Friday, December 30, 2011

a good year

It's almost the end of the year. A year full of ups and downs, but i think i only remembered the UPs. :)
Very grateful for a good 2011. But it's not too much if i wish for a better 2012, rite?

You all out there :
Have a fantastic countdown party tomorrow and stay energetic throughout the next year!!! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


As most of you busy preparing to welcome the New Year, i'll be busying doing the display for Chinese New Year starting tomorrow ( not even 2012 yet ;p ). Went to Petaling Street today to source for props and almost suffocated by the red lanterns, cherry blossoms and gosh, DRAGON everywhere. Not to mention, different techno CNY songs bursting out loud. Really kiasi-lang and kiasu.

But you know what / who is more kiasu? ... ME.
Cos i've done my CNY clothes shopping.. hahahaah .. baju x berlambak, seluar x2, undies x berlambak, socks x berlambak and shoes x 2. BERES. lol ;p

Do you have the habit of buying at least a pair new pants ( no new shirts nvm, but die die must have new pants )for CNY every year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Post-Mortem

2 days after Christmas, i'm sure you have received most of your gifts. I only received less than 5 gifts this year, much lesser as compared to last year, BUT, i think i'm happier this year. Cos most of them are what i like or needed. No nonsense, more related to me. :)

What about you?

BTW, any big plan to celebrate the New Year?

Monday, December 26, 2011


Which one is more unacceptable to you?

a) someone who is not very good in English but trying his / her best, ending up speaking broken English, OR

b) someone who speaks good English but likes to add in some foreign slang in it.

Me? Definitely B.. cos i hate FAKERS !!!

Merry Post Christmas everyone. :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

drama-bitch available ...

Will be at home tomorrow cos this year the gang decided not to do the Christmas gathering. No gathering, no party, No party, no theme. Sien ahhh... :(

Anyway, wishing you all a merry and vogiu Christmas. Remember to be good, so that you can redeem your gift from Santa. lol ;p
Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers ! :))

Anybody need someone to create drama and hoo-haa at their Christmas party? I'm available ( hint hint ;p )

Thursday, December 22, 2011

almost international ...

This afternoon, i went to see a new client. Discussing the concept and VM plan for the shop. everything was normal except one thing .. the conversation. We started greeting and introducing ourselves in English. 5 minutes after that, he spoke to me in Cantonese. At the end of the meeting, we were speaking in Mandarin. What a journey. It's like meeting different people from different places in the short 30 minutes meeting. Luckily i still can handle the languages. Thanks to all my busy body attitude since young. So i can speak a few languages as well as dialects. I got better position / job offer becos of that 'talent' as well. :)

I can speak English, BM, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka & Hokkien. And some simple basic Japanese ... yamaaaaaaaaateeeeeeee!!!! hahaha.
What about you?

Monday, December 19, 2011

salam bersalaman, amalan mulia

Do you shake hand with your friends or other people every time you meet them? For me, simple hello and a smile will do ( or an additional nod if i really respect that person ;p ). Cos i'm not all that touchy-touchy ( shake hand or a pad at the back ) person.
But this client of mine, likes to shake hand every time we meet and leave, even if the meeting is only for 2 minutes. He also likes to ask " How are you? ", which sometimes is slightly overused lorr... like he called me 10 minutes ago with " Hi Danny, how are you? ...." and 10 minutes later he still ask me the same question. He expect me to have something happening every 10 minutes issit? lol ;p

How you greet your friends or clients, etc?

I am going to conduct a Christmas Theme Class at TrueFitness ( Kenanga International Building, Bukit Bintang ) this Wednesday ( 21/12 ) at 7.40pm. It's our Christmas Open House, so anyone can come and join. If you are interested to join ( i hope YOU DO ;p ), please let me know asap so that i can reserve / register for you. You can also just walk in on that day itself ( i'm sure they'll allow that ). But please come in slightly earlier so that you have time to tour and get ready/ change for the class. Also everyone will get a lucky draw door gift ( i can't promise the quality of the gifts lol ;p )

See you there :))) Whore! Whore! Whore! ( Ho! Ho! Ho! ....hahahhaha )

latest addition ...

It was a super productive and satisfying weekend. I signed up for the Drums Alive training, just to improve myself. Also trying to create more opportunities of getting and teaching more classes in the gym. Super tired, but super fun. I think i did well. At least i enjoyed my own presentation. LOL ( syok sendiri )

My latest accessories... You think i'll look 'cool' if i purposely slip these drumstick in my back pocket when i go out? Saja nak ;p

7 more days to Christmas. I should be at home, cos this year no Christmas theme party. ( sigh )
What's your plan?

Friday, December 16, 2011

sooooooooo HORNY.

