Wednesday, March 27, 2013

one down.

Went for a meeting/ presentation for my new/potential client this morning. This might be one of the most important presentation that might affected my career in the future. I've been doing the preparations for weeks. Surprisingly i slept very well last night. :)

Everything went smoothly. I was calm and confident while presenting. They like my ideas. So now i'll have to come out with a proper proposal for them to submit to Paris ( the principle ) for approval. And if everything goes well, i'll be the happiest person in the world. :))

One down, one more to go.
Must add oil! :)

How's your week so far?

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Nothing much to write about.

Just to mark a new day of a new year of me blogging ( bitching ) here.
To those who read, visited, supported, commented and criticized .. THANK YOU.
And for those who don't think that this blog will last for more than 3 years .. go back eat yourself la.. LOL ;p

Salam vogiu.

Danny : The BIG Mouth ~ celebrating 5 years of excellence in bitching and time wasting.

Friday, March 22, 2013

we are never ever doing that together.

Just curious ...

Say you are in a hotel room. Suddenly, you feel the urge to go toilet ( for #2 ). But the problem is, there's someone ( family member, close friend, other half, etc. ) is showering in the bathroom. You knocked the door and told him/her. He/she said " Just come in and use the toilet, i don't mind. " And he/she refused to get out from the shower for a moment while you closing the deal.

Can you?
Can you do that?
You can control your pose, you might able to control the noise, but you definitely cannot control the smell. ( or can you? ;p )
So, can you?


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

look at me ( not) .

Was preparing to go out for my class when a friend called. Talked for a while then hung up. Got all my stuff and went out. Dropped by management office to pay maintenance fees. Stopped by to buy some keropok lekor ( must eat something before class ).

Reached gym, checked in. Hmm.. is it me or i'm getting quite an attention today? ( syok sendiri ;p )

Once i stepped in the locker room, OH MY GOD! I saw myself in the mirror. No wonder people ( from office, from the keropok stall, from carpark and the receptionist ) stared at me one kind.

Can you imagine a self-claimed vogiu person, walking by with full confident in every step, well coordinated clothes fro head to toe, but with a messy kembang-setaman hairstyle? Yes, i forgot to style my hair ( cos answering call ) before going out!! 1st time in my life doing that ( ever since i earned my vogiu status ;p ) Malu nye!!!!!!!

Can you go out without styling your hair?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

let's fake it.

I was listening to the radio just now when a girl called in the station and won 4 tickets to a movie. And her reaction was ..

" Oh my God! Are you serious? Thank you... thank you very much!!! Yaaay! I love u guys.....Oh my God.... hehehehe "

Don't you think it's a bit over for .... 4 movie tickets?

But sometimes i think they were encouraged ( forced ) to react like that. Cos i encountered the same thing once. I called in, answered the question correctly and won 2 concert tickets for Kylie Minogue !  ( the whole process was pre-recorded while they were playing the songs ). But at the end of the call, the DJ told me that there's one problem ... I SOUNDED NOT EXCITED ENOUGH!! And i was told to redo the whole thing... with more excitement!

FYI, i am a ( pretend ) vogiu 24/7 person, you won't see me screaming or giggling like little girl when i'm excited. But ....  demi my Goddess Kylie yang tercinta .. i agreed. I ended up talking in a few note higher with some heavy breathing ( macamlah super the kancheong ). But i still ended it with a super calm " Thank you guys". ;p

What is/are the symptom(s) when you are excited?
I know mine .. i'll start to sweat ... non stop ( when i'm excited and nervous )
So the tak vogiu kan? ;p

Monday, March 18, 2013

one wish.

I was in the lift with 5 other people. Then came 2 young lady from Tanah Besar, standing right in front of me. Dah lah their loud voice super annoying, but what is more annoying is one of them kept flipping her hair ( so the mengada-ngada ) while talking...loudly. Imagine a bunch of thick and wavy hair flipping left and right in front of your face!. I was so angry but suddenly i thought of something crazy that i have to hold myself from laughing. ( Imagine laughings seorang diri... ;p )

"IF" .. given a wish ( at that moment ) .. i will..

" Apply a lot of Gatsby-super-hard-heavy-duty-gel on the girl's hair.. see how she flip. :p "

What will you ( in that scenario ) do if you can have a wish ( that you don't have to be responsible )?

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Accidentally found this clip and made my day ( actually made my stomach hurt from laughing too hard ). I think this is the biggest DIVA-OFF of the music history.

