Monday, October 31, 2011

is it weird ...

... to have Nancy Sit ( 薛家燕 ) teaching me how to iron clothes in my house?

... to go on a high heel shopping spree with my niece, who is now 19 ... months old?

... to climb and jump from building to building, just to go and get my car ... which is just parked downstairs of my condo?

I'm having more and more weird dreams lately. Am i really that stressed or i'm just too creative, even in my dreams? ;p

I think if i start jotting down all those funny/weird dreams that i had, i can publish a book called ...
" Big Dreams, by Big Mouth. " lol ;p

p/s : Happy Halloween everybody! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


I was searching for some documents in my storeroom when i found a picture of me.. taken in 1995 ( 1st year college ). I was shocked with my fashions sense then. But i admired my courage to go out like that ...

Look at me! Blue tee, blue jeans and blue shoes. I was trying to be a SMURF or what? Or is it i already knew that there will be a super box office movie coming few years later. So i quickly put on my AVATAR look, so fashion forward huh? And notice that black spot on my pants. I accidentally spilled batik pigment on it, and felt so creative and cool. So i let it there for some time. What the hell was i thinking huh? :P

Happy Halloween everyone.
I know most of the people / bars / clubs are going to celebrate tomorrow.
BTW, anyone plan to go as a SLUTTY witch or Red Riding WHORE ( Hood ) ? LOL ;p

p/s : CF is having an annual instructor gathering / halloween party tomorrow. Them : Back to School. Don't think i'll go with any costume lo. Cos my gang is not there :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

still waiting...

In my opinion, there are 2 types of movies that we will not watch for the 2nd or 3rd time.

1st type ... SHITTY movie. 屎片/爛片 No need explain more kan?

2nd type ... GREAT movie. A movie that is so good that you dare not watch again. Maybe too good till you can't stop crying. I got 1 in my list ...

A Korean movie about a boy and his grandmother. Very touching one. Made me think of my late grandma only. I bought the DVD few years back. Watched once. Till now still dare now re-watch it. Sob sob... :(

Are they any movies that is so good that you dare not watch again?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

say CISSSSSSSSS........ ( bedebah ;p )

I don't really like taking picture, cos i don't think i look good in it. ( I look better in real syok sendiri ;p ) And i'm extremely ' beh song' when people / friends 'force' me to take picture WITH them. I mean i don't mind taking picture FOR them. So i'll end up giving them a 'fake smile' for 2 seconds.

I was at SS2 Mall the other day when i saw this family ( parents + 2 kids ) passed by FullHouse. Then the father asked his kids to pose in front of the shop to take pics. Then changed pose. Then changed pose. I can see the smile on the kids' face slowly turn to sour. It was so hot and it took forever for the father to snap a picture. Kesian betul budaks tu. Sometimes i think the parents were too excited and carried away when taking pictures for their kids. Never thought of the kids feeling oso. :(

Do you like to TAKE picture?
Or you like to TAKE picture for others?

Friday, October 21, 2011

my Happy Meal :)

I don't normally post entry about food, but this time .. I HAVE TO. :)

I just finished my class in Wangsa Walk and i was raining, heavily. I can see it's jam out there. So i decided to have my dinner there before i head home. I walked pass a few restaurants and stopped in front of the "Ayam Penyet" shop. Ever heard of Ayam Penyet? It's an Indonesian restaurant serving some interesting local dishes.

I always wanted to try it but no chance/ time. So i walked in and ordered the Empal Penyet ( fried beef ) set. BTW, i'm the only Chinese in there cos it's not something that Chinese will eat ( i'm used to it, as i considered myself Melayu celup ). The set arrived, and i took a small bite on the cili. WADUH WADUH .. terus meleleh ;p

It was so good. The cili, the beef and the side dishes. I can practically eat the rice just with cili alone. Those who likes spicy food, THIS IS THE ONE TO GO. So goooooood. You guys should give it a try next time.:)

Now who said that only McDonalds can serve you a Happy Meal? I just had mine, and i'm going back there again tomorrow. Anybody wants to join me?


I always admire those instructors who can conduct a very fun and 'noisy' class. They always know when to do the 'Ooooooooo's, 'Aaaaahhhhhh's and 'Heeeeyyyyyyyy's. And the most important part is .. when to say something ( normally something encouraging ) to the members.

