Thursday, March 31, 2011

sakit lagiiiiiiiii.

Woke up in the morning. Felt a bit pain in my mouth. Checked at the mirror ... ALAMAK. My upper right gum is double the size of the left one. And it really hurt when i try to bite with teeth from the right side. It got worse by noon. I was so worried, cos i got 2 classes today. And i planned to do a sexy number. How can you be sexy when your muka bengkak and mulut ternganga menahan sakit? ;p What to do? Cannot cancel last minute. :(

The 1st class ( Latin Mix ) was still ok. Just not very clear when i talked. But miracle happened in the 2nd class ( DanceMania, the one with sexy steps. I've posted the song at the side bar, not a new song. Can you imagine the level of sexiness? )

Not only i am full of energy while conducting, i don't even feel the pain. Magic kan?;p

They said that sometimes 'adrenaline' will make your pain go away for a short while, cos you are excited. But i think it's the inner hunger ( slutty cell in my blood ) that boosted my energy level. Cos i think i was so in the mood when i did that number. Nikmatnyer terrrrrrrrramat. LOL ;p

當大嘴遇見騷歌 。。。一發不可收拾。哈哈。

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

saaaaaaaaaaaakit ;p

I noticed that some of the members in my class like to compare things in their life. From comparing their kid's academic result, the attire that the wear to class, their favorite instructor, etc.

And the latest trend is ... compare pain. Yup ~ PAIN. Before the class, one of the member started to share on how she hurt her arm while shopping. Then another one complained about her aching back after doing belly dance. And then got someone hurt his ankle while doing combat. Dan banyak lagi ...

But once i play the song, all the supposedly 'in-pain' members suddenly become so healthy and energetic. All the pain disappeared. Funny kan? Maybe i should add in some 'sakit' movement or poses in the routine, so they can really live the pain. LOL ;p

Presenting, the various type of SAKITs in the world of vogiuness ...

Actually gym is a very good place to see the different sides of other people.
But besides seeing others, sometimes it's good to be SEEN as well... if you know what i mean. LOL ;p

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

phobia a la fabrika ...

I was at Kamdar yesterday, sourcing for fabrics for my coming display. It was so packed with people and of cos, rolls of fabrics. But somehow i am feeling quite comfortable with the situation. ( Cos normally i will feel dizzy with places that is so packed ) Maybe it's bcoz of the fabrics .. calmed me down. I can browse the fabrics roll by roll, shelf by shelf. Taking my sweet time touching and feeling the texture.

I remembered one funny incident happened to me and my junior ( in VM ) long time ago. I brought him to a fabric store for material sourcing. When we stepped in the store, he was overwhelmed by the fabrics, and felt dizzy.

The same thing happened to me before, when i was in a BOOKSTORE. I only can survive flipping the first 5 books, and that's it. I either have to buy something immediately or just leave. Or else i won't feel comfortable the whole day.

I think i'm allergic to books.
Is there a name for this type of sickness? lol ;p

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jiran Tetangga

The Chinese family one floor below my unit just moved in early this year. I normally don't really bother with my neighbors, but this family really know how to get my attention.

1st of all, they BBQed at the balcony during CNY. All the smoke flew up to my balcony. I have to closed the window so that the smell won't stick to my sofa! I was so angry. At one point, i felt like jumping ... jumping really hard at my living room ( to revenge la ). Those who stay in condo/ apartment should know this. It's so annoying when you neighbor upstairs walk like an elephant and make the noise on his floor/ your ceiling. ;p

Another thing is, that auntie like to talk at the balcony ... loudly. I always have to turn up the TV volume trying not to hear her voice. Something funny happened yesterday. That auntie was on the phone, talking to her friend. She suppose to direct her friend the way from the main road to our condo. ( i have no choice but to listen to all she said, cos it was so loud )

Apparently, she gave the wrong instruction the 1st time. Then her friend called again, and she still gave the wrong one. Being a good ( or rather kaypoh person ) i actually thought of shout to her from my balcony :

安娣,你OK無? 過佐紅綠燈明明係轉右。
( Auntie, you ok or not? After traffic light turn right la. )

Do you think she will think that i am a "considerate" neighbor? ;p

I might not be a friendly neighbor, but i think i'm definitely a nosy one. LOL ;p

Friday, March 25, 2011


Some called it 'bribe', but i feel like it's just a small gesture. Something so small but will get me something great in return.:p

When i was in my old company, i was sitting next to this Indian secretary. She was not very friendly to me cos before i join the company, nobody sit next to her. So she can do whatever she wants .. chatting on the phone la, read magazine la , etc. Then one day i overheard that she is having migraine ( or something ) and she is looking for something sweet. So i bought a small packet of sweet during lunch and gave it to her ( in case she is looking for sweets next time ). I think she touched. So from that day onwards, i get my stuffs approved or arranged quickly. ( i get my claims almost immediately lol )

Another story...
Someone was quite bossy in the gym. But ever since i gave him something ( a thing that i brought back from the trip, cos i know he likes it very much ), everything changed. He suddenly became very friendly and concern about my classes. :)

If all this small things/gestures can make my life easier, i don't mind doing it.
What do you thing?

