Thursday, April 29, 2010


YESH !!!! I'll be leaving the country for 2 weeks later tonight.
Hopefully this trip will be a stress-free one.;p

Try to 'miss' me a bit while i'm away ya..?
Drop la a few msgs if you want to.
Cos if not the blog will be so coooooold. ;p

So let the TOUR begin ...

See me fly, i'm proud to fly up high ...

p/s : in case you have nobody to irritate you during my absence, try listen to the song posted. Hopefully it will make you feel 'geram' a lil' bit. ;p

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


PEK CHEK ahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

Is it the season to redecorate? Cos my upstairs and downstairs unit is doing renovation ... at the SAME time. One hammering wall and the other one drilling hole.

I had a morning class today, and thought of taking an afternoon nap. But with the two sessions of "orchestra" playing live .. how to sleep? And when i don't get enough sleep ( or food ), i'll feel very 'mang zang'. And when i feel 'mang zang', i will lose my 'vogue-ness'. ;(


p/s : not sure if it's the dust or what, i sneezed not less than 50 times in the past 30mins.... double pek chek...!!

pp/s : just got a call.. the new gym wants to take a short video of me conducting the class, to put in their promo clip... and asked me to wear nice-nice ... now dunno what to wear tomorrow ... triple pek chek !!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm loving it ...

I used to be a fan of Ayam Goreng McD ( the spicy one ), but nowadays i kinda switched to Double Cheese Burger. Not sure what happened, but just loving the tenderness of beef patty.

As i was having my value meal today, i suddenly thought of a incident happened yearssssssssss ( at least 15 ) ago. I was in a CNY gathering with a bunch of secondary school friends in McD. As we were leaving, one of my friend took her tray to the trash counter and throw all the leftovers and tissues. She said that we should do that .. menjadi insan yang BERMORAL lah konon..;p

So i did. But i was too naive then. I took the tray to the counter and slot the rubbish in the trash bin ... TOGETHER WITH THE TRAY ! ( Stupid kan? ;p )

pa dup pa pa pa ~

My McD's meal evolution ...
Mc Chicken ~ Big Mac ~ Ayam Goreng McD ~ Double Cheese Burger ( current )

What's your favorite McD meal ?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Was doing some set up at One Utama and passed by this window. It's a very normal lingerie window display. But somehow one of the mannequin got my attention. I looked at her ... and cover my mouth ( to hold back my big laugh ). This mannequin is slightly different from the mannequins that we see in the malls, cos it's more realistic. See for yourself ...


Went clubbing with friends last night.
My first clubbing after 6 years.
Went in at 12am, came out at 1.30am.
My conclusion :

" 我是屬於舞台,而不是舞池的 "
( i belong to stage, not the dance floor )

Friday, April 23, 2010


Tak disangka-sangka ... rupa-rupa nyerr i've hit the 500 entries for my blog. What a surprise .. cos i thought it will come slightly later, maybe by June. 500 entries in 2 years .. something that i am very proud of.

Nothing much to say for this 501st entry. Just want to PROVE MYSELF ( again ) to those who under estimated me. Although most of the entries are made of nonsense, lasers and craps.

Err ... you do like my craps .... rite? :)

Sometimes i feel like i'm actually a writer ( be it good or bad one lah ;p ). But i'm just happy that i have my blog to express myself.
Keep on blogging everyone. :)
我blog故我爽! 哈哈。

Big hug .. from Big Mouth.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


( ... updates from the previous entry )

a) NO, i didn't eat anything for supper, cos was SHOCKED looking at the list of things i ate before that ( super guilty ) ...;p

b) YES, the try out class went well, and they want me to continue teaching there. Now i just need to sit down with him to discuss on the schedule and my charges. :)
( i'm one step closer to my target : of having at least 10 classes per week. Current status : 7 classes per week. )*

* target achieved ! will be having 10 classes per week from MAy onwards..YAY !!!


Today will be another hectic day for me. I rushed to 6 places yesterday ( 3 set ups and 3 classes ). And i have 2 set ups and 3 classes ( back-to-back). Meaning i'll shake my ass non-stop from 5.45pm to 9.00pm. Gosh, i need more energy ...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As predicted ...

... i eat a lot today, as compared to the other days. Cos i was at home the whole day, doing nothing. I got infection on my left eye that i have to cancel my class today, so that nobody will see the un-vogue side of me.

Breakfast ... ( tak sempat, woke up at 10ish ;p )

Lunch ... mixed rice ( quarter rice, 2 veges & 1 meat )

Tea ... 1 slice honey melon, 1 slice rock melon & 1 packet of Twisties

Dinner ... Sup sayur, 10 sticks of chicken satay, 1 slice rock melon & 1 cup yogurt

Supper ... dunno yet.. too early to say ( at the time i post this ;p )

Always wondering, how come i always tend to eat more when i am free? Not that i burn extra calories when i do nothing....;p

I'm going to conduct a trial class for a new fitness centre tomorrow. Hopefully they'll like it and give me some classes. Wish me luck. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Watch your hand

Just thought of something funny but interesting while i was brushing my teeth this morning.

