Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If you know me well ( or not ), you should know that i am not very good with kids. I mean i have no patient and do not have a cute way to communicate with them. And i always threaten that i will slap them if they are naughty or noisy or over active or ignore me or .....

I guess my karma is here. I am going to conduct a dance class for kids this Saturday. The management called and want me to replace the instructor just for 1 week. I have no choice but to take it, cos they just adjusted my rate. Must listen to whatever they want lo....

Still trying to figure out what to do with them. Any ideas?
Wish me luck .....

這個星期六,得空的話,歡迎來收看 :“小孩除妖記“。哈哈。

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

special delivery

Say you are working ( as a team ) with another person. And apparently this person is not very satisfied with your performance. So instead of telling you directly, she went to another tell another person. And asked that another person to tell you her feeling.

To me, i think it's still acceptable. Cos maybe she is shy to tell me directly. But what i DON'T like is ... the person who delivered her message. Of all people, she went to tell my RIVAL !!! ( both of us has been competitor since day one, and she knew it ! ).

Do you think it's too much if i curse her ( the so called teammate ) for one whole day?


Monday, June 28, 2010

creative? or not?

It happened few years back when i was still attached with this company. There's 5 of us in the VM department sharing 2 computers. As usual, we were told to create our own password to protect our files. So we did.

Then one day, something happened to one of our computer. When the IT guy came, he asked for our password. None of us want to give him the password, cos we were too embarrass to tell. You see, we were in a 'creative' department, of cos we will use our creativity to create the password. And the password is :


So, do you think that we are creative of not?

What is the WILDEST or the STUPIDEST or the most TSK password you ever created?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

left & left

( Something to cheer me up, to motivate me for the rest of the week ... )

I just finished my class and chatting with some of the members outside of the studio. Then one member ( late 30's che-che ) came to me :

Her : Hi Danny, this is my first time joining your class.

Me : Oh really? Thanks for trying. Did you enjoyed the class?

Her : Yes. I normally very clumsy in dancing cos i got 2 left feet. But i think i was dancing just now. Thank you very much.

Me : Wow. That's good. See you again next week?

Her : Sure. :)

Me : ( in my heart ) See me fly... i'm proud to fly up high..... :)))))

You might think that i am showing off. Well ... a bit lah. LOL
( This is my blog and i can do what i like ;p )

The moral of the story is :
Do not be afraid/stingy to acknowledge other people, if you think they did a good job. That's what i am going to do, from now on. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

the FORMULA ...

I always feel lazy and no mood to conduct this particular class. Cos the attendance is never good enough. Some blame it to the timing ( 4pm ), and some blame it to the instructor ~ ME.

FYI, i always like to pick some nice songs and do some nice choreography for it. But at the end of the day, it seems that it's not working. So i went to check with the GX coordinator on the member's feedback on my class. Apparently, some of the members felt that my class is a bit too hard to join, due to the choreos that i did ( normally 12 x 8' per class ). So i thought maybe it's time for me to cut down the steps and replace it with simpler ones.

Ever since i simplified the choreos, the attendance has been increasing. From only 5 or 6 at the beginning to almost 20 pax per class now. I am very happy to see the progress, and i finally got the ideal FORMULA to conduct that class :

Less steps = More members

But this is only for that class lah. Cos i know, members from others classes ( which always hit the head count quota) still preferl to do all sorts of MV look-alike steps, with the Diva attitude, of cos. ;p

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

err... err... err...

I always envy those who can speak well, especially in English. You see, i tend to talk less when i am in a group of English speaking friends. Dunno why, just felt a bit insecure and shy. Or i'll just try to keep the conversation short, so that i won't make too many mistakes. ;p

Yesterday morning, i was listening to Fly Fm while on my way to my morning class. Since it was quite jam, so i tried to call in to join the 'Cash or Trash' segment. And below is the off-air conversation between me and the producer :

Producer : Morning, Fly FM.

Me : Morning. ( 1 word )

Producer : Who's on the line please?

Me : Danny here. ( 2 words )

Producer : Is this your first time playing the game?

Me : Yup. ( 1 word )

Producer : You sure you are dying to play the game? ( teasing me )

Me : Yeah. ( 1 word )

And when she passed me to the DJs, i think all i said was "ok"s , "yes"s and ... laugh. :( Damn kan-cheong lah .. going on air with powderful England.;p

Can't imagine what will happen if someday, i got interviewed ( as a celebrity lah konon ;p ) on air in English. Sure dead-air everywhere, kan? ;(

Oh by the way, i got the correct answer and picked the right envelope. And won myself RM100. Not bad kan? Can earn extra pocket money while stuck in the jam. ;p

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm obsessed with ...

... ME !!!

