Sunday, September 28, 2008

Here i go again ...

I know i know. I might be the N person who post something about the movie. But who cares, i just want to say something, from my own point of view.

Went for the movie on Friday. I have to say that it was a OK movie for me. Why OK? Cos maybe i was expecting too much from the promos and recommendations from friends. There's still certain part that made me 'tear', not cry ! :) My friend watched the musical at London last year. And he said that the musical is much better than the movie.

Got to know that "MAMMA MIA : The Musical" is coming to Istana Budaya, KL end of the year. Going to start saving the money for the show. Siapa mau join me ???

* Now only i realized that ABBA has so many nice songs. :)

Mamma Mia, here i go again..
My, my, how can i resist you :)

( How good if we have the "Sing Along" version here. Then it'll become a huge karaoke. )

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Oh no..definitely not the one from Vanilla Ice. I hate that song, cos it's so LALA. Probably the song was released during my LALA era.. haha ;p

What i'm trying to say is, i think i'm the ICE that need to be melted. Why? Cos i am very bad in socializing with people/strangers. A lot of people say that i am very cold to them, especially those that i've just met. It's not that i'm rude, but i just don't know how to create a conversation. Unless i'm very close to you.

For example, i've bumped into my neighbor for few times in the lift. We greeted each other, and that's it. I know he kept looking at me, maybe trying to talk to me. But knowing me, i dare not look at him. So i pretend look at my watch la, sending sms la, etc. What is wrong with me? He is just trying to be nice. After all, we are neighbors.

So, my questions is, how to BREAK THE ICE ( oh no, not Britney's ;p ) in me?
Any tips that are useful for me when it comes to interacting with people/strangers/new clients?


Thursday, September 25, 2008



“ 被誤解,是做藝人的一部份。”


Tuesday, September 23, 2008




( 自我吹眠真的會讓人快樂些 )

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Sea Goddess ...

Was at Su Yee and Matthew's wedding dinner yesterday at Avilion, Port Dickson. It was quite hot but fun, cos it's outdoor next to the beach, and no 'adults', meaning no old people around ! It was my first time to a beach dinner and also my first time driving outstation.
Su Yee warned me not to post anything about the dinner. So i just 意思意思post a bit.

The venue ( Day & Night )

Our sitting chart. Can you see my name?

The 3 cast of SATC ( KL version, to be aired on astro Wah Lai Toi & astro Ria ). L-R : Diana, Michelle and Shasha, all dressed up for the event. Where's the 4th one? Pandai-pandai figure it out yourself ..

We all lined up and lit the sparklers to welcome the couple's arrival. You can only see sparklers cos both of them walked ( ran ) in so fast, that they were asked to walk in again, slower ....

The color code for that night is white, grey and yellow. Su Yee told me to wear either one of the colors, not all of them! May be she knew that i might really go full-out with the colors. LOL. So i wore a grey t-shirt and white cropped pants.
Top picture ~ me and Su Yee, the colorful bride. ( So unfair, ask us to wear 3 colors but she put all the colors on herself. ;p ) Bottom picture ~ me, Shasha and Su Yee. Can't recall why Shasha and I laughed till out mouths so wide...and Su Yee with her standard expression...haha. BTW, her wedding pictures are so cool. It's like poster of some movies. Very dramatic. Mainly because they don't have to put on the plastic smile and pose.

This is my favorite part of the night.We were given 1 stone pebble to write some wish or message, that will be thrown to the sea later. I think most of the people wrote things related to 'LOVE'. Me and Shasha saw there's extra pebbles on our table. So we decided to do some charity by writing a message on behalf of our friend, Diana.

Then all of us went to throw/deliver the pebbles to the 'Sea Goddess". But before we throw, we must shout out the keyword of the message. So we heard 'LOVE' everywhere. Wonder if Diana shouted her keyword ~ 'MAN'. Luckily we wrote 'MAN', not 'F***'. If not it will be really weird and funny for her to shout out her keyword! Ha ha !

Friday, September 19, 2008


但如果回頭草能使我更強更壯,why not?


Laugh at me while you can. Cos once i'm ahead of you, this is what you can expect to see...


Thursday, September 18, 2008


那天和朋友喝茶。他帶了他的朋友~ M。



我 :有啊。

M:我看你一定是有lift weight,拿很重的。

我 :怎麼說?


我 :(冷眼kuat他 )BO HO CHIO !!!(不好笑~福健音 )


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Was really bored the other day. Saw this website. So just try and see.

Here's the result ...

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Ancestory - Old pictures

What??!! I really burst out laughing when i saw the face of Zhang Zi Yi. Do i look like her? I don't think so! This is just some joke. I don't believe it. So i gave it a second try.

And the result...

MyHeritage: Family tree - Genealogy - Celebrity - Collage - Morph

This time , with Ah Mi? And 千嬅? But i still see the Ms Zhang's face in the list. And the percentage is as high as the previous one!



Monday, September 15, 2008



Me and Diana ( The IDIOTIC Duo ) went to our friend, Su Yee's church wedding last Saturday. But both of us have to leave early coz got other things to do. Since we are not very familiar with the custom and rules, we created some funny moments in the church.

