Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Bump into another instructor, Mimi, in the gym today while i was unpacking my stuffs.

Mimi : Yoohoo ....

Me : ( Looked at him and smile )

Mimi : 作死啊!做咩同我假笑啊?
Why you give me the fake smile?

Me : 哈哈。你果然唔了解我。我笑得燦爛果個至係假geh!
Oh no. Obviously you dunno me well. Cos it will look more cheerful when i fake my smile. ;p

You know la, i got a BIG mouth. So most of the time i try not to smile too much ( wide ). So that i can maintain my vogue-ness. But a lot of people thought that i am just faking it. How lah?


Just curious, out of 10 smiles that you gave out everyday, how many of them are genuine one?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

climb baby, climb

A friend of mine just started to date someone ... and that someone is actually at least 15cm taller than my friend. Then i suddenly thought of a joke we had long time ago. One of my colleague was dating with a girl who is very much taller than him. And we always teased him, saying that he have very nice and muscular legs ... due to all the 'stair master' ( climbing ) with his girlfriend.

And there's this another friend of my ( small and skinny ) who only attracted to BIG girls. And his nick was .. 細路喳大車 ( small kid with big toy ). Hmmm .. i really missed the group bitching days.:)

Do you have any 'special terms' among your friend to describe a couple that is very much different on the height or size? Especially when the male is the shorter and smaller one?

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Replacement

Lately i've ben replacing quite a number of classes for an injured instructor. Felt sorry for him, but good news for me. Besides the fact that i can have extra payment this month, i also can 'promote' my class in other instructor's schedule.

FYI, when i do replacement classes, i'll try my very best to impress the member. So that they will be interested to come and join my classes. And i don't think that i'm the only instructor who does that.

Now, i'll be away for 2 weeks in May. And all my classes will be replaced by other instructors. I have to admit that actually i'm a bit worried. What if they are TOO GOOD that most of my members will switch classes when i'm back? Or the management thinks that they should take over the classes due to the good response?

What if i am being REPLACED ... permanently by then?

Kisah Benar :

I was away for 3 weeks holiday in 2007. During that 3 weeks, there's some major reshuffle in the gym's management and schedule. Apparently my classes were cut from 4 classes to 1 class per week! Drastic rite? And it took me 2 months to negotiate with the management in order to get back my original schedule.

That's why i'm always worried every time i go holiday.
What should i do, to secure my position in the gym?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Danny : The Loud Mouth

That's my NEW nickname ( for this week).

I've been having sore throat and nose block since Monday. And as usual, i can't really hear myself when i talk, due to the nose block. I was having lunch with my friend yesterday at The Gardens @ The Curve. Nice environment, not bad food and cheap set lunches. But she was kinda uncomfortable during the lunch. So i asked her why. According to her, i was talking very loud, and the couple behind me kept staring at us.
Then only i realized that i've actually raised my voice tone higher than usual, so that i can hear myself ... as well as others. LOL ;p
MALU nyerr...TSK betul ;p

Now i got this male friend. When my other friends see me going out with him, they will sure asked my about him. Cos he is quite good looking and have nice body shape. The only thing that others dunno about him is .. he talks very loud .. i mean really LOUD. I was so embarrassed whenever i go out with him. He will normally ' share' our conversation with the world. ( sweat )

What will you do if you are out with someone you JUST met .. and so happened that he/she is a LOUD MOUTH?

p/s : i know a lot of people out there are having sore throat and running nose like me. So, take care together-gether la :))

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wanna see me naked?

No, that was not my offer, but some junk offline messages that i received on my MSN.

See, i have not been online ( MSN ) for quite sometime. And when i log in yesterday, tens of these messages popped up. And it's extremely annoying. Since i have nothing to do, i replied them ... 1 by 1.;p

" No thanks. I prefer watch myself ... naked. Cos i know, it's worth watching. So, wanna see me naked? "

Very sampat horr?
Biasalah, i don't have many friends ma .. ma attack those spammers lo...LOL ;p

What will you do, if a stranger suddenly came to you and ask the same question ... FACE to FACE?

p/s : 打了將近兩個月的‘死結‘,終於好像比較鬆了。:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


T went for a haircut at Sg Wang the other day. After done, he went to the counter to pay. RM50 for haircut and shampoo. He gave the counter a RM100 note and then ... he gave the balance RM50 to the hairstylist and shampoo boy as tip. I asked T why, and he said to me :

" When i was young and poor, i worked part time at the cafe. I always hope that the customers will tip us. So that we can split it among the waiters by the end of the day. And since now i think i can afford to tip others, i just want to make them happy."

