Tuesday, July 31, 2012


You know some people who likes to state the obvious when they are taking profile pictures?
For example ..

A photographer likes to pose with his camera / holding a tripod ...
A basketball player will spin the ball on top of his finger tip ...
A chef normally pose with their cooking utensils ...

So, what should a 'professional bitch' do/hold as a prop when taking a profile pic?
Let's be creative .. and keep it clean :)

Typical photographer's profile picture

Monday, July 30, 2012

oh your english.

I got a call from the gym's management, it's my second official complaint from the members.

Apparently, the complain is from 2 ladies ( from Tanah Besar ;p ) who join my dance class. According to them, they are not happy with how i conduct the class. And guess what is the main reason? ...

" Cos i did not use Chinese ( Mandarin ) while conducting the class. "


Why can't they just try to follow the movement like everyone? Some of the Middle Eastern or other aunties also don't understand English, but they never complain. They followed the steps and enjoyed the dance. Or they'll just raise their hand and ask me to repeat the step .. slowly. I don't mind doing that.

Luckily the management understand the situation, and asked me just ignore them. ;p
If i see them next time, i'll conduct the class in BM. See how many words they understand... Nah rasakan kebitchyan yang sebenar. ;p

If really want to complain, i think i'll be the first one to complain about them. Cos they were really noisy and disturbing in the class. You know how loud when they talk la, macam nak cari gaduh aje. My vogiu dance oso drop level, thanks to them. ;p

How's everybody's Monday?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

now i know.

FYI, there's a lot of Middle Eastern staying at Serdang and Seri Kembangan area ( dunno why ) . I teached in 2 fitness centre in that area, so there's quite a number of Middle Eastern who join my class.

Normally before i start the class, i'll introduce myself and ask if there's any first timer or beginner. So that i can explain to them he format of the class, what to take note, etc. I saw a young Middle Eastern lady raised her hand. I looked at her, she's not first timer la. Cos i'm very sure she joined my class last week.  Then after the class,  i asked the other regulars. They said :

" She's new la. Last week was another Middle Eastern lady. "

Now i know why those Mat Sallehs thought that all Chinese looks the same, as long as they got mata sepet. And to me, all dark curly hair, big eyes with thick eyeliner, pointy nose, sharp feature are .. well.. Middle Eastern . LOL ;p

Believe it or not? I was once called Bruce Lee by a bunch of kids when i was in Rome. Sigh. ;p

Happy weekend everyone.

p/s : i tak jadi watch the Olympics opening ceremony cos over slept la. Saper ade tengok? You think nice or not?

Friday, July 27, 2012

i no stupid. lorr.

I need to refill the water for my car's wiper ( for the 1st time after driving it for 3 years? ;p ). So i asked my friend on where and how to do it ( since i'm a total idiot on cars.. and other stuffs...lol ;p ). Then he opened up the bonnet, and show me the container. Then i asked ..

" Just refill issit? Any water also can rite? " ( i was thinking if i should use tab water, or filtered water or even battery water ;p )

He paused for 2 seconds, then turned to me, looking very serious and answered ..

" Err.. i think you better just use plain water la... "

I looked at him, rolled my eyes ...

" Of cos plain water la. You think i really so stupid to refill with kopi-o or orange juice issit? " ;p

How many of you are a total dummy on cars, like me?

It's the Olympic season again. Can't wait to see the opening ceremony at 3am, dunno can wake up or not ;p

Saja nak tumpang glamor with the games .. that's me, jumping at the 1st Modern Olympics Stadium at Athen, Greece. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

the girl who destroyed breakfast.

Went for lunch with Yasmin, Winni and another friend last week. And this is Yasmin's story ...

 She went for breakfast with another friend at a kopitiam. Since it's full house, so they shared a table with a woman and a little girl. As usual, they chat while enjoying the food. And suddenly, the little girl said ..

" Cannot talk while eating. "

Errr .. they looked at each other and stopped talking, just concentrate on eating. And you know how we like to share food with each other, and again, the girl said ..

" Cannot take people's food. "

The breakfast is getting more and more stressful for both of them. No talking, can't share food. ;(
Then when the mother and little girl about to leave, the mother tried to be nice ( maybe in a way to apologize ) to them by asking the girl to tell them walk she is going ..

