Sunday, September 30, 2012

how they affected me.

I am a huge music lover .. and i love them LOUD ( always blast them as loud as possible, like lalas only ;p ). And i also love them cos they give me lots strengths to do something and sometimes .. feelings. Below are some of my favorite songs and their super powers. Listen to it, and let me know if we share the same feeling ... :)

I can RUN non stop like with full of semangat listening to this ...

I can CRY like a baby without any reason listening to this ...

I can WALK a mile with a smile on my face listening to this ...

I can SING this song over and over again and feel weak ...

I feel kinda SEXY with this cute little song ...

I feel the LOVE when this is on ...

So how?
Got any feeling?

Are there any songs that can affect you?
Like make you laugh / eat non stop? ;p

Friday, September 28, 2012

make your own.

I came out from the studio after the class, the next instructor ( my friend ) went in. He started the class with warm up. Suddenly i heard ..

" 5 6 7 aikkkkk (8) "
Ehhh? How come 'aikkkkk' ? Not 'ate' meh?

Then i found out that that is his style .. some celup Mat Salleh slang when speaking English.

My friend loves to say 'desert' for 'dessert'. Sometimes the waitress look at us like we takde belajar. And me. You know how i love to be .. vogiu right? But when i say that in the class, there's members actually thought that i dunno how to pronounce the word "vogue" !!!! Maybe i should just leave my vogiuness in my blog huh?

Do you have any make up words?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

table for one.

I just finished my class in mid Valley and i was so hungry. So i went to the food court for lunch.  Half way makaning, i saw my client. She came to me and asked :

" What are you doing here? "

I wanted to say " FISHING ", ( saje, cos she asked me soalan bodoh ) but i said " Lunch ".
Must give face a bit, cos she is my client. ;p

" You eating alone? How can your eat alone? If no one eating with me, i'll just skip the meal."

I just smiled back to her.
What is the BIG DEAL with eating alone?
Can you eat alone?
Cos i rather eat alone than starved to dead ..  alone. ;p

I always joke with my friends that ' I have company dinner every night '.
Cos i am the only person in my company, and i do eat dinner every night. lol ;p

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

living it.

Do you believe that whatever you do in your work, will affect your thinking and action in your daily life?

Like accountants are very good with figures. Or shopaholics are good very great deals. ( lol  ;p)

I was walking in the mall and my car key dropped. I went down to pick it up, and then only i realized that i was not picking it up in a normal way. I think i did a little ( dance ) pose when picking it up. Boleh? ( sah, memang dasar sundal, hehe )

What is your job nature, and do you think you are affected by it in things that you do?

Monday, September 24, 2012

all the fairies in the world.

Been watching " Once Upon A Time " ( a drama series about fairy tale and the real world, with a bit of twist ) over the weekend non stop. It's interesting to know the story behind each fairy tale characters ( might not be the one we used to know ). Also their names, so the cool.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a 'fairy' ( that always help people ), than being 'labeled' one?
What do you think would be a cool fairy name .. maybe for yourself?

Been encouraged by someone to help others, be their fairy godbrother konon.
And also to kumpul banyak sikit pahala, untuk bekalan hari tua. ;p

Saturday, September 22, 2012

time to say goodbye.

I was on my way to the gym when i stopped at the traffic light. Then came this young boy ( 14/15 years old ) with his bicycle, stopped next to my car waiting for the light to turn green. I looked at him .. speechless!

He was wearing a colorful thunder pattern sweater. I have the exact same sweater, and still wearing it occasionally.

Do you think it's weird for 2 person of different age ( almost 20 years gap ) wearing the same thing?
Maybe it's time for me to check my wardrobe. Take out those that screams 'young' or 'below 30s' clothes huh?
Siapa nak sweater warna-warni?

The boy ( left ) and me ( right ) doing the 'Mary Poppin' jump in London last year. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

the price is right.

Had another interesting dream last night. I was a contestant of "The Price Is Right", hosted by Joan Rivers ( damn ... watch too much of Fashion Police ;p ). I tried my best in the game, but just can't get what they want from me. Why? Cos the whole game was conducted in SPANISH. Yup, as in latino, espania. ( Kelas kan? ) Towards the end of the show, Joan got so angry with me cos i didn't know what to do, she decided to step down from the platform and explain the game to me in English. lol ;p

Last week i had another dream, a rather normal dream. Me and friends were singing at karaoke. As "usual", i was the best singer/performer. The best thing is, we were all talking fluently in BAHASA INDONESIA. And i sang this very nice Indo song. I was so nervous when i googled the title of the song the next day. ;p

Guess i'm "subconsciously" getting more and more international huh? LOL ;p

I've always wanted to learn Spanish ( suppose to take the course this year but ... lazy ), maybe it's a sign that i should huh? :)
Who is interested in learning Spanish as well?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

book & cover.

I was at the front counter of the gym, checking in. Then i heard a guy with a very high pitch voice talking behind me. I turned back. Mak ooooiiiii ...

It was a guy ( in his mid 30's, tanned, super muscular, crew cut ) ... with a very small voice. The way he speak is like super soft and a bit manja. I think my 3 sisters pun kalah in terms of the sweetness.
Anther good example of do not judge the book by it's cover. ( not sure if it's correct in this case ;p )

Anyhoo, does your cover ( voice ) matches your book?
Thank God mine is still acceptable.. lol ;p

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i'll show you some colors.

Bought a table fan yesterday. I asked the sales person if there's different colors, and he said they are all the same : CLASSY GRAY.
Gray? Ok, neutral color. Can match with anything. Furthermore, it's 'classy' punya gray. ;p

But when i opened it, it's just like any ordinary gray. I know pewter gray, silver gray, ash gray, charcoal gray, etc. But this ' Classy Gray', macam biase jer... and tak nampak kelas pun. I think they saja name it that to increase the value of it kan?