I am still trying very hard to 'open up' myself. Cos i think i always give a very COLD feeling to others. And i always feel hesitated and shy to make noise during the class. I did, but maybe just for 2 minutes. ( :P ) Hmmm, it really takes whole lot of hard work to create a 'great and fun' class. And i'm heading to that direction. Hopefully it's not too late. :)

Any tips?
Or anything that you would like to expect from your instructor?

For those who dunno me yet .. " i need longer time to warm up ... especially to newly met people " :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

upper vs lower

Do you know what to do when i ask you to :

" Move your upper body to the right. " ,OR
" Concentrate on the lower body only. " ?

I think there's still a big group of people/ member who are confused with their upper and lower body, especially during warm up session. Cos whatever i said, they'll still move their whole body.

Any other more easy to understand 'terms' that i should use? Cos i dun think that i want to say :

" Move your body from shoulder to your waist to the right." , OR
" Concentrate from the butt down only. " :)

I always wanted o conduct a 80's theme dance class. Sure fun, with those shorts and head ban... Remember my name .. FAME ;p Anybody want to join? :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I always wonder what will happened if i'm involved in a fight. I mean a real fight with punching and kicking. For a 'good' boy like me, i've never involved or witnessed a fight. Me punching and kicking? I think i might end up shaking the hip and do a high kick instead. lol ;p

Anybody fancy a 'not-so-friendly' fight?
Feeling a bit wild lately. ;p

Any tips for a sure in fight? Just in case ( touch wood ) i kena tomorrow. LOL ;p

Monday, October 17, 2011

just did it !?

I think my memory is getting weaker and weaker.

Woke up this morning, brushed my teeth and wanted to shower. Then my phone rang. I ran out answered the phone. After that, went back to the bathroom ... and brushed my teeth again !! I only realized that when i rinsed my mouth. Cos it felt so familiar, so familiar like i just did that 10 minutes ago.LOL ;p

Now i'm so worried that i might not remember my way home after a tiring dance session at the gym. Hahaha :))
( Seriously, if you see me walking alone i the mall/ road side, please come and approach me. Cos i might need your help.;p )

Anyone have similar problem?
If gingko is good for strengthen the memory, then i think i'll need to be soaked in it.;p

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I was at Jaya 33 this morning for my class. I stepped in the lift and wanted to press the button, and i stoned/ blanked out for 2 seconds. Guess what i saw on the lift buttons?

(btw, how come there's no question on #4? suei issit? ;p )

Immediately i thought of 2 scenarios :

a) Say i was late for an interview at 13th floor and already in panic mode, then i saw these buttons. I think i'll slam the lift door and die for a while. ;p

b) Say someone got heart attack at 11th floor and they called an ambulance. Then abang ambulance arrived and saw these buttons. " Alamak! Matematik aku dapat P8! " (:P) I think the people at 11th floor die. ;p

What else scenario can you think of?
Do you think you'll be happy to have this concept at your office. school, condos, etc?
I personally think that it's fun and creative, but not practical. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

let's get loud ( or not ;p )

I extremely uncomfortable having meal with people who makes a lot of noise when eating. I used to have a housemate in college where she is very loud when eating. We were all eating in front of the tv, then one by one will slowly move away from her. Cos beh tahan with the THX sound effect. It's like she's announcing to the world that she is having her meal...

chap chap chap ( see? i'm chewing vege !!! )
slurp slurp slurp ( yumm, i'm drinking my soup !!! )
buurrrrrrrrrrp ( ah, i'm full !!! )*

But when i was in Japan, i'm totally fine with them slurping their ramen loudly. Is it bcoz i respect their culture? Or me being a double standard hypocrite? LOL ;p

Do you have any friend who likes the THX effect? Or you are one of them? ;p

Me doing the " slurping sakan " in Tokyo. ;p

* actually i burp a lot and very very loudly. who wants to have a burping battle with me? lol ;p

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have economic rice as lunch most of the time. And normally i'll ask for half rice, and i'll pick 4 dishes in small portion ( 1 vege, 1 meat, 1 egg and 1 other ). But i really don;t understand some of the people who just take rice and 1 dish. Like one of my ex colleague, she only take the rice, 1 fried chicken and some curry gravy. When i asked her, she said she's just used to that. To me it's like a bit plain lorr...
( btw, she is not poor ya... cos she is higher position that me )

What is your normal economic rice selection?

And i'll normally take a small bowl of free soup to go with the rice. I just love soups :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

me pushed.

Few years ago, my friend recommended / encouraged / forced me to try skinny jeans. FYI, i have issue buying pants as my lengs are huge and short. Therefore i'm extremely conscious when buying pants. But after trying the skinnies, i loved it. And bought few pairs after that.