Say you brush your teeth with your right arm, any idea WHERE is the position of your left arm?
Gently placed on the basin? On the waist as if your are posing? Or non stop rubbing and scratching here and there? ;p

Cos i bursted out laughing when i saw myself in the mirror.. posing... you know lah.. sometimes things happened so naturally....LOL ;p

Do you think there's people brushing their teeth while doing the 'big' business ahh? ;p

p/s : any Mac expert out there? something wrong with my Safari la.. every time i open Youtube, it will shut down immediatley. siapa boleh tolong?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My sister told me the other day about this joke/ incident.

She just gave birth to a baby girl .. and they named her Sasha E-Xuan Tan ( or Sasha Tan E Xuan, if you want to read it the old fashion way ). But a couple of weeks later, she suddenly thought of something ... Something funny that will affect her daughter's future.

You see, the initial for her daughter is S.E.X.T ( or SEX Tan ).. so the salah kan? Imagine what she will be facing when they start to use initials in the college or working place....

My initial .... D.H.S.M. ( and no, it's not Diva of High School Musical ;p )
What's your initial? ( any funny . special meaning behind it? )

p/s : dun worry, they will change the baby's name very soon :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

World Peace ...

Jangan jeles .. cos 2 weeks from now, i ( as usual, representing Ampang ... The Yong Tau Foo kingdom ) will be on my mission to spread my love to the world again. The victims this time? ..
The Turkish and the Greeks. ;p

Any advise or tips for me?
Any thing must see, must buy, must try, must do....?

Here's some pics from my previous tour ...
( since i quitted my job to concentrate on the love spreading mission at 2007 ;p )

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

oh my 腳 !

"Masili" 有大小眼。

Not sure if this is a common case, but i think my right foot is larger or wider than the left one. Cos every time i wear shoes ( new sport shoes especially ), i feel tighter on the right side. Even after adjusting the shoe-laces.

Paging Dr. Bong, is this consider normal?
Anything that i can do to make it better?
Am i normal?
Or i am SPECIAL? ;p

你身上有沒有大小邊的東西? ;p

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the book ...


I was complaining to the GX manager about the sticky ghost, and somehow at the end of the story ... i cursed. ( 屌 ~ ) She was so shocked and commented :
" Danny, 原來你會罵粗口的噢?!"

OMG! I am actually quite surprise there's still people thought that i don't curse. Don't you think that my look is so suitable to curse? I mean i know my face is quite unfriendly and lan-si most of the time. And you don't expect good things to come out from my mouth. ( lasering, bitching and cursing is a package ) ;p

Funny huh? When people look at me, they always felt that i am a clubbing kaki but i am not. Then, they thought that i am a good boy when i curse a lot. I guess i am just a book with VERY INTERESTING contents huh? ;p

Do you think your book cover matches your content? :)

Monday, April 12, 2010



I was on the way to my class at Damansara Perdana ( using MRR2 ) just now and was caught in a massive jam. Normally i just need 35 minutes to reach the gym. But today, i have to drive 1 and a half hour to get there. And because of that, i was 15 minutes late for my class. I kept on cursing in the car.

Luckily the members waited for me. I apologized to them and quickly start the class. ( BTW, i didn't have the chance to go toilet cos rushing ;p ) As we were doing the warm up, i saw a very familiar face in the mirror. Someone is walking towards the studio.
屌~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( of cos, i only cursed in my heart ;p )

She is someone from the old gym. I quitted the gym earlier this year to concentrate on my classes in PJ & KL area ( and also to avoid her ). But somehow she found out that i am teaching at this new gym, she quickly upgraded her membership so that use the new branch here. FYI, she likes to follow me wherever i go at the old gym. And the best thing is, she always like to stand directly behind me. So every time i look at myself in the mirror, i'll see her. DAMN !!!!

Some of the management people teased me after the class, cos they know the her story back in the old gym.



Sunday, April 11, 2010

count on me ...

Some facts ( just in case you dunno )..
When we count down for something, normally we'll use 321. But when we dance, it's normally 5678..and start.

Enough with the facts, let's start my story. There's this new "Kakak" member who came to my Latin class. She told me that this is the first time she join a dance class. So i asked her to slow down, concentrate on the legs movements before adding on the arms and body. She said ok.

But through-out the whole class, she was totally in a mess. She kept on stepping her left leg when i say right, didn't bother to look at me at all. And the best thing is, she always start the movements by 7, not after 8. After a few reminders, i gave up. I just let her do whatever she wants, cos i can't slow down the whole class for her.

