Sunday, October 31, 2010

it's the beginning ...

... of a hectic lifestyle. When you are tied up with too many things ( that are out of your ability/ control ), funny signs will show.

I applied my night cream in the morning, after washing my face ... cos i thought i a going to sleep.

I accidentally left out body and hair when shower at night ( just washing the face ) ... cos i thought i was late for meetings.

I kept looking for food even after my meal ... cos i thought i need more energy to work.

I am counting down to the dates every day, crossing out the projects one by one.
Hope that everything will turn out fine.

BTW, HAppy Halloween everyone.
Ada buat perangai hantu kah? ;p

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happenings ...

It's been a really hectic week for me. And it's going to be even more hectic for the coming weeks. Why? Cos i over-estimated myself and ter-open too many "doors". Too many till i dunno how to organize my schedule ...

a) Halloween Party
If you are free and have nowhere to go, come join me at ChiFitnes @ Menara Pj Trade ( 2 minutes away from IKEA ) this Friday. Cos we are having the Halloween Party and Open Day. Anybody can come and party with us. And i'll be conducting Dance Class at 10pm ( yes!! 10pm .. dun tell me you are still stuck in the office ;p )
I'll be doing something fun and crazy. Hopefully can see you guys there. :)
( ask me to more infos if you are interested )

If you are going to attend their anniversary bash at KL Life next Saturday ( 6/11 ), do check out the performance of the FLYDOL finalist. Cos i am the one who choreograph their dance routine. I have to say that they are very energetic and talented ( in talking ), but dancing .... ( i promised them not to say BAD things about their dancing skill, so ..... i can't say anything lo....hahaha ;p )

c)Annual Dinners
~ Not Myself Tonite ... Rock Star
Am training the staffs of Melium for their inter division dance performance. There's 5 girls ( betul punye ) and 2 divas ( pirated punye ;p ). Since everyone is so open and sporting, i decided to do a DIVA show for them. Basically a very sexy, slutty and bitchy dance show with lots of ' Big Mouth" signature ;p
~ Oceanic Disquo Nite
Am training 2 group of people form SP SETIA for this event. 1 for the inter-division competition, and the other one is the Opening Gambit ( performed by all the Managers ). Imagine asking a group of normally serious kokos and cheches shaking their butt. Must be patient... wish me luck.;)

d) Christmas VM
Just confirmed a few jobs on VM. Basically occupying the whole of November. One of them need to go up to Penang, a place that i'm totally not familiar with. Any Penang-kia or Penang-ke can help? Need recommendations on hotel lah...
( somewhere near Queensbay Mall... )

p/s : i am not complaining for getting so many jobs, but i just wish that i can have more time ...
pp/s : as i am writing this post, my phone rang. someone offer me to open another 'door'... hahaha ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

when you believe ...

Remember the last entry? I said i wanted to believe the saying of " one door closes and another door opens "?

All i want to say is, i totally BELIEVE in it.. cos i think i just opened the other door. in fact a few doors. ( YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! )

I guess that's the benefit of staying positive kan?
So remember to stay positive no matter what worr.
I know it's easy to say than do, but i think it's worth trying. :)


Sunday, October 17, 2010

what a day ...

Friday morning, got a call from one of my client's office. Not a good news for me.

Been troubled with this " issue " since last month. And now i am officially suspended from providing my service to them until everything i settled.

End of the year is the peak season for us freelance visual merchandiser. Just hope that everything will be fine. And i really want to believe that " when one door closes, another door opens". Staying positive is the best way to handle things rite? :))
Pray for me would you? :)

If you are interested to know what is the issue, let me give you some hints.
It starts with a 'law' and ends with a 'suit'. That's the issue. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

to help or not to help?

There's this che-che ( not regular ) in my class who always attend my class when she needs help.

Today, i saw her walking in the studio. Hmm, is she here for something? And yes, i was right. She came to me and tell me on her latest project, which is teaching bunch of kids to perform for some event. ( Which i have no interest to know ;p )

Without me saying ok, she started to shoot me with questions.
What song to use?
What kind of moves?
How to make the performance interesting?
What costume to wear?

I don't like the fact that she only join my class just to get something.
It's like taking advantages on me without my approval.
She is not even my regular member who show up every week.
Do you think that i should help her?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

louder !!!

As an instructor, part of our job is to create a energetic and fun environment for the members while they are attending your class. One of the recommended way is to speak loud an clear. Of cos, some on and off cheer will be great.

