards for this year ( unless you are getting married or kena pecah dara or something ... hahahha ;p )

So, the big question.. have you counted your 'bonus' this year?
I have, and i'm very happy and satisfied with it. Cos i think it is slightly more than last year. Yay!! :)

Last but not least, Gong Xi Fa Cai and all dreams come true everyone :)
( for the last time for the year of Water Snake )

Friday, February 22, 2013

now you see it.

Do you know that there's not only gym bunnies, fitness crazies, health conscious people as well as 'cruisers' in the gym, but there's a lot of unidentified MAGICIAN too. They always perform their magic trick when nobody is watching.

Last year, a magician ( is till dunno who ) made my bag disappeared in my locker together with my car key in it ( luckily i carried my wallet and handphone out to the studio with me ). Of cos the padlock was cut. I was so panicked that i ran to the parking lot just to confirm that my car is still there.

And the best thing is, my bag magically reappeared in one of the locker 2 days later, with everything in it, except my watch. Thank God.

Yesterday, one of my member got the private show again. His wallet and 2-week-old iPhone 5 was missing from his bag. Bag, car key and other stuff were still in the bag. And this time, i think the magician is of a higher level one. Cos the padlock on the locker was still in good condition. Meaning the stuffs got missing without opening the locker?

To all gym goers, please do not trust 100% your canggih chunky padlock or even the high tech security system in the locker room. If possible, please have your valuable with you at all times. It's a bit mafan, but it will save you from running in and out of the locker room like headless chicken. Trust me, it's not vogiu at all. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

cold feet.

Got a call from an ex colleague on Tuesday. Her company is looking for a freelance VM, and she's wondering if i am interested. I thought it's a good offer and good way to branch out. I told her that i would like to try. So we set an appointment ( interview ) with her and the boss tomorrow morning.

If i succeed, this will be the biggest, vogiuest and most luxurious client ( brand ) ever. And the job is quite challenging. It's been a while since i had my last interview. Also i'm worried if the job is too big for me to handle. Can i pull it off?

Am having serious cold feet now.... :(

Don't think i will sleep well tonight. Praying hard for everything to go smoothly tomorrow... :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Not everyone is happy with their name ( actual Chinese name i mean ;p ).

Some have funny name .. ( no offense if that's your actual name ;p )
Tan Chin Chai
Ching Ping Pong
Pan Choon Tai (this is my friend's ex classmate ;p )

And some have the same name as famous celebrities .. ( again, no offense if that's your actual name ;p )
Chai Yi Leng
Kok Fu Seng
Zhang Chee Wei ( my friend's name ;p )

UNFORTUNATELY, i shared my name ( but i got it first, cos i'm older than him lol ;p ) with a super famous actor from China, and it's kinda childish ( at least for us in Malaysia )

Are you happy with your name?

I used to be very embarrassed with my Chinese name. But now i think i'm ok and proud with it. But i only use it in my hometown. In KL, i'm still ;p

Monday, February 18, 2013


Was stuck in the jam on the way to my class in Seri Kembangan just now. When i reached the place, parked my car and ran to the gym. I still got 25 minutes to set up and prepare myself.

I saw people gathered at the entrance of the gym. And the owner and the staffs were all at the reception counter.  Aiya! Got lion dance. So i have to wait beside the entrance to wait for it to finish. Punyalah panjang the performance.. took a bout 20 minutes including kopek orange, kopek pomelo, kopek sayer.. and last but not least.. baker mercun!

Everyone was so happy and busy taking pictures of the lion dance. I think i'm the only one who wanted it to finish asap... cos I NEED TO PEE. Dah tahan all the way from the jam!!! Once the lion dancers put flipped up the lion thing, i ran upstairs and ... aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh .. leganya .

BTW, this is my 1st lion dance for this CNY. Is it me or is it true that this year memang tak banyak singa berkeliaran?

p/s : i was hit ( 弹到 ) by the firecracker... this year i sure boomz one ( borrow word from tuls ;p )

Sunday, February 17, 2013

i listen.

One of my gym member approached me after the class asking if i want to earn side income.. doing some marketing things. She said it's super easy. I just need to gather my friends and someone will do the talking for me.

