Thursday, September 30, 2010

shake it Danny, shake it !

( FYI, this is a monthly Big Mouth's 'syok sendiri' post ... for your swearing pleasure. ;p )

As an instructor, we always get feedbacks or comments from the members. Some we like, and some we don't. But this is the one that i received yesterday ...

After the Latin class, 2 'tudung' girl ( which i think are 1st timer ) came to me :

Me : Hey you two. Thanks for trying and staying ya. Good job. Next time jangan malu-malu, buat aje, ok?

Girl : Haha. I am very the kayu, but i like your class very much. Especially when you shake your body and bontot. Hahahaha..

Me : Huh? ( A bit shy and dunno how to react...;p )

Girl : Yalah, my friend ask me to join cos she said you always teach the shaking steps and it's sangat sexy. That's why i join la.

Me : Err ... well in that case, thank you very much and keep on shaking ya? Haha ... ( Quickly walk away, cos i can feel that my face is blushing already ... ;p )

I think God is very fair. I don't have a super nice and rounded bontot, but have the ability to shake my FLAT ASS and make it sexy. And i am super proud of myself. ;)

Anybody wants a booty-shake battle? LOL....
(OK OK, i know that's a bit over liao .. must be humble ...;p )

( For the record, i dun wear leggings to class. But i wish to have a slightly fuller butt than what i have now. ;p )

So? 你要不要也順便誇獎我,給我爽一下下? ;p

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Auntie 唔易做

I am so thankful that i have a bunch of high energy che-ches in my class. Although most of them are over their 40's, but they still dance and party like nobody's business. And sometimes surprises me with their knowledge ( i mean totally updated with the latest trend and music ).

I gave them a little preview on next week's dance after the class. I'm using ' Take it off ' by Kesha. To my surprise, one of the che-che was actually singing that song while i dance. OMG! So canggih! If you know that song, the chorus part is very Egyptian- inspired. So i did a bit of Egyptian move with some ' voguing ' ( vogue + ing = a dance move where you lipat-lipat your tangan ;p ). I thought that will impress them. Mana tau, another che-che came to me and commented :

" Danny, isn't that move from Jolin's ( 蔡依林﹣美人計 )latest MV? "

This time, i am totally speechless. UPDATED nyerrr.....
Can't wait to see them 'lipat sendiri' ( sounds so SALAH ~ 自己摺嘪 ) next week. LOL ;p
So you think you can LIPAT?

Now, who wants to play lipat-lipat?
p/s : the posted song is dedicated to all my che-ches and you out there. let's get sexy...;)~
pp/s : 看這些姐姐多麼的 up-to-date,那個連誰是‘阿密特‘都不知道的"小妹妹" ... 要好好反省囉。:P

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

let's talk ...

We used to call my Geography teacher " Apa King" cos he likes to use/ask "Apa" when he is teaching. We counted, almost 200 times in a period of 40 minutes.
" Benua Asia adalah benua yang APA? ... terbesar di APA? ... bumi. " " Gunung Kinabalu adalah APA? gunung yang tertinggi di APA? Malaysia. "

Then i have a supplier who like to as me 'see' things. Cos he always end his sentence with "you see" ?
"This material is different on, you see? " " My charges is consider very cheap already, you see? "

And others, just like to swear when they are talking.
" FxxK lah, let's try that. " " that dress really nice lerr.. CB " " NIAMA, just now i saw one lengchai. "

Finally ... me. I like to use "OK" when i am teaching.
" everyone OK? " " step over then jump OK? and bring the arms to the front. OK? " " let's warm up, OK? "
Sometimes i feel like laughing every time i said OK. Dunno why, it just came out from my mouth naturally.

Do you have a specific style or word that you always use when you are talking?


Monday, September 27, 2010


I was talking to a few members in front of the studio after the class. Then we saw a guy passed by proudly in front of us with a Birkin bag on his hand, which i believe it's his 'gym bag'.

So we started to comment ...

Member A : Yerrr.. so rich.
Member B : Ceh ... show off.
Me : Wah ... need like that meh?

