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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Turkey Boleh ! ;p

The one thing i must say about people in Turkey ( Istanbul) is .. they are really friendly. Why? From the moment we stepped out from the airport, we were greeted by them ( mainly the kids ) with warm smile and excitement. Not sure if we were really that attractive, or they are just very excited to see some fair Asian faces like us. The kids in the school bus kept waving and smiling to us whenever our van stopped side by side. Not only that, as we were walking on the streets, little kids and their mom will come to us and ask where are we from. You really feel like a star ( at least at that moment ).

Jumping jumping dekat Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque.

Went to se one of their traditional/religious performance .. Whirling Dervishes. This is NOT an insult, BUT i literally felt like vomiting after watching them non stop spinning. Sungguh memeningkan... But it's still a nice experience :)

There, me buying the Turkish ice cream on the shopping street. As usual, the ice cream seller will play some trick before we actually get the ice cream. And AS USUAL being ME, i just stood there with no expression ... waited for him to finish, then get my ice cream. So the tak sporting kan? LOL ;p

p/s: Those people from the tourist area were trying to act friendly to us when they knew that we are from Malaysia. So they shouted : " MALAYSIA BOLEH ... "
followed by Amita Batchan Boleh ... Shah Rukh Khan Boleh ...
( so the SALAh kan? ;p )

Thursday, April 29, 2010


YESH !!!! I'll be leaving the country for 2 weeks later tonight.
Hopefully this trip will be a stress-free one.;p

Try to 'miss' me a bit while i'm away ya..?
Drop la a few msgs if you want to.
Cos if not the blog will be so coooooold. ;p

So let the TOUR begin ...

See me fly, i'm proud to fly up high ...

p/s : in case you have nobody to irritate you during my absence, try listen to the song posted. Hopefully it will make you feel 'geram' a lil' bit. ;p

Thursday, April 15, 2010

World Peace ...

Jangan jeles .. cos 2 weeks from now, i ( as usual, representing Ampang ... The Yong Tau Foo kingdom ) will be on my mission to spread my love to the world again. The victims this time? ..
The Turkish and the Greeks. ;p

Any advise or tips for me?
Any thing must see, must buy, must try, must do....?

Here's some pics from my previous tour ...
( since i quitted my job to concentrate on the love spreading mission at 2007 ;p )