Thursday, August 30, 2012


I arrived early at the gym. So i went merayau hat the mall ( it's in Mines, btw ). Saw a foot reflexology centre. Thought it might be good to get a foot massage since i got 1.5 hours to kill. ( and my kaki memang selalu sakit ).

I opened the door, went to the counter and was greeted by a lady .. a Tanah Besar lady (:P) .. Opps. Got a strange feeling. Told her the package i wanted and followed her in. Then only i realized that all masseurs there are from her country. And majority the customers there are middle aged male or old uncles... Damn.

Since i don't plan to make friend with my female masseur, i pun eavesdropping at other people conversation la.

Female Masseur : You came alone? Where's your wife?

Uncle : Aiyo, i'm so fat and ugly ( memang pun ;p), where got people want me wor?

Female Masseur : Don't say like that. I think you are the best looking guy here. ( Oooi... lady .. you blind issit? Can't see me issit? ;p )

Uncle : Haha .. you always say that to other people?

Female Masseur : No la. I'm telling the truth.

Me : ( trying to hold my vomit ;p )

Conclusion :
The massage was ok ( despite her kept asking me to extend another hour ). But the conversation between the masseurs and uncles was more worth the money. Hahaha..

Anyone got funny massage experience?

Happy Merdeka people.
Have a great weekend. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

think much?

I saw this 'scene' few times in the locker room. Guys came out from shower, put on their undie and pants. Then they took out they hair products and started to fix their hair ... topless. 10 mins ( or sometimes more, depending on the hairstyle ) later, they put on their t-shirt and messed up the hairdo while wearing it. And they do the hair all over again. Just one word : WHYlah?

I can understand if they are wearing shirt, but t-shirt? Why can't they wear the top before doing the hair? Do you think that this case falls under 'common sense'?

What about you?
Baju dulu ke, rambut dulu?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

how bizarre?

I was setting up a display in a mall. Suddenly i saw a guy came towards my direction. It was 'me'. Then 'me' walked in the boutique and started a fight with me. We fought a bit, then dragged each other to the window and continued fighting. Of all places why we went in a window kan? It's bcoz we are both ..

MANNEQUINS ( in that window display!!! )

How bizarre?

I must give credit for myself for constantly 'making' super weird and creative dreams.
Anybody got weird dreams lately?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

cold me.

There's this Middle Eastern woman who is a regular in my class but was MIA for a few week. When i saw her today, i asked her where have she been.

So she started to explain to me ( in her a bit hard to understand English ) what happened to her health ( FYI, she is a very friendly person ), how her hormones go up and down, how she is coping with the menopause ... She told me so many and at the end, i just told her..

"If you feel tired in the middle of the class, just go one corner and rest."

But i think my respond was a bit cold.
Can anyone give me some advise on how or what should i say to them when i'm facing the same scenario next time? ( cos 80% of my members are female. :P )

Saturday, August 25, 2012

me counting ..

After the class, i went to do some weights cos i was in a good mood. ( padahal, dah gemuk. terpaksa exercise more ;p ). Put on my ear piece, blasted the music on my iPod and started with the sit up. I counted in my heart the number of crunches. After a while, i stopped. I just realized that i was actually counting it out loud instead of counting it silently ( cos i was listening to the iPod ;p ). And the best thing is ..

... i was counting in Hokkian.... hahahaahahahah ;p

So the tak sesuai dengan kevogiuan ku kan? lol.

FYI, i am a Hakka, but grew up in Klang. So we speak Hokkian at home most of the time. So it's kinda like my mother tongue. So when i have to count or think of something, subconsciously .. Hokkian will automatically come in. :)

What is your subconscious language / dialect?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

too much.

Went for grocery shopping just now. Saw a few company setting up the kiosk for their moon cakes. Beraneka jenis dan rasa dengan packaging yang berwarna-warni. I always like to check out their packaging specially from a few company, cos they really put in a lot of effort to attract the old and young buyers. But something that i don't like is how they 'introduce' new flavor every year. Cendol moon cake, cempedak moon cake, sambal moon cake, etc. WTF? I am a sambal lover, but this is just too much.