Yup. Bong pointed this out in my previous post. I 'decorated' my house with pictures of, well .. ME. Do you think i have a self-obsessed problem? But at least that's the only place where i display myself.

Below is the picture of a corner of my living room. See? I am everywhere. LOL ;p

Now, how many of you use your OWN picture as the wallpaper in your mobile phone or laptop? Do you think that it's another form of self-obsession as well? :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

For your wife?

I am now rushing some job for this company. I need to make some garments using eco-friendly materials. So i went to Carrefour to buy a dress ( those cheap sleepwear / lingerie ~ refer to below pic ) to be used as the base of my dress.

When i went to the cashier counter to pay, the 2 cashiers ( Malay makcik and Indian lady ) looked at me. I know, it's kinda weird for a guy to shop and buy those thing ... alone. So they asked :

Her : Untuk wife you ke?

Me : Takde lah, untuk buat baju. ( Lazy to explain to her about the project )

Her : So you ni tailor lah? Pandai nyerr. ( both of them smile to me )

In my heart i was thinking, " What will be her respond "IF" i tell her that i am actually buying that dress for MYSELF!!?? ". Do you think that she will still be impressed with me? lol ;p

Here's my idea of the recycle dress. Simple and straight forward. What do you think?

Sunday, June 20, 2010


There's this new guy in my class. From his look, his movement and the way he dress... i think i can sense something la..

So we were doing some Greek/belly dance moves yesterday. To help the members to get into the mood more, i asked them to feel sexy about themselves, and give me the attitude. Then i over heard this guy talking to his friend :

Guy : Eh, kita kan lelaki. Mana tahu nak buat seksi seksi, kan?

I thought maybe i was 'wrong', or he is really discreet. Mana tahu, the moment i play the song .... you should check out his facial expression !!! Over the top... kaw-kaw !!! ( 那個死騷樣!!!! )

I can't really concentrate during the class, cos busy checking and laughing ( in my heart ) at that DIVA. Well, i guess .. girls just wanna have fun, rite? ;p

p/s : i've posted the song that we danced to. don't you feel sexy by just listening to it?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

No come, no come ...

... one come , one two three four come

I'm just sharing, not complaining. But i wished that jobs will come in one by one, not together ... and almost everything URGENT!!!

I know i should be grateful that i still have some jobs to work on. Especially with the current market, which is super SLOW.

OK, i'm done 'sharing'. Gotta go back to work now.:p

You guys enjoy the rest of the weeks. :))

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beautiful stalker

I was at Pavilion just now for my class. Since i reached early, so i went merayau-rayau lah, look see look see a bit. Then i realized that this person ( early 20's guarr ) was looking at me. I didn't really bother till i kept bumping into that person everywhere i went. So i started to feel a bit nervous. Not that i never been stalked before ( 肥妹鬼 ﹠貼身膏藥 ), but this time i was stalked by the RIGHT person. Finally. LOL.

The whole incident was just following and staring at each other, nothing much. Then i went in the gym and did my class .. with a BIG smile....:)

33 years old and still get stalked ( by the right person? ) ... i say..

Gendang-gendut tali kecapi,
Kena stalked syok sekali. ;p

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Header, header ...

Not sure if you noticed that i change the header of my blog every month. I know it's not some kind of masterpiece, but just an effort to make the blog more ... ME.

So ...
Header header on my blog,
Which is the VOGUEst of them all?

( See how many of us got the same taste ;p )

P/s : If you think NONE of the above is up to your level, just say it out. Art is very subjective, I dun mind.

( I'll just secretly curse you day and night... lol ;p )

Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Ring

I was at Sg Wang last Saturday. While waiting for my friend for dinner, i went shop to shop .. just to update myself with the current market. So i went in this shop selling all sorts of cool stuffs, from accessories to home decorative items. Then i saw this big bowl filled with chunky rings ( i used to love them ). Bronze, gold, silver, etc. And they are cheap .. RM15 per piece only.

So i pun gatal-gatal go and try one the bronze ring with a crescent moon shape. Not bad, then i wanted to try the gold one. But i couldn't remove it. It was STUCK on my finger!!! I tried every way just to remove them. Of cos i can't used soap or my saliva ( unless i pay for them la ;p )

Finally, after 10 minutes of rubbing and pulling in and out, finally got off my finger. And of cos, i dare not try another gold one. ;p

What will you do if that happened to you? Waste 10 minutes stand there sweating and looking like idiot, OR pay RM15 and take care of them when you got home?

p/s : we didn't win the dance battle.. but the feeling of dancing on stage ( when you know people who are actually cheering FOR YOU ) is simply fantastic .. or should i say FANTABULOUS ( like how my friend used to say ;p )

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The battle is ON !

If you are free, or happened to be wandering around Bukit Bintang area this Saturday, please come and support us.

