Thursday, March 29, 2012

jangan jeles.

I am a sweaty person. I can drip/leak sweat anytime. And it become worse when i'm in the gym/class. So one day after the class, one of my member came to me and teased me ..

Her : Tsk tsk tsk ... Danny, why can't you sweat normal, just like us? See? You sweat so much until your backside also all wet. It's so embarrassing.

Me : You know why? Cos i got a HOT ass and you don't. So ...  jangan jeles. ;p

It's good to syok sendiri once a while. Have you self-syoking lately?

p/s : heard the radio station making fun of this lala song .. and it brought back so many memories .. i've posted it at side bar.. saje nak irritatekan u orang ;p enjoysss.
where's all my lalas? put your hands up... go lala, go lala....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

fat jolly. skinny bitch

"You can't be fat and mean, Andrea. Fat people are jolly for a reason. Fat repels people, but joy attracts them. You can either be fat and jovial or a skinny bitch. Pick one. It's up to you." 

"Nobody likes a fat bitch."

Those are some of the quotes that i found interesting when watching " The Big C " ( story about a woman living with cancer ).

It sounded mean but kinda true, at least i think so.
So which category are you?
Fat jolly?
Skinny bitch?
Or a a crossover of both? ;p

Now i know why i am constantly obsessed with trying to stay skinny for the past 35 years  .. cos i was born bitchy. (SNAP) ;p

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


You all should know by now that i am not only vogiu, bitchy, but also extremely ANTI-SOCIAL.  A lot of people still surprise when i told them that i don't do FB  ( cue gasp ;p ).

Wanna know my list of active friends?
Active as in we will meet up at least once every 2 months.

People i still contact from ...
~ Kindergarden / Primary / Secondary school ( 0 )
~ College ( 0 )
~ Previous companies ( 2 )
~ close friends ( < 5 )

So how many active friends do you have?
( those that you meet up at least once every 2 months, excluding those hi-byes, photo tagging/liking friends from fb ;p )

Some think that i'm pathetic, with so little friends. But i'm totally ok and comfortable with it. At least i'm better than those people who constantly asking/begging/forcing people to add them as friend in fb or whatever b. Kan? ;p

Sunday, March 25, 2012

your moment.

Sorry for the delay on announcing the winners. You know la, too many entries to choose ( padahal, tak lebih daripada 10 pun .. sob sob ;p ). 
Anyway, the total number of vogiufly in the pic is 57. So here's the list of winners with their answers and slogan/statement :

DTBM is Smashingly Vogiu that always make me laugh when i read his blog. No matter how stress he can be, he still keep the vogiuness that only DIVA status can do that. No!!!! this is not AirCond Level5 with lowest temperature compliment, but these are sincere in my heart coz I'm also admirer his Divaness. Altho sometime his Divaness a bit salah but what the hell.
Ok tak? kekekekekeke
( Note : i like the fact that he pandai-pandai go and add SMASHING in front of my/the VOGIU. ;p )

DTBM is.... (ene mine myne more)just ANNOYING!! This self proclaim diva not only want us to look hard at his so called vogiu photos (Did anyone realise he is a bit too old to be a cam whore")to count butterflies but to write something about him as well!! Just who does he think he is??
Well, you asked for it!
( Note : i like how she laser me, but i know deep down in her, she adores me...haahahahahahhaha ;p )

DTBM is vogiuly funny with his bitchy lame jokes. You are annoyingly memorable. Thank You for having this blog. It has always been a pleasure reading it.
( Note : i like how he kept it simple and straight to the point. just like how i laser people without wasting time for them to get ready ;p )


DTBM is bitchy bcos he wears long flare skirts, doesnt hug, a bird diva in his first commercial, even more diva cos going for 2 diva concerts, so sweet yet complain ants datang, speed and avoided accident yet still masih tidak berubah, trying to find his family tree by dreaming himself as ghetto and ultimately still denying the fact that he is young and cute... *rolleyes*..
how to tahan?!
( Note : i like how he summarized the key words from my previous entries with all the elements. you are young n cute and very the talented, from a tuls to another tuls. ;p )


Nas & Tuls, 
Please send your contact to
I'll pass the gift to you when i see u in class, ok?
Two Horns Child,
I'll contact you ( check you message ;p )

And now i shall do the shopping to buy the gifts. Please give me some time ya. :)
And for the rest of the people. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your participations and supports. Jasa budi anda akan dikenang selamanya. :)
And finally, stay VOGIU everyone :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


I'll be starting my new journey in blogging in a couple of hours ... Year 4, Day 1.