" Tell korkor and cheche where are we going. "
" We are going for shopping later . "

Then Yasmin and her friend went all Miss Congeniality by replying the little girl ..

" Oh really? Good." ( with a smile )

After listening to her story, me and Winni ( who think and act alike ) laughed at their response. Cos both of us will say to that girl ..

Me : Who cares? ( roll eyes if necessary )
Winni : So? ( no need any face expression )

Now you know who is the bitchier one in our group huh? LOL ;p

But if you are in that scenario, what would  be your response to that girl?
( remember, your wonderful breakfast was all stressed out thanks to her ;p )

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


There's a scene in "Cougar Town" ( yeah, am now following this series ) that is so funny. They were comparing notes on their man's performance in bed ...

Jules : You know, my husband's style in bed is 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2 and pause. Then he'll repeat the whole set with 1-2, 1-2-3, ...

Laurie : That's so nice, cos my boyfriend just go 1-2-3-4-5~ .. BAAAAMMMMM!!! and sometimes he ended it with a fart. ( i laughed so hard on this ;p )

By the by, are you a person with good beats and rhythm?
Not necessary in bed la, can be in dancing, marching, drumming, even clapping. ;p

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Another achievement of mine, after blogging for more than 4 years.
Now, it's the cue for you peeps to say something nice to me.. hehehe ;p

It's the 1000th entry in my humble "Danny : The Big Mouth" blog ( just in case you still dunno what is going on ;p )

Btw, do you think that the blog have changed? I mean the attitude and direction?

Monday, July 23, 2012

top. bottom. i don't care.

When i shop for clothes, i will always imagine how can i wear it. Do i have any top or bottom in my wardrobe that can be worn together? If yes, then only i'll consider the rest.

Just curious, what is the main concern when you buy clothes?

a) as long as the price is right

b) as long as the design is nice

c) as long as you have the top/bottom that matches

But horr... when it comes to shoes... i just have 2 words :
" don't care", " buy first", " match later "...
Can't help it, i just love shoes too much. ;p

How i wish i have a walk in closet like this.
Aaahhh.. heaven :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

we are young.

I was at 1U doing my window display, when i saw a mother and her 2 teenage girls passed by. The 2 girls were wearing something trendy and casual, suitable for their age and look. Then the mom .. a Hello Kitty short dress! Err.. Isn't it slightly too young for her?

Is there any cartoon/animation character that you like to put on and totally pulling them off?
For me, i think i like to stick with the classic .. i.e.. Mickey Mouse or something from the same group... Astro Boy and Angry Bird is just TOO YOUNG for me. ;p

Saturday, July 21, 2012


So you think it's rude to smile like this? 
With one side of the lips going up?
Cos that's how i smile most of the time, and some thought that it's insincere.

Do you have a signature smile?

Happy weekend everyone. :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

you is.

Went to the appreciation dinner of my clients company last nite. They placed all the choreographers from different team at the same table. So being us, we viewed the performance videos and shared some thoughts and comments. When they saw my team's performance, some of them told me that they liked what i did, some of the ideas and execution. I looked at them and felt incredibly uncomfortable.

FYI, i don't really like getting compliments, unless i personally think that i deserve it. Maybe i don't have faith in myself, or my self confidence is too low. I always compare myself with others, and looking down to myself. But after last nite's conversation, maybe i am too harsh on myself. Maybe " diriku memang ( ada ) berharga" . LOL ;p

"You is kind, you is smart, you is important." A very wise and meaningful quote from The Help that i like very much. I will be saying that to myself at the mirror every morning from now on. You should too. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers. :)

Pic with some of the casts at the dinner. GO GREASE!! :)

They decided to do an encore show the the guests, and i joined. We had so much fun doing it again. And i'm super PROUD with my team. Enjoy the short clip of our craziness. :)
( the screen is showing the actual performance from the night )

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


After staying strong for weeks with the projects, i'm finally down. Fever and diarrhea.
What a good timing huh? At least i don't have to rush for projects for now.
Everyone, please take good care of yourself.

p/s : remember the jinx story in the previous post? that the lead actor have to go back due to his father's health? just got to know that his father passed away on Sunday night ( the night after the event )
Hafiz, stay strong, take good care of yourself and family, and may your dad's soul rest in peace.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

class of 1959.

