Thursday, September 29, 2011


I was informed that i didn't get the project that i was hoping to. I was disappointed, and sad. But after a super fun and sweaty class, everything seems ok to me. Not sure if i'm really that OPTIMISTIC, or maybe my hope/passion for that project was not as deep as i thought.

My ankle is in pain, that i have to cancel 2 classes today, just to let it rest. Unexpected 'off-day'. Kinda enjoying it. :)

Below are some of the quotes that i learnt from watching all those dramas, and i would like to share with you guys :

" When you hit bottom, you do not have any where to go but UP."

" You have brain in your head and legs in you shoes. You can make your own decision on which direction to go."

" Just use a bit of creativity, and you can re-make your look: from BORE to WHORE. "
( My favorite quote from Drop Dead Diva )

Tomorrow's Friday. Have a fun weekend .:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

their job vs our responsibility

Whenever we are attending a family reunion, it's our 'responsibility' to go and greet the elders. And when they see us, it's also their 'job' to say something about us. And i think the most common ones will be :

1) Waa .. you are all grown up and more matured now. ( in another word, you look OLD ! )

2) Waa .. you look so healthy and prosperous now. ( in another word, you look FAT ! )

Which one is SCARIER?
I DEFINITELY prefer then to tell me the 1st line lorr... cos i know i will grow old vogiuly. But being FAT is just not what i want to do. ;p

p/s : i think i know what is the scariest comment :

" Waaa. you are all grown up and prosperous now. " lol ;p

Monday, September 26, 2011

beauty in the world

Let me ask you one question :

" What is the most beautiful thing about yourself? "

Me :
a) if i'm passionate in something, i'll hold on to it as long as possible
b) i can be a very helpful and true friend ( that's if i've accepted him/her as my friend ;p )

What about you?

Ah, life is so beautiful, have a great week ahead. :)

Just found this song by Macy Gray last week, and it spoke to me.... like real deep in my heart. Am playing it everyday to "celebrate" me. Hope you'll like it too. :)
( song posted at the side bar )

update on 8.55pm :
i was watching the movie A Little Bit of Heaven, suddenly they put the same song in it .. i literally got goose bumps once i heard the intro.. ohh.. i feel so amazing now. :))))))

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I was sending my 2 intelligent friends ( 1 engineer & 1 architect ) home the other day. In the car, they were chatting to each other, except their chat is really INTELLECTUAL !!! They were talking about getting old, cell dying, and stuffs. And that was their CASUAL CHAT!!!

After 5 minutes listening to their CAUSAL CHATS, i can't take it anymore. So i told them that my car is a FUN CAR, nobody is allowed to talk serious or useful stuffs in it. Only vogiu and crazy stuffs allowed.

Just like how Gaga & Beyonce have the 'PUSSY WAGON' ( check Telephone MV if you don;t know what is that ;p ), i think i should give my car a FUN name. Care to suggest? ( nothing dirty hokay? cos my car is FUN, not SLUT !!! ;p )

There's another thing that is not allowed in my car is ... SMOKING!!! BIG NO!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

defying gravity .

I saw a show on tv the other day. They were discussing about how to prevent the face from sagging and wrinkles. One of the guest said, he always sleep on his back ( face facing up ) instead of sideways. Cos he said it will prevent the face from being pulled down by the gravity. And it's working!

You believe?

BTW, i always sleep facing sideways. What about you?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pure talent .

I was talking ( bitching ) with another instructor, L on the current gym classes scenario.

L : Eh, i heard that X Fitness got a lot of new instructors ah?

Me : Ya worr.. All very young one.

L : Cos got member told me that their classes are very popular. Mainly bcos either they are 'good looking' or got very 'fit' body'. But some said their classes were a bit messy.

Me : Huh? What about me?

