Monday, June 30, 2008

Osaka Stories

Last Stop : OSAKA

Osaka is a less noisy, less busy and less stressful city as compared to Tokyo. So you can enjoy walking on the streets happily. Most of the people there travel by bicycle. Healthy and enviromental friendly. But still an interesting place to explore new things. Like the temple ( another UNESCO listed item ), watching those young people dancing next to the road and shopping malls and also the things and foods is slightly cheaper than Tokyo. Apa lagi? I again stuffed my stomach with those food that i missed in Tokyo - tako balls, okonomiyaki and more. Oh ya, the green tea ice-cream is simply DELICIOUS. I think i had more than 5 when i was there.

It was Saturday when i went to the tourist spot in Osaka ( forgot the name ). And the crowd was scary.....

CONCLUSION of my Japan trip :
- Most of the young people ( 90% ) in Japan are slim. That's why they look so nice in skinny jeans.
- Their skinny jeans is so comfortable and cutting is so right for Asian. I bought 2 pairs. and cheap too
( Topman RM229. UNIQLO ( Japanese brand equivalent to United Colrs of Benetton ) RM130. )
- Japanese curry rice is sooooooooo YUMMY. Brought some back for 'bekalan hari tua' ;p
- Although Japan is one of my dream country, but i still prefer staying in KL/Ampang. Cos the living style is too stressful for me. ( There were 2 incident happened while i was in Japan. Earthquake and Killing on the streets )

So, do i want to go Japan again? Abso-f*cking-lutely YES !!!
( Who want to sponsor me ??? )

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kyoto Stories 2

I had the chance to experience the different way of living at this Japanese RYOKAN ( 客棧 ). It is different from those hotels as it is those real old traditional rest house. And it is not cheap. But a lot of tourist would like to experience it at least once. Once i step in the ryokan, you can really see the traditional Japanese house and furniture. And the room with a open balcony facing the garden - Zen Garden ( konon ). As a jakun/ ah piau from KL, i quickly open the sliding doors facing the garden and went out to take pictures. The landscape of the garden is really like waht we saw from tv or magazine. So nice, so green, so fresh, so relaxing and so calm. Zen mah...Ommmmmmmmmmmmm
( The guest next to my room is some mat salleh. I'm sure he laughed at all my pose and noise while taking pictures as i was too excited !! )

Staying in those square room with 'tatami' ( not sure of the spelling ) and wooden framed paper-made sliding door. Still remember how those people try to peep by poking a hole on the paper in those old movies. You basically eat and sleep in the room. But i would say that i still prefer sleeping on a proper bed. ;)

It's makan time - dinner. We were served with the KAISEKI RYORI - the highest class in Japanese cuisine. The opasan ( middle aged woman ) waitress served the dish one by one. We actually just eat as fast as possible. Cos she kept on knocking the door and serve new dish every 5 minutes. It's quite fun cos not sure how many dishes per course. Very nice, colorful and unique presentation of the food. But most of it i just 'sapu' withou knowing what is that.

The complete st of a KAISEKI RYORI. Isn't it colorful?

After the dinner, it's basically bedtime. Cos there if no other things to do in that ryokan or the area nearby. Luckily i brought my laptop, so can watch some movies. It was just 10 pm le, how can you expect a city guy like me sleep at 10pm???

The next morning, had the morning call at 8.30am. Saying that the breakfast is ready and served at the dining hall. Japanese id really punctual. Cos when i reached the hall, basically most of the guests are there already. I quickly eat the breakfast ( so early ) cos thier kitchen closed at 9.30am.

Again, colorful and well presented meal. ( Look at my face, still very blurr cos just woke up )

Overall, it's fun to experience the traditional way of Japanese living.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

賤嘴正傳 ﹣我沒有肥




These are some of the foods that i had when i was in Japan. A lot meh? ;p

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kyoto Stories 1

5th Stop : KYOTO city

I travelled from Tokyo to Kyoto by the famous bullet train - NOZOMI Shinkansen. It is the fastest among the other bullet train. The speed can reach 300kmph it takes 2hrs 30mins. Once i reached Kyoto main station, i can see and feel the difference between Kyoto and Tokyo.

Basically Kyoto is a less busy city with a lot of beautiful temples and buildings. The people there also seem to have less stress compared to the fast pace in Tokyo. A less busy and more fresh air city.

Went to severals world known temples suck as Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji and more ( tak boleh ingat all the names la ). But some of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. ( I think my name also in the list...LOL ) You can see the golden color temple - Kinkakuji. It's really GOLD...and the garden surrounding it is simply beautiful. Everything in it is a piece of art.

Then i went to the famous tourist area - GION. Which is famous for it's old and authentic Japanese buildings and also GEISHA hunting. The shops and houses there are really ANTIQUE - as if you are in an era long long time ago. Every single thing are full of histories. A place with very old and antique mood.

Why hunt? Cos that area is famous for the restaurant with Geisha. Normally tourist will gather at on spot to wait for the geisha to come out from the shops. ( Which i did ) And when they come out, we will just snap their pictures non-stop as if they are some SUPERSTAR. Actually they are. Cos maybe they are too busy with lots of customers, they don't stop for you to take pictures. They just walk quickly from one restaurant to another. It's up to your luck and photography skill to capture them. I guess i was lucky. :)

Geisha vs Big Mouth ( Both on the run ;p )

I took the picture of the boy and the dog figure in front of some shop in Gion area. Which i later on found some similarity in one of the flyers that i got there. I think there's some story behind the boy and dog. Wonder what is it.

Old vs New

NEXT : Japanese traditional Ryokan ( 客棧 ) and finest Japanese cuisine

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tokyo Stories 2

3rd Stop : SHIBUYA

Once i came out from the Shibuya main station, i was shocked with the crowd there.