Few years later, i pushed myself to try something new ~ 'Dropped-Crotch' sweat pants ( some called it 'diaper-pants' or 瀨屎褲 ;p ). All this while i've been avoiding it cos you really need the attitude to carry it. But somehow i convinced myself to get one, and wore it to the gym today. Surprisingly it was extremely comfortable to dance in it, cos its soooooo spacious. No wonder so many dancers like to wear it. LOL ;p

Would you ever try wearing this type of pants?

Monday, October 10, 2011

walk the walk.

We were doing Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger. I thought of combining some 'fashionable element' in the choreography. So i did a simple 4 count step where i want them to walk with attitude ( ala-ala catwalk la ;p ). Cos i though it will be fun having a bunch of people catwalking in the studio at the same time. So vogiu kan? ( also can lepas gian sikit pretending like coordinating a fashion show lol ;p )

Everything was ok. But when i play the music and they started to walk ...

Now i know why sometimes we laugh at SOME of the contestants from ANTM when they try to do the catwalk. Some were born with it, and some just need to work hard, real hard. And i'm thankful that i'm doing OK in this department ( although there's lot more of other stuffs that i don't know ;p ).

A lot of people can talk the talk. But how many of you can really walk the walk?
So you think you can walk .. like catwalk?

p/s : i lost about 1.5kg thanks to the fever. yayyyyyyyy!! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011



I think i really need a lot of work / project to keep me healthy. Cos whenever i ma slightly free ( no project ), i'll tend to fall sick easily. No income and sick. So unvogiu!

Later still need to go for 2 classes. Too late to cancel class now. Dunno got energy or not. Going to sleep now. Hopefully the fever will cool down soon. :(

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bang! bang! banged!

3 words to describe my class last night : 陀衰家!!!

I was about to start the class when the tenant upstairs started to drill the floor. It was so loud in the studio that no one can hear what i was saying. So i requested to change to the yoga studio, and that was my first time using that studio. Everything was ok until we finished the class. I switched off the lights and sound system, and talked to the members while walking towards the door. And suddenly .. BAM!!! I banged my face right on the glass panel, next to the door!

MALU GILER !!!! In my defense, it was dark, the glass panel was crystal clear ( kudos to the cleaners ;p ) and i was totally not familiar with that studio! :(

I still can see my sweaty/oily face-print on the glass panel when i leave the gym. ;p

Hmm .. it's been quite a 'bumpful' week. Few 'things' happened to me, but i'm very excited. Cos i know, after a hurricane, comes a RAINBOW! Can't wait to see my big fat rainbow. lol ;p

Monday, October 3, 2011

bag's back!

I received a call from the gym this afternoon. They found a bag in the locker room, and checking if it's mine. After confirming that the bag is the one that got stolen, i immediately rushed to the gym. In my heart i was hoping that the fukker took anything but my car keys, cos that would saves me a few hundreds or maybe, thousand.

I arrived at the gym, went in the operation room, and my bag is there! I quickly open the front pocket to look for my car key, and it was there. It was a big relief. Apparently, he stole my bag and just took my watch. Stupid kan? Although my watch is gone, but at least i don't have to go through the changing immobilizer issue.

But i think i still have the right to CURSE the fukker right? After all, he did gave a not very vogiu moment. Imagine me running like headless chicken in the gym, mall and also parking lot. ;p

p/s : thanks to those who cursed that fellow for me. u guys are real friends.. lol ;p

pp/s : just bought a 'kiasu-size' padlock to lock the locker...;)

ppp/s : i think i had a great Monday, how about you?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

i hope you 爛 !!!

Not a very good way to start the month of October ...

I was in the gym yesterday for my classes. After the class, i went to the changing room and found out that my padlock was missing. I opened the locker and my gym bag is gone. I have my watch, camera, a whole stack of CDs and most importantly, my car keys in the bag! I was so worried that the fukker had drive my car away. I ran to the parking lot. Thank God my car is still there. I reported to the security and they agreed to have an eye on my car while i went back to get the spare keys.

It was so tiring. Calling friends, looking for locksmith and filing report with the management. Luckily everything is ok now. Tomorrow i'll have to send my car to the service centre to change the whole lock thing. :(


But looking from the bright side, i now have a very GOOD reason to buy new watch, gym bag and camera. Going shopping tomorrow. Haha :))

p/s : and now i won't laugh at those who use gigantic padlock for their locker in the gym as kiasu people. cos i'll be one of them starting tomorrow. ;p