I still prefer the original lotus paste moon cake .. with yolk. :)
What is your favorite moon cake flavor?

 Happy 7th day of 7th lunar month.
Anybody celebrating?

Monday, August 20, 2012


There's this girl in my class who have long permed hair. Every time she dance, her hair will stick on her face due to the sweat. At one time i swear i see her hair sticking at her lips ( as if she is eating her own hair ).

Being a slightly OCDed person, i have to hold myself from telling her to tidy up her hair. Cos it's so messy. For those who have or admire long hair ... do you think that it's sexy to have your hair sticking on your face? Be it male or female.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I got one weird habit. I like to smell things.. even when i know the smell might not be good. Like a sweaty person, worn shoes, rubbish dump, etc. But i think it's still at a controllable level la.

By the way, just out of curiosity, when someone farted, we normally will cover our nose and go as far as possible from the scene .. right? But when we fart ( especially during production in toilet ), why are we okay with the smell?
Or maybe some of you did cover your nose when you yourself farted? LOL ;p

Di hari yang mulia ini,
Ku susun sepuluh jari,
Maaf dipohon ikhlas di hati,
Jika terlaser sekian hari.

Salam Aidilfitri. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


My friend called me the other day. BTW, she is slightly older than me, and not married ..

Her : Oooi..

Me : Yes Madam Low. How can i help you?

Her : You call who madam?

Me : You la.

Her : Excuse me. Madam is for woman who are married ok?

Me : Ya meh? But you old already worr .. still expect people to call you 'Miss' meh? Or you want me to call you 'Old Miss' ( 老小姐 ) issit? lol

Really meh? Madam is only for married woman?
Then what is the appropriate / nicer way to call an old unmarried woman?
Don't tell me ' leng lui' ok ;p

Thursday, August 16, 2012

bang bang.

I was at the gym's toilet washing my water bottle. There's 3 cubicles in the toilet, 2 occupied. Then came this Indian guy, went in the 3rd cubicle. He slammed the door while closing it, causing a big BANG.
The best thing is, i think the guy in the 2nd cubicle got shocked with the big bang and scream a bit. It's so funny to imagine a guy trying to close his big deal peacefully, and then BANG! Dunno the 'product' got affected or not. LOL ;p

I absolutely hate people slamming doors. But i got 1 very bad habit ~ i like to slam fridge door. ;p
Are you a door slammer / banger ?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Got another weird dream last night.

I was teaching a class in a stadium ( kelas gitew, ajar menari sampai gi stadium ;p ). So many people there. I looked at my watch, it's show time. So i reached in my pocket to get my iPod to play the music. I took out my 'iPod' ( which is in the form of a stone pebble ). But then, i can't find the play button. In fact, there's no button at all .. but i know that's my iPod! I got worried. People are leaving !!!!!
What a dream huh? ;p

Maybe i should start create some gadgets or decor thing using stone huh?
What should i name it?
Which one more vogiu?
iBatu? ;p

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I might not be a very friendly or nice to everybody, but i think i'm quite a good instructor. Cos i know what song and when to play it in the class.

I know everybody reacts differently when a certain song is being played. When i see lots of youngster in the class, i'll choose to play songs from Justin Bieber or  LMFAO as warm up song. If more regular people, maybe some Rihanna or Nicki Minaj. And then, of cos we have Lady Gaga or Beyonce's songs if i see, you know.. some divas in my class. ;p

You'll see how their face changes or react once they heard the songs.

What is you favorite song at the moment?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

die hard.

Die Hard = 死硬
Meaning you are super obsessed or can't fight the feeling for something. ;p

Currently i'm  a super die hard for MUSICALs!!!!!! Ever since my project for musicals last month, i can't help but kept searching for musical clips online. Admiring the choreographies, the costumes, the stories and all the small little details of the show. :)

I would definitely love to watch more musicals ( i mean good ones ;p ). But so far i've only watched Chicago, Wicked & The Lion King ( all in London ), Mamma Mia & Puteri Gunung Ledang ( at Istana Budaya ). And i watched PGL 3 times !!! Cos it's really that good. Can't wait for the 4th season, but heard that Tiara Jacquelina is not going to be in it anymore . :(

What ae you dine hard for at the moment?