I don't think i'll do it. Cos i only have a few very precious close friends ( with the fact that i am an anti-social ;p ), i don't want to jeopardize our friendships.

Speaking of close friend, what kind of friend are you?

The one who always listen ( aka the listener ) ?
The one who always with juicy gossips ( aka CNN ) ?
The one who always available to hang out ( aka the " hello-mamak-now" ) ?
The one who ... dan sebagai nya..

Cos my friends like to share their story/problem with me. I think i'm a good listener, and i know what to say at the right moment to make them few better. :)

p/s: Happy 拜天公 :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

V day

Perginya January, datang February, ( 废话 )
Some people happy, some duduk menyepi,
With of without valentine lain story,
Asalkan diri vogiu setiap hari.

It's the day of the year again.
Wishing everyone a Happy Vogiu Day. :)


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

believe it or not?

I lost weight during CNY.
Maybe because i didn't really attracted to those CNY cookies kot?
What about you?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

tahan aje la.....

I'm still trying to hold on to it maybe till end of the week. I wonder how people can tahan opening it after Chap Goh Meh.. or 1 of my friend never open his angpaus.. till the next year!

How many of you already counted the amount of money you get from your angpaus?
Ada puas?

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Wishing everyone 



心想事成, 再事成!

I'll be celebrating CNY in Klang. 
See you all in few days time. :)
Huaaat ahhhhhhh!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Today is my last working day before CNY. Finished most of the thing that needed to be down before CNY. Kemas rumah, beli bajus, prepare snacks/cookies, angpaus, etc.

The ONLY important thing to do now :
To coordinate my baju-baju raya .... cos i bought all separately and now having some issues matching the tops and the bottoms and the shoes ( for eve, 1st n 2nd day ). Trying to tone down a bit the look, just in case it's too loud for some people. ;p

What is your look/coordination for the 1st day? ( just state the color will do )
Mine is blue + camel casual look.

Wishing everyone DREAMS COME TRUE 心想事成

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I don't understand why every time i tell people my email address, their comments are more or less the same ...

" Wahh, so sweet ah? Your darling register for you one issit? "

Cos when i set up the account, my idea of, " dear danny" is like an opening of a letter..

" Dear Danny,
  I got a crush on ....  ( something like that ) "

So it's easier for them ( friends & clients ) to remember when they need to send something to me.

Cos to me, " dear danny " is like a greeting, where " danny dear " is a sweet calling/ nickname for someone you like.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

happy day.

I was talking to the taxi driver today ( cos i sent my car for service ), and the driver kept calling me 'adik'. I think he is about my age ( late 30's ). Got a bit happy la.

A member came to me after the class :

Her : Danny, u ni umur berapa?

Me : I? Tahun ni 36.

Her : 36!!!!!!!! ( she shouted.. takde over acting punye ;p )
        I ingat u 27 28 aje.

Me : Haha.. that was 8 years ago la.. ( dalam hati, gembira tak terhingga ;p )

Ever since i got my hair cut ( for CNY ), i feel younger and more confident. And it'c also quite nice when i dance ( how the hair flip la...hahahahah )
Semua dah potong rambut?

( of cos mine is the shorter version ;p )

Monday, February 4, 2013

a gift.

Got 2 interesting dreams over the weekend ..

Dream #1
You swallow a 'pill', then you can fly
( can't really remember the details, just remembered the flying thing ;p )

Dream #2
You plant 'something' in your garden, and it will keep growing
( for example : you 'plant' a pair of shoes, and you'll keep 'plucking' new pair of shoes of different designs from your garden every other day )
( but in my dream, i planted lightbulbs and fork & spoon... bodohkan? ;p )

So which one you prefer, as a gift sempena CNY?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

let's hang.

Can anyone tell me why people like to go watch movie at cinema when they go for gathering ( especially during CNYs )?

Cos to me, when i'm meeting my friends, i prefer to go for places where we can sit down comfortably, eat/drink and chat for hours. Not a cinema where we have to sit side by side in a row and keep quiet for whole 2 hours! ;p

Actually horrrrrr... i used to like hanging in cinemas when i was young. Do your think it's becos of the age? lol ;p