Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Trespassing !

Do you have a certain part of your daily life that you think it's the best to keep it to yourself..and only yourself? Maybe things that you are embaressed of, things that you regreted, your weakness, something that you hated...or...i don't know. And you always put on the 'NO TRESPASSING' sign when people want to talk or discuss about it.

I have my 'NO TRESPASSING' zone as well..that i wish you will stand behind the line...
Let me see...

~ DO NOT ask me about my financial status...cos i don't know how to explain..and not so sure about it myself
~ DO NOT ask me about my future plan...cos i really don't know..and don't feel like sharing it with you
~ DO NOT ask me if i want to be a millionaire , by joining your direct selling / insurance scheme...big NO-NO for me !
~ DO NOT pretend that you care by giving me lectures about life and love...i know what i want
~ DO NOT ask me to shut up ..... cos I JUST CAN'T !

So next time if you see me giving you the funny or uncomfortable face, pandai-pandai stop asking or go away,...before it turn to be a 'CRIME SCENE'. ;p

Thank you for your co-operations.

Friday, May 30, 2008



因為她們是我的regular member,我就應酬應酬一下跟她們講話。


當時我只笑笑,沒說什麼。因為,我突然心虛的想起我之前的entry ﹣小姐好白。


Wednesday, May 28, 2008




Something About ~ F.F.K.

I was supposed to meet up my friend this afternoon. But she FFK last minute. I waited for her for more than 50 minutes. And when i called, she did not answer the phone. So i decided to go back after the long wait. On my way back, i turned on the radio, just to listen to some nice songs to destress. MANA TAHU.....

I first listen to 988, they were playing Joey Yung's 我的驕敖 ( My Pride ).....

" see me FLY..i'm proud to FLY up high...."

No mood, then i switched to My Fm, even worse..cos they were playing Janice's 今夜你不會來.....

Ya...what a nice song for someone who is just being FFKed by others...

Monday, May 26, 2008

賤嘴正傳 ﹣Original or Spicy ?

I used to have a housemate, who likes to put on a lot of talcum powder everytime after he showers. So one day, out of curiosity, i asked him :

Me : 你擦醬多粉做麼?
( Why you like to apply so much powder ? )

Him : 醬才爽嘛。
( So that i feel fresh and smell nice. )

Me : 我還以為你準備要去炸。。。
( Oic. I thought you are ready to be fried..... )

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello Y.B.

( Berikut adalah isi kandungan sebuah perbualan telefon. Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup ATAU yang tak nak hidup. Dan jangan sekali diikut. )

Shasha : Hello sun. ( sun = shortname for SUNDAL ;p )

Me : Ya sun. Nak apa sun?

Shasha : Next Tuesday Bobbie's birthday la. Nak dinner. U can ah?

Me : Sori la. Normally weeknites i ada class la.

Shasha : You ni memang Y.B.

Me : Ya lah, Y.B. memang busy nak berkhidmat untk negara ma.

Shasha : Eh, don't get me wrong. My Y.B. to you is YANG BABI !!

Me : Pant*t, next time i pun call you Y.B. la...YANG BITCHY !!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My award winning song


第一行诗的狂妄 第一首歌的难忘
第一次吻你的唇 你的倔强
第一颗流星灿烂 第一个天真愿望

你教我忘记该忘 伤心太伤
让思念更苦更长 只想问
想念的 想念的 想念的你



第一次shoot你的爽 第一次笑你肥胖
第一次指指點點 你的濃妝
第一次咒你嘴烂 第一次做人假裝

你教我怎樣laser 才不會伤
讓我的賤功更強 只想问
嘴賤的 最賤的 最近的你

The most LASER song award...goes to....BIG MOUTH !

"First of all, i would like to thank my parents and family...friends...for their blessings..
And to my fans...who suppoted me all the way...
Thank you.."

p/s : this is the official song for PMLM ( Persatuan Mulut Laser Malaysia ) lol

Friday, May 23, 2008

Call me 'Tauke'..