From the above comments, my conclusions are :

Member A is ... ENVY.
Member B is ... JEALOUS.

And me?
I dunno, i dun really care.
Cos i dun fancy branded stuff anyway.
But a Birkin bag to gym, to carry sweaty shirt ?

Seriously, you think ... NEED MEH?

( Just in case you dunno what is a Birkin bag, refer to the pic which Gaga sampat-ly conteng on it. ;p )

Sunday, September 26, 2010


All the while i can feel some pain at my shoulder and back. So one of my friend recommend to go for traditional Chinese massage ( 推拿 ). Normally we won't say anything to them, let them tell us what is our problem... just to test if they are really good lah.

It was my 1st session. He started from my head.. OK.. then shoulder, a bit tight.. OK.. then to the back and waist.. Suddenly he stopped and said :

" 你這老妖啊,要小心。"

I was a bit blurr and shocked :

" 老妖?你要醬講話咩?"

Then only i found out that he was talking about my waist( 腰 x 妖 ). Luckily i didn't do any stupid reactions on that comment. If not sure have to dig big hole to jump in liao. LOL ;p

( sorry if you can't understand Chinese, cos it's a bit difficult to explain in English ;p )

Ever heard of the phrase ...
" You are what you read", or
" You are what you eat" ?

What about ...
" You are what you HEARD"? LOL ;p

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I "unintentionally" ( sumpah !!! ) mislead/ lied to someone about my age a month ago. Not going to elaborate on the details here. And i felt so guilty about it. I'm actually think that maybe i should confess.

So how are you going to react if say ...
" i met you in August and told you that i am 30 years old. And when we meet again in September, i told you that i just celebrated my birthday ... and i am now 33 years old? "

Do you think it's acceptable?
Should i confess to avoid any humiliation in the future?
Or maybe i should just keep quiet?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010



Never thought that the privilege to smile from the bottom of our heart is so PRECIOUS until i was involved in that issue. And i miss the moment when i can smile for no reason, even when i am alone.

Happy Kuih Bulan :)

p/s : i promise, this will be my last emo post. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

" Whatever will be ...

... will be. The damage has been done. Cheer up, no point being so harsh to yourself. "

That's what everyone told me lately. Maybe they are right. Cos i know, the issue will still be there, whether i am happy or not. Maybe i am just sabotaging my own feelings by refusing it to feel happy. Therefore i will try to treat myself better. Hopefully the bitchy me will be back real soon.

But i will still pray everyday, with the hope that everything will turn out fine.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


3 hours to go...

By right i should feel excited by counting down to my big day, but i can't. Cos i am currently caught in a major issue. Therefore, my only birthday wish this year is to have the problem settled asap. And hopefully with a happy ending.

If you are free and dunno what to do, try pray for me. Really appreciate that.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

in a snap!

Based on my blogging style, do you think that i'm a long-winded person? I dun think i am. But apparently there's people that thought that i always wasting time talking nonsense when i can save their time by going straight to the point!

I have to admit that sometimes i like to add in some details or special effect when i talk, just to make it more interesting. I know some friends who don't like to talk nonsense. No introduction or extra side infos on the topic when we talk. Once once u see them, straight away climax, no foreplay. And of cos , our conversations are normally short, and kinda boring.

I am not a guy with patience, but i think sometimes all the extra small bits that makes the story interesting. Don't you think so?

( I dun think i have problem talking and do the 'SNAP' at the same time lo ;p )


Err, 你了解我的明白嗎?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

一人有一首 'it' 歌

I am quite free nowadays, cos finished Raya and now preparing proposals for Christmas. So most of the time i am at home, watching movies and drama-series. Temporary couch potato lah ;p. I just finish watching a new ( i think so ) drama series Honestly i never heard of it or recognize most of the actors or actresses in the series. I am solely attracted by the title : DROP DEAD DIVA. ( don't you think that it's quite interesting? )

But the truth is, there is not much or lasering, back-stabbing or fashion stuff in the series. Just some daily stuffs that is happening in our daily life. Simple yet interesting. But the thing i like most about this series is the songs that they played.