I want be be as generous as him, but don't you think RM50 is a bit over? ;p
Anybody want to tip me? Any amount also accept gah...LOL


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


In a few hours, "Danny : The Big Mouth" will be celebrating it's 2nd anniversary. ( Yay ..? ;p )

Just for you to know, it's not easy for me to maintain the blog. Sometimes i think it will be so much easier if i'm writing a FOOD blog, or TRAVEL blog, or EVENTS blog, or EMO blog, or the easiest ~ 'COPY & PASTE' blog. But i chose to have a BIG MOUTH style 'crappy blog'. And to make it harder, i'll have to make sure that whatever crap that i loaded, must have certain level of 'nutritious'. Not sure if you noticed that or ' absorbed ' any of them. But i definitely hope that you enjoy reading it. :)
Speech time ...
Thanks to Biaomei who inspired me to start blogging. Thanks to my sisters who hide this blog from my parents. Thanks to everyone who visited and commented .. be it good or bad or just being sarcastic. But who cares? I will still load whatever crap that i have here ... hopefully for a long long time.:)
And lastly , "Good job to myself :) "

* Above is totally what i felt about blogging, no offense to anybody. But i think, gosh ... indirectly i ter-laser other people... as usual.;p


在此也再次的祝那些不看好我會繼續寫blog的人 :'大富大貴'。

p/s : 邁進第三年,我也應該要開始新的生活了。。。

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



be back ... once i'm ready.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



也因為醬,我在床上得到特別多的靈感。(design啦 , proposal啦, 這篇entry也是醬來的)


I spent most of my thinking time in bed.
What about you?
In front of computer?
On the toilet bowl?
Or same like me, in bed?

Monday, March 15, 2010


I am not a perfect person and have very limited body part that is presentable. I don't have a good looking face, a fit body or a perfect height. But at least i got something that i am very proud of ( besides my big mouth la ;p ) ... my CALVES.

Seriously, i never thought that they are nice until people started to compliment on it. And most of them are fitness trainers. They said that the shape of my calves are just nice, and something about the diamond shape... ( sorry, can't remember the exact description cos too happy liao ;p)

Thanks to my parents for a pair of nice calves, and also to myself take good care of them. But i think the main reason they are in that shape is coz i dance a lot. So if you want to have nice calves, please come to my class ( indirectly promote ;p )


p/s : long long time ago, i was admiring someone. and i asked the best friend if there's any comment from that person on me. and the reply was .. " I got nice legs... " ;p ( at least got something that is attractive to others. LOL)


They are actually doing a 'spring cleaning' in the gym. I know a few of instructor received sms from the management, asking them to work harder to achieve the target head count. Or else they will be replaced or the class will be canceled. Luckily so far i haven't receive any ( finger crossed ).

But sometimes it's a bit unfair to ask the instructor to take full responsibility on the attendance. Cos the are so many other factors : schedule, location and most important ... MEMBERS. I know some good instructor with low attendance. Why? Bcos this instructor ( A ) is 'not' a friend to their 'other favorite' instructor. So to show the support to their favorite instructor, either they boycott A's class or complain about him.

Scary kan? The real life in the gym. I am a kiasu & kiasi person, so i always check with the management if there's any complaints about me. And i'm very grateful to have the manager who always supported me. She told me that :

compliments are for encouragements
complaints are for improvements

Thanks Annie, that's a very good advise and good direction for me. :)

Me & some of my members. ( Pic taken during Halloween party @ TrueFitness Pavilion last year )


Saturday, March 13, 2010


Since i am quite free nowadays, i decided to make a new Gaga mask in conjunction with the Gaga session coming Wednesday. Just to show my sincerity and also follow Gaga's footstep ~ always create new pieces for every show. ;p

1st edition ( wore during Danny Gaga's Hookerface Tour last year)
The shape and finishing is a bit standard ( predictable ) and quite similar to those that you can get from those party shop. Quite heavy cos it's fully beaded.