Yaaaaayy...finally, i can open my current account..and get my own cheque book. It might sound nothing to you. But for people like me, who do freelance, it's very difficult for us to open that account. Cos we don't have salary slip, no company back up, no permanent income.....I've been meeting up with that officer for few times before this. She keep on rejecting my application cos i got not enough materials to submit. And also i don't know anyone who can be my introducer. But thanks to this Indian lady officer at Klang branch. She told me to apply it online. No introducer or statements needed. I tried. And i got it thru. Thank you very much.

Now i can be like those TAUKEs, signing off cheques for payments. So shioook...:)

BTW, something funny happened in the bank. I was sitting at one corner waiting for my number to be called. Then came this matured chinese guy, and asked me :

" 青見 女,邊度囉號碼?”

I thought he was talking to other people. But there's only me. So i replied :

“ 前邊 ” ( in my heart : Uncle, 你有病啊?)

p/s : Luckily i'm more matured than Shinji - sikit-sikit., mahu tunjuk kuku ;p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

From now on...

It was a good day for me..till just now.

I called my friend to inform her that there are certain things that she did was not correct. At least i felt so. I told her that cos we are close and i know that i am better than her in that part. But what did i get in return ?

She raised her voice at me saying that she know what is going on. And she is very sure that she did the thing correctly. So i kept quiet. We did not argue but i won't say that it was a good conversation. Honestly i am a bit disappointed, cos this is not the first time. Normally when she need some advise in that matter, she will check with me. And now she just treat me like an used info-counter.

Sometimes i wonder if i am should stop sharing or taking care of her, since she is now GROWN UP.

Ah... what the f*ck !
From now on..U 'LUM' U . I will just take care of my own things.
So long, farewell.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Me & Myself

I realised that something weird is happening to me lately.
I tend to talk to myself when i'm alone, or when i'm thinking of something, or when i have nothing to do. Not sure if it is normal, but the frequency of me talking to myself is really freaking me out...a bit.

Especially when i drive alone, listening to the radio. I talk to the DJ, i respond to the radio commercial and i 'drama' along with the songs, as if i'm in their MV. Strange right? I only realised that everytime when i'm half way doing it, then i qucikly stop it. Ask myself to SHUT UP AND DRIVE ( nope, it's not Rihanna's, this is more serious ).

Maybe that is a certain voice inside me that need to be released. The powerful voice that is out of control sometimes. But i hope somehow it will help me, giving me the strength along the way to reach my dreams.

So, if you see me talking alone, don't be scared or looked at me one kind. It's just me and myself, having a good time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


昨天去了朋友的 house warming party,小賭了一下。



Monday, May 19, 2008

What A Feeling !!!

Accidentally saw this video when i browsed youtubes videos. WHAT A FEELING !!!!! I still can recall those good memories. I was in primary 2 , when my teacher asked us to perform a dance for some event in the school. And guess what? We danced to this song. I love the energy and the melody of the song. Really makes you wanna dance.

And heard a new version on the radio. It was from Namie Amuro ( one of my favourite Japanese female singer ). She released a new single with some sample of the original music. Cool.

Now i can dance to the past...and groove with the present ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What if ?


The above phrase is the most common one ( in the Chinese society ) to describe the parents' hope on their children. Wish that their kids will succeed in their life and fly high like dragon and phoenix.

But, what if...?

What if i choose not to fly up high?
What if i just want to stay on the ground and do the best i can, to live the life that i want?

Can i?

I want to be a horse...
I don't need to fly up high..
I just want to have the total freedom to run with all my heart for my dreams..
With your blessings...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Goodday mate !

KLCC is having a Lifestyle Australia Exhibition at the concourse area from now till next Tuesday ( 20/5/08 ). Since my client - MOOKS is an Australian brand, they got to promote their merchandise there. And that's when i came into the picture : Planned and proposed the display concept for them.

Since it is not a major exhibition, we were just allocated a certain part of the booth to display and sell our merchandise. No dramatic display but it did create a small drama :

The theme for the Winter 08 ( Australia is having winter now ) is actually New York, New York. So we picked the Statue of Liberty as the icon of the collection. As of course, we have to display some of it in the booth. And then this old man stopped by and asked me : Why is this thing doing here? It's American! Luckily it was in a trade show and i was in a good mood. So i explained to him the actual idea of having the statue there.