It might sound nothing to you, but to me ... it's totally an achievement that i am totally proud of. Thanks everyone for your support, comments and complaints. Not easy to maintain a vogiu blog you know? With all the vogiu-wannabes out there. LOL ;p

Anyway, have a great weekend and we shall start a new chapter with some vogiu bitching soon. :)

P/s : i'll be announcing the winner of 萬千星輝賀大嘴  contest in the next post. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

something's wrong.

I was getting ready to go out. I wore my shoes, took my bags and went out. But right after i stepped out of the door, i have a very strong feeling that something is not right, but i can't really think of anything. I walked to the car, started the engine and there, i suddenly realized something that made me feel that. It was when i wear my shoes.

You see, i normally wear my shoes on right then to left foot. But today dunno what happened, i started with my left foot. And that made me so uncomfortable ( mentally). I know it's a bit OCD cos i took off my shoes and wear it again, from right to left. ;p

Do you have a daily routine that you must follow strictly?
And you'll feel uncomfortable if you mixed/missed out 1 step?

p/s : The 萬千星輝賀大嘴 contest is still on. fast fast write in your answer and slogan ok? :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mambo, cha-cha-cha.

I am currently teaching 3 types of classes in the gym :

~ Drums Alive ( drumming using fitball )
~ MTV dance ( dancing to pop sings MTV style )
~ Latin jam ( fusion Latin and Pop dance - NOT ballroom dancing )

And i got a slight issue on my Latin classes, as most of the members are of the matured group. I'm trying very hard to attract more young members to join. But whenever they heard of those mambo or cha-cha-cha thing, they'll just back off. cos 'it's too old for them', they thought.
I tried to make the class younger by using lots of Latin Pop songs ( Shakira, J Lo, Pitbull, etc ) also made the steps more fun, but still not  not getting any responses from them.

Any suggestions for me to get their attention?

I recently found this drama series " SMASH ". It's about a group of people trying to start a new musical based on Marilyn Monroe. Super awesome with the sexy songs and dance choreos. Please check it out. :)

p/s : i've posted a song "WEPA" that i used in my Latin class. Try listen to it. Is it too old?
pp/s : The 萬千星輝賀大嘴 contest is still on. fast fast write in your answer and slogan ok? :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the Big 3.

It's almost a quarter of the year. How's everyone doing? Early this year, i made a list ... 3 things that i plan/must/hope to accomplished this year ...

a) settle house loan ( hopefully by June )
b ) redecorate / refurbish my house ( hopefully before Christmas )
c) learn guitar ( haven't got the time to check out courses and fees, EXCUSE!!! ;p )

What's you Big 3 this year?
Something big enough to affect/change your life in any other way ...

p/s : The 萬千星輝賀大嘴 contest is still on. fast fast write in your answer and slogan ok? :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


I was so happy this morning. Went ot Sri Pentas to collect my Kylie Minogue concert tickets. 2 hours later, someone from FlyFM called, telling me thta the concert is now CANCELLED! WTF!!!!!

Is that what we called 'karma'? Cos i've been showing off merata-rata with the news. Fingers crossed nothing happen to my Gaga's show. Cos that one oso i dah kompang satu kampung. ;p
Haih .. Memang memantatkan!

I channeled out my frustration and anger in my Drums Alive class just now. I feel so powerful and macho drumming hard on the fitball. Kesian fitball. But at least i'm feeling great now. Hahaha ;p
How's your Monday?

p/s : The 萬千星輝賀大嘴 contest is still on. fast fast write in your answer and slogan ok? :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

the (un)approachable me!?

Went to get my hair cut few days ago. My only request ( besides making me looks more presentable ) to my stylist was ' please make me more approachable '. ;p

You see, a lot of people ( especially members ) commented that they thought i am a very serious and cold ( not cool ) person. But after knowing me, they realized that i am totally opposite from what they expected .. a HOT BITCH. lol ;p

So this is what my stylist did to me ( my hair ).
Do you think i look friendlier or more approachable now?
Or i still look bitchy? ;p

I know, i know ... once a bitch, always a bitch. ;p

Btw, look at my forehead .. so broad and flat.. can build airport oso. lol ;p
Do you have broad forehead like mine too?

p/s : The 萬千星輝賀大嘴 contest is still on. fast fast write in your answer and slogan ok? :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