2nd edition ( premiering coming Wednesday )
It's actually a full-faced mask, cut into half. And the diamonte are being placed in a more interesting way ( spreading out from the eyes ). And the best thing is, the mask is TRANSPARENT and much lighter than the 1st ones. So you won't really see the mask when you put it on. Very fashionable, HAUTE COUTURE lah konon. LOL ;p

There, you can't really see the mask. Especially if you are dancing in some dimmed room with flashing spotlights.

有誰要跟我order custom made的mask?可以為接下來的company annual dinner和Halloween戴。


Friday, March 12, 2010


One of the che-che came to me after the class. Che-che : "Danny, why not teach us 'para-para sakura' next time?"
Now, i think i have 2 replying options.

1) I can tell her that i will try to arrange for it, OR

2) I can tell her that i will try to arrange for it, but before that let me just clarify something with her. The dance that she wanted to learn is 'Para-para' ( a popular street dance in Japan ), NOT ' Para-para Sakura' ( a Hong Kong movie, starring Aaron Kwok & Cecelia Cheung ), as that's the name of the movie that made para-para popular. ;p

If you know me well, i'm sure you know which is my reply.:)

p/s : If you still remember, there was a Para-Para Street Party ( 2002 ) organized to promote Christian Dior's new collection. It was held at Bukit Bintang. And i was the selected top ten contestants from hundreds of people dancing on the street. Hmm.. i miss my 'young' days....:))



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Danny Gaga .. back by demand !

( Yes, this is another syok sendiri entry. Don't read if you got no sense of humor or got high level of jealousy ;p )

Danny Gaga is making his coming back act.. not here.. but in the gym.

I did Bad Romance in the class last year and till now the members still request me to repeat it. Cos they said the choreo is very nice. Mind you, not easy to choreograph a song with combinations of 'cacat' and 'sexy' ( or in my case, slutty ) together you know? ;p

Not trying to show off ( yeah rite ;p ) but it meant a lot to us freestyle instructor when the members ask you to repeat whatever that you did before. Meaning they liked the steps and ... ' you did a good job'.

So i guess i'll have to take out my" Gaga buatan-sendiri-over-the-top-fake-diamond mask" from the storeroom and prepare for another kick-ass show next week. The best things is, it's for the Pavilion class. You know lah, there's so many 'audiences' at that club. EXCITED-nyerr....;p

p/s : my next target .. Gaga's "Teeth". OR do you have other nice songs that are suitable for teaching?

不只Danny Gaga回來了,連"肥妹鬼"也回來了!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My hair ... again

( FYI, this is a ' syok sendiri ' entry. No offense with those who are alive, dead or half dead. ;p )

We were doing LaRoux's Bulletproof this morning. One of the step is to pose with your hands on your head ( through you hair ), shake the hip and 'act' sexy. Of cos i don't have any problem doing that lah. But one of my 'che-che' teased me :

Che-che : Danny no matter how you do also not perfect one la. Cos your hair so short ... not sexy at all lah.
姐姐 :你怎樣做也不夠sexy的啦。你的頭髮醬短,很難sexy的啦。

Me : Huh? If i got long hair, it will be phenomenon! ( answered coldly + sharp look in the eyes )
我 :哼!如果我長頭髮,那還得了?!( 冷冷的回答+尖銳的眼神 )

Che-che : Ya wor ya wor, Hahahaha.
姐姐 :對horr對horr。哈哈哈。

話說回來,重來沒有留過長髮的我還真的很樣嘗試下。但我頭髮又多又粗,又容意流汗。要留長髮一定beh tahan。記得去年在Seoul時有試戴假髮 (中長),很夠力aqua-licious!看了都想打自己!!!

p/s : I'm officially OBSESSED with another thing. Posted at the side bar, Enjoy :))

Monday, March 8, 2010

me OR him ?

2 different person, same age, different attitude.