We did make some changes on the statue, as it is not holding a torch, but a MOOKS signature lighhtbulb. I was quite pleased when they are some visitors who actually wanted to buy the props that i made, instead of the merchandise. ( My client will not be happy, but who cares ;p )

My 2D Statue of Liberty standee in a la Andy Warhol color combinations.

So, if you happen to be in KLCC these few days, do drop by the booth. And get some goodies or discount vouchers from our friendly promoters. :)


昨天和朋友到Pavilion逛。走著走著就進了間branded boutique。那位sales姐姐一看到衣著casual的我們,就很不爽的走過來。問她東西就要答不答的應酬我們。而且態度極差。看了一下我們就走了。當我朋友問我為什麼那些人態度可已這麼差的時候,我就對他說:







Wednesday, May 14, 2008


See if you agree with me..

So-called beauty ~ apply a lot of things on their face to get compliments
Real beauty ~ walk out with confident even with their bare face

So-called rich man ~ wear branded stuffs and expensive jewelleries to show off
Real rich man ~ donate to those who is in need to make his life experience richer

So-called teacher ~ pass down all her knowledge to the students
Real teacher ~ teach and learn from the students to get more knowledge

So~called parents ~ buy cute toys and nice clothes for their children
Real parents ~ grow up together with their children

S0-called ME ~ arrogant, bitchy and sometimes unfriendly
Real ME ~ extremely shy, friendly, creative, optimistic, jovial, stubborn, hot tempered and....... bitchy !!!!
( pls let me know if i missed out anything wo.;p )

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thank You

There are some words that not everyone will say or dare to say..I LOVE YOU...or...SORRY...i think you need some courage to say these word as it is some expression of your love or guilt. But there are some people who just refuse, or don't know how to show their gratitute, by saying ~ THANK YOU.

1st Encounter :
I was going in the lift when i saw a lady with a bag of rubbish coming from the corner. So i hold the lift for her. She saw the lift is still open. She came in and pressed the floor button. Ding~ she went think the ghost hold the lift for you issit? (鬼唔望你包垃圾袋穿窿,垃圾灑滿地。)

2nd Encounter :
I was at the road junction near my house, when i saw this car trying turn in from the opposite side. Since i am not in a hurry, i let him turn first. Dengan bangganya, he turned and drove away with his outdated " Masili", without smile or raise his hand to say thank you to me. (你好彩,我唔敢咒你架車。因為我驚我架車會有事 ;p )

3rd Encounter :
I was at the cashier counter at the supermarket. As usual, i will automatically take out all the things from the basket at put it according to group on the counter and put the basket to it's original place. Thought that it should be faster and more convinient for the cashier. Mana tau? She looked at me one kind and then mixed up all the things in the plastic bag. Kanasai. And also never say thank you to me when she gave me back the change. (我原諒你,我讀書比你多)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

賤嘴正傳﹣迷人Pink Lady

今天在 Bukit Bintang 遇見了一位很要好和三八的舊同事。因為太久沒見,嘴賤的我一見到她就想虧她一下。

我:哇!好久不見,還是一樣美。一身 pink lady 的 look,很夠力 sweet 喔。


我:這樣 sweet,小心糖尿病!


Friday, May 9, 2008

I wish ...

" I rather do nothing and be happy, than to do something that i don't love." ~ Cameron Diaz / Ashton Kutcher ( What happens in Vegas? )

Seriously, i wonder how many of us can actually live this kind of life..i mean in real life? I wish i can...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) - EXPOSED!

Don't worry, there won't be any X-Rated pictures in my blog.

I saw this billboard of Bernice Liu for Marie France at the traffic light junction somewhere in USJ. While waiting for the green light, i can't help looking at her, posing in this beautiful beaded blue dress ala mermaid. SUDDENLY...jeng jeng jeng......

My LASER EYES sensed something...something wrong...something that is not suppose to happen...

Dengan tidak disangka-sangka, i saw this little SAFETY PIN ( at least 5cm lenght on the billboard ) on her dress...OMG, the designer forgot to touch up the image before send out for printing...