For the record, i totally ANTI-BRIBERY.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's my 3rd Blogiversary. :)

Not easy to maintain a blog for 3 years, especially a blog that is full of nonsense. But i guess that's just me, someone who chose to concentrate on the non sad stuffs and to be happy.

Some say my blog is shallow, and meaningless..
Some say my blog is too positive, almost too hard to believe.
But whatever it is, I'm loving it. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

stating the OBVIOUS ...

Konon nyer lah ..

One day, you pass by KFC and you see a big banner saying :


Then you go to Bata next door and they have another poster saying :


Do you think it's funny?
Or it's just stupid. Plain stupid?

Got a request from a client ( similar situation ), and he thought it's cool.
Pek cek ahh...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh My Car !

It was raining cats and dogs since noon. I was in the shower, getting ready to go out. Suddenly someone knocked my door, loud and kept knocking. So i opened the door and it was the security guard :

Him : Bos, ada pokok jatuh atas kereta you la.

Me : HUUUHHHH!!!???? ( luckily i didn't drop my towel )
Ok, ok. Nanti i turun.

I ran to the window and looked at my car. Damn, there's a bunch of trees and leafs on the roof and front of my car. I quickly change and went down. Checked the situation. Luckily, it's just some tree trunk ( not too big ones ) 'lying' next to my car. So we slowly pull it aside, cos don't want to get any scratches on my car. :)

Thank God for protecting me and keeping my car save. I think i should do something goo in return. So i've decided. I will be less bitchy to others ... for one day. ( ~ your cue to laugh )

No la, just joking. I always good and friendly to other people one. ( ~ now laugh louder ;p )

Have a great week ahead :)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

好 DEEP 啊。。。

Went for dinner with 小S ( you know who you are and yeah, that's your new nickname ) and 高妹 on Thursday. Eat and chat on lots of things. Then 小S shared with us something that he heard from a famous host :
( can't remember the exact words, but the meaning is the same la ;p )

( A lots of masterpieces from the famous artist in the world are more towards darkness/ negativity. Cos they thought that happiness is too easy to get and it's shallow. But darkness / sadness on the other hand, is deeper.

And my instant thought was :

( Thank God i'm a SHALLOW person. ;p )

Sorry la, i really don;t think that i can do any of those EMO stuffs. I mean, why bother to go DOWN when you can stay UP hight right?


如果你跟我說:“這副畫很黑暗“,我應該會醬的回你 :

“盲的也看的出啦。“ lol ;p

Friday, March 18, 2011


Finally, went to the Chinese masseur yesterday for a traditional Chinese massage. This is to avoid making anymore 'urggh' sound when i climb staircase.;p

I'm not sure if my body ( muscle & joints ) are really tangled or he is really strong, but i felt kinda painful during the session. I guess he saw my 'suffering' face while massaging. So he asked :

Him : Painful issit? ( 痛嗎?)

Me : A bit. ( 有一點。)

Him : Scream if it's painful. ( 痛就喊出來啊。)

Me : Err... ok.

It's not that i don't want to let him know that i'm in pain, but :

a) my body is aching all over, so i dunno i'm suppose to feel the pain when he press or not ;p

b) it's very hard to open your mouth n scream when you are lying face down and your head ' tertanam ' in that hole. Sekali i open my mouth my saliva meleleh. ;p

c) i am NOT a screamer ( unless when i'm pissed or angry ;p )

Are you a screamer?
Do you think that you scream like ... a lot? ;p

p/s : there's another reason why i don't scream, cos my tone will go huru-hara .. just like when i scream in class. lol ;p

Thursday, March 17, 2011

you know that you are getting old ...

.. when you constantly making the ' urghh ' sound climbing up the staircase. That's what happened to me when i climb up the staircase in the gym today. Partly because my whole body is aching, and also the age factor .. i think. It's so embarrassing, cos there's members behind me. But who cares lah kan? As long as i am still VOGIU when i'm not climbing. Worst come to worst, i'll take elevator for the rest of my life. LOL ;p

( another syok sendiri post by your beloved Big Mouth ;p )

p/s : sometimes i really pity those old folks who have to climb staircase at the flat or apartment with groceries on both hands. So kesian kan?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

why not red?

