Monday, May 31, 2010

What can i do ?

A question thats has been asked thousands of times :

" What is your plan when you are too old to teach class. What you want to do? "

I don't know. What other choices do i have?
Dance is my passion, and probably something that would like to do even when i am old. Of cos there's another option for me .. Visual Merchandising. But besides that, i really don't know what i am capable of. I am not good in communicating ... so i cannot do direct-selling or insurance stuff. I do not look friendly ... so i don't think i'll do well in retailing. I got my own attitude problem .. and a bit difficult for me to work with others. ( that's why i love my job now ... freelancing )

After attended a few gathering last week, i started to think about the future ... more. Do you know any professions that require less brain, less socializing but still can make money? I am referring to CLEAN money only. ;p

Do you think that what you are doing now would be your lifetime career?

Sunday, May 30, 2010


It was a long weekend. As expected, not many members will attend the Saturday's class.

So there's only 3 of us in the class. And i suddenly thought of something that i wanted to do for long long time. We did my version of Beyonce's Single Ladies. Got the member's permission to record and post it on blog.

As you can see, this is a very low budget MV. Anyone want to sponsor us the necessaries? Crystal studded body-suit, killer heels, big hair wig and ... big DIAMOND ring. ;p

Presenting to you, my humble "MV" :

" Single Danny " by B'yond姐

你說 :我像明星,還是像‘兜巴星‘?哈哈。

p/s : How i wish all my members are like them. Then everyday we can party like a real STAR. :)
But if everyone is like them, then i'll lose my job. So the ;p

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Die Hard

" Die Hard "
... (粵語翻譯 ﹣死硬 )
... (華語翻譯 ﹣死定 )

Whenever i go pasar malam, it will be a ' die hard ' disaster for me. Cos all my diet plan will just go out of control. Too many nice foods and too little resistance. ;p

So i went to pasar malam to have my dinner just now. Once i reached, i walked to my favorite pan-mee stall. Thought that that's all that i will have. As i was walking to get my car after the pan-mee, i passed by the fried junk food stall. Hmm ... Taiwanese sausage, long time didn't eat liao. So i bought one stick, spicy one. ( yum..... ) Before reaching my car, i did stopped by a few other stalls to get something to munch. ( tongsui lah, junk food lah, ... yummy yummy )

I am having my chicken satay while writing this post.;)~
You say lah, people like me, where can go pasar malam one? ;p

Me on 'pasar malam ' : LOVE the food, HATE the crowd ( especially those who stop or walk in a group horizontally ;p )

Do you like to go pasar malam?
Or that's just too LOW CLASS for you?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The DAY you arrived ...

It's about birthdays...
Do you think that 'birth date' plays a very important part in you?

For example :
My closest friend's birthday is on 15/8 .. and he got BIG butt
Another friend's birthday is on 31/10 .. and memang her perangai macam hantu ;p

Mine? 13/9 ... and it was on Friday the Thirteen ( 黑色星期五 ) ..
And i have to say that .. i am Devilicious ;p
鬼甘靚,鬼甘正,鬼甘潑辣,鬼甘臭皮氣,鬼甘'yim jim' ...

Do you think that what are you today ( your look and attitude ) got anything to do with your birthday?
( and i'm not referring to the horoscope sign, ok? ;p )

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She is ...

She is a woman ( 廢話 ! ), but she is more macho than you.
She is tall and big size, and only wears shirts and pants.
She is straight, not lesbian or tomboy... ( she likes Jude Law )
She is your ex manager and close friend.
She is someone you respect and look for when you need advise.
She is serious but can be very fun to be with, when the frequency is right.

Now, you are going to her birthday dinner this Saturday.
What will you buy???
( nothing dirty okay? ;p )

( NOTE : This is not her pic. )

Me complaining/ joking with another friend that is going :

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is a GOOD day !

Am very happy and satisfied, cos i felt really productive today. It started a bit slow, but slowly the good things flew in one by one... :)

... 1st of all, i finally managed to set a meeting with one of my important client, after being postponed for few weeks

... then, one of my 'long lost' client ( big client, fyi ) called me. they finally decided to use my service again, cos they failed to do the window display themselves ( according to the manager lah ;p.. i have to say that i am very happy cos they failed.. so salah kan? but who cares...;p )

... i supposed to dismantle a window sticker for another client at 1U, but the staff pandai-pandai go and dismantle himself last night. so i don;t need to do liao lo.. save energy ;)

... since i got extra time ( cos no need to dismantle window ), i went to McD for my favorite meal .. Double Cheese burger.. yummy :)~

... got the confirmation notice from another client. i am now officially their choreographer for the opening dance for their charity dinner ( i am really looking forward to this one )

... lastly, the attendance for the 2 classes today was better than what i expected. dance out loud and sweat a lot .. so syokkk :)

Maybe it's not as 'dramatic' as you expected, but i just so happy.

I love TODAY, how about you?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello gor gor ...

I have to admit that i am not good in handling kids. I just don't have that kind of patience to layan them.

I was queuing at the cashier counter to pay my bill. In front of me was a couple with a small kid ( less than 1 year old, i think ). And this little boy kept turning to look at me ... smile and wave.

1st time he did that, i smiled to him and waved my hand.
2nd time he did that, i just smiled.
After that, i just ignore him whenever he turned to me. Cos i got no more mood to layan him anymore. I just turned and look away. The bapak pun satu, kept saying " say hello to gorgor " when i already looked away. In my heart i was like :

" OK, i know you are cute and i am attractive (;p), but come on kid, move on... get a life! " ;p

I am really so the devilish kan?
Maybe i should do a movie .. 'The devil wears BATA. '
Anyone interested to invest?