Buying gifts for my close friends ( who are extremely hard to please, including myself ) is really an interesting mission. Must be something unique, non-cliche and affordable ( i'm not rich hokay? ;p )

So i saw my supplier making this reindeer's horn plaque for his client and immediately i asked him to make me a few sets. I think this might be the perfect gift ( for now ) for the gang. You think so? Is it Christmassy enough?

BTW, started my Danny the Elf ( delivering Christmas gifts ) project Tuesday onwards. Few more trips to go.
Have you started buying, wrapping and delivering the gifts? :)

Don't be surprise when you see them in some of the window displays. LOL ;p

Sunday, December 11, 2011


As promised, here's the list of your names and guesses for the STARSTRUCKED contest. I've put in the correct answer and BOLDed the winner's names...

67 ChenXing
63 Scott
60 Edward
58 Yvonne
55 AD
50 SK

46 Chatmate
45 Matthew
44 Alan
40 Bong
33 Chai
32 Ash
28 Eunice
25 Jboy
24 Jade

Congratulations to AD & SK !!! :)
Sherman, i'll call you to pass you the gift.
ADlexus, please contact me at :)

To the rest of you, thanks for being a part of my humble yet vogiu ( lol ;p ) blog.
Wishing you all a KIASU-ly GOLD BLINGed Holidays. :)

p/s : super love this Gaga's Xmas song.. definitely going to use it in my Xmas theme class :))

Saturday, December 10, 2011

wrap, wrapping, wrapped.

Spent the whole night wrapping these gifts. There are still a few yet to arrived. But overall i've set the wrapping concept and tagline for this year :

Wishing you a KIASU-LY GOLD BLING-ED ( 金死人唔賠命 ) Christmas!!!

Not really happy with the end product. Not as good as compared to the previous years. But i can't be bothered anymore, cos i really don't have any time to plan and source for the wrapping materials. So that's it. To all the recipients, what you see is what you are going to get. Don't complain ! ;p

If you are requested to change / add something to the gifts, what would it be? Help me, maybe i still can make it better before start delivering them next week. Oh btw, the gifts for the 2 winners of STARSTRUCKED contest in in the pic. Will announce the winners tomorrow. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011


Finally .. got myself some time to do the long delayed Christmas shopping. But this time round, i don't have the luxury of time ( or patience ) to choose the gift one by one. Instead, i bought something generic, that is acceptable by all in bulk, yes .. BULK. Same thing, different colors. LOL ;p

Felt so guilty but don't care la. No time. Even my gift wrapping concept also super simple and not creative enough. :(

It's really a BIG knowledge when selecting gifts for others huh? Did your Christmas shopping?
Just curious, when you shop for gifts ..

" Do you buy things that you feel is nice? Or you buy not so nice ( for your taste ) stuffs, as long as the recipient likes it? "

Going to spend my weekend wrapping those gifts and start delivering them by next week. :)

FYI, the "starstrucked" contest is still on ya. Fast-fast submit your entry before closing date on 10/12/11. Good luck. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pen merah, pen biru ...

1 more installation this Thursday, my CHRISTMAS 2011 project's file will be officially closed. Not sure why but it seems more tiring this year. Maybe bcoz of those last minutes jobs. Hmm .. will take a few days break and back to preparation for CNY 2012 again.

Meanwhile, i need to relax my mind a bit. Let's play a game, something that i played when i was in primary school. It's a 'pantun 2 kerat' game invented by morons ( us ) to kill time. It starts with " Pen merah pen biru, ... " and we complete the pantun by anything that comes to your mind that rhymes with the 1st sentence ..

Pen merah, pen biru,
Jangan marah I LOVE U . ( this is a popular pantun for 'autograph' signing )

Pen merah, pen biru,
You are lame and i'm vogiu. ( obviously this is from me ;p )

Pen merah, pen biru,
雞絲蚝油炒冬菇. ;p

Pen merah, pen biru,
( ... your turn .. time to get creative .. but keep it CLEAN ya.. :p )

FYI, the "starstrucked" contest is still on ya. Fast-fast submit your entry before closing date on 10/12/11. Good luck. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

wake me up .. or don't!

They said the older you get, the earlier you'll wake up.
I used to wake up around 10am ... now, i start to admire my ceiling by 8.30am :(

What is your auto-wake-up time?

BTW, i'm postponing the closing date for the starstrucked contest cos i'm not ready with the gifts yet. Trying to buy more time to buy the gifts. Kesian kan? LOL ;p
So if you want to join, fast fast submit your answer la. I'll announce the winner by 10 December 2011. ( This time i promise )

FYI, nobody got it right yet. But got 1 person guessed so close ( just 1 under the right answer )