I've been super busy with projects for the past few weeks. Today is my only 'off' day as i will start to do the Raya display starting tomorrow. ( can't complain, better than no job :p )

Finally, the show project is over, and the result? Hmm .. we got consolation prize. But i heard that there's people felt that we actually deserve a better position .. Top 3 ( err.. me think so ). We didn't won the heart of the judges, but we got supports from the audiences ( that's the biggest consolation for getting a consolation prize ;p ) 

Good job to the whole team .. for the non stop practise since end of May. They really worked hard, and sometimes kena from me buta-buta. LOL. And good job to me as well for pushing myself to another level. I think we all agree that this performance is definitely better than last year. ( FYI, i've been sick and having insomnia for the past few days stressing on it ).

But think we all had fun, and hope to do it again next year ( if they decided to use we again la ;p )

( will try to upload the video, once i get their permission )

By the by, remember the 'jinx' thing from the previous post? Yup, we got everything that is scary for all the people in showbiz. Half way thru the rehearsal, 1 person resigned. Then another guy hurt his back ( can't even get up from bed, mc for days ) followed by shoulder pain, pulled ligament and ankle pain by otehrs. Closer to the showday, some started to get sick ( including me ). That's not it. 3 days before actual show date, the father of the LEAD ACTOR got admitted to hospital and he have to go back to his hometown. Then costume supplier gave us a SHOCK last minute with their 'design'. And the last day of venue rehearsal, someone's cat got sick, can't attend. You say la, stress or not? But it's all over now, and i enjoyed every bit of it. :)

Siapa punya company nak buat staff performance/ competition for annual dinner? CALL ME. :)

It's a new week. Have a nice days ahead. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

j to the i to the n to the x.

I am hoping for something this Saturday, but am afraid to saying it out loud.
All i can do is pray and hope. Ahhhh.. it's torturing!

Do you believe is 'jinx'?

Am currently in love with this song by P!nk. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

honored. stressed.

When someone tell you their personal secret, that means they have faith in you. They trust you.

This morning, i feel honored for knowing the secret. But now, i am stressed. Cos i will have to keep it to myself for the rest of my life ( till that person / someone else break the news ). ;p

Are you at keeping secret? Or you are better in spreading news? LOL ;p

p/s : going to the "battle" this saturday. hopefully back with some good news. :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


There's this girl that i work with. One day, i saw her with a new hairstyle, slightly different from how she do her hair everyday. With the bling-bling hair clips.

Me : Ooh, new hairstyle huh?
( out of courtesy, i told her that her new look is nice. cos it's very rude to notice that and didn't say anything about it ;p padahal, doesn't suit her at all. and she look 'lian' with the new look )

Then, she came to work with that 'lian' look for 2 weeks now. Every time i see her, i have to control myself not to tell her the truth. You think i should?

Monday, July 2, 2012


I have a habit of checking my wallet every morning. I need to make sure that i have at least RM200 cash in the wallet for me to go out feeling secured.
What is the minimum amount of cash you MUST have in your wallet?

Talking about minimum, my aunt got 2 dogs. The 1st dog is Max, second is Min. When i asked her why Min? ( cos "Max" is a "name", but not "Min".. her answer was 1st one is Max(imum) .. so second one is Min(imum) lor. No reason. lol ;p

Sunday, July 1, 2012

not racist.

Ever wonder why some people ( definitely not me. cos i think it's rude ) like to call the Indians ~ 'KELING'?  So far i only got 2 explanations from 2 non-Indian friends :

Friend 1 :
There were a lot of Indian slaves years ago, and they were chained to the metal chain. So when they move, the banging chain will create the 'kling-klang'( keling ) sound.

Friend 2 :
It's from their culture ! classical Indian dance where dancers wear lots of wrist and ankle bell to create the 'kling-klang' ( keeling ) sound when they dance.

Anybody knows any other or the actual story of the name?

Try not to call them that name, cos it's not nice. Just like how the westerners call us Chinese " ching-chong-ching-chong' . :(