There will be a dance battle between the 2 Fly Fm's DJs ~ Prem & Jules at Sg Wang at about 3pm. And guess what? I will be dancing for team Jules !

This is not a real 'dance battle' but just a challenge for the DJs with the listeners ( who will be dancing for their team ). I am suppose to choreograph the steps for them. But still dunno what is the level of our team members. So i thought maybe i should just do something fun, something entertaining, and something .. me ( Vogue-lah, as usual )

The rehearsal is tomorrow night, and the battle is on the next day. Hopefully everything will be ok.
So, wish us luck. Better yet, come and support us !! :)

It's been quite a while since i dance / perform in public. A bit takut oso la.. later all the young ones laugh at me..
" what is that OA doing up the stage? "


How do you keep / organize the money ( bills ) in your wallet?
According to the value and direction?
Or just put it in like that?

I once saw a friend's wallet where his money was tunggang-langgang. SO i asked him :

Me : Aiyo, can organize your money or not? So many upside down one, very messy la.

Him : No need la. You scared Agong ( printed on the bill ) will feel dizzy if it;s upside down issit? ;p

Me : ...

Do you organize your money in your wallet?
I do .. cos it's more presentable and easier to take money ma..:)

p/s : something wrong with the internet these few days ... very pekchek :(

Monday, June 7, 2010


There's this instructor friend of mine, who is famous for his bitchy-mouth. He likes to call all his female friends ( and a certain group of male friends ) as "CB" ( if you know what i mean ;p ). And if you are a close friend to him, congratulations ... cos you will be UPGRADED to "CCB".

So one day, a female instructor came and complaint to me ...

Her : Eh, can ask your friend to be more polite or not? I saw him just now, and he keep calling me CCB!

Me : Next time, if he calls you that again, grab his face and put it it front of your CB. Ask him got C or not la. LOL ;p

Her : Ceh, waste my time talking to you.

Seriously, i dunno why people can be that rude. I give names to other people also lah, but never call them CB.
Do you like to give others "names" as well? ;p

What do you call this? A CCB face? LOL ;p

Sunday, June 6, 2010

i felt INSULTED !!!

Ever been called or hinted as an 'OUT-DATER'?

Well, i received a phone call from a someone last Friday. She is the person in charge of her company's sports club, where i teach them cardio-dance. Apparently, a few of the members commented that the music that i used during the class is not fun enough. They wanted something more UPDATED. ( in another way, they are saying that my music selections are OUT-DATED!!! )

I was a bit shocked to hear that. Cos never in my life ( so far lah ) hearing people commented that on me. A far as i can remember, below are some song lists that i used in the previous classes :

Black eyed Peas - I got a feeling
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Lady Gaga - Teeth
Kesha - Blah Blah Blah
Bob Sinclair - Rock the party
Justin Bieber - Baby
K'naan - Wavin' Flag, etc....

If the about lists are considered out-dated, i really dunno what is new songs to them.
( FYI, i went to 'check' one of their class before i took over, and the instructor then was using songs from Ace to Base, Madison Avenue, etc !!! )
Any idea what songs should i use, so that i will stay UPDATED in their eyes? ;p

Some of my out-dated pictures.. for your bitching pleasures ;p

Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm wanted to call my client - Joanne to discuss on issue. So i picked up my handphone, searched for Joanne, and call. But when the call is answered, it was not Joanne. It was another Joanne ( my friend that have not been seeing for years!!! ) I got the wrong Joanne!!!

She sounded a bit surprise to receive my call. I was also a bit panic, dunno what to do. So i pretended that i'm actually calling her just to catch up, after so many years. And we chatted about 15 mins, without telling her that she is not the one that i'm trying to call.

Nothing much in the conversation, just those normal LAME questions that you ask to a long lost friend ...
How's life?
Where you work now?
Got kid liao?
Free free come out yamcha. ( This is a CLASSIC line to end a conversation, kan? ;p )

What do you normally do when you call the wrong person?

p/s : Maybe next time i should be honest and tell the person that i got the wrong number.. cos creating conversation is tiring...;p

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

黑 。白

Since i came back from the trip ( or ever since i started to tan my body ), i received a lot of comments from others, especially my che-ches in the class. Some liked it tanned, more manly and healthy ( sporty ) looking worr. But some asked me to stop getting tanned, cos it makes me looked older.

How to maintain tanned and sporty, and look young at the same time?
Don't tell me to wear all colorful stuffs, not my style. Ever heard of a theory .. the older you go, the more colorful your clothing will be ;p )

我最新的 slogan :
會laser人的就是' Big Mouth'.

p/s : Actually i prefer myself with the tanned look. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Guess i am a typical Asian, or to be exact ... Chinese.
One day without rice, i will feel uncomfortable, weak and ... get 'mang-zang' easily.

Do you have the same problem like me? ;p