But thats not the main thing that shocked me. It's the whole enviroment. Shibuya to me is like Times Square + Sg Wang + Low Yat + a bit of Sunway Pyramid x 10 !!! You can see seafood everywhere. Japanese seafood of cos. The dressing style there is totally different from other area in Tokyo. Most of the people there are young and hip ( in their own way ). I didn't really shopped there cos the things there are a bit too 'fishy' for my age. Just walk and see lo. But i have to say that their seafood is slightly presentable than our local seafood product. Cos their food presentation is from head to toe - FULL PACKAGE.
My conclusion of SHIBUYA = 20% tourist + 60% fresh seafood + 20% smelly seafood ;p

Even Colonel Sanders also mengatal with his RED suit !!!

There is something special about the trains in Tokyo. They have cool and less cold train cart for you to choose.
(還好只是弱冷,不是弱智 )If not sure no one go in ..LOL

4th Stop : HARAJUKU

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when i went to Harajuku. We first went to the famous temple. You have to go thru a long road of small stones a trees on both side. Very cooling and refreshing. And when i reached the temple, i saw a lot of couple getting married there. So i pun kepoh take their pictures. And i made a wish. Next time if you go there please check if my wish board is still there or not.

Then come my favourite part of Harajuku - THE HARAJUKU GIRLS!!!!
It's interesting to see how they dressed up and gathered at certain spots and let people take pictures with them. But not all of them are friendly when you want to take their picture. We have to grunge rock girls, Lolita girl...and oh...also 2 mat salleh trying to be Harajuku girls ( bottom left of the pic ).

Since everyone take pictures with them, i also take la. Most of them are pretty when you look carefully. I said MOST only, ok? ;p
By the way, the theme of my costume is " Ah Piau from KL " ;p

You'll see me chasing aftehr the Geisha to take their pictures.
Got very nice pictures to show :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tokyo Stories 1

There's a lot of things that is interesting in Japan. But i will only share with you part of it, cos it will be too much for me to tell you all about it.

Starting with this :The SuiCa card = the prepaid pass for JR ( Japan Railway ) & subways

1st Stop : ASAKUSA

A typical tourist spot when you go Japan. And of cos, they potong the tourists kau-kau. Things like local food product and souvenirs are priced slightly higher than other places. So i pun behave like tourist lo. Take picture with Ah Piau pose, buy souvenirs for friends and go temple to pray.

Look at the packaging, so can you not buy? And also the ice-cream, so many flavours...

2nd Stop : SHINJUKU

Shinjuku = Chow Kit

Basically a city that is so busy. You can see people everywhere during daytime. And it become more interesting at night, as it is a Red Light area fo Tokyo. There's pimps in suit everywhere asking you what would you like to see or play. Most of them are young guys.

Shinjuku : Day and Night

The city hall of Tokyo banned smoking on the road. So they have to gather at the designated corner to smoke beramai-ramai. There are also some Smoking Police on the road to check on the smokers. Interesting. We should do it here in Malaysia.

NEXT : SHIBUYA & HARAJUKU ( guess what is my costume in Harajuku? ;p )

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'M BACK !!!

Hi all... saya sudah balik...
But damn tired..;(

12 days trip :
- 3 days sore throat ( voice like ' Ah Kua ' operation tak jadi ;p )
- 4 days nose block
- 1 day diarrhea

Of cos still got a lot of excitements and great experiences .. which i will shall with you guys later on..But for now, here's the things that i brought back from Japan. ( macam banyak..tapi when i separate it for my relatives and friends..not much left.. )

Will post more interesting pictures soon...but this week very busy la..3 installations & 2 presentations..wish me luck..
I gotta go sleep liao..very tired..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Blog in akan dihentikan untuk sementara waktu.

Ini kerana tuan punya blog ~ MULUT BESAR, akan berangkat ke negara Matahari Terbit. Kunjungan kali ini adalah untuk menghadiri kursus NINJA ~ bagi menguasai ilmu LASER dengan lebih hebat. Jadi, tunggulah kepulangan MULUT BESAR dengan penuh debaran.....

Jangan terlalu rindukan daku....
( sekali sehari pun sudah cukup ;p )

p/s : will be back on 15 June 2008 with lots of interesting stories to share ;)
( i hope so... )

Monday, June 2, 2008






Happy Fathers' my dad and your dad ..:)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lift stories...

Besides the pantry, lift is another good place to bitch or listen to others bitching on something. I overheard ( actually PURPOSELY pasang telinga la ;p ) 2 guys talking / complaining about one of their female colleague.

A : You know why Irene is angry with me?

B : Nope. Why?

A : Cos i didn't show up at her birthday party. She is so CHEAPSKATE..invite everyone to celebrate her birthday party at the club. She did not pay anything cos we have to pay for our own drinks. And the best thing is , it was on Ladies Night. So she don't have to pay the cover charge. She is so clever to have such plan.

B : No wonder i heard that she is not talking to a few other guys in the department. Guess they didn't turn up at the party as well la..

Ting! Doors open..i go out..end of story..

What would you do if you are Mr. A?
If that lady is my close friend, then i give face...if just normal colleague/friend..i'll ask her to try something new ..( refer to my entry on 1st June )


I hate people forcing me to do something that i don't like or not interested. Sometimes they are too pushy, without respecting my decision(Iam sorry, but friends from direct sellings and insurance tend to have this kind of attitude ). I just want them to know - Whatever good on someone may is not necessarily good to others as well. And when they crossed the line and set up the fire in me...

( You have to open your mind, try everything...never try never know...!! )

( Have you ever eat sh*t ? Go try lah !! )