L : Oh no worries. You also quite popular what. Cos you got pure talent. :P


You know, sometimes i also wish that i don't have to gain my popularity based on pure talent. You get what i mean? ;p

Tell me the truth, you rather have good looking and fit body, OR being talented?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 : 5

I received a sms from the gym's coordinator :

" Danny, can you do a special dance class tomorrow at 2pm? It's for a group of male and female models. You need to teach them dance and poses for their performance for an event later. "

I was like .... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Finally i'm going to work with a bunch of models. You know la, ever since i won ( self-declared ) the title of Ampang Next Top Model years ago, i haven't really got a chance to 'work' in the modeling world yet, and this might be my chance. I'll get to teach those bitches how to pose vogiuly, cos posing for dance and modeling is slightly different. It's all about the attitude. :)

Then i check my organizer ... DAMN!!! I got a meeting at 2.30pm tomorrow! There goes my big break to another vogiu world. :(

Me doing my Top Model Finale walk at Sg Wang ( nowhere better than the LALA palace kan? ) ... something that i won't have the courage to do now.... And i was so proud with my 5:5 body proportion then... LOL ;p

BTW, what is your body proportion?
5:5 like me?
4:6 like everybody else?
3:7 like damn!!! don't let me see you! ;p

Monday, September 19, 2011

sucka' for mirror ...

How many of you will / must stop for a while whenever you pass by a mirror or any reflective surfaces? I know i will, although i won't be breaking the mirror .( 不至於靚暴鏡 ):P

Some said that that is an action of a NARCISSIST. And i think it's ok. After all, who will love you if you don't love yourself worr? Kan? ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

and the winner is ...

Say you are handling a huge project and you need to hire someone to run it for you. You interviewed 2 candidates :

Candidate A :
Delivers satisfactory end result almost every time. But might be a bit difficult to work with.

Candidate B :
The end result fluctuates, depends on the materials given. But is fun and pleasant to work with.

Who would you hire?

Remarks :
It might be a bit of surprise to you but .. i'm actually the one who is "fun and pleasant to work with". Which means ... :(
( fingers crossed )

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I was paying my groceries at the counter with this female cashier ( i think she's around my age ). Behind me was a woman with her little daughter. The cashier was smiling and teasing with the daughter while processing my payment. The little girl wanted to open and eat the junkfood. So the woman told her daughter :

" Cannot open, must pay first. ( pointing at the cashier ) Later auntie scold you ... "
( 不可以開,要先給錢。等下安娣罵。。。)

I saw the face of the female cashier. She stopped smiling after that. It was so obvious and funny.

At your current age, do you prefer to be called korkor/ cheche OR you don't mind people calling you auntie/ uncle?
Honestly i'm a bit shy when people still call me korkor lorr. I don't mind uncle, as long as that person is not older than 12 years old. LOL ;p

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


There's this agreement among my friends :

Whenever it is someone's birthday, we have to be extra nice and polite when we talk to that person. No cursing, no negative stuffs and put on a smiley face, even it's that birthday boy/girl's fault. We called it " 好口節 " ( Good Mouth Day )

I guess that's the reason why we chose to text each other during birthdays. Cos it's extremely hard for bitches like us to be polite and stay positive, even just for 1 day. You know la, sometimes it's VERY HARD to control yourself but to say something bad when you see someone's face. ( If you know what i mean ) LOL ;p

Do you think you can be polite and stay positive to everybody for ONE WHOLE DAY?

Monday, September 12, 2011




I hope that 34 ( years old ) will be a good year for me. And i'll try my best to make it as fanta-bulous as possible.
Care to make my dream comes true?

p/s : enjoy the posted song ~ My Moment ( i really dunno why so many people hated her. )

Saturday, September 10, 2011



Have a nice weekend. :)

Suddenly feel like joining those lantern parade. Wanna hold the lantern ( traditional paper type, not those plastic with battery and annoying sound one ) and just walk from taman to taman. Where got ahh?
Anyone doing Mid Autumn party? Invite me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease. :)

make-me-over :)

When i go jalan-jalan, i always see guys ( especially Malay guys ) wearing sports jerseys. And they look quite sporty and nice. I also gatal-gatal want to try. But the thing is, i have no clue at all what jersey belongs to what club. And what club is more popular. Also i'm not sure if i look better in basketball or football jersey. Cos both also quite sporty and nice.

