Tuesday, July 29, 2008

3 2 1 Action !

I went for an audition for some TV programme the other day. Nothing much. Just for fun. But if i win, i will get to travel to my dream destination - FREE !

So, the audition is actually to see how we react and if we have any ' entertainment value '. We were divided into groups of 5. each group will have to go in the room and play some game. I think the team before us was so excited and HIGH while they were in the room. Cos we heard some loud noise, laugh and cheer from the outside. Guess they are performing well. Then i looked at my group :

1 cool uncle + 1 auntie + 1 nerdy guy + 1 quiet young lady + 1 iceman ( me ) = TOTAL DISASTER

How can you expect us to have any sparks? We tried our very best in the room, and the director did actually reminded us few times on the expressions point. I won't say that we did well but i did enjoy the process actually. At least it's new to me - trying to cheer and shout and having over-the-top FAKE facial expressions at the same time . Results will be out by this Friday. And if you see me doing the FAKEY on Astro in September, means i got it. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to BASIC

I was so worried for the past few days, cos my baby ( laptop ) suddenly shutdown and can't log on anymore. I thought that is the end of my journey with it...So i quickly send it to the service centre on Friday morning, hoping to see if there's any miracle ( for some IT-blind guy like me, can't on means DIE ). Few hours later, they called, saying that its just some system error, they can fix it and all my files are still in. And they will need a couple of days to fix it. THANK GOD !!!

I must say that i am really happy and relief with the good news. But what should i do without my laptop? And it's weekend..I guess i'll just have to do it the basic way...way before i got my laptop..

Days without laptop :
I suddenly realised that i kinda get extra few hours per day to do my own things, watch tv and dvds.... ( just imagine how many hours per day i was attached to the laptop before this ). More times to do housework, and also finally got the chance to watch KK's commercial on Astro. Slept quite early these few days. It seems that i am back to my 'healthy' lifestyle. :)

This morning i called the service centre asking on the status. They said my laptop is ready for collection...And here, i can update my blog again. ;)

I love getting extra hours , but i LOVE my laptop more....

My baby...

p/s : just found out that all my songs in iTunes are gone..DAMN !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today is the official launch of my client's shop - RIPCURL at Sunway Pyramid. We invited a lot of celebrities and guests to celebrate with us in the shop and then for a surf party at Sunway Lagoon. To make the party more interesting, we hired a group of bikini girls as our usherer.
The girls were quite demanding and noisy during the bikini fitting. Creating a big hoo-haa in the shop. To cut the story short, let's just say that the girls are quite friendly to the male staffs but not the the females.
So, after the girls left to the lagoon, me and the staffs tidy up and fold back the items at the counter. This is when i heard these 2 staffs talking :

Male Staff ( excited ) :
Eh, you saw or not? A group of cute and sexy pussy cat? ( refering to the bikini girls )

Female Staff ( stared at him, raised her voice and answer him by repeating his question in Mandarin ) :
有啊,一堆 ( a group )可愛 ( cute )和性感 ( sexy ) 的"机白貓" ( pussy cat )囉。

Me :

Monday, July 21, 2008


Yup, that is a phrase that we always heard or used, especially in creative line.

In Fashion ~ LESS accessories, MORE sophisticated
Not everything have to be perfectly matched. Try not to over accessorised yourself when you want to be noticed or feel grand. Cos you want people to see you as some one with fashion sense, NOT Christmas tree !!!

In Visual Merchandising ~ LESS props , MORE dramatic
Sometimes a simple and clean display might be more effective than a fully proped ones. Minimalism is always in trend.

Now, can anyone help me out on this :


It seems to bother me lately.

Friday, July 18, 2008


今天早上開車去教class. 陽光普照。有點刺眼。開到一半,想帶默鏡。找了很久也找不到。看下倒後鏡,我嚇呆了。電視劇裡常出現的片段發身在我身上。有老人痴呆症的老爸找不到眼鏡。可是他明明就在帶著眼鏡。我就是這樣。

Yamate ! Yamate !


