Saturday, February 27, 2010

i love YELLOW !

CNY is coming to the end. Throughout the whole ( almost ) 15 days, lots of good things happened to me. Besides getting lots of angpows, i think the next best thing would be a comment from my lovely Biaomei :

" Wah, Biaokho. You still look slim with your yellow t-shirt on. "
( I love you, Biaomei. Tak kisahlah if the comment is sincere or not. ;p )

Just FYI, i am sooooo in love with yellow and grey now. Cos i think the shade looks cool on my slight and going to be so tanned skin.:p

What is your color this year?

Thursday, February 25, 2010





BTW, are you one of those who need 'reading materials' whenever you are doing the BIG business?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010




I'm 99.99% sure that it's a Chinese who wrote it. You think those non-Chinese can understand ahh? ;p

Monday, February 22, 2010






So far there are a few people thought that i'm a hairstylist or cellphone dealer ( yes, i do look LALA ;p )... but never the nerdy looking comment!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think i had THE weirdest dream last night.

I was walking on the road and suddenly a rather small and cute dog came to me. It seems that someone threw his toy in the drain by the roadside. And he need me to help pick it up for him. I looked at the drain, the water was clear ( strange kan? clear water drain in Malaysia ;p ). So i went down and get it for him. He was so happy, then went away. Seems quite a normal dream, kan?

Oh, i think i forgot a very important part. Did i mentioned that i was actually having a real conversation with that dog? As in TALKING? ( we both spoke the same language !!! )


Imagine how busy i will be every time passing by SPCA, if i understand dogs. ;p

Saturday, February 20, 2010


( 由其過年時見到那些很久沒見的人 )



Don't you think it's easier if they just say things that we want to hear? ;p

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 more... 2 more ...

Is it a must to wear RED during CNY?

I was at the gym today and saw an Auntie ( maybe in her 40's ) with rather disturbing gym wear. If i'm a gym fashion police, she sure kena my ' dried meat' liao. Cos she was wearing a shinny RED body suit a la 80's aerobics style with matching leg warmers too. Big surly hair to complete the look. Did i mentioned that she is also in her typical 40's woman body shape.

Maybe she thought that that's the way to grab attention in the gym. And yes, she is very successful, but in a baaaaaaaaad way. Not only me, i can see people staring and gossiping about her.

I think most of us know the "importance to dress presentable" in the gym. Working out in the voguest way. But BODY SUIT? Really?

I actually thought of go to her and sing : "Remember my name... FAME!" Follow with a high kick then a dramatic bow. Trying to imagine how she'll respond to that. LOL ;p

Mission : CNY

I normally will gain weight during CNY. Due to the non stop makan-ing, tidur-ing and lepak-ing in front of the tv the whole day. As they said : " What is HUNGRY??? There's no time for HUNGRY during CNY. ;p "

While normally people will only start to go on diet AFTER cny, i guess i'll just take the these 15 days as my short term diet duration. No junk food ( i hope, cos didn't buy any CNY cookies or yee sang at home. and already finished those that people gave me ) and lots of workout. I am replacing lots of classes ( today 3 classes, tomorrow 4 classes, etc. ) for those outstation instructors. More chance for me to sweat.:)

CNY Eve > 63.5kg
Chap Goh Meh > ??.?kg

But i think the main mission is to tone up my arm and shoulder. Cos i got quite a big head, narrow shoulder, rounded torso, slim arms and short legs. Macam 'tortoise' kan? ;(

p/s: 妹妹价紹了一樣東西給我,會讓我變‘不老的傳說‘。好興奮。有了成績後再跟你們分享。哈哈。

Monday, February 15, 2010


First time start work so early ~ 3rd day CNY. :p
First time didn't really wear ALL NEW during CNY. :)
First time eat and gamble so little during CNY. ;)
First time encounter not so good experience during CNY. ;(

The ONLY thing same as previous years is : GOT lots of angpows. Hehehehehe :p Among all the angpows, i like this one the most ~ graphic and color combo. Unexpected yet trendy. ( Tak sangka, seafood HQ oso so fesen one.;p )

Did you had a 'prosperous' CNY?

Friday, February 12, 2010



Really? Cos i am definitely not in the mood yet. Not sure if it's bcos of the age or i have not get my CNY clothes. Or maybe this year the festive mood is not as strong as previous, including the malls. Maybe i'll feeli it more when i have my 'yee sang'. ;p

Can't get the pants that i wanted for CNY. So i'll break my own tradition this year, for not wearing all new clothes for CNY. Will start teaching classes in gym on 3rd day CNY onwards. Mainly doing replacements for those outstation instructor. Don't think there'll be lots of member going to join. Easy job, i hope. Just sign in, sit there, chat a bit and shake a bit. Then sign out.;p

So if you happened to be jalan-jalaning at the malls, call me for yamcha la.

Hope that the year of TIGER will bring us more fun, joy, energy and ummpph..!!!