If you are given a chance to name a color, what would it be?

Mine :
Slutty magenta
Slightly-off white
In-your-face yellow ( my fav ;p )

Saturday, September 15, 2012

i am normal.

I was waiting for my class outside the studio then saw my friend ( the one who pointed out my obviously obvious love-handle ). As usual, being a "friendly" person, he came to talk to me.

Him : Eh, i think among all instructor, you are the most normal one.
          ( while pointing at the male dance instructor inside the studio )

Me : Normal? Why?

Him : Cos when you dance, it's nice. Not like them, looked so sluttish.

Me : YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eh, you have to hurt me very week issit?
         Last week you say i got huge love handle. This week you say i'm normal.
        What's next week huh? ;p

FYI, i've been working very hard all these years to build/ establish my brand - as a SEXY, BITCHY and SLUTTY dance instructor. And now he is telling me that i am not slutty enough, or worse .. I AM NORMAL???!!!!
Just curious. What kind of branding are you trying to create for yourself?

Friday, September 14, 2012


Got myself the best birthday gift ever ~ settled my house loan.
I went to the bank, check on the balance, wrote a cheque and settled.
I actually settled my 20 years loan in less than 10 years.
Totally proud of myself. :)

So, as of today, i am a debt free ( hutang budi tak kira la ;p  ) person.

What is the best / favorite gift that you gave to yourself on your birthday?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13, 1977 - Tuesday.

That was the day where a certain vogiu-bitchy-big-mouthed-diva-wannabe was born.
After so many years, he is still trying very hard to maintain the vogiuness + bitchiness.
And hopefully got recognized by others.

Yup, it's my birthday today.
And i'm very proud to tell everyone ... i am 35 this year.
Wishing me and everyone .. dreams come true :)

p/s : thanks Greaseans who celebrated my birthday last Sunday. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i'm not angry.

My friend told me that her boss likes to shout and scold people. But when they asked why he is so angry all the time, his answer was ..

"I'm not angry, i'm just loud."

Which i think i can understand that. Cos sometimes i also speak quite loud, especially right after class. Cos they adrenaline is still high, so a bit difficult to control the volume. And i believe being a Hakka myself also contribute a bit on the high volume issue. LOL ;p

Do you consider your talking volume ... loud?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i like it dark.

I'm not an easy sleeper. A slight of noise or lights can wake me up. Therefore i switched off all lights before going to bed. But lately, i love the idea of putting on the sleeping mask, even with all lights off. I like the feeling of something soft covering my eyes. It's like a double assurance for me to sleep well. :)

Do you like to sleep in the dark, like total darkness?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

big mouth geram style.

Question 1 :
Are you a fan of Gangnam Style?

Question 2 :
What is so fantastic about it?

I've been teaching Gangnam classes for the past few weeks ( due to popular demand by members, not that i like it ;p ). But it seems like the members never get sick or tired of it. They kept asking me to repeat the class for the next week. Why? I really hope that this 'attack' will end soon .. real soon . ;p

Friday, September 7, 2012

business talking.

I was washing my water bottle at the gym's washroom when i overheard 2 guys ( in 2 separate toilet cubicles ) talking while doing their business. I think they are young guys, cos they were talking about their studies and friends. Then i heard the running water ( meaning he might be cleaning his bum-bum ), and they still talking. And there's occasionally some farting in the conversation.

I mean, how can they do that? How can they do their business and talk at the same time?
Can you? I can't.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

old is gold.

I saw a guy in the gym wearing something that caught my eyes. The design in front of his t-shirt is some abstract Malaysian flag design. And when he turned back ..OMG .. Commonwealth Games 1998! That's a 14 years old t-shirt! And the colors are still quite vibrant. ( must use a lot of color-care detergent ;p )

I took a look at my wardrobe. Hmm .. i think the oldest t shirt that i'm still wearing are probably from 2 or 3 years ago. Not that i don't like wearing old clothes ( partly not true ;p ), but it's just that the badan dah tak sesuai ( muat ) ngan baju tu. :(

What is the oldest t-shirt that you are still wearing?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

handle with care.

Saw a friend in the changing room just now, and he asked me a million dollar question :

Him : Eh, why you dance everyday there still so big one? ( pointing at my love handle )

Oh tidaaaaaaaakkkkkkk!!!! ( cue Adele's song .. any song from her will do ;p )
Suddenly i can see lighting and thunder appear in front of my eyes. And the rain falling on top of my head. Why la? Why he must point out the obvious????!!!! :(

Anybody got the same problem?

Ok, ok ( one of ) this year's birthday wish :
To improvise on the middle part of the body. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

le magic show.

Another fantastic dream of mine.

I was standing on the stage ( the place where i was born to be ;p ), facing thousands of audience. Then a guy in tuxedo came to me and put me in a coffin-like box. Lights dimmed, spotlights on me ( ahh totally my moment ;p ) and that guy started to saw my body. Normally they use a sexy lady for this type of act ( maksudnya, i am kinda sexy as well la ;p ) Within seconds, tadaa .. my body was separated into half. And i woke up ...;(

Hmm .. if i can change one of the part of my body, it would be the upper part. Cos i want broader shoulder, flatter abs and bigger arms ... chest area still acceptable la ;p
Although my legs are short and my hip is not that full, but i think i have quite nice calves and very-the-high-voltage-motorized-shake-able-bontot ... hahahaa ;p

Which part of your body that you like better? Upper or lower?