Monday, December 31, 2012

on the dot.

Where will you be, or what will you be doing .. when the clock hits 12am tonight?

Most likely i'll be sitting on my couch, watching some dvds, finish up the leftover red wine from xmas party or .. online.
I'll be shocked if i am out celebrating and not doing one of those. ;p

So, what about you?

Wishing you all a Happy and Vogiu New Year 2013. :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

last call.

A friend told me today that he is happy, cos he managed to completed/achieved all his resolutions for this year. I was like ... WOW!!!

Not only i admire his determination, but i'm more amazed by the fact that he knows what he wanted for that year and set it as a resolution.

I don't do new year resolutions, cos i don't know what i want. LOL ;p

What about you?
All achieved? Or gave up long time ago? Almost completed?
All the best, still got few more days to go... :)

( this is TOTALLY my inner ;p )

Friday, December 28, 2012

how have you been?

It's like a 'standard' lame question when you bump into someone that you have not met for long time: or someone you don't really want to meet; or someone you don't really like but have to pretend like; or someone that you are not close to but he/she acted so warm and friendly to you; or ..... just plain PRing ;p

What are the alternate lines that we can use for such scenario?

Cos i think people starts to feel that i am PRing with them ( which i am ) every time i saw them and asked the same question, with my signature fake smile... ;p

All you PR queen out there, help me ....:)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

just curious.

How many of you DO NOT have a fb/twitter/instagram/any social network account?
How many of you ARE NOT using a smartphone?

Is it really OUT if DO NOT have any of the above?
Just curious ...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the price is right. WINNER .

It's time to announce the winner for guess the price contest.

So here's the actual price of the 1 items :
Painted ceramic Buddy Bear ~ 59.90 Euro
Painted wooden windmill      ~ 4.50 Euro

And here's the list of names with their guesses :
58.00     ghostynana
58.00     jade
59.90     da closet guy
60.75     chenxing
63.00     willk
64.00     leonut
64.40     Actual Price
64.90     chatmate
65.00     tuls
67.50     chenxing
68.00     mr J
68.40     jade
69.00     tuls
69.00     ad
69.90     da closet guy
70.00     willk
72.90     chatmate
74.00     naz
74.90     sherry
78.00     mr J
78.00     ghostynana
78.00     ad

Congratulations to LEONUTCHATMATE !!
Kindly contact me at as soon as possible, so that we can make the arrangement for your little gift. :)

And for all the guessers, kamsia very much for taking part and entertaining my little contest.
Happy Boxing Day. :)

Monday, December 24, 2012


I really dun understand .. why people like to give me underwear as Christmas gift? I mean the possibilities of me getting an underwear during Christmas is quite high. And most of them are of super odd colors and design. Things that you ( at least me ) won't wear on normally days, except for 'special occasions' . LOL ;p

Do i really look like i 'need' and 'like' underwear's of special shades and designs?

( how i wish i have body like that .. then i'll wear whatever undies i received .lol ;p )

What is the most common gift that you received for Christmas?
Have a slutty Christmas everyone . Whore! Whore! Whore! ;p

Last call for the CONTEST. Put in your guesses latest by tomorrow. Winners will be announced on Boxing Day. :)

p/s : i'm not complaining about the gift. i just wonder why they give me that :)

Friday, December 21, 2012


My youngest sister told me the other day that she wish to deliver her baby boy on 21/12/12 ( aka the end of the world ). Cos she thinks that the newborn baby will bring hope and new beginning to her life, our life.

And she did delivered the baby this morning around 11am+. So now i got another nephew to pamper.:)

Here's some pics and a clip from the Amsterdam Light Festival .. i think it's a story about kids and their imagination ( sori la.. tak paham bahasa dia orang ;p) It's colorful and interesting .. enjoy :)

makan n minum bawah bantal gergasi?


telur berasap. lol ;p

entah apa ;p

By the by, the CONTEST is still on. Fast-fast put in your guesses. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today is my 1st day back in the gym after the holidays. A bit tired ( cos not sleeping well, jet lag lagi kot? ) and too long didn't move my body. Reached the studio, straight away play the music and started dance... just dance. Saja nak gerakkan badan. Also need to choreograph step for the class ( yes, i normally do it very last minute ). Cos i think i perform better under pressure ( lol )

5 minutes before the class, a member came in. She is a Japanese housewife.

Her : Hello Danny. Long time no see.

Me : Hi there. Ya, i was away for holiday.

Her : I know bla bla your face bla bla . So i bla bla ( bla is something she said with Japanese accent which i don't understand )

Me : Huh? Sorry?

Her : I know bla bla. Blaaaaaaaaa.

Me : Err... haha. ( fake smile .. dunno how to response )

Then she walked away. Probably she knew that i am 'PR'ing with her.

