Friday, November 30, 2012


Just when i thought that i've settled all the Christmas vm job for this year, i received a call from a client asking me to do the display for them. Last minute, and super urgent .. need to be up by next week!

Tension for a while, then started to prepare the stuffs for them. Nevermind la kan? Just take it as extra pocket money for my trip next month. Yahooooo ! :)

Went to 1U yesterday and Mid Valley today. Saw their main Christmas decor. Hmmmm .. i prefer 1U. They are really getting better and better.

BTW, just curious. How many of you PERNAH take picture at those Christmas display at Mid Valley la, Pavilion la, 1 Utama la, Curve la ( urghhh ), KLCC la ( yucksss ) ?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fat and bald.

When i'm shopping the malls, there's a few person that i would like to avoid ~ the promoter from perfume counter and staff from credit card kiosk. But the they are not as worse as the following 2 ..

promoter for weight lost and hair growth shop.

I think it's agreeable that both the above send some not so positive message huh?
But which is the worst if they approach you?

" Weight lost OR hair growth ? "

I think weight lost is worse lo.

Can you imagine both of them approach you at the same time? lol ;p

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

stupid, silly, clumsy me.

I was getting ready to go to do my Xmas display set up. So i pushed a trolley full of Xmas tree and ornaments from my house to the lobby. Then i went to my get my car at the carpark and drove to my client's place at Bangsar. Got a super nice parking spot which is directly in front of the shop and next to the parking ticket machine. Hmm.. this is too smooth.

Got down from the car and looked back .. SHIT!!!!!!!!!
I forgot to load the stuffs in my car, the whole trolley is still at the lobby of my condo. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! I sped all the way home hoping that no one will touch/ steal the stuffs cos they are quite costly.  Reached home finally, and thank God all the whole trolley is still there. Loaded it in my car, and drove the same way to my client's place.

Finished the set up, went for my class. I reached there quite early. So i off the car engine, winded down the window a bit and sat in the car listening to the radio to kill time. 20 mins after that, got down from the car and went for my class.

Finished class, went to get my car. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! I realized that i forgot to wind up the window just now and it was drizzling. Luckily no one notice it and and the car is not wet.

Huh, i just hope that the clumsiness won't happen again. :(

Anyway, sape dah start beli Xmas gifts?
I bought some already, and now thinking of the wrapping for this year.
Will post the pics once it's done. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

gong xi fa cai.

Got a project from a local Chinese radio station :

" to choreograph and train their DJs to dance to their Chinese New Year song." !!!!!

OMG yang teramat sangat!
This is the 1st time of my life choreographing for Chinese New Year song ( which is not in my favorite song genre list ;p ) But becoz they want something simple ( flashmob-like ) steps, and also i get the money to cover the car repair cost the other day. So i took the job la. Wish me luck :)

BTW, sape dah mula beli baju raye?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

i'm a dancer.

Due to the nature of my job ( both visual merchandiser and dance instructor ), i need to travel all over the place ( from mall to mall, gym to gym ) everyday.
Due to the lalaness in me, i love to play the music out loud while driving.
Due to the dancing genes in me, my body will automatically move if i heard any nice music.

I was stopping at the traffic light when i heard this nice song by Pitbull ( posted below, try listen to it, see your bum got shake or not ;p ). Tunggu apa lagi? I immediately got possessed by some wild sexy Latino ghost and start to shake my body, with full facial expression lagi. 20 seconds after that, i realized that was actually performing to the people in the bus stopped next to me. My body got frozen, can't wait for the light to turn green. Malunyerrr!!!

But come to think about it, it's better for them to see me dancing than picking my nose in the car right? lol ;p
Any car dancers around?

p/s : i did this song in my classes last week, and it was FUN!!!!! :)
definitely in my top 10 choreography for 2012.

Friday, November 23, 2012

lucky me?

My car broke down at Setia Alam last night. According to the mechanic, my brake on front tyre got jammed. It's serious and it's too dangerous to drive anymore. And they can't fix it cos it's already late and they are closing. So i called for help and came back with a tow truck, all the way from Setia Alam to Ampang. Luckily the tow truck guy was very helpful and friendly, and it cost me RM250. :(

Sent my car to the mechanic near my house this morning. According to him, there's nothing serious on the car. Just a bit of servicing.

I'm a bit confused, cos both mechanics told me quite different thing about the condition. Who should i trust huh? I think i'll just go with the less serious one huh? ;p

Although it's a very unfortunate experience, but i think i should be thankful and feel lucky on it. Cos my car broke down right after i finished all my Christmas display installation yesterday morning. Can you imagine my car breaking down with full load of props in it?

Happy weekend everyone. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

worth it.