When we stepped in the church, Diana asked the 1st question :

Di : 我們要坐那一邊?
( which side shall we sit ? )

Me : (我用眼'kuat'她)當然是‘門‘邊啦 !容意‘撇‘。
( of cos door side la, easier to sneak out )

Both of us burst out laughing. Quite loud.
So we found a place next to the door, ready to escape.
Right before the bride walk in, Diana asked another question :

Di :我們是不是坐錯邊?女方好像是坐另一邊。
( do you think we are at the wrong side? cos i think the bride's friends are over there )

Me : (我再次用眼'kuat'她)隨便啦,我們是來祝福他們的。又不是來‘劈友‘。坐那裡不重要。
( who cares? we just come to wish them, not fight for them. no need so serious )

And again, we laughed. Louder this time..
I guess we already in the " Bad Guest " list of the church. Haha.

p/s : Su Yee & Matthew,
Congratulations !! and Su Yee, you dress is very pretty, kalah Ms Wang.;p

Saturday, September 13, 2008



First of all, this HEALTHY cake that my sister bought me on my lunar birthday. I think the ingredients are all organics. Thanks Lisa. I was not feeling well for few times this year. So, i wish me and everybody a HEALTHY year ahead...;)

Secondly, the ULTRA CHIC present from my friend. It's my favorite (cup)cakes. I always wish to have cupcakes for my birthday. At least for a change from those birthday cakes. I also feel more and more VO-GUE looking at the cupcakes. So, wish me and everyone to have a FASHIONABLE life.

我的cupcakes有沒有很fesen ( fashion - 福健音 )?好像走在時尚尖端。感覺超滿足,超好,超high。很期待接下來的生日。

如果再來個“金簿蛋糕”就perfect啦。今年生日就有HEALTH, LOOK & MONEY。哈哈。又想太多了。

p/s: 我是在晒命,吹咩?

Friday, September 12, 2008








Wednesday, September 10, 2008







Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Upstairs ...


I'm living 1 floor below you. Meaning i'm directly below you. I don't mean to be rude but i think you should start to learn how to respect your neighbors. Since we are staying in a condo, means whatever you say or do, the whole unit might hear or know.

First of all, try to walk gently on your floor, not stomping. So that it won't sound like Godzillas are running everywhere.

Secondly, you really got so many things to drop huh? Cos every time you drop a spoon, or a marble ball, or coin, it will cause a loud sound on my ceiling. And it is very annoying.

Finally, try not to drag your furniture on the floor while you clean your house. 有聽說那些過世的人頭七回魂時,會推一推椅子。如果那是真的話,那樓上每天就會回魂至少三次!

My requests are simple and not too much , rite?

Thank you.
Your downstairs

For your extra info, they were doing a stomp performance when i'm writing this post.

Monday, September 8, 2008





Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm BLIND ( almost )

Continuation of the car service post...

When i reached the service centre, i showed my receipt to the customer service rep. He quickly went to get my service chart and start explaining to me the details.

Customer service rep ( with a very professional tone ) :
Oh Mr Hwang, your car is ready for collection. We have changed the filter oil...bla bla bla...and also the tyres...bla bla bla.. this part bla bla bla... that part...bla bla bla... spare part bla bla bla...

I just nodded and smiled to him as if i know what is he talking about. Padahal, aku satu habuk pun tak faham ! Why? Cos i'm a car blind. I only know how to drive and park.

Oh ya, just for you to know me better, i'm also an I.T. blind, income tax blind, financial control blind, handphone partially blind, and computer partially blind.

Will tell you more if i discover anymore blindness in me.

Maybe i'm not totally blind. I just choose to know things that i want to know. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


今天一大早(十點多,哈)起來就趕快駕車去service centre做1st service。以為可以在lunch hour拿回,那知道今天full house。最快都要等到3點多。天啊。無變啦,只好搭cab會家等。

大概三點半,service centre打來。說可以拿車了。我趕緊換衣要去搭cab。當時烏雲佈滿天。還是帶把umbrella, ella, ella防身。重我家到大路有段距離。走到一半,雨開始下。而且越下越大。整身都濕透了。心裡想著Ms Carey的Through the rain。好像自己在拍MV醬。





Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It was a beautiful Wednesday morning. I was sitting in front of my laptop. Cracking my head, thinking of some new Christmas display proposals for my clients. Since i was too tired thinking and can't really concentrate on the proposal, i decided to take a break. So i walked to my balcony.

I heard my neighbor's kid playing a song with his mini piano. Guess what song he played? 撞鬼囉。有無甘邪啊?He was playing "Jingle Bell". What a song to boost my jammed brain.

So, it's official. I'll be haunted with the Christmas thingy from now on, till December. Wish me luck.

Big Mouth Cinema, Now Showing :


( Replay, September Every Year )

Monday, September 1, 2008

It's the time of the year... again !

It's fasting month again...
Meaning it's time for me to get busy.. real busy
Preparing all the props for the coming festive set ups.
It's the MOST important time for a FREELANCE VISUAL MERCHANDISER like me to get as many jobs as possible. I did quite well last year, by looking at my files last year. Hopefully this year as well. So far i've secured a few jobs from existing clients. Hopefully more new clients/contacts. Wish me luck. Merry Christmas in advance. Hahaha or should i say Hohoho....;p

I'll be sleeping, eating and breathing with these till month of November.

Besides all the jobs, fasting months also means lots of kuih-muih from Bazaar Ramadhan. All the yummy and interesting foods that you will only find in the once a year bazaar.

Gendang-gendut tali kecapi,
Kenyang perut senang hati.