Tuesday, October 30, 2012

standard procedure.

I was having dinner with a group of friends at a cafe. Made our order and chatted a bit while waiting for the food. 10 minutes later, our food arrived. This is when one of my friend got so busy .. taking picture of each dish then post on her FB. And we all have to wait for her to take each and every of our dish ( bukan nye dia yang makan pun ;p ) then only we can touch the dish. I really don't get lo. Juts post the pics without any info ( price, taste, place, etc ) Why people do that? .. and people STILL doing that nowadays meh?

Are you one of them?
I'm absolutely not .. ( as you can see, i hardly have any pic of food in my blog and .. i don't do Fb ...lol ;p )

If you like to post pics of your food WITH info about it, then i'm not talking about you.
Cheers :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

last friday night.

Here you go, the videos of art week's Halloween party.

1st clip :
Me and the members from the gym doing a performance. They actually learned this dance 2 hours before the show. Thank you Jodie, Ivan, Jamie & Jaykie for the help. Also Wanlee for the video. Hope you guys enjoyed the party. :)

2nd clip :
Me and DJ Anson redo the dance as part for his punishment from a game ( dancing with me is a punishment!!!???? ;p ) Enjoy ;)

2 more days to Halloween. Anymore party ah? Can invite invite? lol ;p

Friday, October 26, 2012

2 hours ago.

Did a performance for a Halloween event at Tropicana City Mall.
Now busy removing the make up.
Will post the video later.

Happy weekend everyone :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

apa nak jadi?

FYI, i've been doing my diet project since 2 weeks ago. And the result? Not bad. ( hehehe ). But there are some consequences. Besides craving for food most of the time, i am slightly weaker ( in terms or energy level ) than before. Even my members noticed it ..

" Danny, you sakit lagi ke? Tengok you macam lemah aje?" ( since my vomit drama last week )

I think my diet is causing my performance. So how so how?
To stay my the diet and get slimmer OR to eat as usual and get back my previous performance level?
How to choose?
( menyusahkan aje kan? kerana nak menvogiukan diri .... ;p )
( super envy those makan tak gemoks-gemoks ppl  )

Selamat Hari Raya. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

apa kelas?

I was driving on the fast lane at Sprint Highway. And there's a van with foreign workers in front of me, driving quite fast ( obviously faster than me la.. cos it front ma ;p ). Then suddenly came a FALALI kept flashing high beam on me. It was a map dating driving. I drove to the middle lane for that stupid car to go la. She then flashed the van, but the van refused to let her over take. She tailed super close to the van like want to hit them. So annoying. She honked and flashed a few times before we reached the toll plaza. I'm very sure she is super tensi to the max.

Once we reached the toll, the van drove to the smart tag lane, i went to the touch n go, and guess where is the mak datin? She went queueing at the cash lane. Kesian kan? Apa kelas mak datin nie? Bawak kereta mewah tapi kene beratur ngan lori dan bas. ;p

I drove pass by her ( cos my lane next to her's ) and looked down on her when ( literally looking down, cos i am driving Toyota Rush ( which is taller/higher ) than her super low sport car ) and gave her a bitch stare, i think smirked as well.  Padan muka. ;p

Talking about driving etiquette, how many of you use hands free kit while driving? Cos i super HATE people talk on handphone while driving. Beli henpon canggih tapi tak mampu nak beli hands free.! ;(

Monday, October 22, 2012

stereotype me.

I was in the gym when i saw this group of guys working out in the free weight area. They are regular member cos i see them almost every time i do class. I think they are some basketball players cos they always come in their jersey and shorts, with their name on it. And they are all above 185cm.

The gym was playing Gaga's song when i walked pass by them and suddenly 2 of them start to sing ( quite loud ) to the song ..

" I'm on the edge of glory .. and i'm hanging on the moment with you ... "

Honestly, i was a bit shocked. Cos i thought Gaga's songs only appeal to divas/bitches ( like me ) or divas/bitches wannabe ( like some on you out there ... muahahaha  ;p ). Tak sangka those guys also into it.  Gosh, i'm just another stereotype person huh? Or maybe that's the 'lagu semangat' for their team? ;p

What is your lagu semangat?
Mine is .. We found love by Rihanna ( at least for this moment )

Saturday, October 20, 2012

save it.

I was walking out from the gym. I saw a familiar face (but not really close friend ) walking towards my direction ( to go in the gym ). I stopped and smile as he walked closer. He said " How are you? " and continue walk passed me, not even stop to wait for my response.