I lost almost 3kg since 2 weeks ago, and been canceling classes since due to health issue. When i started teaching this week, i got so many feedbacks from members ..

" Danny, you went holiday issit? "
" Danny, how come you look thinner ? "
" Danny, you sick issit? "
" Danny, what happened to you? "
" Danny, why you look so tired? "
" Danny, ..... "

Honestly, all that matters to me is the comment that ' i look thinner now'. Means that all the suffering for 2 weeks was kinda worth it la . At least i am now at my ideal weight ( below 62kg ). Hopefully can keep it this way. ;p

Pic taken last Thursday. I was a bit shocked when i saw it. I do look thinner .. and very tired.

It's end of the year and they'll be lots of parties. So please take extra good care of yourself. :)
It's great to be healthy again. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the new happy juice?

Someone told me that the protein shake that they take in the gym got some side effect. One of them is, the shake will make you more energetic and 'happy', that you'll want to mingle in the gym and make more friends. Siapa ada minum? Is that true?

And this person totally recommend me to take them, due to my anti-socialness. ;p

But to me, i think the main issue here is not the drink. It's whether i want to make friend with you or not. Cos if i do, i don't need any drink to start making my move. Agree? lol ;p

Sunday, November 18, 2012

row by row?

Good news, i think i'm 100% recovered. :))

Been taking medicines for the past 2 weeks. My tongue is still a bit tasteless now from those medicines. ;(

During my 'medicine day', i noticed something funny. I must take my tablet medicines row by row. I got a bit upset when the tablet's foil from the other row suddenly tear off. Is that considered OCD as well?

How do you like normally take your tablets?
Row by row? or just randomly take?

Friday, November 16, 2012

eat n tell.

I was having my lunch at a restaurant when 2 middle aged ladies cam in and sat at the table next to mine. One of them talks really loud, and her voice is very irritating ( high pitch like kena cekik ). She told her friend that she a regular customer of that restaurant. They ordered and continued chatting ( in a way, continue torturing me ;p )

When the food arrived, she started to criticize them. Each and every dishes. And i quote :

" Huh, they never improve since few years back. "

I really don't understand, why she still want to be a regular when she knew the food is not nice?

Talking about criticizing on food, do you think that you can be a food critic?
Cos i'm not, i'm just not good in describing my food. The taste, the aroma, the texture, the color, etc. When you asked me on my food, all i can say is Nice or Not Nice. ;p
Once my friend asked me on my pumpkin soup, " is it sweet or savory ? "
" err.. savory. "
" is it ... "
" don't ask me anymore. dunno how to describe. all i can say is, it's nice. " ;p

Enjoy your weekend everyone. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

act cute.

Just curious.
When you are saying goodbye to others, do you say ..

"bye-bye" or  just "bye"?

Cos i just heard a guy ( very muscular and manly look ) saying bye-bye in a rather cute/manja/childish tone to his friends at the mall. Kinda act cute a bit.
I wonder if he also say mum-mum when he's hungry. ;p

Feeling much better today. At least can be bitchy a bit. ;p
Just weighted myself.. 61.9kg. Yippieeeee.... :)

Happy holiday ( again ;p ) everyone :P

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

poke me. poke me not.

Been sick for few days. Cough and flu, and on and off fever. Last night felt so warm, beh tahan already, went to the clinic. Fever 39.4 degree. I told the doctor i must work today, and requsted her to give me some injection for quick recovery.

I think she is a very good doctor, cos she describe everything to the patient ( so that we are prepared for any reaction ) ...

" Ok, i'm going to inject the needle in .... "
" Now i'm going to push in the medicine slowly. You should feel some kind of pressure ... "
" Done. "

I was so the pekcheck when she told me what she's doing. I don't want to know. Just let me know when it's done. ;p
Do you want the doctor to tell you everything?

a) you are ok with needles, and no problem witnessing the whole procedure
b) you are ok with needles, just have to look away during the procedure
c) you are afraid of needles

I'm type C B ( obviously i was under so much of medication when i posted it ;p ). You?

BTW, i'm feeling much better now. :)
But still not 100% well la.. still canceling some classes. :(

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I used to play a lot of lame jokes on my friends and colleagues.

