Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ada berani?

The pictures below were taken during a CNY makan with my close friends. Someone suggested we do 2 type of face .. Vogiu & Silly.. And we did.

See? My whole face is basically so flexible.. hahahaha ;p

Do you think people will want to friend me if i put that silly face pic as my profile picture in any of those websites?

And do you dare to show/share your silly/crazy face picture to with the whole world, like i just did?

Monday, April 29, 2013

today, i'm grateful cos...

.. i'm able to hold my pee till i find the nearest ' available ' toilet at the petrol station!

It was raining cats and dogs at my area all the way to Serdang. Floods everywhere, and the cars were not moving at all. Dah lah late for class, suddenly got the urge to PEE!
Stuck in the jam for more than 30mins. At one point, i seriously thought of sacrificing my water bottle ( ;p ) Finally made an illegal turning and started my hunt for a toilet.

Reached the 1st Petronas. my goodness... the queue.. seems like everyone was on the same mission as i was. Quickly reversed and continued hunting for the next Petronas. Thank God no the toilet is available. Ahhhhhhhhh......... ( no need explain kan? ;p )

Anyone peed in a water bottle or plastic bag ( due to some unavoidable reason ) before?
Or you actually ter-peed in your pants? ( don't worry, i won't judge or laugh at you. cos i know the feeling.... )

Sunday, April 28, 2013

how old are you?

Been asked few times by the members. And i'm totally proud to tell them my ACTUAL age. :)
Are you comfortable with revealing your age to others?

p/s : i totally hate the following 2 replies when i ask for their age ~

#1 : " You guess le? "
this is a suicide reply, cos if you are " kinda my cup of tea ", i'll take out 2-3 years from my guess ( saja nak mensyokkan you. But if you are not .. NAHAS MENUNGGU. ;p

#2 : " This year? "
do you think that people are more interested to know your past/future age than your current age?
mangkuk betul ;p

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

think twice.

My youngest sis called me this morning. Apparently one of my secondary school classmate is at her office. And she recognized my sis by her surname and the fact that we both looked very much alike ( according to my friend la ;p )

Then my sis gave me an unexpected conclusion :

" Next time, think twice before you call me FAT. " ;p


Monday, April 22, 2013


I was happily conducting my drums alive class last week when suddenly ...

This is what happened when you put in TOO MUCH passion in something.

I didn't know that i have this other side of me .. so the ganas and macho? ;p 
Awww... i like....lol ;p

Anyone tried or would like to try the class?
Let me know :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I finally got the reply from Paris last Friday evening.

Apparently, they've decided that i'm 'not ready' to take up the offer. They will send over some guidelines / handbooks on what they are expecting. I can't say that i'm not disappointed, but at the same time, i felt relieved and kinda happy, cos i don't have to wait anymore. :)

On the bright side, they did offer me a smaller part of the job. They think i should start small and familiarize with them before taking over the actual job. Well, an offer is still an offer. I'll live with it, a least for now. Cos i'm still eyeing on the actual job. :)

So last Friday reached home around 10.45pm ( after 2 classes ). Had my dinner. Felt a bit empty. So i gathered all my disappointment, turned on the video on youtube and watched/practiced for 30 mins. And i taught PSY's Gentleman for my 2 classes on Saturday. Hehehe.

To add in more fun, i brought my sunglasses and a bow-tie for the few final rounds for the class. I told my members :

" See? I got my sunglasses, i got my bow tie, i got my stupid face on, and also the cacat dance moves. I feel like PSY. Hahaha. "

Member : " You just have to put on 20 kg more. "

Guess what was my reply?

" Chooooooooiiiiiiiii " ;p

Have a great week ahead everyone.
Glad to be back :)

p/s : found this song last night. and WOW... i'm so alive now. I'm so going to do this song for my class next week. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

four letter word


( and i'm totally hating it! )