I mean if you are asking just for the sake of saying it, then just save it. No need to pretend like you are interested in my happenings. If you want to be friendly or polite, at least have the courtesy to ( pretend ) listen to me and then go la. After all, you were the one who asked the question. Ada betul?

Are you a PR person?
I know i'm not la. ;p

Friday, October 19, 2012

me talk.

Another dream ..

I was about to conduct a seminar .. on dance ( like i'm so the pro with dancing ..  padahal ... lol ;p ) There were so many people in the hall. I looked at the cue cards in my hands. So many points to talk about ..

" What is dance? "
" Different type of musics "
" Different genre or dance "
" ......

The emcee announced my name, and i woke up. ( sien kan? 'prepared' so much then sia-sia only )

But actually i'm glad that i woke up before the speech. Cos if not that dream might turn into a nightmare  looking at my previous experience on public speaking. Totally cannot handle it lo. I have no problem delivering lines and interact with the people, but i know my face will stay SUPER RED ( blushed cos uncomfortable ) when i'm in that kind of situation. DISASTER!!!

Anybody fear of public speaking as well?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

i'm a superstar ( well .. almost )

I wasn't feeling that well today, but still need to teach 2 classes. Too late to find replacement. So i went to the gym, and prepare for the class. 5 minutes below the class, i went to the toilet and vomited. Felt better. Can concentrate teaching. But half way thru the class i felt really bad that i have to jump off the stage, ran out from the studio, sped to the toilet and vomited again. Luckily i remembered to off my mic. ( imagine all the sound effect the members will hear if i forgot to off it ;p )

After the second vomit, i felt much better. Can continue the class, but just skipped all the turning and jumping. Just in case la, mana tau there will be the 3rd time kan ? ;p

Remember the incident happened to Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga?
So if there is a list of superstar who did ( or almost ) vomited on stage, put my name together with theirs. LOL ;p
( syok sendiri to the max ;p )

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

merry christmas.

Yup, it's the time of the year again. I'm currently busy presenting ideas to clients on Christmas display for their stores. Cos we normally start dressing up the Christmas display in mid November in retail line. So have to start the proposals now and hopefully all firmed by end of the month.
But i'm running out of ideas. Help me out.

What are the things that you can think of when i say ..


Sometime si think it's easier to do something out of the box. Cos doing something classic yet different from other is quite ( very ) challenging.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Yesterday, for the first time, i got a black ( or should i call her African-American ) lady joining my dance class. She is an average typical black lady, with fluffy hair and big booty. I can see that she is not very good in doing choreography, maybe cos that's her first time joining my class.

We were dancing to Parade's Louder ( posted below, do check it out, very nice beat ). Towards the end of the set, i gave them 2 x 8 count to do freestyle. You can pose, you can dance, and do whatever you want. And i'm telling you, that 2 x 8' was the highlight of her dance. She just move her body to the music, freely and it sooooo nice to watch. There's some kind of vibe / attitude / groove that only black people can do ( dunno how to explain, but do you get me? ). Not us yellow, or the whites, maybe some of the browns can do. At that moment, how i wish i got that black element in me.

Given a chance, what other race do you wish to be ( besides your own race )?
I think i'll go with Latin, cos i always find them exotic and sexy. Grrrrrrrrr.

Friday, October 12, 2012

oh my god, oh yes, harder!

I passed by the RPM studio. There was a male instructor conducting a class with all female members. But the thing that caught my attention was the instructor. Cos he kept shouting " Oh Yes! Oh Yes! ". I think most likely they were at the toughest part of the class. But it's funny to see him shout like that and all members enjoying looking at him. ;p

Then i know another Body Combat instructor who love to say " Oh my God! "
" Oh my God, round house kick! "
" Oh my God, 3 knee up."
" Oh my God, what's next? "

I think every instructor got their own "signature line" that they often use in class.
What's mine?

" shake it! harder! show me sexy! more! more! smile! " ;p

What is your signature line?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

why the noise?

Why ( certain ) people likes to make a lot of noise ( or more like ooohhs and aaahhhs moan-like noise ) when they change in he locker room?
Is it too difficult to take off your shirt?
Too hard to unzip your pant?
Or it's some kind of torture to tie your shoe lace?

It's super annoying when you are changing next to them. :(

BTW, do you think that you are sexier when 'taking off' or 'putting on' your clothes? :)
Saja nak tau. ;p

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

rich n poor.

I was at Bangsar Village for a meeting, and trapped in the carpark for more than 15mins. Not becoz i can't find an empty parking lot, but becos of a MAK DATIN ! A Mak Datin, driving a BMW !