It's the month of my Blogniversary again, exactly 10 more dyas to go. As suggested by ChenXing, maybe i should do something. So yes, i'm doing the CONTEST, again. ;p

Look at the below picture, it's my DIY headgear ( VOGIUFLY ) that i made for one of my gym event few years back. Cantik kan? ( this is not a question. ;p u can check the post for the materials and making process )

Now, can you guess the number of vogiufly on my head? ( total number from all 4 pictures, include the one yang hinggap kat tangan i ok? ) ( between 30 ~ 80 )

Since it's so easy to guess, i kinda wanna know more about how you feel about me. So, kindly complete the following statement :

" Danny : The Big Mouth is vogiu/bitchy/funny/lame/annoying ( choose 1 only ) becoz ... "

Sample answer :
# 39
DTBM is annoying cos always act young and vogiu. padahal, dah tua tapi tak sedar diri lagi.
rasa nak tampar aje kalo ternampak kat tepi jalan.

Since it's my 4th blogniversary, i will select 4 winners with the correct/closest number of vogiufly and with the most creative statement. I will announce the winner list on the blogniversary day ( 24/3 ) itself.
So cepat ya, jangan tunggu lama lama.. Ada hadiahs yang lumayan vogiu sedia menanti. :)

p/s : please.. die die oso say something or tembak the answer la.. if no business very memalukan one larr.. ;p tq.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

krazy over kylie

I am literally on cloud nine now!!! :)

Kan yesterday i just got the news that i am going to see Gaga in June? Guess what? Just now, i called in FlyFM and won myself a pair of ticker for F1 Rock concert for .. KYLIE MINOGUE  .. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!  I am the luckiest bitch on earth. ;p

So far i only know that JBoy is a fan of Kylie's. Anyone out there is her fans as well?

Wow, 2 divas in a week. Tak sia-sia i sembahyang siang malam kat my Madam Kuan ( Yin ) ay home. :) So which diva shall i target next huh? Beyonce? ( baru habis beranak, dun think so fast got concert ) Or Madonna? ( next year baru sampai Australia ).I know Adele is coming ( not in KL la ;p ) soon. Must start looking for the contest for it. :))

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

googoo over gaga

Just found out that i am going to watch Lady Gaga's concert in Jakarta! ( Jakarta? why not Singapore? Don't ask. ;p ) It's in early June, so i only have 2 months to prepare myself ... mentally and baju-ly. Cos based on my Kylie's concert in Bangkok last year, most of the people will wear something iconic from the singer to the show. What should i wear? Gosh ... can't wait, can't wait ... but very pekchek. ;p

Can i wear my HOOKERFACE ( a low class version of POKERFACE.. lol ;p ) mask to the show?

Been super busy for the past few days. Not enough water and sleep. Super exhausted. My nose was bleeding a bit this morning, maybe due to the hot weather? Hmm .. hopefully nothing serious.
Everyone : drink more water and take good care of yourselves ya. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

OPS : Bunuh !!!

The ants are back, and my house is under attack ( eh, macam buat pantun 2 kerat versi mat salleh ;p )
They are everywhere in my house and the come in like in mass. I placed so many ant baits in so many places in my house and they are still there. What else can i do? memang fed up la...

Kononnyer la, suatu hari, u tandnag rumah i dan nampak rombongan-sambil-belajar-semutz sekalian. So u pun tanyer :

"Eh, knaper banyak sangat Cik Mut nie? "

Then i jawab :

" Ye la, i pun tak tau ape nak buat. Maybe i nie TOO SWEET kot. So Cik Mut semua datang nak menyemak dengan i. "

What will you do ahh? Slap me? Or agree with me? lol ;p

Friday, March 9, 2012

the devil wears NIKE.

There's this auntie in my class who loves to disturb during the class, especially when she can't get the dance move. She'll try to convince / brain wash other members that the choreography is too difficult. I normally carry on with the class once the majority picked up the steps. And i always give easier options for them to choose. ( Don't squat if you feel uncomfortable, you can just step twice instead of doing a turn if you feel dizzy, etc ).
I know her style. She'll go on from one member to another until she found the person with same mind. Then they just stand one side and just bitch on the rest of the class. How i wish i can ban these type of people from my class. ( in my dream ;p )

I really don't like people with that type of mentality, always complain. Remember the 60 years old nanny in my morning class? Yeah, she is the most positive minded person. Although her counting and steps are all over the place, but she never frown. She just try to move and enjoy the class. the best thing is, she normally walks out the studio with a smile on her face. :)

Are you that complains before trying type of people?
No need to be embarrassed, cos some people were born that ( negative ) way... lol ;p

Thursday, March 8, 2012

run princess, run...

