Thursday, June 30, 2011


It was around 11pm. I was waiting for the lift at the lobby of my condo. Suddenly, i saw a shadow ( or black figure, i can't really tell ) of a small person passed by in between the blocks. I was shocked. I tried to convinced myself that it was a human being. Then i saw another shadow running from the opposite direction. This time, i heard the voice like a boy giggling.

Mak oooiii... seram giler!!! I really dunno what to do.. or how to react.

Then i heard a voice of a boy shouting from the other side of the lobby. I looked at him, speechless. And when i realized what is happening,i felt like slapping the boy immediately.


BTW, i was very good playing hide n seek when i was young. Due to my size, i can squeeze in some very unpredictable place / corner. What about you? Are you a pro hide-r or seeker? Cos i know some of my friends who are really "BODOH" every time they try to hide. LOL ;p

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I bought a blazer from the mall in Bangkok. And when i'm back in the hotel, i put it on fro me friend to see. But the blazer seems slightly looser than the one that i tried on, although it's the same size. So my friend asked :

Him : Did the sales person gave you a new piece?

Me : Yup.

Him : No wonder la. New pieces are normally slightly looser.

Me : HUH???!!!

What kind of theory is that? I thought the one on display should be looser coz so many people tried on it. And now he tell me the opposite? Just not convincing at all.

IS IT TRUE? I mean his theory?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kylie's APHRODITE @ Bangkok

The moment she appeared on stage and said : " SAWADEEKA THAILAND", i flushed my vogiuness down the toilet deep deep. I screamed, i jumped, i danced and i waved like nobody's business. In fact, i think the whole arena did the same. The atmosphere was so awesome. By the 4th song, i kinda lost my voice liao. But i still carry on singing till the end with my now low-and-husky voice. LOL.

The set was interesting. The costumes were so inspiring ( can copy for my show, lol ;p ). The visual effects were so scandalous, 80% of them are images of guys in skimpy underwear, posing seductively. And of cos, KYLIE was superb. It's was a roughly 120mins show where i think we hardly sat for 10mins. You just have to stand up and move every time the intro came up. What a great cardio session. BTW, i think i lost weight in BKK. Amazing kan? ;p

Besides that, things were equally happening off stage ~ the crowd. I bet u won't have this in any of her other Asian tour. It's Bangkok, a place where they dont really care about gender. There were so many Kylie wannabes, dressed as Kylie from different era. She even invited 2 person ( a guy and a kua ) from the audience to join her on stage. One of the fan kneeled down and kiss her shoes. Then he cried. I also cried, a bit la. How i wish that was me. ;p

Me doing silly thing at the arena. You just can't stand still with all the Kylie's songs blasting at the speakers at the foyer. Bought a "K for Kylie" t-shirt and wore it on the spot.

Got this super fabulous 'Bangkok heart Kylie' t-shirt as part of the souvenir from the ticker purchase. I'm so going to wear it to gym and parade!!!! LOL ;p


p/s : i think half of KL was there. saw so many familar faces.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Flying to Bangkok early in the morning tomorrow to have a probably-once-in-a-lifetime-long-awaited experience with my Goddess. Super excited!!!
Hopefully the person sitting in front of me is shorter than 160cm. LOL ;p


Hope that i can get all the costumes for my client while i'm there. :)
( my 2nd reason going to Bangkok )

Thursday, June 23, 2011


They said, if you are a left handed person, you'll ...

normally ... hold the spoon with your left hand and fork on the right.

normally ... land with left hand on the floor first when you do a 'cartwheel'.

normally ... left arm is stronger than the right one.

I have all the above .. but i'm a RIGHT HANDED person.
Guess it just proved on more time that i'm not normal, cos i'm SPECIAL.

p/s : it's been a while since i last wrote a syok-sendiri entry .. just feeling it ;p

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ah-maaaaaaaeee-zing !!!

Sometimes, i am quite amazed with my level of BLURRness.

You see, there's some surface crack on my ring finger. And i plastered my middle finger. Just realized after the whole day, before i went for shower.
Brilliant kan? ;p

Luckily so far nothing too serious / bad happened to me due to the blurrness.
Take care, everyone. :))

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the daring me ...

