Wednesday, February 29, 2012

thank you.

Since today is a special day ( no need to explain the story of 29/2 rite? ), i would like to take the opportunity to thank those who helped me, in my VM or dance class. Those who gave me confident when i was in doubt about myself. Those who criticized on me, who eventually made me a stronger person ( who choose to ignore them ). Those who appreciate me as what and who i am.

Also, a big thank you to all of you who read, visited and/or commented on my blog. It's really somekind of support that i need to keep blogging. Btw, i will be celebrating my 4th blogniversary next month. Yay! So, THANK YOU for being with me everyday. :)

Btw, you can also take this ' opportunity ' to thank me, for making your day more cheerful and the world a little bit vogiuer. LOL ;p

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

here's to us.

Ok, i don't normally dedicated an entry to talk about song, But i think this one is worth sharing.

It's been a stressful week, new projects, new classes and dinner show. Then i heard this song is the latest episode of GLEE. And i got stuck to it immediately. Not only the melody is nice, but the lyrics is totally meaningful, totally positive. And i am a sucker for songs with positive message. ;p.. 

It's about to love, to be proud and to celebrate ourselves ( if my interpretation is correct lah ;p ). Then i compared this song with another popular self-pride/ celebration song ~ Gaga's Born This Way. Don;t get me wrong, i still love my sis Gaga, but i think this song is waaaaaaaaaay meaningful than Born This Way.

Try listen to it and let me know if you agree with me. :)
So let's celebrate... You... Me and US. :))

Here's to us - by HALESTORM

We could just go home right now
or maybe we could stick around
for just one more drink, oh yeah

get another bottle out
let's shoot the shit, sit back down
for just one more drink, oh yeah

here's to us
here's to love
all the times that we fucked up
here's to you
fill the glass
cuz the last few days have kicked my ass
so let's give em hell
wish everybody well
here's to us

we've stuck it out this far together
put our dreams through the shredder
let's toast cuz things got better

everthing could change like that
and all these years go by so fast…
but nothing lasts… forever….

heres to us
heres to love
all the times that we messed up
here's to you
fill the glass
cuz the last few nights have kicked my ass
if they give ya hell
tell em go fuck themselves
here's to us

here's to all that we've kissed
and to all that we've missed
to the biggest mistakes that we just wouldn't trade
to us breakin' out
without us breakin' down
to whatever's coming our way

here's to us
here's to love
all the times that we messed up
here's to you
fill the glass
cuz the last few nights have kicked my ass
if they give ya hell
tell em go fuck themselves
here's to us

here's to us
here's to love
all the times that we fucked up
here's to you
fill the glass
cuz the last few days have kicked my ass
so let's give em hell
wish everybody well

here's to us
here's to love
all the times that we messed up
here's to you
fill the glass
cuz the last few nights have kicked my ass
if they give ya hell
tell em go fuck themselves
here's to us
here's to us

Monday, February 27, 2012

mr smart pants.

I wanted to buy a new pair of black slacks. So went surveyed at a few shops for the designs and prices. But at last, i bought the pants from this shop, not because it's the cheapest or nicest, but ..
~ nice cutting ( for someone hipless and got short legs like me )
~ stretchable material ( for bigger movements when i dance )
~ affordable price ( not cheapest but still within my budget )

and most importantly ..
~ it's in size "S"

Do you know how happy i was when i realized that i still can fit in a size S pants after all these years? I mean since i'm going to buy a pair of pants anyway. Why not buy the pants that will make me happy?
( another vogiu quote by danny : the big mouth )

What is your current pants' size ( waistline )?

p/s : remember how i was talking on trying my very 1st pair of harem pants last October? ( "me pushed" ) guess what? i now got 6 pairs of them in my wardrobe. hahaha. ;p

pp/s : just came back from the flashmob event. SUPER FUN!!!!!! :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

i dreamed a dream ...

I know some of us Chinese got  a lot of pantang-larangs, especially when it comes to 'death'.

I received an email from my younger sis this afternoon, telling me that she had this weird dream. Might be an omen for me not to go overseas for now, or there might be something horrible ( death ) waiting for me. Hmm.. i actually got holiday plan in April and May. Hmmmm..