But by the end of the class, i thanked her for for trying and stay for the whole class. :)

I am very grateful that am fine with following instructions and move according to beats. Don't mean to be bitchy, but it's really hard for us instructors if the member is a bit too xxxx to follow instructions. ;p

can you count? ;p

Friday, April 9, 2010



I was in the changing room of the gym, resting after my class. Then came in 3 young and really good looking guys. I think they just finished their workout and ready to go.

Then one by one they stepped on the weighing machine... and that's when the cantik-ness of them FADE AWAY...

Guy A : Aww fuck. Still the same.

Guy B : My turn my turn. Aiyo, me too la ... run so much oso the same. 屌~

Guy C : ( silent for a while ... ) 屌你阿媽臭HAI,境然肥LAN佐。我都未食耶。媽~ 仆街!!!

At that very moment, i discovered something :
" They might have the nice packaging.. but i've got the content.;p"


I weigh myself 2 to 3 times a day. And normally it will end up with .. " tsk~ "
( Not a good sign horr? ;p )
Do you do that as well?

我量體重的哲學 :
有沒有輕不用緊,不要重了就好。 ;p

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Face Registration

Are you good in recognizing people? I know i am not. In fact, i am soooooooooooo BAD in that department. Wanna know the level of the badness? Let's just say that i CAN'T RECOGNIZE MY OWN BOSS ... for more than ONCE!!! See how bad that was? And the worse thing is, he is the one who called out my name and shook my hand. ;p

Sometimes i just admire those who can put a name to a face ( or vice-versa ), even if they just met once. Wonder how they do that?



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eat In

If you hop in my car, normally you'll see a packet of Gardenia Twiggies. Whenever my sis sees it, she'll just say : 又是Gardenia啊?That's my 'in between' classes snack. Or when i'm rushing from one club to another, that will be my usual lunch or dinner solution. Quick, dry and easy to manage.

But i had this very fun experience with my ex colleague. We were rushing for set ups from mall to mall. No time to eat lunch. S we decided to tapao and eat in the car. I was the driver. She had fried kueyteow. And guess what i bought? It's a packet of mixed rice ( 雜飯 ). Yes, i finished the rice while i was driving. Crazy kan?

I know a few friends who really HATE people eating in their cars. Are you one of them?
Or what is the CRAZIEST food you had while driving?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Missing you ...

I had a weird BUT sweet dream last night.

I dreamed of my late grandmother. There's a bunch of 'them' standing on a bridge waiting for something. And everyone was in some fancy costumes. I looked at my grandmother, she was wearing a 'mermaid' costume... complete with the high-tech head gear and super perfect make up effect. I think Lady Gaga also kalah on the finest of the make up. ( I normally can remember the details of my dreams quite well ;p ) She was in this pearl white flowy dress.. with lots of embroideries.. and also the make up ! Gold lines were drawn on her cheeks to create fish skin the effect. And the hair was permed in a big nice wavy shape. Very elegant. So nice and surreal !!!!!

But she looked slightly different from the 'grandmother' that i used to know. Cos she is 'now' younger and smaller size. She looks like in her 30's ( 少婦的樣子 ), a look that i never seen before. And she is so pretty and happy.
Hmm.. i am not really close to her ( after i moved to KL ), but i definitely missed her very much. :)

FYI, i am going to organize a a dance party/ session called " The Freak Show" ( Lots of Gaga's stuff la ) at Pavilion soon. And i was busy thinking on my 'look' for the event last night before i sleep.
Do you think that it's actually some kind of hint? That i should dressed as a .. err... Merman? ;p

Monday, April 5, 2010


( 我不是跟XX雞精打廣告 )

Not sure if i'm the ONLY one acting like this.

Whenever i get a SMS notification from my handphone, i will check the message and reply IMMEDIATELY ( Unless i purposely hold on with the reply ;p ). I feel strange when i see others who just put it aside or ignore the SMS whenever they received it. Like you have to let it cool down ( 攤凍 ) for a while before check and reply.
Do you do that as well? Or it's just me who is over efficient?


Sunday, April 4, 2010

and they WERE here ...


This is a very common scene in the blogoshpere. Sometimes people will leave a message in your chatbox, that you dunno how to respond :

" I am here :) "
" Passing by ;p "
" Ha ha ha ! "

Honestly, what should i do huh? Cos if you ask me, the direct response ( from the bottom of my heart ) will be :

" So? "
" And? "
" Huh? "

I am very interested to know, what is the appropriate response for this type of so-called messages?
Or most of the time you will just ignore it?

p/s : and again, a lot of people indirectly terkena my Big Mouth's ;p

Saturday, April 3, 2010




Do you think that you have a rather LARGE face as compared to others?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just wondering ...

How many of you noticed that i have songs posted at the side bar?
How many of you actually try listen to them?

I know sometimes the songs are quite annoying. But it's just like the blog owner, sometimes sweet, sometimes irritating, but most of the time ... VOGUE.;p

So far i think only Bong, KY and Grey commented on the songs ...