Met a friend in the gym, told him that i'm going to Bangkok to watch my Goddess ~ Kylie Minogue's concert this Saturday.

Him : Huh? Kylie Minogue? I thought your Goddess is Lady Gaga?

Me : No la. Kylie is my Goddess. Gaga is my sister.

So? Daring or not? ;p

Am counting down to the days for me to pay respect to my Goddess. :))

Monday, June 20, 2011


I saw a lady in the gym, wearing a set ( same top & bottom ) of tracksuits. I think she's trying to achieve the high-end sporty look, cos i know the brand of her tracksuits, not cheap. But i think wearing a SET of tracksuit or anything is just UN-GLAM lorr. It's like little girl putting on a matching top & bottom pyjama.

The only matching things i wear is according to color .. but of the different materials.
Do you wear a SET clothing when you go out? ( except uniforms )

what the hell?

Sometimes i think i'm quite good in creating amazing crappy philosophy.

I was sick for the past few days. So when i went for classes, i'll inform and apologize to the members ...

" Hi class. Sorry ya, i won't be able to do full out with you guys. Cos i'm still not feeling well. "

So everyone was very understanding with my situation. And right after that line ...

" OK, let's do something sexy today. "

Then i can see some of the member's faces like WTH? You just say that you are sick and now you want to do sexy stuff? So i told them the following ..

( boys & girls, remember this very important tips of life. ;p ) :
" You can be sick, but you can never be too sick for SEXY ~ Danny The Big Mouth ( 2011 ) "

And everyone just bursted out laughing once i said that. What a great way to start a class kan? :))

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Great to be healthy again. And i can start bitching / lasering again. LOL ;p

p/s : Happy Daddy's Day !
( My whole family is coming to KL to have Father's Day dinner. They'll stop by my house before the dinner. Must quick quick clean the house now. ;p )

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Down with fever. I feel so light the whole day. But the figures on the weighting machine are still the same.
Damn. :(

p/s : must quickly finish tomorrow's proposals then fast fast go to sleep. goodnite you all.

au naturel

Woke up in the morning, headed to the bathroom. Looked at myself at the mirror .. WOW. My hair was kembang setaman. But i have to say that although it's really messy, i think it's kinda cool with some sort of attitude ( ;p ). But of cos this attitude will only stay in the house. Cos i will never step out of my house without styling my hair. And wearing cap is not an option for me, cos i don't have the cap/hat face. :(

Can you go out ( maybe just to the nearby mamak ) without styling your hair? I know i'm 100% can't.

Hmm .. it's about time to get a hair cut.

p/s : not convenient to show the whole face, cos just woke up. face swollen macam baaabee. ;p

Monday, June 13, 2011

i love BLACK

A common scene at my balcony on my laundry day ...
Some might thought that it's my uniform. Well, it kinda is .. as i wear black tops most of the time. It's like my signature look ( black top with cargo pants, cropped pants, jeans, etc. ) Cos i believe that ( not necessary true ) black color will make my body look slimmer ( a common myth right? ;p ).

I have more than 40 pcs ( 25% fo the total pcs ) of black tops in my closet. It's just like a 'basic' requirement in the closet. But i know there's still some people who do not own or wear any black colored top at all! Cos to them it is the color of suei-ness. And they are YOUNGER than me !!!

What is your signature color?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

i hate RED

It was 10pm last night, and i was so hungry. Cos i only had 1 proper meal ( at around 4pm ) for the whole day. So i went out to tapao my favorite nasi lemak from my favorite nasi lemak stall. I told the abang :

" Bang, mintak nasi lemak satu. Lauk ayam ngan telur goreng. Nasi kurang, sambal lebih. "

And this is what i got ...

I was so excited when i seee it. It was like a giant tsunami of sambal just attacked the rice village. Don't you think that he is just so generous with the sambal? Cos normally they'll just add in quarter spoon of sambal ( sometimes just the chili oil ) when you request for extra sambal. :(

FYI, red is my least favorite color ( besides orange ). Unless the redness comes with some spiciness, or with money inside. LOL :))
What's your least favorite color?

do not challenge the aunties !!!