You know, it's not easy to become a dance instructor in fitness centre. Cos you will 'attack' but members from all around the world. We always have to switch our channel to understand them. ;p

I got a Taiwanese  members who always said : Somesing ( something ) Sank you ( Thank you )
Also another Middle East lady who always said : i dunno ( i mean i dunno .. cos dun understand what she said at all ;p )

Here's some random pics from Amsterdam. This time takde muka i yang vogiu, so that you guys won't meluat menengok nyerr. ;p

View from the hotel's window - sunrise at Amsterdam 

scenery of a canal ( yang berlambak kat sana ;p )

'reban ayam' ( those with red lighting and curtains,  if you know what i mean ) .. i think ayam tengah off duty not ;p

tepi jalan .. Art? Saje?

jambatan ( also berlambak kat sana ;p )

boat houses parked along the canal .. i think it would be quite fun to live in those ( maybe for a day or two? ;p )

BTW, the CONTEST is still on. Fast-fast go put down your guesses. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

star-studded. CONTEST.

So here are the rest of the pics of me and the stars ( a typical thing that a tourist will do when visiting Madam Tussauds ) LOL ;p

giving my sis a helping hand :)

This bitch never look in the camera no matter which angle i take :(

this bitch is actually very very tall.. i kena stand on my toes and baru dapat hinggap kat bahu aje. ;p


this bitch is the most cooperative one.. cos easy take pic with ;p

in fashion, one day you are in, and next day, you are out. obviously i'm the 'in' one ( syok sendiri )

this one lagi easy, just sit down and do whatever you want.

this one saje to make all the mei-meis jeles ;p 

coming to the cinema - Hobbit : And the Royal Couple

also saje.

how can i not take pic with him when there's a prop ( bicycle ) waiting for you to kayuh to the moon? :)

Enough on the stars.. now back to the CONTEST. I really dunno what to ask, so i saje la ..

I bought myself a Buddy Bear and wooden windmill as souvenir from the trip.
Can you guess what is the total price for these 2 items ( in Euro ) ?
( Tips : between 50.00 and 80.00 Euros )

The closest 2 guesses ( tak kisah over atau under ) will get a small something from that 2 places.
And this time, everyone can submit 2 guesses ( cos last time got people complain la ;p )

So you can start placing your bet/guess now. I will close the entry on Christmas Day. And will announce the winner on Boxing Day.
Happy Guessing :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ding, dong, the bitch is back.

Yeah ... i'm back, and i'm not feeling that vogiu. Vomited 3 times since the first flight from Amsterdam, then Dubai, then KLIA. :(

Sneak peek of my family reunion pictures at Berlin. Kan seiras? hehehe. ;p

Meanwhile. enjoy the clip ( the class i did before the holiday ) while waiting for me to reorganize my luggage, my body and my brain. Definitely in my top 3 dance choreo for this year. A bit of latin, a bit of reggae ton, and whole lot of sundal. :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

work on holiday.

1st assignment in Berlin ~ go to major shopping centers and shops to check out their display ( kena buat survey/reference for future projects ). I think i like the display here compared to Paris/ London. Cos here looks less commercial. :)

It's a really pak cik on the couch ok? Not mannequin ;p

camwhore kat shopping centre.. i have to say that shopping in Berlin is more comfortable than in Madrid or London.. cos it's very welcoming even with the crowd :)

If you got the chance, please watch the show at Friedrichstadt Palast .. a bit like cabaret show.. with lot's of dance & dancers, singing, a bit of acting & stunts.. and some stunning costumes ( part of the costumes are designed by Christian Lacroix ) 7/10 for entertainment value. Can use some of the concept/ trick/ presentation for my future dance project. :)

At Checkpoint Charlie, where The Berlin Wall used to be. Sejuk gilerrr..

Some interesting pics in the coming post. Celebrity Reunion. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

rudolph : the big mouth

Not need to explain why kan? ;p
Sejuk nak mampos!!!

me at the centre

me off centre

me at the right

me at the left

I normally don't do videos.. but what the heck .. just for fun la .. enjoy :)

nice feeling burying the feet in the snow .. but need to defrost them every night lo ;p

old & new ( Berlin Tower and one of the church )

so the winter wonderland kan? :)

Berlin's famous Ampelmann

expect the unexpected :)

And below are a series of pics of me and 'buddy bear'. Banyak lagi, but tak larat nak berposing lagi ngan si beruang tu.  I think bear-chaser will love Berlin. Muahahahaah ;p

I also bought a statue of buddy bear as souvenir for myself. Quite heavy lorrr..

More pics ( hopefully ) to come . :)

p/s : Happy Triple Twelve :)