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I received a call from a client this morning. Asking me to proceed with some project that was suppose to be done long time ago. I actually not very keen to take the job then, so i quoted the charges higher than usual, hoping that he will cancel the job. Now he told me the job is on and the quotation is approved ! Meaning i will have some extra unexpected money coming in if i finished the job. Yaaay !

Then while i was preparing some infos for the above job, the GX coordinator from the gym called. Asking me if i am interested to take up some afternoon class. It will be a trial, and they will make it permanent if the response is good. Yaaay yaay!

I lost my BALANCE and my 'FACE' the other day, and now i received some good offers.
Maybe the FALL is the begining of my good luck.
No pain, no gain. :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My friend ( Aleeeeehut ) blogged about his dream of loosing his car few days ago. And found the interpretation of that dream online :

"To dream that you car has been stolen, indicates that you are being stripped of your identity. This may relate to losing your job, a failed relationship, or some situation which has played a significant role in your identity and who you are as a person."

Well, i dreamt about losing my car last night. Scary as hell. And what do i get from the dream? Instead of 'losing' my job, i lost my BALANCE today. I fell. Yes, FELL. JATUH. 仆街. It was raining and the floor was wet and slippery. And to make the thing worse, i fell in front of my newly met client ! ( Hope i'll get the job to justify the fall ;p ) i really hope that this fall will sweep away all the bad things, including the possibilities of loosing my jobs or projects. 醜的不靈好的靈。

p/s : This is my 2nd big fall. The 1st one was rite in front of STARHILL few years back. Rainy day as well. ;(


Monday, July 14, 2008

MASK Attack !!!

I went to a musical at KL Convention Centre last Friday, to support my friend ~ KK. This is his 2nd musical, and its in English. Proud of him. Cos i know how much effort he put to make the show good.

But while i was at the venue, i can't hlp seeing something UGLY. Something that annoyed me so much.

Since the musical was sponsored by Honda, so anyone can watch by just showing the invitations. So i saw a lot of celebs, celebs wannabe, high society, high society bitches ( HSB ) and other catagories of people in the venue. Since i was there earky, i decided to sit in the hall while waiting for the show to start.

Malaysian timing ~ always show up late...and some FASHIONABLY late. Show started. then interval. I overheard some of HSB behind us commeting about the show :

~ free show, nothing to expect
~ cheap stage props, ugly costumes and low budget production
~ bored to hell, feel like going back half way
~ lousy storyline...BORIIIIIING

I actually kinda agree with them, in certain way. But there are still some good part of the show.

But right after the show, we all went out to the lobby and stopped by to chat with the casts. And this is what i heard from the same group of HSB :

~ hey you, you were so good and funny in the show, i can't stop laughing
~ nice show, you should do more of that
~ i like your look, so gorgeous

I looked at them, and wondered :

Do we really have to wear a MASK in order to survive in the Glamourous and Fakey High Society? Can't we just be honest and say what is in our mind?

I guess i will never be in the High Society category. And i am proud of that.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I feel GOOD !

I called my instructor friend ( Sunny ) from California Fitness last week asking if there is any chance for me to teach in their gym. Cos i am going to cut down the classes in Klang eventually. Too far and low pay. And with the increase of petrol price. He said that he will arrange a team-teach class for me. So that i he can evalute my teaching skill before offering any classes to me.
He called me few days after that. Asking me to do the team-teach today. TODAY !!!!

It might sound nothing to you but its a big deal to me. Nope, not a small 'BIG' but a big ' BIG' deal. I am a member of the gym since long time ago and teaching there is just one of my goal. And i am going to perform to my best to get that.

When i reached the gym at Mid Valley this afternoon, i was feeling a bit nervous. Even feel like vomiting ( dun worry, i vomit every now and then ;p ). And then it's time fo the class. I suppose to teach at the 1st 30 mins and then Sunny take over the other 30mins. So i got on stage, greeted everyone and start the class. I think my voice was shakey at the 1st 10 mins. Then got better. I was right on track after that. And i think Sunny was ok with my performance that he asked me to continue the class. Full 60 mins. WOW...!!!

