Tuesday, June 30, 2009

自欺欺人 2

I once read an article about the reason of growing grey hair.
Apparently, actively using our brain is one of the reason.
( According to that article la ;p )

I was looking at myself in the mirror this morning, and i am so glad and proud.
Cos i got so many grey hair lately......LOL

有人說 :

Monday, June 29, 2009

Strike A Pose !

I once worked with a photographer for a fashion event. Not sure who appointed him, but i really got shocked while working with him. We were assigned at the reception counters, where we have to take the pictures of celebrities and guests before they entered the hall. As usual, the celebrities will normally just stand there and strike a simple and nice pose. Not too over, but 'TRENDY'. ( Just like those pictures in tabloids and fashion magazines. )

Apparently, i think this photographer is not used to taking pictures for a trendy event. So whenever the celebs step in front of the photo-op backing, he'll request them to give him a SUPER LAME pose. And i am very PANTANG with this pose ~

" big smile and TWO THUMBS UP !!! "

我們是在做時尚派對,又不是在賣泰國香米或著是tongkat ali coffee。

FYI, i am not very good in posing when taking pictures. Normally i'll just stand there and show my standard face.;p
( But at least i know how to make myself looks better with certain poses. )


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kamsa Hamnida

最近教class時,都遇到一個問題:就是大家都在教同樣的歌。去到不同的club,都聽到他們在跳同樣的歌。Lady Gaga, Britney Spears和Akon等等都是跑不掉的啦。最好笑的是當我跟members說跳什麼歌的時後,他們都傻眼。因為上一個小時他們剛剛跳同樣的歌。現在又要跳,但不同的steps。真的很像是在整他們醬。
( FYI, memorizing 2 different choreos using ONE same song is very challenging. )

我一直都在找不同的options來教,避免撞歌。之前有用過韓語的歌來教,效果還不錯。但我的韓歌名單有限。之前用過的有Rain, Super Junior, Son Damb, Wonder Girlsi和Big Bang。如果要在Youtube找的話,會很費神。因為實在太多好聽的舞曲了。



Thursday, June 25, 2009




像把Up Close and Personal念成Close-up and Personal。(有沒有舜間變成了成人電影醬?)又或著像As Good As It Gets醬,通常念完舌頭有點打摺。

N年前有部電影叫The Man in the Iron Mask,是Leonardo DiCaprio主演的。

4 tickets, 3pm

The Man in the AYAMAS........

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm not sure why people always have the impressions that i am attached to that someone whenever i am close to them.

P thought i was with S, cos she bumped into us shopping together a few times. Then L thought i am with S too.. just because we have more common topics to talk about. O on the other hand, thought that D is with me cos D always talked about me. And finally, after a while, L thought i am now with W.

Why la?

( FYI, all this happened within a year! 不想在這裡‘開名‘,免得為他們打廣告。哈哈。But if you asked me those questions before, then i'm sure you can find your name in the above lists. )


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


FYI, i normally buy my dinner from the stretch of Malay stalls nearby my house. And i usually go to this stall. ( Kakak A )

Me : Kak, nasi lemak satu. Nasi separuh ya..
Kakak A : Tengah diet la tuu.. hahaha

Then one day, i went to another stall cos the one that i usually go to is closed.

Me : Kak, nasi lemak satu. Nasi separuh.
Kakak B : Keciknye perut. Nasi separuh je...

And from that day onwards, i only buy from Kakak B. ;p


Monday, June 22, 2009


( final post of the trip )

Lisbon :



今日重頭戲 :在異國遊行
走著走著,遇見一班小朋友。他們都身穿costumes,準被去parade。好期的我們當然不放過機會,跟隨他們的隊伍後面去八掛一下下。一路上,他們唱著當地的民謠,樂隊敲出動人的歌曲,路人都為他們鼓掌和歡呼。好過癮,好爽。朋友還一度Miss Malaysia上身,不斷對路人招手和送飛吻。看看那些孩子,有沒有很天真,無邪?真羨慕。


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

Madrid 2 : All about art and culture

I think it's a MUST for you to watch 2 things if you are visiting Spain ~ BULL FIGHTING and FLAMENCO DANCE. I skipped bull fighting cos it is very cruel to the animal. As they have to kill them at the end of the session. No good no good. Therefore, i went to watch the Flamenco performance at one of the world-known Flamenco restaurant in Madrid. The place was crowded with people from all places. We dined before the show.
Show started with 3 young ladies dancing, then a guy. Just when i thought they are so talented and great, an old auntie stepped on the stage and wowed everyone with her superb Flamenco moves. I think we applause for 5 mins after she dance. I guess she is the senior or teacher of the group.
BTW, i bought back some castanets to PLAY...LOL

I'm not only into SHOPPING you know? I love art too. We went to this place where they exhibit some art pieces with the theme : POP SPORT ( a Sports Illustration and Pop Art cross-over with a twist of humor in it. )

Hmm... how i wish i am there 1 month later... so that i can go to watch my 'sister' performing...;(

Apa ini...anyone?