Whenever i give my business card to others, 80% of them will ask the same question :

WHY YELLOW? Why not red or blue? Is it because of your surname? ( Hwang = 黃 )

And my standard answer will be : " No special reason. Just thought that yellow, white and grey are quite a nice color combo. " And i can sense that they are not very satisfied or should i say " disappointed " with my answer.

So, if i ask you " why yellow? ", can you give me a very creative and interesting answer?

I normally don't have any opinion on other people's name card. But there's one type of name card that i really beh tahan :
Name card with his/her picture on it. ( so kiasu kan? ;p )

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i love TODAY

When you did something right ... you'll know. :)

Went for a meeting this morning. I'm suppose to propose some VM ideas to them, and i have to say .. i'm quite confident and happy with my proposals, cos i think ( know ) that this will work. So i presented and they are quite happy with it. They happy, i happy. But the one think that i am super thrill about is ... I WAS HAVING GOOSEBUMPS THROUGHTOUT MY WHOLE PRESENTATION, cos i am very proud of it. :)

After the meeting, finally got the payment that i've been waiting for. :))

Yeah, the title says it all : I LOVE TODAY!

( another syok sendiri post brought to you by your beloved, Big Mouth. ;p )

So how was your day? :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

damn you spammer !! ;(


"I"'ve been sending hundreds of spam mails to those in my contact list, friends and clients. It's so embarrassing to receive calls from clients asking me to do something ( that i did not do ;p ).

Some ask me to report to yahoo or do some anti-virus scan .. but how to do that? Bare in mind, i'm an IT blind person ok? I need really clear instruction, if possible clear and short. LOL :p

If changing to a new email account is NOT( or the last ) an option, what else can i do?

If "I" accidentally sent spam mails to you, MINTA AMPUN. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ever since i came back from the holiday, i've been sleeping well at night. I used to wake up 1 or 2 times at night, but now, when i open my eyes ... it's already morning. I know it's a good and healthy sign, but sometimes i do miss the OLD sleeping pattern.

You know that "silly kiasu psychology" where you wake up in the middle of the night and look at the clock : " 4am? Good, got 4 more hours to sleep." But now wake up means wake up. No more time to 'continue' the sleep. Felt a bit RUGI ;p

Do you think that i'm crazy, or you actually feel me? :)

真是“人賤沒藥醫“。lol ;p

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was going out to tapao lunch. So i grab a t-shirt and wear. I noticed that the neckline is a bit loose but i thought : " What the heck? Just go out for a while. Ok la. "

But when i reached the kopitiam, i started to feel uncomfortable. I kept adjusting my t-shirt so that it won't look so worn out. I think i am very concern on how i look .. i think the loose neckline looks so tak-glam. So i quickly tapao, then came back. And that t-shirt is now with the pile of ' house-tee '. ;p

Do you wear those slightly loose neckline/ collar t-shirt when you go out?

( I think i'll be caught dead if i go out wearing this collar 'kembang setaman' t-shirt ;p )

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was at IKEA, saja jalan-jalan, nothing to do. Suddenly a middle aged lady approached me ...

Her : Eh Danny..

Me : Huh? You are ...?

Her : Sharon arrr.

Me : Huh? Sharon?

Her : Sharon from TrueFitness arr.. I join your Saturday class one lerr..?

Me : Oh.. no wonder you look familiar. Sorry i can't recall you name .
( Padahal, i still have no idea who she is ;p )

This is not the first time for me. I have a very serious 'sickness'. I can only 'recognize' people when they are in the studio ( unless the few that i am close with la ). But i think it's acceptable cos 1 instructor have to face so many members from so many classes in different gym. BUt it's easier for member to remember their instructor name, cos not a lot. But i don;t understand why my friend can't remember her instructor's name at all.

Do you know your instructor or lecturer's name?

* Just did the song "Show me how you Burlesque" and got a new nickname for myself. No, not Christina , but .. CHAIR ( as in Cher, the diva ... just like me ) ;p

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sabar KAK .. ;p

I was doing the window display at one of the shop in Tropicana City Mall when a young Malay couple came in and ask for some direction. I think they are really SUEI that day cos they ter-went to the "DIVA" of the shop for direction.

Young guy : Bang, xxx ( dunno what shop is that ) kat maner yer?

DIVA : ( bengang kena panggil 'bang'. lol ;p ) U pergi kat sana ,pas tu belok kiri. then jalan terus.

Young guy : Belok kiri pas tu maner?

DIVA : ( already giving the raising eyebrow look ) jalan terus.

Young guy : ( turned to her girlfriend .. then back to the DIVA ) Betul ke bang? Jalan terus ke?

DIVA : Uh huh.. jalan terus, langgar aje ape yang ada.