Joke 1 :
We were having a small instructor meeting in the studio. At the end of thee meeting, the chairperson ( which is my close friend ) said , " OK guys, let get rolling. " Everyone stood up and walked to the door except me, cos i was 'rolling' on the floor. ;p

Joke 2 :
By now you all should know that i don't look friendly when i have no expression on my face. That's this new guy in my department. Maybe cos i'm his superior, he is slightly afraid of me. One day, at 6pm, he told me , " Err Danny, if nothing else, i'll make a move first. "
I said " Ok. "
So he stood up, pushed in his chair in, and then i said " You've made your move. Now sit down. " ;p

Joke 3 :
One of my colleague called me on the phone, checking for some info. Half way thru, she said " Hang on a minute, i need to ... "
I said " Where? "
She's a bit blurr, " What? "
I said " Where? "
She said " What where? "
I said " You asked me to hang. So hang where? "
She hung up the phone. LOL ;p

Do you have any lame ( clean ) jokes to share?
Happy new week everyone. :)

 ( I am hanging .. i am hanging ... )

Thursday, November 8, 2012

where's the cat?

I was watching the Spiderman movie just now ( The latest one, starring Andrew Garfield, i know i know.. i'm probably 6 months behind ;p ) Watched it for almost 50 minutes and i kept asking myself :

" When is my favorite Anne Hathaway a.k.a. The Catwoman is going to appear? "

Another 15 minutes passed by. Still no sight of Catwoman. By the 70th minutes, something hit me. And i think i should give myself a tight slap. I am watching Spiderman, of course i won't see any Catwoman in it. Cos Catwoman is in the Batman story!

I have to admit that i'm not a a comic or superhero fan. last time i watch The Avengers, i ended up watching youtube while the movie was playing on the tv. ;p

Any NON- comic / superhero fans ( like me ) out there?

Happy Thursday everyone. :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i'm not a snake!

I've been feeling hungry since the Sunday, when i removed my wisdom tooth. Since then, all i can eat is porridge and bread. A bit sakit when chewing. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.

Not sure if that's the cause for another weird dream.

I was alone in the living room. There was a glass bowl with goldfish in it. I went closest to the bowl to look at the fishes. So nice, so orangeee ..

The next thing i know was, i grab one of the goldfish and put it in my mouth. Swallowed it, alive, raw. Don't you think it's so sick? To eat goldfish alive? ( Actually eating goldfish in any form ~ steamed, fried, bbq, etc is also sick LOL ;p ) Maybe my mind is telling me that i am sick of porridge and bread. Time to move on to other food. ;p

I always thought that i am a snake .. cos i pandai mengular, and my body roll is kinda nice n sexay. hehehee ;p
But now my subconscious is telling me that i am actually ... a cat? ;p
What animal you think you are?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

in control.

Went to remove my wisdom tooth this morning. The whole process was better than what i expected. I didn't even realize that my troth was out until he told me that it's done. Kudos doctor ( .. just curios, we still call a dentist " doctor " right? )
After the bleeding in my mouth, came the bleeding in my wallet when i hit the cashier. But luckily i got some projects in hand that will cover the expenses. Have to keep it positive ~ " no SMALL out, no BIGGER in ". Ada paham?

But there's one thing that was super embarrassing but can't help it. During the procedure, the dentist kept asking me ..

" relax your tongue. "

How to relax la wei! When the mouth is wide opened, it's quite natural for my tongue to wander around, specially there's so many equipments in my mouth. I'm not a dog, so i can't stick the tongue out and let it hang like that. ;p
How do you handle this issue when visiting a dentist?

One good thing after removing my tooth is .. the nurse recommend me to take cold water, or even eat ice cream to help to stop the bleeding. Best kan? ;p

Saturday, November 3, 2012

hot & cool.

I noticed that there's 2 very obvious member's behavior when they are having difficulties while in the dance class. Or maybe they are lack of self confidence when they dance.

Type 1 :
When their level of confidence is low, they'll just keep quiet . Try to catch up with whatever they can.

Type 2 :
When they can't get the choreos, they'll become offensive. They'll laugh at others who can't follow the steps. This is to boost up they own confidence by stepping on others, i think.

I used to be Type 2 when i was lack of confidence during the younger days. Mulut laser la konon. I can be VERY offensive to others. Sometimes i felt regret after saying things that is not cool at all. But now i think i'll just keep it to myself. What to do? Age catching up. The heat is fading...

What type are you .. now?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

main apa?

Today i went to a gym which is in an office tower. So you'll see gymmer and office people using the same lift.

When i went in the lift, i saw 5 guys ( i think they are all gymmers, including me ) and a Malay office lady. I think that lady already feel a bit uncomfortable, standing alone at the corner cos the guys were talking quite loud. Then one of the guy asked his friend ..

" Ooi, hari ni ko nak main apa?"

" Hmm .. semalam dah main kaki, hari ni main chest la. "

I turned to that lady and saw her blushing, acting uncomfortably. Not sure if she's scared with the 'main chest' OR she's actually imagine he being .. 'main chest' ... LOL ;p

I don't like to talk in the lift, cos i think it's a bit rude. And i don't have to share with everyone in the lift when i'm talking to my friend. What do you think?