今天重頭戲 :誤闖彩虹村

和朋友在GRAN VIA亂亂走。東看西看。還一度Jolin上身,邊走邊大唱 :“馬得里 不思議 突然的想念你。。。“ 唱到朋友都叫我收聲!
BTW, i went to their website...nice........

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Madrid 1 :

The minute i stepped in the Madrid airport, i was attracted by it's interior. Very minimal and simple ... with a lot of 'industrial' elements. The check-in counter, the roof lighting, and even the toilets. And the color combination is very refreshing yet stylish. 命中注定工廠命。哈哈。

Then we checked in to the hotel along Gran Via ( the main road in the city ). A very typical old Spanish building with balcony for each room. Very class like that. The location is so strategic that we are surrounded by all the fashion boutiques and restaurants. Zara and H&M is just across the road. Absolutely convenient for me..:) 那幾天,我進那些店還多過我上廁所的次數。
Me posing a la rich people at the balcony...;p

Went to have a look at those historical and famous buildings again. And stopped by the park to rest. It was a sunny and breezy day. A lot of people in the park doing picnic, or just sit under the tree reading.

A building near Mayor's Plaza. Can you see if there is something wrong?

今天重頭戲 :我看見巨雞

Prostitution is quite normal in Madrid. You can see the ladies standing by the lanes ( along Gran Via ) waiting for their potential clients. They start their business as early as 6pm. All sorts of sizes and shapes available. And i am so 'LUCKY' to be approached by one of them. She saw me passed by, smile to me and said : NI HAO. I looked at her, smile back and walked away. I think she is seriously desperate for business. WHY????

重點來囉 :
A 180cm-tall-European-Big lady trying to get hook to a 165cm-short-Asian. Funny rite?
想想看。如果一個165cm敢敢去上180cm,有沒有像我們俗稱的 :細路喳大車????哈哈。

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Barcelona 2 :

Went to the famous tourist shopping area ~ La Rambla. Seperti biasa, it was packed with tourist and local people who are trying to POTONG us. Was browsing some items in a souvenir shop when a staff came to us and asked where are we from. Korea? Japan? Hong Kong? no no no.. Then we told him .. Malaysia. " Oh.... Malaysia. You choose choose. Buy many many.. i give you POTONG HARGA. " Aiyo.. people so got heart, Malay word oso came out already. how can we not buy? So finally, i think i'm the one who got POTONGed by them. Cos later one i found out that things in Barcelona is slightly more expensive than Madrid. Damn!

The famous St Joseph Market in La Rambla. Everything is nicely displayed and look so fresh. Check out the colors. Very attractive and appertising ...

Went sun-tanning ( this is where i got BURNT! ) at the beach near Port Olimpic. It was a sunny day with wind non stop blowing. Really nice weather. And of cos, nice VIEW too!!!
BTW, i forgot to remove my IPod's cable from my chest while tanning. So now, i got a white line on my chest.. very funny le..

今天重頭戲 :Fiesta裡忘我的起舞
We accidentally passed by this area where they were having some religious ceremony with parades. The musicians where damn good.. and the songs were fantastic. Mainly Samba music.I automatically started to move my body and shake my hip to the music beat .. feel so hot.. so hot... everyone were enjoying themselves.

重點來囉。你有看過人家忘我的起舞嗎?那種表情是不是很像syok sendiri?還有很誇張好笑的動做?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What say you?

First of all, let me clarify something. As you know, this is not a Travel Blog. So, don't expect me to post all the pictures of famous buildings, hot spots and other tourist related things. I'll post things that i like.. and most of the entries is about me.. and ME only.. :P

Barcelona 1 :

走在的街道上,你會聞到濃膿的異味 ~ 狗屎和狗尿的味道。那裡的人很多都有養狗。也很喜歡在街上溜狗的是候順便給它們大小便。大狗小夠都是醬。濃好了就摸摸狗頭轉身就走。所以,你會看見滿街都是黃金(狗屎)。走路還真得要看清楚。乾的濕的散的硬的,要什麼,有什麼。之前的‘滿城盡帶黃金甲‘應該在這裡取景。


A typical old Spanish building next to a modern one ~ something that you can see everywhere in the city.

A view in between the buildings... 好像可以看出人生百態,很多故事。。。

Visited some of the famous GAUDI buildings. Err ... 不懂得欣賞。哈哈。

今天的重頭戲 :
The famous statue of Christopher Columbus in the middle of the city. According to the reference, most probably he is saying to the people : " Go, and discover the world."
Now, if you have to create a line for him ( in a more creative way.. but no bad words allowed ), what would it be?

Big Mouth's version :

Monday, June 15, 2009


Just a bit of updates of my current situation :


Hola, I'm Big Mouth from Ampang. Always wear a big big smile even there's a big big sun... :P

Can you see the invisible goggle on my face? LOL

Anyone know any sponsors who need a spokesperson for whitening product? hehe

Part of the damages made from the trip..... pocket koyakkksss liao...:(

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Thank God for a safe and healthy trip.
And i am glad to be HOME. :)