WOOH!!! HAHHHH!! YES!!!!! COME ON!!!!! ( sebagai contoh lah ;p )

FYI, my voice tone is kinda low. ( Normally have to adjust key when singing k ;p ) So whenever i tried to cheer, everything will PECAH! Pecah sepecah-pecahnyerr. :( I have to admit that it's not very pleasant to listen. And it sometimes sounded like aqua. So the tak vogiu.

Do you know if there's any good way to prevent that to happen again? Some herb tea or something?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

abc banana

I know this girl, born and grew up in KL. She is really pretentious and always like to make fun of people who are bad in English. FYI, she doesn't really know Chinese as she was English educated. So one day during our gathering, i over heard her talking to another girl :

" You know lah. I always tell people that i am an A.B.C. Cos i don't speak Chinese."

I know this is my golden opportunity to laser her. So i looked at her and said ( in front of everyone ) :

" Sorry lor. You are definitely not an A.B.C. You are just a BANANA ! "

You all agree?

p/s : Do you know the difference between ABC, BBC , CBC, etc. and err ..... BANANA?

pp/s : If she labeled herself as A.B.C., then what am i? I am Malay educated but i know Malay, English and Chinese. Can i call myself P.A.N.D.A.I. ? ;p

Monday, October 11, 2010

make it work ...

( My own version of Project Runway, doing costume jewelries / props )

Sitting at home, nothing to do. Still waiting for the confirmations on my Christmas display proposals. So i went to the tailor shop and got myself some materials. Trying to do some props for the coming Halloween parties at the gym .. which btw, everyone is INVITED!!! It's a Halloween party cum Opening Day. ( more infos on that soon )

Prop 01 : Bedazzled devil's horn
Using the original red horn that i got few years back. Add a bit of colored crystal beads for a GLAM effect.

Prop 02 : Dramatic shoulder pad
Using bra pad ( yup .. bra, not shoulder pad ) as base. Add on the crystal beads and plastic ring holder ( this one you can find at those shop selling props for jewelry display ). GLAM and fierce at the same time.

Apa macam? Ada vogiu?
Anybody want me to custom made costume props for the coming Halloween party?

p/s : will try to do another 'look' for the party at different gym. so gatal horr? ;p

Sunday, October 10, 2010

extreme make "under"

Given a chance, i would like to tone ( cut ) down my facial expression, cos people always said that it's too dramatic and ... tak cantik. I tried to smile or laugh vogiuly when taking pictures, but always tak jadi. How lah?

U lerr ? Nak potong apa? ;p


Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am Korean!

As i was walking towards the nasi lemak by the roadside this morning, i felt something dropped on my shoulder. Shit! Really. I mean shit... bird shit. You know how we Chinese pantang about bird shit dropping on us, especially on the head. But what if it dropped on our shoulder?

I once came across an article about bird's dropping on shoulder. And it's actually a sign of good luck ... for the Koreans. ( is it true? )

So ladies and gentlemen, for today ... i am a Korean. ;p


p/s : do you know the actual meaning of bird's dropping on shoulder?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not myself tonight ...

Ever thought of what you want to be, other than what you are doing now? I mean something totally different and unexpected.

I am a freelance visual merchandiser and fitness dance instructor. But sometimes i wonder what if i am on of those professional extreme-sports performer... doing skydiving, bungee jumping or other dangerous stuff. Who knows, maybe i can add in some choreographer while diving in the sky huh? ;p

So, what's your alternate self huh?
Let's get creative... :)

I always thought that you don't have to limit your career choice with what you learnt or studied for...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Yasmin and Win-ni came to my house this afternoon. Since we have nothing to do, i took out my photo albums ( pictures from my secondary school days till now ) and gave them a shock/joke of their life. Below are the 2 pictures with the highest shocking rate ...

Which one you like the most? The "Geometric hairstyle" or The " Lala " look?


W.O.W. = Worst Of the Worst

Monday, October 4, 2010

confession of an EX-shopaholic

Say you just won yourself a RM10K shopping spree.
Do you think that you can spend all the money without feeling guilty?
I know i can't. Dunno why.
I just felt that i should not spend the money just bcos i want to shop.
Gosh .. am i sick??!!!??


Sunday, October 3, 2010


I think small bugs like to fly into my mouth and make me choke. Is it the due to the width of my mouth? Or maybe my big mouth looks like some black hole to them. Too attractive that they just got sucked into it.
It happened a few times when i was in the class. I choked and can't cue for a few minutes. So embarrassing. :(

How to avoid it lah?
Don't ask me to keep my big mouth shut, cos that's not an option! ;p

Do you think that i was a LIZARD in my past life?
Or that pokok periuk kera? LOL ;p