BTW, i think i'll always be a die hard for SHOES!!
That's my all time weakness. lol ;p

Friday, August 10, 2012

big girl.

I was makaning at the kopitiam when 2 slim girl ( working in slimming centre, based on their uniform ) came in and sat at the table next to mine. While waiting for their food to arrive, they started to chat/bitch ( quite loud ) about on of their client.

" That fat lady so difficult to treat la. So fat, and so many question.... " And they kept referring that client of their as ' sei fei poh ' ( damn fat woman ).

The funny thing is, there's actually a fat lady sitting alone next to their table. I wonder what is her feeling every time she heard the word ' sei fei poh '? lol ;p

Thursday, August 9, 2012

stop calling me Danny!

I know it's always good to include people's name in a conversation to show that we actually acknowledge the person. And also a very good way to remember the name. But sometimes i think it's just too much for me ...

Before the class, i talked to a makcik ...

Her : Danny, so u ajar class full time ke?

Me : Takde la. Part time je. I ada keje sendiri.

Her : Oh ye? So Danny keje apa? Boss sendiri ye Danny?

Me : Boss apa? Keje sorang je.

Her : Knaper Danny? Taknak ambik staff ke Danny?

I started to feel regret talking to her. I never been annoyed the name "Danny" till then. ;p
Do you think it's a bit over?
Do you like to include the names in a conversation?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

forever 21.

Passed by TGIF at 1U. A group of waiters/waitresses was doing the birthday stomp thing and a girl was standing up on the chair ( poor girl ). Then i saw the cake. Ooohhhh 21 years old rupa -rupa nyerr.. Wow.. my 21st was about 14 years ago.

I still remember how i celebrated my 21st birthday... 1st clubbing experience. Danced like no tomorrow. LOL.

How you celebrated ( or plan to celebrate ) your 21st birthday?

Ahhh.. being 21 years old is really nice. But me now ( 35 years old ) is even more great. :)

p/s : i think getting a key pendant as 21st birthday gift is totally .. LAME. ;p

Monday, August 6, 2012

i no stupid ..

I have to admit that i do not know lots of things .. especially those with lots of facts and need to use the brain .. like a lot. But it doesn't mean that i'm stupid ... right? ;p

When friends said that i'm 'stupid' in certain things .. my standard reply to them is ..

" I'm not stupid. I'm just not interested in it. I prefer to concentrate on what i like. "

You think the above statement can pass ahh? lol ;p

Sunday, August 5, 2012

pulling them off?

Do you think that flipping up the collar when you are wearing a collared t-shirt is cool?
Have you ever done that?

Cos i saw a guy wearing that just now. I think his neck is not very long, so when he flipped his collar, it's like he is neck-less. Head then shoulder, skipped the beck. ;p

I believe that certain look is suitable for certain group of people only. It doesn't matter if it's in trend. Agree?

p/s : those who think their neck is not long enough, kindly avoid tying / wrapping scarf around your neck too :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

i don't have time for this.

What is the thing that you need / want / have to do and yet you seems can't find the time / avoiding / delaying doing it?

My list ( as of January '12 till now ) :
~ learning guitar
~ reno / refurnish my house
~ settle my house loan
~ i don't have time to think of the list of things that i don't have time to do ...( lol ;p )

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

young again.

Was out with a friend for lunch at the ever happening place .. Pavilion. During the lunch, he kept mentioning how we are getting older. How we ( he is few years older than me ;p ) looked so old sitting in the cafe full of young people. After listened to his mumbling and complaints about this old and that old .. i can't take it anymore.

Him : Yerr... look there. Why they all so young?

Me : We are not that old also what.

Him : No la. Sitting in a room full with them just makes me feel so old. How la? How to make us feel young again huh?

Me : ( can't hold my bitchiness anymore... )
Wanna feel young issit? Don't come here la. Next time we go hang out at old folks home. Sure you'll feel young. Maybe 20 years younger. ;p

Him : ccb ...

p/s : aahhhhhh .. it feels so good to be bitchy again. ;p

Seriously, what will make a person feel young and stay young?
I think keep on dancing is a good way. Agree?