By the by, if you dreamed of someone you know passed away, will you tell him/her? Or do you mind if someone told you that he/she dreamt of you dead?
To me, if someone tell me that i passed away in his/her dream, i think i will ask him/her :

" Do i look drop DEAD vogiu? " lol ;p

Yelah kan, " why die horribly when you can die vogiuly? " ;p
( another vogiu quote by danny : the big mouth )

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

danny : the flashmobber


I am going to lose my flashmob virginity next Monday. Can't wait! lol ;p

Went for the rehearsal just now, and it was ... wow. To watch and to dance with hundreds of people is totally different! You'll get goose bumps hearing all of us cheer and clap together. This is my very 1st time  performing a flashmob. Totally going to be in my 2012's 'Happenings" lists.

So, if you are free or happened to be at Bukit Bintang ( Pavilion area ) next Monday ( 27/2 ), please come and join us. There will be some event going, and we will be 'flashing' after 7pm. :)

FYI, i am the most 'senior' dancer in the group. Cos most of them are in their 20's and the rest ( >100pax ) are college students. Can't help to feel a bit OLD when i dance with them. ;p
Anyone coming to support?

And again, EXCITEDnyerrr...:)))))

Monday, February 20, 2012

are you a cow?

From my observation, i have 2 different groups of friends ( Chinese friends ) ~ the traditionals and the moderns. And how do i differentiate them? Very easy. You'll know when they ask how old are you ...

The moderns :
Which year you were born in? '75 or '76?

The traditionals :
Which year you were born in? Cow or rabbit?

I'm definitely the moderns. What about you? Be honest. It's ok to be a traditional person. No worries, i won't judge. :)

Another funny thing is ( but this one have to be in Chinese ) :

What do you call a pair of denim pants?
Is it " jean 褲 " or just " jeans "? LOL ;P

Sunday, February 19, 2012

to hug, or not to hug.

A friend in the gym told me the story of her life. It's really sad. She even teared a bit when at certain part of the story. I just looked at her and told her to calm down, cos it's at the gym. And people can see what's happening.

I know i should give her a hug. But fyi, i am not a very 'physical' guy. I don't like people hugging me, holding my hand or rest their arm on my shoulder. Do you think that i'm a 'cold' person for not giving her a supporting hug at that moment?

Are you a 'huggy' person who like to hug others when you are happy or sad or for no reason?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

eh.. her her her...

After the class, the went to the changing room to get my bag. So happened that the locker next to mine is the new guy that just attended my class. As a 'friendly' and 'caring' instructor ( ;p ), i pun pr-pr with him a bit la. But the whole conversation was quite awkward :

Me : Hi, did you enjoy the class?

Him : Ya, but i'm a bit clumsy la. Eh.. her her her... ( fake laugh? )

Me : Aiya, no worries. Just do whatever you can, we are here to sweat and enjoy.

Him : Ya la. I just do whatever i can. Eh.. her her her... ( another fake laugh? )

Me : So what else classes that you joined?

Him : At the moment just dance and combat. Eh.. her her her... ( ok, i'm very sure it's a fake laugh! )

Me : Ohh ok. Take care. See you next time.

I just have to stop the conversation, cos i really cannot tahan his " Eh.. her her her.. " laugh. Dunno why he laugh like that. Is he trying to be charming? Or he is damn nervous talking to me?

If la say, one day, while you are shopping in the mall, someone ( i ) come to you and say :

" Hi , are you XXX from the blog? Eh.. her her her...  I'm Danny the big mouth. Eh.. her her her... Very nice to meet you. Eh.. her her her... "

What will be your respond?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

post V post

Met the mean bitch from the gym yesterday. Surprisingly he was so friendly, smiling and chatting with everyone, including me ( he used to not look at me at all ). Then i found out that he just found his love few days before Valentine's Day. I'm just so surprised how 'love' can really change someone, from a mean bitch to some kind of Miss Congeniality. That's what we called ' The power of LOVE '?

I do hope that his new found love can last for long time ( if not forever ;p ).

So, did you had a great V Day?

p/s : it's nice to know someone actually found their love during Valentine's, did you?

Monday, February 13, 2012

give me a V.

I was at 1U just now, getting my hair cut. Saw some strange scenario where Sticky ( not sure if it's correct, nehh, that fancy candy shop ), Lovely Lace, the chocolate shops were kinda having a very good business. Lots of shoppers in there.

Then i realized that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, gosh, i almost forgot about it. No big deal to me anyways. Tomorrow will just be another Tuesday for me, doing class and maybe attending the Drums Alive class in the evening, just to brush up my drumming skills. BTW, i managed to get 2 additional Drums Alive classes, starting next month. Yay!

So? You celebrating V day tomorrow? Any big plan?