Me ...
I am 33 years old this year. And i do look like in my 30s. But one good thing that i am proud of myself is ... i always feel young in my heart. And sometimes people ( especially those members in gym ) thought that i am 'slightly' younger than my actual age, cos the way i act, how i carry myself and of cos... the way i dance.( :PPP) Also thanks to my 'wise' choice of clothing, to make myself look more presentable. ;)

My friend ...
He is also 33 years old. ( and he's actually few months older than me ;p ) I know him for almost 9 years already. He got this boyish look that sometimes people thought that he is still a college boy! ( jealous nyerr..;p ) But his attitude, i tell you... YA ALLAH! Punye lah pakcik !!! Sometimes i felt that i'm hanging out with an uncle. He got so many restrictions and pantang larang, and also the President of PPMM ( Persatuan Po Ma Malaysia ).

Given a choice, when you are 33 ( or in some case ... "were" ) who you want to be?
Me or Him? ;p

Sunday, March 7, 2010


(此 entry 絕對沒有任何‘取笑‘別人的意思!!!)

早上在Mid Valley買蛋塔。去到cashier給錢時,看見cashier其實是位有‘斗雞眼‘問題的女生,而且還滿明顯的。夠力囉,我突然不自在了起來。因為不懂得講話時應不應該看著她。



p/s : Although the sizes of my eyes are uneven, but i am glad that they are still presentable.:))

Friday, March 5, 2010



我 :你看,醬多白頭髮。真的很難看,很煩啊!

Hairstylist :白頭髮jeh嘛,不要是脫髮就好了啦。

我 :( 恍然大悟 )對horr,醬我令願白頭髮囉。

Sometimes bad things can be quite pretty if we try see it from another angle.
Hmm .. promised myself, from today onwards, must enjoy and appreciate whatever i have now. :)


Thursday, March 4, 2010


我做Visual Merchandiser的職業病:

我做Dance Instructor的職業病:

我做Event Organizer的職業病:
總會比在約好的時間早到,通常15分鐘除,非是特地遲到。( 因為做event都要提早來做preparation。)然後等人家時又會碎碎念。弄到很多人都不敢約我出去。裡就有幾位種過招的人兄。真的很paiseh啦。

我做Danny Hwang的職業病:


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Just some updates of myself ...

I'm obsessed with ... GLEE
Always a fan of musicals ( not traditional or opera type ). They are young, they are hip and that's so me.. ( i know i know, it sounds a bit salah ;p )

I'm obsessed with ... OWL CITY
His songs are so nice and soothing. The 1st song i play every morning once i on my laptop. I've downloaded most of their songs in my ipod. ( the previous song, Rainbow Veins is by them as well )

I'm obsessed with ... SIT ( as in 'duduk' )
March to May is a slow month for retail line. So, not much VM job for me to do lah. So everyday i sit in front of computer, then sit in front of tv, then sit on the sofa and of cos, sit on the toilet bowl. :)

I'm obsessed with ... KAREN MOK
Bought her latest album 回蔚, sedap sekali. All the songs are very chic and diva-ish, suitable for me ( yalah yalah, those who wanna slap me please line up ). Especially when i'm 'sitting' alone at home. Posted one of her new song at the side bar. My shoulder always sake front and back whenever i listen to it. Nikmat nyer tak terhingga lah ( btw, my friend called her 'laocharbo' 老女人 LOL ;p )

Finally, I'm obsessed with TANNING
I think i'm more confident with the tanned skin. It makes me look healthier and better. Although thats lots of good and bad comments, but i normally will ignore the bad ones. And bcos of that i am now crazy with colors that i once refused to wear ~ YELLOW. ;p LOL .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Never knew that i am that offensive. I thought only my mouth is bitchy. I was wrong.

Just found out that most of the time, the way i look at people is quite OFFENSIVE ( without me realizing it ). And it is really shocking to me. To make the feeling worst, i got to know this from someone that is so close to me. I am speechless...

Don't ask me to wear sunglasses, cos it's not a good solution! :(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Post Mortem :

Remember my mission during the CNY? Yeap, the deadline is here and the results?
I MADE IT ! :)

I manage to adjust my weight back to +-61kg ( previously was 63.5kg ).And now is the hardest part ... MAINTENANCE.

Luckily i have 7 to 10 class per week for me to work out and burn fat. If not, sure 'kembung' back.;p

Btw, i found a way which is quite useful for me to lose weight .. LIQUID DIET. Just have light breakfast, normal lunch and 'liquid' dinner. ( Just take Milo, milk, fruit juices or soya milk )
Go try go try lah. Let me know if it works for you too. :)