Another problem is, my shoulder is not broad enough. So it'll look very selekeh like i'm wearing other people's baju. ;(

So how? Any nice jersey that i can wear. I want to look sporty but at the same time maintain vogiu. Can?

I think Harimau Malaya's jersey is quite nice ( suddenly feeling patriotic lah konon ) .. although yellow is not my color. LOL ;p

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was at Pavilion this afternoon to set up a counter for my client. It was lunch hour. I can see lots of people at the food court and restaurants. But there were also packed at those ' class punyer shop' like The Loaf, etc where people just eat pastries for lunch. Me instant thought : Boleh kenyang meh? FYI, cake and bread is like makanan celah gigi for me.

I know i won't lo. Cos i'm a typical CHEENA, i need at least rice or noodle for lunch or dinner. Or else i'll be very weak in physical and hot-tempered in emotion. ;p

Can you survive a day without rice or noodles?
Or we are same-same CHEENA? ( i know, it's so hard for a vogiu person like me to admit that i'm typical. ;p )

FYI, only mee & kueytiaw considered noodle. Mihun also makanan celah gigi for me. ;p

born this way ...

After the class, one member came to me to ask the name of the song. I looked at her .. ALAMAK, cockeye. I panicked. I dunno which eye to look at, and i don't want to look away while talking to her cos it might hurt her feeling and it's very rude.

So left or right? Or the one closer to me? And some said i should just look at the nose. But if i do that, i scared later i pulak yang cockeye.

Any idea what/ where is the best part for me to look at?

p/s : i'm not making fun with those with cockeye ok? just curios. cos i know, she were born this way. ( sempat menGAGA lagi ;p )

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

white against all ...

I saw a young lady ( most likely an OL ) at the bank just now. She was wearing some typical office wear, with a pair of WHITE stockings. I always feel that white sticking is so Ah Lian. Cos it looks like they are trying too hard to make their legs looks fairer, but actually it looks so fake. And it's totally out-dated ( late 80's early 90's ). Agree?

Got these souvenirs from my friend who just came back from Europe. I love it very much. Ada fesen? :))

Monday, September 5, 2011


I was wearing my shoes at the locker room when a Chinese uncle came out from the shower just wrapped with towel and stood at the other corner of the room( near the exit ). He opened his locker and took out his clothes. I stood up and walked towards the exit. He took off his towel and started to change. I kinda saw his naked body for 1 second and i was shocked!!!

HOW COME NOTHING GEH???????!!!!!!!!

This is what i saw from in that 1 second ...

The moral of the story is :
" skin color underwear is ... SCARY!!! " lol ;p

In my opinion, i think skin color undie is just as bad as red and orange. What color undie is totally unacceptable to you?

Friday, September 2, 2011

i am what i wear!?

I was at Sg Wang during last week. Jalan-jalan, just to kill time. So many people, mainly my species ( lala ;p ). And of cos i saw so many interesting fashion. A fat Chinese guy wore a printed tee with the word "我係靚仔" ( i am leng chai ), when he is obviously ... NOT. Then a Malay rempit wore a very tight fitting tee with printed "廢材" ( useless ). Or maybe he actually meant it. LOL ;p

Sometimes i wonder if they really know what is the meaning of the words.

Do you have any of those printed t-shirt?

keep wrapping, keep keep wrapping ...

I was driving when i saw something interesting in the car in front of me. According to the registration plate, the car should be at least 1 year old. But the interesting thing is, all the plastic covering the car seats are still there. And the people just sat on it. How come lah?

Cos whenever buy new stuffs ( electrical items, furniture, etc. ), the first thing i'll do is unwrap or peel off the plastic on it. Cos i beh tahan the fact that there's a piece of plastic hanging on it. So sakit mata memandang. ;p

I still remember one of my ex roommate in college, who slept on his mattress that was still wrapped with plastic for the whole semester. We tried lie on it when he was out, and it was totally uncomfortable. Lying on something that is not 'breath', so warm. wonder how can he sleep in the night. ;p

Do you peel off the plastic / protective cover immediately after you bought something? Or you just leave it on as long as possible?