And after the class, i stayed a while just to get some feedbacks ( Oh ya, I did Janet Jackson's 'Feedback' today ;p ) from the members. Apparently it was quite good and they asked me when is my class. I told them nothing yet but hopefully soon.

So, now i just have to pray hard that they can squeeze me in the packed schedule.

Sorry for the long story, but i can't help it.
I am very HAPPY and in a very GOOD mood.


Friday, July 11, 2008

果然有~ TASTE !

( This post is purely of SELF PRAISING to boost up the CONFIDENCE . Nothing to do with the alive or dead . )

I was at Ikea and Ikano today looking for some display props for my client. Found most of the things that i wanted.

Since i still got like 2 hours before my next class, i decided to do something that i haven't been doing for quite a while ~ SHOPPING. ( What can we do during MEGASALE, besides spending? ) So i happily went in a few shops and got something nice. So happy and satisfying. ( Don't worry, still under my budget )

But when i walked to the carpark to get my car, i realised something. It was the shopping bags that i am carrying. I bought things from Padini Concept Store, Nike and Brands Outlet. And the colors of their shopping bags are so MATCHING !!!


I thought i am good in coordinating my daily life and have quite good taste for it. But never thought that i will coordinate the colors of my shopping bags as well. Ohh my, what can i say? I am just someone with good taste, and always do tasteful things, even without me realising it. :P

( OKOK...you bitches out there..start your attack..;p )

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

To curse or not to curse

As i was logging into my friendster account today, i found out something SHOCKING !!

Some random guy called VT, apparently admired my pictures soooooooo much, that he stole it and post them as his pictures in his account. I heard people complaining about prankster and never thought that it would happen to me. But now i know the feeling. It's like you were abused and raped without you realising it.

SHAME ON YOU.... meeeeooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!

But on the other hand, i must say that i am honoured and flattered that my pictures are being used. At least still got market value. Cos i'm sure you don't want to display some PORKCHOP's pictures in your profile, rite? ;p

So, should i curse him for abusing my pictures?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

轉來囉 。。。

無意間發現最近吃麵的時候,有點大聲。以前重來不會有醬的問題。可能是在日本的是候太 enjoy 那 shuuuut(吸)麵的感受。一時轉不會來。
在那裡是文化,在這裡會變得有點 bo tak chek ( 沒讀書 ) 的感覺。

zhon loi lo...zhon loi lo... ( 轉來囉 )

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Your birthday, My wish

Did a simple window for one of my client ~ Florsheim. They have been very nice and supportive to me since i started doing freelance last year. Always easy to talk to when it comes to proposals and quotations. And also hardly let me wait for the payment. It seems that my freelance life and their business in Malaysia grow up together. Both celebrating their 1st ever Anniversary.
Since we have a window full of cupcakes for your anniversay, i hope that your shoes will sell like hotcakes la ( so lame ) ;p

I know it's your birthday, but can i make a wish?

I wish that i will be happy and healthy. Same thing goes to my family and friends. Some extra income will be great. And we'll stay like this as long as possible.
And oh ya.. and i also wish to raise a bit of my charges next time, can ah? lol

Happy Anniversary...FLORSHEIM

p/s : 看了蕭皇奇在金曲獎演唱的那一刻,我突然覺得我一定要努力。

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Do you feel anything ?

I attended a Yoga class the other day , cos the instructor is my friend. So just try out la. It was a 'Yin Yoga'class. ( 陰瑜珈,可已加強我的 '陰功'。哈哈。) As you can imagine, what kind of suffer for first-timer like me have to go thru. You actually have to do some posese as if you are stretching. But what is killing me is that you have to hold the pose for few minutes. And also the 'suppose-to-make-you-calm-water-running-and-wind-blowing-sound' songs really makes me feel crazy ! Cos i am used to those heavy beat dance music in my classes.

During the class, my friend came to me and check on my condition while i was holding some pose.

He asked softly :
( do you feel anything ? )

I stared at him and whispered :
( yup, it's killing me !!! )

I think Yoga is not my genre. I guess i better stick to what i am good at - DANCING & LASERING !

Tuesday, July 1, 2008