BTW, are you good with kids?

My soon to be 3 month-old niece. Ada cute?

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Do you believe in reincarnation ?
Cos i always wonder what i was in my past life, until i went to Athens and met 'Her' ...

Athena ~ The Goddess of Wisdom and War.
( I seriously don't think that i am stupid, and i'm very good in arguing with other people. See? Both of us have the same qualities in us. lol ;p )

大嘴賤神 vs 雅典娜女神

Also paid a little visit to my 'old house' ( if you know what i mean ;p ) ... Note the sky, so blue with no clouds at all. A real blue blue sky ...:)
( Pictures taken at Acropolis, Athens )

Based on your look, your attitude and other qualities that you have ... what do you think you were in your previous life?

p/s : I'm sure you realized that this is also another syok sendiri post from me rite? ;p

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turkey Boleh ! ;p

The one thing i must say about people in Turkey ( Istanbul) is .. they are really friendly. Why? From the moment we stepped out from the airport, we were greeted by them ( mainly the kids ) with warm smile and excitement. Not sure if we were really that attractive, or they are just very excited to see some fair Asian faces like us. The kids in the school bus kept waving and smiling to us whenever our van stopped side by side. Not only that, as we were walking on the streets, little kids and their mom will come to us and ask where are we from. You really feel like a star ( at least at that moment ).

Jumping jumping dekat Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque.

Went to se one of their traditional/religious performance .. Whirling Dervishes. This is NOT an insult, BUT i literally felt like vomiting after watching them non stop spinning. Sungguh memeningkan... But it's still a nice experience :)

There, me buying the Turkish ice cream on the shopping street. As usual, the ice cream seller will play some trick before we actually get the ice cream. And AS USUAL being ME, i just stood there with no expression ... waited for him to finish, then get my ice cream. So the tak sporting kan? LOL ;p

p/s: Those people from the tourist area were trying to act friendly to us when they knew that we are from Malaysia. So they shouted : " MALAYSIA BOLEH ... "
followed by Amita Batchan Boleh ... Shah Rukh Khan Boleh ...
( so the SALAh kan? ;p )

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Visited all the famous tourist spots at Athens (including Acropolis, Hadrian Arch, Temple of Zeus, etc. ) but i'm not going to post the pictures here, cos they are easily found once you googled it. ;p

The stadium of the 1st Modern Olympic. Now, who said that shorty can't jump high? ;p ( 邊個話矮仔跳唔高啊 ?我離地面幾高! 多得我搏晒老命geh跳。有高無 ?)

The Greek's Parliament House. Yes, this is the place when they had the BIG STRIKE 2 weeks ago! ( Picture taken 2 days before the strike )

Pop Quiz :
Do you know siapa ini?
When my friend asked me the same question, my first thought was ... 'VERSACE'. Haha ;p

Memang sah, i was born to be 'fashionable'. LOL

Monday, May 17, 2010

Donkey, Beach and Me

First time riding a donkey, a traditional form of transport in Santorini. We walked up the steps ( hundreds of them ) from the old port to the town centre. I felt so bad cos i can actually feel the donkey's heartbeat, and it was beating so fast... sure very tired one. Sorry donkey...; (
( FYI, if you enlarge the pic, you can see the stone road on the left pic. The brownish thing i not dried grass or sand okay? It's donkey's poo !!! This is what we call a 'SHITTY ROAD' )

Anybody wants to pay a visit to 'Paradise' ?

There, the famous Paradise Beach ...

Me 'during' the 'swim wear segment'. Hahaha.
Now don't complain why contestant from Ampang never appear in swim wear..;p

p/s : I know, i know. I also feel like slapping myself when i looked at the pic i posed with the towel.LOL. Beh tahan !!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You like ?

Nah! Some of the pictures from my trip ( mainly from Santorini, Greece ). I think that some of them can be potential postcard materials. So proud and syok sendiri. *

1. Ada cantik?
( Evening at the famous Aegean Sea ( 愛琴海 ), on the cruise ship to Santorini Island. Looks like watercolor painting, kan? )

2. Ada cantik?
( Reached Santorini at 4am ... witnessed the sunrise, and also the half moon. )

3. Ada cantik?
( Early morning at Santorini, facing Aegean Sea. )

4. Ada cantik?
( A view from our hotel room's window. Do you want to wake up to it every morning? )

5. Sungguh CANTIK sama sekali.
( NOTE : This is not a question. ;p )

6. Ada cantik?
( Hill top view at Santorini, with the roof of a typical Greek island church. )

7. Ada cantik?
( Sunset at Santorini. Some might find it romantic, but i don't. Cos i'm NOT a sunset person ... i prefer sunrise. )

* all pictures posted were shot using my 'old fashion' digital camera. no touch up were done on any of these pictures. ah-may-zeeng kan? lol ;p

Nothing much to write, still having mind-block.
Did 4 classes on Friday and Saturday with a totally BLURR mind.
Felt so sorry to the members. ;(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

drum roll please .....

Your Highness is BACK ...

( Pic taken @ Santorini, Greece )

... and He is TIRED and FAT !!!

p/s : let me reorganise everything then only share with you guys ya :)
pp/s: glad to be home ... craving for nasi lemak and sup tom yam now...:)~