I thought 'international' company only do 'international' class thingy...;p
Mana tau.....

So do check it out if you happened to see one of their billboards...;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Now i know....

Saw this billboard along Federal Highway :

Now i know why it's a bit hard for me to get what i want ( doesn't mean that i am a LOSER ! )...cos my problem is..:

" I think too many steps ahead, and forgot to take the very FIRST STEP ! "

But what if i take the wrong step, OR step on the wrong timing...OR...
( see what i mean? Big Mouth..don't think too much. Jalan aje la ;p )

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Whenever i go, i will bring along my mini-market bag. Why mini-market? Cos you can find almost everything in it ~ glasses, lip balm, measurement tape, blade, keys, mints, etc. And also because the bag is big to carry almost anything and the opening is big ( BIG MOUTH with BIG OPENING bag ~ so secocok ;p )

But that's not the main point. The interesting thing is, i went to Carrefour MV yesterday to check on the price for some items. As we know, Carrefour's policy : Customer are not allowed to bring in bags (to avoid anyone from stealing ), UNLESS it's secured by the " v-lock '. As a good customer, i showed my bag to the abang security at the entrance wondering how is he going to lock it, cos there is no zipper at the opening. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

TAPI....tapi, dengan selambanya, he took out 2 " v-locks " and locked the handle of my bag. I was speechless. I really don't understand why he do that...

My mini-market bag

My so-called locked mini-market bag

Don't you think that's a bit ...err... LP~PL?
( with and without the lock )

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cos i know...

Still remember what you said when you were small?
What you want to be when you grow up?

I knew that i will be a BIG MOUTH when i grow up...
So i practise hard to get the perfect millon dollar smile...WUAHAHAHAHA

It's obvious rite?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

噢哎希 !



於是下課時,我就跑去跟他說 :
Don't worry about the steps...we are here to have fun, enjoy the music and sweat.

沒有啦,今天的steps很美,我都有跟上。只是我的褲頭帶鬆了,不敢跳太over,太大力. ...怕掉下來.....hi hi....

噢哎希 !還好他沒事,褲子沒掉。要不然就大鍋啦。我又會少了一個member.

The moral of the story is : 勉強沒幸福,一切let it be. :)
(以後還是不要這樣kepoh, member愛怎樣就怎樣 )




早死早超生。(我是說我啦 ;P )


Friday, May 2, 2008

I am I ?

We are 99 days away from the Beijing Olympics. But my own race already started. Just did the opening ceremony today and the closing ceremony will be at early June, hopefully.

My race? Yes, as the representative from Ampang, i will be competing with TIME and MOOD. I must be ahead, way ahead of them cos it will be a busy month. Got a few confirmed VM jobs for me to work on. And the datelines are almost the same. So i must be very careful with my time management and plannings. But lately i am not really in the mood of working. Not sure why. Been having some minor headache thsese two days. Maybe because of the heat, or maybe lack of sleep..i mean quality sleep. That's why i've been dragging on the datelines.

No good no good.
This is not the way.
I know.
I must get the thing started.
Let's kick some ass !!!

p/s : i don't mind if there is someone with pom-pom to cheer me up along the way. ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


我們都是一朵花, 有自己的芳香
擁有一樣的陽光, 和一樣的夜晚
我們都是一朵花, 有自己的行狀
看起來 雖然都 不太一樣
但是都 一樣的 需要溫暖
那溫暖 就像是天堂

(我們都是一朵花 ﹣江美琪)

I'm in love with this song lately, cos the lyrics are really in very optimistic. Although i have to admit that i'm a bit disappointed with the MV. Not really the same as what i visualised.

Everyone is special...with your own look and personality which makes it 'YOU'.
Either you are fat, slim, tall or are still special to someone.
Never under estimate yourself.

Ok, ok...let me see.
If i'm a flower, i think i will be a 'Wild Ginger'.
Definitely not a pretty flower, but with an unique look.
Not too common, long lasting...and WILD.

( Wild ginger flower )

Your turn.
What flower are you?

p/s: 心情低落的時候,可以聽一些比較‘正面‘的歌,讓心情好一點。 ;)