Am currently in love with " Bloom" by Nerina Pallot. Must play it the moment i on my MacBook every morning. Definitely something cheery to start my day. And the lyrics ...
"I'm gonna bloom, there's nothing that i can't do. It's never too late, never too late to bloom... "
So the suara hati for middle age people like me kan? ;p So yeah, that's the 'it' song for me.

What is your 'IT' song at the moment?

p/s : Posted the song at the sidebar. Enjoy :)

Monday, September 6, 2010


What will you do if you ask me :
" Where is Plaza Damansara? "

And i answer :
" Damansara. "

Don't you feel like slapping me?
That's what happened to me when i was meeting up with my client. Luckily she is my client, if not sure kena laser by me liao!!! But come to think of it, it's NOT her fault? Cos "TECHNICALLY" she did answer my question. Maybe i'm the one who should ask more specific question next time kan? ;p

Fresh from the oven...新鮮滾熱辣...
I went for my haircut today and over heard the conversation ( in Cantonese ) between a walk-in customer and the receptionist :

Customer : 洗同埋吹點charge啊?
How much you charge ahh? Cut and blow.

Receptionist : 愛吹咩?(她應該是要問 “吹怎樣的髮形“。)
Blow what? ( I think she meant "how you want to blow/style your hair" )

Customer : 頭髮啦。
My hair lah.

The receptionist face turned blue, and mine turned red, trying my best not to laugh. LOL ;p

Sunday, September 5, 2010

leave a message :)

Being an anti-social person, it's kinda hard for me to communicate with other human beings, especially strangers. But i think it's even harder for me to talk to a non-human ... the answering machine / voicemail ! Cos i feel a bit weird and stupid talking to that machine.

Not only that you only have limited time to say what you want to say. And it's worse if you said something wrong, you can't take it back or redo!!! But the thing that i hated most is there WON'T be any responses when you talk. So normally when i was directed to voicemail, i'll just hang up and call back.

But sometimes it's very interesting to listen to people's voice messages, especially when they thought the have hung up.. but they're not. You can hear them singing, talking to others, guess their location and sometimes discover something about them. :P

I know it's a waste of money, but it's just another form of self-entertaining.
Don't you think so?
Do you do that as well?
Or you just delete that so-called empty message?


p/s : do u like my new song? ada annoying? hey na na ;p

Thursday, September 2, 2010


" ... Hello Mr Hwang. This is J calling from XXbank. Congratulations for being selected blah blah blah.. blah blah blah... So Mr Hwang, why not i send the copy of policy to you. Then you can have a look on it. After you know all the benefits that we are offering, i'm sure YOU WON'T FORGET ME, cos it's too good that you'll come back to look for me .. hahahahaha...."

Another call from tele-marketer, but this time i decided to let him finish cos :

a) He sounded DIVAish.. that's what i felt from the moment he speak. Quite entertaining to listen to his dramatic tone when explaining the benefits ( not sure if he was doing the facial expression at the same time la ;p )

b) I admire his confidence, " I WON'T FORGET HIM" worr.... how many of you dare to tell that to a stranger .. ?

OK, that's an exceptional case. Cos normally when i received calls from those telemarketers, i'll just tell them politely that i'm driving then hang up. What's your favorite excuse to hang up their calls?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

eewwww !!!

Went for the RM3.60 meal at Starhill with the guys yesterday. Ordered some recommended dishes.When they served the dishes, i was attracted to one of them. Something like the picture below :

Me : Eh, what is that? Looks like kuih lapis one?

Jovi : It's pig skin with something else ( can't remember what he said ). You should try it.

So i took a small bite. Err, it was soft and crunchy. The taste and texture is like nata de coco. I don't really like it, but still swallow lah ... don't want to waste it. Minutes later only i realized that it was actually not pig's skin but ...


Do you know what is this? ;p

I swear next time i'll just stick to my pork and the stomach. Nothing more than that. Don't want to be too adventurous with new dishes liao.:P

Do you eat other parts of Ms Piggie, besides the meat/ pork?

p/s : It's the 1st in my life trying 'that'. And also 1st time for me seeing people"HIGH". ( i mean in person, face to face ;p )