Love Mariah Carey in it. And also Christina Aguilera and Rihanna, the 'pecahness ' in their voice is just fabulous.
Happy weekend everyone.

Who is your favorite character ( besides Tiger Boy ) in the clip? :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

not easy.

I always face the same problem when asking members to give me some kind of expression, especially for the Latin class..

" Look at yourself at the mirror. Flirt with yourself. Feel sexy.... "

And most of the time, i get more seksa then sexy. I think no everybody have the 'sexy mode' huh? Asking them to be sexy is like asking me to be sophisticated .. sorry.. can't do lo. ;p

Do you have the so called sexy mode in you?

What other ways can i suggest to them so that they will feel and give me sexy when dancing?

Monday, March 11, 2013

pretentious much?

I got a tex from my friend the other day ...

" Please change your profile pic for your whatsapp. So pretentious. "

I was like .. " Huh? "

" Crazy guy doing silly/ funny face - expected. Food lovers put food pics as profile - understandable. You are a bitch. Don't pretend friendly by putting a pic of you smiling like all-so-friendly-and-approachable to the camera . That's so not you. Hahaha. "

Is your profile picture matches you actual personality ( the real you )?

Got that friendly meh?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I was buying nasi lemak from the makcik. Half way packing, she looked under the table and said ..

" Ha.. cibang dah balik? Dah makan? Cibang ni comel la. "

Out of curiosity, i looked under the table and saw a cat. Ya Allah. Who name their pet CIBANG? Got no other better name meh?

But hor, when we were young, my sister named our 3 puppies :
" Dog-dog, Bird-bird and Cat-cat. " Then the neighbor's kid always come to our house, stared at the puppies and called... Cat-cat.... The mother so stress. Takut the anak otak tak betul.
Sampat or not? ;p

Any weird pet name for a good laugh?

Friday, March 8, 2013


I was waiting for my class outside the studio when i saw a staff walking in with a young fashionable lady, giving her a tour of the club. I was staring at her from the moment she came in till she walked out. I didn't know that one of my member ( a Malay kakak ) saw the whole scene. She came to me and said..

" Danny, buat apa? Tengok leng lui ah? Haha. "

I didn't say anything and laughed with her.

Actually i was staring at the handbag and belt of that girl. LOL ;p

Enjoy the weekend . :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

my B moment.

My friend asked if i want to try a supplement that she is using. Cos she said it's good for eye-sight improvement as wells to make the eyes more lively ( 有神, like not dead fish eye ;p ).

And i replied... really? Cos i thought the only thing/way to improve the liveliness in the eyes is ...

mascara & eye-liner.

Aaah... sometimes, a vogiu person like me also will have some bimbo-moment hor? ;p
Anybody had any bimbo moment lately?

Happy Thursday everyone. :)

psssst .. dun tell anyone, but i think i'm starting to have short-sight ( 老花 )

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

all about the timing.

When i make appointment, i like to state the exact timing ( ex. 10.30am or 4.15pm ). And i normally will be there on time.

But some of my friends have other way of telling the time ... ISH. Yup.. ish.
Let's meet at 10ish... or 5.30ish...
To me, the 'ish' thing is just like a safety net or backup excuse for them to be .. not-on-time ( which i totally hate ).

Do you state the exact timing when making appointments... or you are a, ish person yourself?

# side note :
I was ironing my clothes today and heard this song played on the radio. And it totally hit me and crushed me down. I think it arrived at a perfect timing, so that i can release some tensions after so long and gain some strength to be strong again...

Monday, March 4, 2013


It's been super hot these few days. Do i decided to take my car to wash. Cos based on previous experiences, it will rain ( 99% success rate ) almost immediately after i washed my car. But guess what? IT'S NOT WORKING ANYMORE!!!! :(

Dear God,
Please bless us with a cooler days, and just leave all the HOTness to me. Kamsia. :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

captain ayam.

There's an radio commercial for TM about a man dreamt of talking horse. Guess what? I had the similar dream few night ago.

I was trapped in a reban ayam ( so the tak vogiu kan? ;p ) ( and btw, if you dunno, i paling takut ayam among all the animals ). It was locked. I ran and ran and felt down. Then came tho stupid huge ayam standing next to me shouting ..

" Captain..... captain.... "

And i woke up sweating all over. :(
Apakah udang ( mesej ) di sebalik batu ( mimpi ) itu?

BTW, binatang apakah yang paling u takut?