Young guy : Thank you ( then quickly went out )

I was laughing in the window listening to their conversation. Kesian betul cik abang tu. Tapi emmang padan muka pun. Cakap 2 kali pun tak paham-paham.

So who are you siding in this situation?
The guy or the DIVA?

For an inpatient person like me, of cos i side the DIVA la. ;p

TERUS AJE, LANGGAR APA YANG ADA ... ( so classic ;p )

Monday, March 7, 2011


Nothing much on Paree as well. Went to the La Fayette to shop for other people ~ LV, BV & Longchamp. ( Tips : If you want to buy those branded stuff, go early morning. No queue at the boutique as well as the detax counter ) Went to the Lourve to see Lisa姐 ( 也不過如此 ;p ).

Went to see a performance in Paris, the world famous ~ MOULIN ROUGE. ( Tips : Don't watch it on the 1st day you arrived, cos you'll be knocking your head against the wall trying not to fall asleep ;p ) Err... i think it was just a so-so show. Great props and backdrop. But the costume coordination was a bit kelam-kabut. Sekejap Egypt, then suddenly add in Oriental. Me ( was in showbiz ) and Yasmin ( currently in fashion line ) oso tak boleh tahan. Guess as long as they are baring their top, no one cares right? ;p

Trying very hard to look cultured by admiring the paintings that i tak faham. ;p

Maybe i should do a 'Mulan Loot' bar here. And all my dancers will bare their ... foot. LOL.
You think got business or not? ;p

* tq Yasmin for the pics. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

full .

Normally. i close my BIG DEAL once a day, every morning after brushing my teeth. But ever since i came back from the trip, i've been closing deal few times a day. Mostly very GOOD DEAL, very 'profitable' .. not the sakit perut way. But the funny thing is, i cut down my food after the trip cos gained some weight during CNY and the trip.

Funny kan?
Normal food intake ~ one DEAL a day.
Less food intake ~ multiple DEALS a day.
I wonder how come there's so many stocks?

Is it normal OR .. it's just me .. FULL OF SH*T!? lol ;p

Some random pics we took in London. That's what happened when you are with a group ( or maybe just 1 ) silly people. YES WIN-NI , I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU. ;p

Brought the wrong sweater and wrong shoes. But can't help it, cos too cold. Just look at the color combination on my t-shirt, sweater and shoes ...GOSH, I FEEL SO COLORBLIND !!!!
( fashion trend of the day : "ASAP" ~ as SALAH as possible ;p )

* tq Win-ni for the pics :)

Friday, March 4, 2011


After attending just a few classes, i'm already running low on my candies and chocolate for the members. And still got 3 more classes to go. Now i have to take some from those that i reserved for my family so that it's enough for everyone ( almost ).

Hmm .. maybe i should estimate more on the souvenir next time.
( Padahal, i didn't buy anything for myself, just 2 CD from the musicals. ;p )

Do you have the 'tradition' or habit to buy stuff/souvenir for almost everyone that you know every time you go traveling?

p/s : some of my members are really good in taking order. cos when i saja-saja ask them to take more .. they really DID. lol ;p

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Since this is not the first time for us visiting London and Paris, so we did not take a lot of touristy pictures. So don't expect Eiffel Tower and Big Ben in the coming posts. ;p

The main reason for us to go to London is to meet up with the ever lovely and sometimes crazy Win-ni. Secondly is to watch the musicals ( aimed this since 2007, after i watched my 1st musical "Chicago" in London. I'm not going write the synopsis of both musicals here ( you want to know? google sendiri ;p ). But below are my humble feeling after watching the musicals ...

Sangat sedap. Nice costume & props and of cos, nice songs. I've been humming "Defying Gravity" since i watched a scene in Ugly Betty where they went to see WICKED. Really worth the money lorr..:)

LAGI SEDAP. I was having goose-bumps the moment the actress open her mouth and sing ( in some African native language ) at the very first scene. So nice set, everything was really good. They even walked thru the audience to go on stage, so that we can have a closer look on their costume and feel the ambience. And oh ya, i cried 2 times ~ once when they sang "Can you feel the love tonite" and at the finale. Sangat the touching lorrr...

Looking forward to watch other musicals in the future.
Any recommendations besides Phantom & Mamma Mia?

Some crazy pictures with my lovely Biaomei and the gang ... Can you believe it? We ( mainly ) Win-ni danced while shopping in the supermarket? ;p
It was so cold, check out my RED nose ;p

* tq Yasmin for the pics. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

quickie ...

... reached home
... cleaned the house
... changed the bedsheet
... vomited 3 times
... took the shower
.. need to zzzzzzzzzz now ...

p/s : London was fantastic. :)