I was at this new gym for a replacement class. 15 mins before the class, a few aunties already came in. Since they have nothing to do, they decided to sit at the corner and started to chat ... quite loudly. It was like a pasar malam scene in the studio. So i turn on the music just hoping to get them to shut up or at least go outside to chat.

But NO!!!
The louder i turn up the volume, the louder they'll talk. At certain point, i think they were actually shouting at each other. I am so amazed with them, still able to chat with so loud music on. Then i suddenly stop the music just to let them feel how loud they were .. but i FAILED. They continued chatting as if nothing happened. :(

I normally will make a high pitch ' YOOOOHOOOOOOO' when i need the member ( normally not those regular ones ) to shut up and listen to me. Cos i think it is not so nice to make the 'SHHHUUUUSSSSSHHHH' sound at them.

Do you think that ' shhhussh'-ing people is kinda ... insulting? Especially to adults?

Friday, June 10, 2011

the "IT" moment ...

Sometimes, i can't think of anything to blog about. No matter how i crack my mind, there's still no ideas or inspirations. And when i'm not free to blog ( normally when i'm driving ), i'll suddenly have thousands of things to say ( geram aje ;p )

Same thing happened to me when i need to choreograph steps for new songs. Some songs / timing are really uninspiring at all. Can't think or any steps to fit in the music. Then .. when i'm not thinking about it ( normally when i'm in my bed about to sleep ), i can finish the whole song just lying there. All the steps just came out of nowhere.

I was suppose to choreograph this song for tomorrow's class. I tried a few times but still not satisfied. This morning ( at about 550am ) i woke up to go toilet. After that, i went back to bed. But before i can continue my sleep, i suddenly thought of the dance and instantly got ideas for the songs. And believe it or not, i choreographed the whole song with my eyes close ( trying to sleep ). And when i went to the studio just now, i did the whole song based on what i thought of in between sleep's moment. And it fits really well! So no need to scratch my head liao. :))

When is your most inspiring moment of the day?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

lie down, stand up & jump

Just some random lasering sessions with friends ... to cheer up your Wednesday :)

A female friend was talking about her first face spa experience :

Her : Yerr.. very kan-chiong lorr... Lie down there and let them do whatever with my face.
Yerr .. 有緊張 lorr,躺在那邊給她們弄。

Me : No la .. you'll be more kan-chiong if they ask you to stand still while they do your face. :P

( i think this one i posted b4 .. just in case u missed it ;p )
I was persuading a friend to try my dance class :

Her : Dancing ahh? Don't want la. Scared la.

Me : Why scared? It's just dancing, not jumping from building what ... ;p


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just got another super weird dream.

I was at the corner of a room, fully makeup and costumed. Not sure what is happening. I saw so many people, boys n girls, young and old, running here n there. It was a packed and busy room.

Then someone ask me to follow him to a door, and asked me to wait for his cue. What cue?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO.

He opened the door and pushed me out. A very loud samba music was played. Thousands of people standing at the both sides of the road cheering for me. I was on the top of a carnaval ( carnival ) float !!! AHHH!!! IT WAS LIKE A DREAM COMES TRUE FOR ME!!! Tunggu apa lagi? I smiled and started to move every part of my body to that ever passionate and sexy samba music. I danced, and danced and danced ... Then i feel like peeing. And i woke up and went to the toilet. ;p

There goes my ONE NIGHT ONLY fame. :)

Hmm .. i was thinking. Is it a sign that i should/will visit Brazil soon?

Meanwhile, try to shake every inch of your body to the song posted. Enjoy ... :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's been a hectic month. Trying to handle a few jobs at the same time. Then one of my client called to cancel the job.

But i have to say that i was so relieved that that particular job was cancelled. Cos there were so many problems with the client, and i regreted on taking the job. Furthermore they don't really have budget for it. So it's good that it's cancelled. :)

To celebrate my relief, i bought a pair of shoes ( you know that i am crazy about shoes rite? ;p ) from my client's new shop. Just to show support and give face a bit la. But i think the main reason is i've already spotted and aimed for this design when i browsed thru their catalogue on the 1st meeting, way before we set up the new shop. And once it hit the selling floor, i just can't wait / resist anymore. ;p

I think it's really nice. Simple with some details. I wore it immediately, can't wait to show them off. LOL ;p
What say you? Ada cantik?