1st of all, she was waiting for the other car to get out from the lot so that she can take the lot. but instead of parking/ waiting with her car at the side of the road, she stopped her car right at the middle of the road. Causing ALL the cars behind her to wait together-gether with her! The guard actually gave signaled her to wait aside but she refused to do so. 5 minutes gone!

Finally, she got her available lot. Due to her BMW yang besar badak, she got difficulty parking it. She drove forward, and reversed. And forward and reversed again. She even got the guard to assist her park. Wasted my 10 minutes!

Is it only me or is it ( almost ) true..

Most of the RICh tai-tais/ mak datins ( NOT ALL, but a big number of them ;p ) got rather POOR driving skills / attitude?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I've been having bad moods, short temper and sleeping disorder. And i'm constantly craving for snacks and cold water!!! All this becoz i'm trying to quit ( one of ) my addictions ..

100 Plus.

FYI, i'm a serious "drinker". I can finish 3 to 4 large bottle of 100 Plus easily per week alone. And with my age catching up and my love handle going sideways, i think it's good for me to stop drinking it. And just go with plain water .. COLD plain water.

Now i know how hard for smokers to quite smoking! :(

Feel like quitting anything lately?

Monday, October 8, 2012

bubble time.

I went to get my hair cut today. Me and my stylist were talking on hair care. he asked me how often i shampoo my hair. I told him everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, depends on how many classes i have. Then i asked him the same question, and he answered ..

" every 4 days. "

4 days? I almost shouted in shocked, luckily no many people in the salon. He said he just rinse the hair with water for 3 days and shampoo them on the 4th day. I kno some girls wash their hair every other day. But 4 days? Can tahan meh?

How often you shampoo your hair?

Anybody tried posing ( like the above pic ) while shampooing themselves?
Got sexy bo? ;p

Sunday, October 7, 2012

cramp, cramp, go away.

Something funny / weird / coincidence happened yesterday in my 2 classes.

1st class ..
As usual, i started the class with warm up. Half way thru, i saw a Malay girl walked to the corner and sat down. She looked in pain. I asked her why. She said "KEJANG". I asked "mana?". She answered " kaki". Then i helped her stretch her legs. One thing that i don't understand .. Why her leg cramps, while we were just stretching the neck and shoulder? ( my warm up routine starts from head going down to toe ) ;p

2nd class ..
The class was smooth. But towards the end of the class, i saw a ( another  ;p ) Malay girl' face turned red, as if she was in pain. She rested for a while, and rejoined the group. After the class, i asked her what happened. She said her left arm cramped .. at the upper arm ( bicep area ). Huh? how come cramp there? How to stretch that part la? ;p

I don't really get cramps easily ( touch wood ). But there's one cramp that i'm totally terrified of .. stomach cramp. It happens normally when i sneeze and use the wrong stomach muscle. It become worse if i am driving at that time. That might be the scariest 20 seconds of my life. Cos you can't really opened your eyes to look at the road due to the pain.

Are you a 'crampy' person?

Friday, October 5, 2012


Another ridiculous dream ...

I was following a group of people to an event, organized by one of the politic party ( padahal, i sikit pun tak interested ngan politic ;p ). There's party's flags, supporters chanting and reporters everywhere. Maybe they are waiting for their leader to arrive.

But when i stepped in the hall, everything changed. I was dragged on the stage and stood behind the rostrum. I looked at them .. speechless. Then the most amazing thing happened. The reporters started to bombarred me with all sorts of questions...

" What is your future plan? "

" Which is your favorite piece of work? "

" What is the concept of your latest work? "

Rupa-rupanyer, it's actually 'my' press conference. Kelakar kan?
I admit that i am an attention seeker. But tak sangka i'm the same in my dream . LOL ;p
Do you think you are an attention seeker? Just a bit?

Thursday, October 4, 2012


My body have a very unique way of telling me that i'm ... stress. Whenever i am excited or anxious or nervous on something, i will have stomach ache or feel like vomiting. Never fail. It's like i am actually self saboing my already not so great situation.

Do you have any special / weird 'happenings' on yourself whenever you are in stress? 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

why apologize?

FYI, i am a super punctual person. I 'normally' ( unless got accident la ) arrive on time or slightly early for my appointments, as well as meeting deadlines. But i have some friends who have tho super annoying habit ~ ' late + apologize ' ( it's a 'package' ). It's like

To me it's really stupid and really don't understand. Why went all the trouble to apologize after making me angry/pissed off while waiting for you? When you can just turn up on time and save all the time begging to be forgiven.

Are you a punctual person?