Happy CNY and .. HUAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :))


Wednesday, February 10, 2010



I always try to keep a distance with my gym members. Just try to be professional. But it seems that the harder i try, the easier for me to fall in an issue. Why can't they just come and go? Sweat during the class then shower, and go back? Why must they stay back to talk to you, and ask for your contact? Why they always have very good reason for me to get my contact? Why can't i find a better excuse so that i don't have to give them?


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i love COLORS ...

Was talking to a friend on how us Chinese like to add in 'special effect' on certain words to make it stronger/ bolder / over-er.
For example : Colors. We have ...

( in Cantonese )
白 sai-sai
黑 mang-mang
紅 tong-tong
青 pee-pee
黃 kam-kam

But what about ..
藍 XX?
橙 XX?
紫 XX?
灰 XX?

Monday, February 8, 2010

are you one?

" Those who don't have a FB account are out-dated people ! "

I got this comment / reaction every time i tell anyone i dun FB-ing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Size UP/ Size DOWN???

Ever heard of a combination size clothing? ( No, i'm not talking about FREE size )

We know there's facial cleanser for 'combination' skin...
We know there's hair product for ' combination' hair...
But why there's no clothes for combination body size huh?

You see, i have a rather 'unique' body shape and proportion. It's kinda difficult to buy things that fits me well. Cos i have ...

a S size shoulder
a M size chest
a M size waist
a S size hip
a M size thigh
a XS pants length ;(

Unique kan? ;p

What's the usual problem you faced when buying clothes for yourself?

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was having lunch at Mid Valley today. When i about to leave, i passed by the centre court as there was an acrobatic show in conjunction with CNY. Since i still got time, i decided to stay and watch for a while. They were using that Kitaro's song as background music.. sooooo the standard.. martial art show lah, product launch lah, food presentation lah... all same song. A bit sien liao. :P

But towards the end of the show, there's this little girl ( maybe 5 or 6 years old ) came out and performed. She was really good. Suddenly i felt a bit down. I felt pity for her. She was so young, but she have to do all this. I'm quite sure that she didn't have a ' good and innocent ' childhood memories. I mean what were you and me doing when we were at her age?

As everyone cheered and applause for her, i can't believe that i am actually 'tearing' at on corner just looking at her.:(

I won't say that i had superb memories but, i am glad at least i can have an actual 'CHILDHOOD'. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Have you ever thought of being grateful for being able to do or have a certain thing in your daily life, even the smallest thing? Although it's not something that you only do during special occasions, but your days won't be complete without them.

Some felt 'alive' only after a sip of their morning coffee. Some only dare to face the people when they successfully draw a perfect eyebrow before going out of the house. And some, only felt energized when they finally get to have rice in their meal. ( typical Chinese, and i am in this category as well ;p )

Well for me, i am very grateful whenever i go to toilet ( closing a BIG deal ) every morning. It just made me feel lighter and healthier. or else, i'll feel loaded throughout the whole day.:(
Oh there's another thing that i am happy to see every time i went down to get my car. Yes, a cheerful Doraemon toy hanging in my neighbor's car. Whenever i look at it, i'll just smile.;)

So what is the small little thing that you do everyday that is so IMPORTANT that might make or break your day?

Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, so i was tagged by Paul to do this ' Shoe Whore Awards ' thingy. I usually won't participate in this type of chain-tag stuff, but i guess i just have to do this one. Cos its about SHOES !!! ( Something that i am totally proud of my possessions .. well, besides my Big Mouth ;p )

My SHOES collections :
Sport shoes : Adidas ( 6 pairs ), Nike ( 3 pairs ), Puma ( 3 pairs ) & New Balance ( 5 pairs )( I have to wear sport shoes to dance, workout and jalan-jalan rite? :)

Canvas / Casual shoes : 11 pairs ( assorted colors and design, ohh.. just found out that i got a pair in shinny GOLD color ;p )

Leather shoes : 1 pair ( see? i'm not a formal person ;p )

Loafer : 1 pair ( just feel like owning 1 )

Boots : 1 pair ( high cut one okay? used to be my 'show shoes' )

Sandals : 0 ( not my thing )

Flip-flops : 4 pairs ( i wear it whenever i go tapao my lunch ;)

Shoes in the shoe boxes : Err.. 8 ~ 10 pairs maybe? ( too lazy to open one by one and check )

I won't do any acceptance speech, cos don't think my family would be 'proud' of me for getting this award. LOL
And i won't tag anyone ... i don't do tagging stuff, remember? ;p

Okay, enuff about the award thing. Gotta share with yo guys something.
See this thing? It's a shoe-pad. ( Those who follow Kang Xi 康熙來了 should know this )

Got myself these as my own Christmas present last December. It's just another 'tool' to make my dream comes true.. yes, getting taller. You just have to put it in your shoes ( just like any other shoe-pad ) and SUDDENLY, you are few CMs taller. Comes in cutting for male and female. For someone like me ( 165cm ) who never felt 170cm+ before, i have to say that..." Hmm.. the air up there is really fresher." LOL

So, don't be surprise if you see a 'taller' me next time. LOL
Anyone interested to get it .. for a TALLER CNY maybe? ;p