失去了一個 job,換來一雙鞋子。。。有賺,有賺。哈哈。

Monday, June 6, 2011

Danny GAGA : The Edge of KUALI

I was in the kitchen, in some sort of cooking competition. There's too many ingredients on the table and i have too little cooking knowledge. I looked at other contestants, they looked focused and cool. I was freaking out.

Then came the host :

" Contestants, for today's challenge, you'll have to create a breakfast meal ... WHILE YOU DANCE TO THE MUSIC! " And they played the song. OMG!!! It was Gaga's " The Edge of Glory " ( which i just did last week in my classes ).

Tunggu apa lagi. I pun started to shake and move while trying to fry a mata kerbau. BTW. they frying pans were really colorful siap dengan bling-bling lagi! I think at some point, i was laughing at those kayu chefs. ( LOL ;p ) Suddenly i walked out from the kitchen and tak balik-balik lagi ! Damn, why can't i wait for the result before i move to the other scene? ;(

You do know that i was dreaming rite? ;p
A classic example of me watching "Top Chef" and " So U think U Can Dance" before going to bed.

p/s : posted my current FAVORITE song .. in 2 versions
if u think the 1st one is too light for you.. then wait for the 2nd one.. :))
( FYI, the lala inside me prefer the 2nd version ... lol ;p )

Sunday, June 5, 2011

bang! bang!

Funny and annoying things happened in front of the same studio. I parked my car in front of the studio, and sat in the car while waiting for my class. Then i can see the members arrive one by one, going up the studio.

Last week, this Chinese girl member parked next to me. And when she opened her car door and stepped out, she knocked my car. I cursed and stared at her in my car, don't think she realized that. Then this week, another Malay member did the same thing. The best thing is, both of them didn't bother checking either cars after the bang. Why lah members from this studio like to bang people's car?

Do you think i should actually step down the car and confront them if it happen again? But they are my members, not sure if i should do that ...

Or maybe i should announce it before the class with the mic :

" You there in the pink tank top. Stop banging my car! " ;p

Friday, June 3, 2011

a complete meal

I have a habit of finishing whatever in my plate when i eat, unless the food is really horrible. But some of my friends just felt that it's a bit strange and funny. Whenever they see my 'clean' plate after the meal, normally they'll tease :

你好餓啊?Very hungry issit?

Cos to them, it's common and normal to have some leftover food on the plate by the end of the meal. And i think that's just a waste. But to them my habit is just so tak vogiu .. like never eat in years. :(

有人叫吃到太乾淨的碟為 “美人照鏡“。

Thursday, June 2, 2011

jom mandi :)

I was once scolded by my female housemate, saying that i took too much time showering. But my average shower time is only 10 minutes. According to her, man should just take 3 to 5 minutes for shower. I was like WTF? Man not human ahh? Man no need to wash really clean ahh?

I got 2 friends who shower really long ... MINIMUM 30 minutes per shower. The 1st on cos he got bigger surface ( luas permukaan. ;p ) if you know what i mean. LOL. And the 2nd one just simple bcoz 'he likes to be pampered by water every time he shower. '.. To me it's so wasting water and time. ;p

So what is your average shower time? Is 10 minutes really long meh?

How many time you shower per day?
For me, normal days 2 times. If got class.. 3 or more lo.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

eeewwwwwwwww ...

Venue : Toilet in the gym

I tengah bikin business then suddenly the phone from the next cubicle rang. He answered the call and started to talk. After 1 minute, i purposely flush the toilet to hint him to stop talking. Cos somehow he is affecting my mood on dealing the business. But he kept talking, buat tak tau.

Suddenly i heard the sound of running water. OMG! He was actually washing his butt while talking on the phone. EEEEEEEWWWWWWW .. I thought talking while crapping is already very disgusting, and this is worse than that.

As a caller, which is more unacceptable for you? The person talking to you while crapping or washing his butt?

I normally will silent my phone or just press the busy mode if someone call while i'm in toilet. Cos i really think that it is very tak bermoral. lol ;p