I might not be celebrating the "V ( for Valentine's ) Day" tomorrow, but i am enjoying the other "V ( for Vogiu ) Day" everyday. Strike a pose .. and ~ Vogiu. LOL ;p

Anyways,  Happy V Day, y'all. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

danny : the bozo?

Was at Wangsa Walk the other day for class. There's a fitness equipments promotion at the concourse area with a few fit sales person and a ... clown ( really dunno how to related fitness and clown ;p ).

As usual, the clown ( in this case, is a very skinny tiny young girl ) was surrounded by kids wanting her to make them a balloon animal. I saw her giving a little boy a green colored 'sword', and the boy said :
" I don't want green color. I want blue color. "
She smiled at him, and making him another sword, in blue. I must say that i admire her patience ( especially with kids ). Cos if the boy said that to me, i'll just ignore him and turn to other kids.

Are you good with kids?

Actually i once thought of signing up a 'clown course'. Cos i think it's quite fun entertaining and making faces at others knowing that they will not be angry at you. Furthermore, i got a pair of thick and sexy lips that is totally great for clown make up. Hahaha ;p

Saturday, February 11, 2012

served me right.

I'm supposed to clear the CNY window display for my clients this week. I've blocked 3 days for all the jobs. But apparently, i was too efficient that i finished almost everything in the 1st day. And ending up miserable for the 2nd & 3rd day. Dunno what to do, cos i'm not suppose to stay at home and flipping on my organizer. Padan muka kan? Super efficient konon. ;p

How efficient are you?

Meeting up with the gang tonight for dinner. So excited. Been a while since i had dinner with anyone.
Happy weekend everyone. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

sticky & wet.

I saw one of my neighbor jogging around my condo this morning. He was fully dressed ( with track bottom & hooded windbreaker ). A lot of people do that to sweat more. Actually i kinda pity them. Cos some people just having difficulties to sweat. Not like me, my on/off button for sweating is super efficient.

I got an ex female colleague who never sweat, all dry, even after a 1-hour dance class. And i was standing next to her all wet like just ran in the rain. Sometimes i just wish that i can sweat a little less. ;p

Do you sweat easily?

IF this is the sweaty me after a workout, i swear i will NEVER wipe myself dry myself again. LOL ;p

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was talking to a new member after the class, a young Malay girl. We spoke in English at first and then switched to Malay. At the end of the conversation, she said to me :

" Danny, i'm surprised that you can speak Malay, i mean the casual Malay really well. Like i'm talking to another Malay guy. Cos you know la, some Chinese tend to be a bit schema when they speak in Malay. Everything is so proper and goody goody. No offense."

Me :
" Aiya, i was from Malay school ma. Furthermore, ayat penuh is so tiring. Hahaha. "

So, do you speak Malay ... schema-ly? LOL ;p

p/s : 'kecil, kecik, kicik' ... which one are you? lol ;p

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

caring me.

It was a sleepless night last night. The negro above my unit kept walking, nope .. STOMPING in and out of the room. Slamming doors and dragging boxes on the floor. It was 2.12am! Not only that, they ( dunno how many la ) chatted loudly at the balcony. Dah la bising, but the thing that pissed me off the most is .. I DON'T UNDERSTAND what they're talking about. Cos their conversation is not in English!!! Nak kepoh sikit pun tak jadi. :(

Sometimes i think certain people ( like them ) are meant to be living in a landed property. Then they can stomp and make noise sesuka hati. ;p

Talking about eavesdropping ( you know la, sometimes i am quite free at home ;p ), i once heard my downstairs Chinese auntie talking on a phone at the balcony. And apparently she gave the wrong directions to her friend on how to come to our place from the main road. Do you think it's rude if i shout from my balcony telling her there's mistake in her directions? ;p

Are you a friendly and caring neighbor?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

all about che-ches.

I always like to ask my members to imagine while we dance. It's easier for them to pick up the mood and give me the right attitude. Sometimes it helped them to get the steps too.

Yesterday i was doing the Latin class. As usual, i asked them to give me more hip movement. Cos Latin is all about sexiness, flirting and feel the passion. ( But so far still no one can top my hip movement la .. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;p )

Then there's a move where i need them to twist the waist and swing the arms around. So i told them :
" Imagine you wearing a long flare skirt. Hold it with your both arms and just play with it. "

Suddenly, one of the che-che asked me :
" Danny, why you always ask us to wear long flare skirt? Next time can give us some mini skirt movement or not? Every time long skirt, sien la. Haha. "

Me speechless..
Tak sangka, the che-ches nowadays so open and daring one. LOL ;p 

Most of the people always laugh ( or maybe in their heart ) when i told them that some of my class are full of che-ches. They think that those che-che only know how to do cha cha cha and line dancing. Wait till they see my group of che-ches.... ;p

Monday, February 6, 2012

the dark side of me.

