Sunday, March 30, 2008

Event of the Year

Besides Chinese New Year, Ching Ming is the time where most of my family members will get together to visit, pray and make offerings to our ancestor. As usual, there traffic at the cemetery area is OUT-OF-CONTROL. I am not going to eleborate on the massive jam.
What i am trying to tell you is, we sure know how to fully utilised the twice a year gathering.

Normally, what do you bring to offer your ancestor?
From my observation, fruits and 'pau' is a must. Chicken rice is another favourite item on the praying table.
But if you ask me what we brought to offer our ancestor? Without any doubt, my answer is :


As you can see, there is at least 25 items on the praying table. Big party huh?
And what do we do with the blessed foods after the ceremony?
MAKAN la...( my family's on the spot )

Now its our 'Family Bonding' time . LOL.
But as i browse through the pictures, i realised something is missing.
We have 70% of meat, 20% of flour-made items and 10 % of fruits.
Where is the VEGE?

So i guess we are just a carnivorous family .!! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunny Day !'s definitely a 'sunny day'.
( if you get what i mean ;p )

(nope? read 'Dai Fung ' )

p/s : love the song for this season's promo clip - Mile in these shoes, by J. Lo.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My New Haircut

After dragging for so long...i finally got the time to cut my hair.
Told my stylist that i would like to try something new.
He said ok...and start cutting my hair.
But i did mentioned to him :
"I might be bitchy, but deep down inside my heart, i am still very conservative" ( especially on my outlook ...and he laughed like hell. Classic line of the Year.)

I know he is trying to give me a clean short crew cut..with some artistic touch.
I looked at the mirror...front & side view...ok and acceptable..
Then i asked him to show me the back of my head.. is a asymmetrical cut..which is quite a way...
I took a deep breath..and accept it..cos it's about time to have a new image..

So i went to the gym after that.
Then came a group of members who is going to attend my class.
Once they saw my new haircut, they waste no time to start commenting on it :

A : Danny, you cut your hair ahh?
Me : ( in my heart ) You blind ah?

B : How come your hair like that? You fight with your stylist huh?
Me : ( smile, but in my heart ) Well, i can fight with you now if you want to .

C : You let student cut your hair issit? Rm15 issit? weird.
Me :( in my heart ) whatever !

B : Yerr, i don't like to see you like this le..Don't like la !
Me : ( in my heart ) It's alrite, it's okay, i don't like you anyway !!!!!

But there are also some who felt that the haircut suites me.Thank guys really got taste ;p LOL

Once i reached home, i look at the mirror...change my clothes and look in the mirror again.. brush my teeth, and of cos, stared at myself in the mirror...

Honestly, by the time i wrote this piece, i love my new look even more already. :)


Did the window display for another jeweler...Selberan.
They are going to have a Diamond promotion for the month of April.
Therefore, we need to do up a special windows to feature the diamonds.
Our main concern is to display jewelleries with a twist.

So, instead of having it display horizontally ( like always ), i tried to add in the SURREALISM element by extending the platform from base to the side wall. By doing this i can display the jewelleries in vertical ( which attracted quite a lot of attention from the shoppers .. yes !! )

So, now you can see the jewelleries on the base straight on OR tilt your head to view those on the wall.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey! Hey! You! You!

Hey hey you you..i wanna be your girlfriend..
No way no way...this is not a secret...( Girlfriend, Avril Lagvine )

Yes...thats what we have been hearing and practising for the past few weeks..
I choreographed and trained a group of girls for their company's cheerleading competition..

3 weeks..4 sessions..8 cheerleaders

It was quite a good experience to work with people from non dancer background..
You can see some of them really tried to remember and do the steps..and some..well,...
Comments, complaints...from the steps, the punctuality, the classes, the costumes...make ups...

Finally, the day is here...
We did our very best to impress the judges..
And the result....we got.....
No. 3....No. 3?????

"sure or not? u guys very good le..i thought you are the champion le.."
That was what most of the people told us..
Wether we like it or not..thats the result..

But what i want to say is :
" Its better to lose something that people felt that it is so unfair,
Than to get something that people think that you don't deserve to own it. "

Thats how i cheer myself by being OPTIMISTIC . ( snap! ) ;)

Ken Lee......

Ken lee.....eeee
Tulibu dibu dauchoo...

Everybody is crazy at this now...( it might be so passe by the time you read this )
Who is Ken Lee?
Or, what is Ken Lee?

Log on to youtube...and search for " Ken Lee - Bulgarian Idol "
You will see what is that...and know why everyone is talking about it..

Sometimes i wonder, what makes a person special..
the appearance ?..most of the time...
the talent ?..make sense..
the knowledge ?..definitely
or the ability to do something that most people won't do?...incredible

But based on the Ken Lee incident, i think the most interesting part that i admire is her COURAGE..
the courage to sing in front of the camera ( which is going to be aired nationwide)..
the courage to tell the judges that the title of the song is 'Ken Lee' ( her wild guess, maybe? )
the courage to say that it was delivered in English ( not sure if there is 1% of correct English in it )

I'm 31 years old now..
and i will only have 31 years old once in my life ( sounds a bit like some insurance tagline ;p )
there are so many things that i wish to do...or i want to do
but what is holding me back from doing it?

Never a popular person among my group of friends..
Always look down during presentation..
Blush and sweat easily whenever i feel uncomfortable..
Thats why i am always lack of doing things or making decisions..

But i am glad that i made a very daring decision by quiting my job and turned full time freelancer last year..
I love and enjoy the things that i am doing now...
Thanks to those who gave me great advise and supported me all this while..
And i know there is one thing that i can do with say to you without any fear or doubt :


What do you want..from me?

i am not handsome ..
but i tried to be friendly

i am not cute..
so i try to be funny

i am not intelligent...
that's why i choose to shut up and just listen

i am not trendy..
i only wear t-shirt, jeans and my favourite pair of nike

i am not fit..
but i definitely love exercise and sweat

i am not rich..
and i will not act like one

i am not the one everybody likes...
but I AM WHO I AM ;)

so...what you want from me?

Monday, March 24, 2008

My son..

Received a letter from the kid that i sponsored.
Very happy and touched.
This is actually my second kid oledi.

Previous one is a girl, from Thailand.
The latest one is a small boy from Indonesia.

Spend a few second, look at the picture.
Look in their eyes. Innocent....
So, do help them if you can by signing up as a sponsor for the kids.
Be an angel to someone will feel the joy...
Well, at least i did. :)

Dai Fung?

Below is the conversation between me n the dvd seller :

me : err, desperate houseviwes season 4 part 1.

him : mou wo
( dun have )

me : then ugly betty season 2 part 2 leh?

him : sorry, dou mou
( dun have oso )

me : eh, that day the other guy say got one?

him : sorry la, kan pai dai fung.
( 'strong wind' lately.. )

me : oo..ya ka? nevermind lo..

Sien ahh....

Dear Sir,

Can you and your department stop blowing for 1 week?
Let me get all the dvds that i want..then you blow again.
Can ah?
Please la...cos i really need my dvd le..
No life...

Yours sincerely,
Couch potato ;)


Did a window display for DeGem earlier this month.
Wonder if anyone notice it or not..
Cos there's a belief among the VMs' :
" if someone stopped in front of a window more than 9 seconds, meaning your display is succesful"

So if you go shopping n suddenly got nothing to do...pls go to their outlet n stand there for 10 seconds...
give some face la...LOL

New Arrival


i know i know...its a bit over...
but hey, it took me years to have the courage to create my own blog..
cos i...i...dunno what to write...
but i'll try my best...

so, u guys out there...
wait for some rubbish n nonsense form me la..;)