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I drove to the gym for my morning class as usual. But when i reached the junction outside my condo, i saw a bunch of student walked in groups, a lot of them. Ohhh... merentas desa ye? But how come non of them are running? Cos all i see is boys and girls walking and chatting in groups. Not only that, some of them were holding umbrellas and paper fans during the run. What a princess!!! What happened to the 'run-till-the finish-line' spirit? I have to wait fro few minutes for them to finally cross the junction. So the lambat ;p

I used to love cross-country when i was in school. I was kinda athletic then ( only long-distance running, cos short distance cannot fight with those with long legs ;p ).
Do you like to run?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

horrible starting, happy ending.

It was a horrible morning. I was rushing for my morning class and got caught in a massive jam. I know i'll be late for the class but can't do much. Right after the jam stretch, i sped like everyone else hoping to get to the gym asap. Then suddenly the car in front of me stopped, and i quickly stepped o the break. I almost hit the car. Then only i found out that there's already 4 cars and 1 motorcycle crashing into each other in front of us. I can see the motorcyclist lying on the road , not sure if still alive. I quickly moved aside and continued speeding ( no choice, i have to get to the gym asap ). But i know i was shivering while speeding. I know it's not worth jeopardising my life just to go to the class. I need to do something about it. :(

Then in the evening, i finally conducted my very own permanent Drums Alive class. I was so nervous before that till i vomited. But the turn out was extremely good that we don't have enough fitball and drumsticks for the class. I only used 1 ball ( by right should have 3 balls in front of the instructor ) so that more members can try in late and realized that there's no more balls for them. Told the management on the issue, hopefully they'll add in more by next week. Overall i think i got very positive feedback from the members ( except on the timeslot ;p )

That's all the drama i got in one day. Very tired, mentally and physically.
How's your week so far?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

million dollar me.

Was checking my emails this morning and found some spam mails, saying that i've won millions of dollars. Yeah rite. ;p

Actually if that really happened, i really dunno how to use that million. Cos i dun fancy branded stuffs, i dun have a dream car ( my Toyota Rush is good enough ), i'm not a fan of high tech gadgets, i dunno how to appreciate expensive foods. I think i'll be miserable if i have a million dollar. ;p

What would you do if you were given a million dollar?
Maybe can give me some suggestions ( macamlah ada semilion tu .. lol ;p )


Saturday, March 3, 2012

back to action.

Me, few hours ago ...

My very 1st commercial dance show after so many years disappearing from the scene, and i enjoyed the moment on stage very much. Guess i was really born for the showbiz huh? lol ;p
Btw, you like me feathers? Very vogiu tau...hahaha..

Happy weekend everyone . :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

your song.

I was with my friend the other. While talking, suddenly he started to sing. After listening for a while, i have no choice but to ask him to stop singing. You see, my friend is kinda geeky person, and he was singing some dance pop song ( if not mistaken, Fireworks by Katy Perry ).

I believe that choosing a song to sing is like choosing an outfit for yourself. You must choose something ( clothes / songs ) that you can carry and will make yourself more attractive. " Amazing Grace" is certainly not the song for bitchy diva like me. It will be an insult if i sing it. ;p

My own theory..
Matured ladies, don't try to act cute by choosing songs from Girl's Generation ..
And nerds, please stay away from hip hop numbers.. yo man, yo man... it's just pathetic. ;p

I think i can handle pop diva / dance music quite well.
What about you?
What you think is your signature genre / songs?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

horns vs wings

Warning :
This is a meaningless entry. Read at your own risk.

I was talking to a makcik member after class ..

Her : Danny, u nie suka senyum eh? Melayu cakap, kalau cam nie, senang nak masuk syurga.

Me : Tak yah lah kak. I dah buat reservation kat neraka. Sana lebih sesuai dengan i. Hahaha...

Yeah la kan?
I tried my very best to be a good person when i'm alive, so what for i still do the same after i die? Of cos i want to be as bad and wild as possible la. What say you?

I always feel that devils are more attractive than angels. Therefore, i choose to be the attractive one ... lol.. Do you think that you are a more angelic or demonic person ( in terms of attitude )?