My dreams are getting weirder and weirder.

In my dream ...

I was at the backstage of an award presentation ceremony ( ye lah, i was watching Critic's Choice Award on tv before going to bed ;p ) as a presenter. I looked at myself at the mirror, adjusting the collar and hair before i go out. Everything looks perfect and vogiu. The crew came to me and gave me the cue to go on stage. I went and presented the awards to someone, forgot who. And i woke up.

Did i mentioned that when i was looking in the mirror, i am actually a BLACK guy? I had violent dreams earlier .. and it's getting 'darker' now. Wonder what's my dream will be. LOL ;p

The ghetto me ...

Happy orange tossing people. Make sure you write your contact on that orange using permanent marker pen worr.. haha.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


My final entry on CNY. :)

Are you a 'yee sang' lover? I know i am. But this year i didn't 'lou' as many time as before. :(

Do you know that for some people, there's rules while 'lou-ing' the 'yee sang'?

1st of all, you have to 'lou' as high and long as possible, while your mouth terkumat-kamit with whatever wishes you want. Meaning you'll get more opportunities throughout the whole year. But at the same time, it will be super great if you are the 1st person who eat the 'yee sang'. As if everyone is 'lou-ing' for you. ;p
It can be super competitive when you have table full of the believers. Looking at how they 'lou' is very entertaining. You'll have the be the 1st and yet you want to 'lou' like forever. And normally the 2nd eater will have sour face the whole night. LOL ;p

So, are you a believer as well?
I'm not, cos i'm normally the last one to clear the 'yee sang' plate cos i lobe it so much. And i think it's more 'powerful' than the 1st eater. Cos i sapu everything. Hahahaha ;p

p/s : i totally hate those who 'lou' the 'yee sang' all over the table. Bazir aje. :(

Friday, February 3, 2012

kerana diriku begitu berharga...

Few weeks ago, i met up with the owner of this new fitness centre discussing on me having dance classes there. And i asked for a quite high ( higher than my current rate ) rate per class. To my surprise, they agreed. I actually felt a bit guilty ( 心虛 ) cos i'm not sure if i'll meet their expectation.

But today, after my 1st class there, i think i did a good job. And based on the expressions and feedbacks from the members, i think " i'm worth it ". Ahh, what a beautiful Friday.

How's your Friday?
Have a great weekend ahead. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

heartless no more.

My friends always say that i am a cold blooded heartless bitch. Sometimes i kinda agree with them. But today, i realized that i am actually not what they said.

Reached the gym early today, so went in the studio to choreograph new step for new song. After a while, i started to sweat. Then i noticed that there's an interesting sweat stain on my t-shirt. It right in front of my lower chest ( so the strategic location ;p ). I looked closer at the mirror, it was actually a cute heart shape. Siapa sangka kan? Maybe God is trying to tell me that i am actually a good, kind/big hearted person.:)

I'm so going to show this pic to shut my friends' mouth.

It's February, and love is in the air. Even my body also starting to give signals ( LOL ).
Anyone have special plan for Valentine's Day?

p/s : this is my 888th post in my blog. HUAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT ahhhhhhhh! ;))

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


What better things to do in the Spring season than spring cleaning kan?
Been thinking of reorganizing my storeroom ( my mini warehouse where my friends love to visit co thye can take home a lot of nice decor props ;p ) and my wardrobe. Meant to do it since October last year but too busy with Christmas and CNY job. :(

So yesterday was a boring day for me. Went for morning class at Taipan, then free for the rest of the day. And suddenly i felt so energetic and bersemangat that i went to the supplier to buy 4 sets of heavy duty shelves and 1 cupboard for my bajus. Spent a bit more than 2k on the items ( takpe la, it's not even half from the total amount of angpow money that i got...hahahahahahahaha.. show off...hahahahaha  ;p )

All delivered, all set up. And now i'm so happy with the new look.
There, my very 1st project for this CNY. What's yours?

Look at my living room, macam tongkang pecah only. Tak sangka i got so many things in the storeroom. But after everything is done, i'm so satisfied. Now my newly organized wardrobe and storeroom looks so vogiu. :P