Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hmm.. there's been comments / complaints that i seldom talk to the members before or after classes. I know that it is good to do so, then i can get their feedbacks on the class as well as creating a good instructor-member relationship. Besides the fact that i'm SHY ( ;p ) and anti-social at the same time, but there's actually another reason that holding me back on talking to them too much ... 'gossiper'.

Yup, sometimes there's some very 'friendly' members who like to share with me informations about other members. Most of them are not good infos. Not that i'm not into gossiping, but i just like to be involved only in what i am interested with. That's why i try not to get too chatty with them, instead of shutting them off. FYI, I've identified a few person 'shoot!-he/she-is coming' list. ;p

What will you do if the members approach you for some gossips next time?
( Remember, you cannot upset them ;p )

But i have to admit that i sometimes overheard some of their gossips, and it's juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuicy. LOL ;p

Friday, April 29, 2011

OMG! Sister?

I started to make a habit to get to know/ talk to my members more. So i walked together with this lady to the studio. I asked her where she work, and she replied :

" Jalan Alor. The CHURCH at Jalan Alor. "

Dunno what's wrong with me, cos i first thing that came to my mind is ... she's a NUN / SISTER ( cos she works in a church! i know, it's stupid ;p ). My goodness, Dah lah last week i discovered 2 policewomen joined my class. And now.. a NUN? I asked again, just to reconfirm. Then only i found out that she is a teacher of the kindergarten in the church.

Phewwwwwwwwwww !!!
Buat orang suspen aje. Ingatkan boleh lah buat sikit scene macam Whoopi Goldberg kat Sister Act.
" I will follow u......" LOL ;p

OK, this part of entry has nothing to do with the top one. After today's class, a member came to me and said :

" Danny, can you do something less sexy ahh? Very hard to 'digest' ( 吃不消 )la. "

Again, i'm flattered. ;p

( p/s : This is a very hectic and stress week for me. So just let me syok sendiri for a while )

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was busy dressing up the mannequins in the window. Then a man came in the shop and talked to the staffs ( which i found out from the staff later that he is the new manager dunno from which department. always acting bossy and they dun really like him ). I heard that he was getting some infos form the staff on me ( i'm not their/his staff cos i am doing freelance for the company ). Then he slowly walked to near to the window and talked to me ( of cos, with a rather bossy tone ) :

Him : So,點啊?
( So, how? )

Me : Err, OK.
( in my heart : 你邊位啊?同你好熟啊? )

Him : 全部shop做完啦?
( Done all the shop? )

Me : 哩個第6間。
( This is the sixth shop. )

Him : 幫 D mannequin著多幾件衫,先有耶睇嘛。
( Put more merchandise on the mannequins, so that it got more things to see. )

Me : 全部都係 merchandiser set好的worr。
( The merchandise display was set by the design team )

I was like WTH? ( ok, WTF? ) First, you talked to me without introducing yourself. Then you try to tell me how to do my job ( which btw, this is already the 6th shop. and sounded so CINA MAN. ( cos CINA MAN is a bit kiasu. they want to show off everything to the world at once ) It's SUMMER, of cos they will wear lesser. Why not put the whole SUMMER Collection in the window la, more things to see! ;p

Back to the self-introduce thing. I have a habit of introducing myself first when i call other people :

a) Hello Mr Ng. This is Danny Hwang here. ( Formal )

b) Oooi, Danny ah. ( Informal )

I am kinda annoyed by people who call and straight away talk. Cos some of them really OVER-estimated themselves ( you sounded slightly different on phone OR you use your office phone instead of mobile ) And he best is they 'privated' their phone number and expect me to know who is calling when there's no caller's number! ;(

So do you do that? I mean introduce yourself first every time you make a phone call?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FREEZE ! no... Shake !!!

I was talking to a member ( Malay lady, in her 20s ) before the class. And i found out something unexpected ( at least for me la ;p ).

Her : You ajar menari full time ke?

Me : Takde la. Freelance part time je. You kerje kat mane?

Her : Bukit Aman.

Me : ( hold for 2 seconds ) Huh? So u ni polis ye?

Her : A aah. I ngan member i yang sorang to pun sama.

I swear to God that i can never tell their profession based on their look. Cos both of them looked like those sales person in branded shops like LV or Bvlgari, and they dance really well. Gosh, i think i must start to talk more to the members, see if there's any other shocking professions from them. Mana tau lah kan? Maybe some of them work as real show Diva lerr? Boleh lah mintak tunjuk ajar sikit kan? lol ;p

After that conversation, i came up with one conclusion ~ I AM AWESOME :

We always see police asking people to "FREEZE!!! Don't Move! " in the movie. Well, i think i am more powerful that them. Cos i get to ask them to shake their body instead. Hahahaahahahahahahahhaaha. ;p

Monday, April 25, 2011


(no offense to all the aunties out there ok ;p )

I was tapao-ing my lunch at the kopitiam when i heard this conversation between he auntie next to me with the mixed rice taukeh ( old and ordinary looking uncle ). I was like .. man, this auntie really can say anything just to get some advantages ( in this case, a bigger piece of chicken wing ) ;p

Auntie : 老細,幫我打包一件雞翼。
( Boss, give me a piece of chicken wing )

Boss : 好,要邊一件啊?
( OK, which one you one )

Auntie : 是旦啦,俾件好似你甘靚仔過我啦。哈哈。
( Just give me the one as smart as you la. Ha ha ha )

It's so funny, cos i really can't imagine a 'smart' looking chicken wing. Maybe next time i should ask for a piece of sexy taufu. ;p

( 我靚仔無?) ;p

Some people like to call others 靚仔 or 靚女 just to get their attention, but i can't really do that. Cos i think it's very LOW and tak VOGIU. Do you like it when stranger calls you that?

p/s : Hope the entry and the song will lead you to a good week ahead. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

放過我吧, dear ~

I'm currently working on a project with a group of people. A group of very friendly and sweet ( genuine but a little bit in too sweet ) people. Coz they called everybody "dear" when they talk.

A to B : Dear, please pass me that book.

B to C : I don't think it's this side la, dear.

C to Danny : See you tomorrow dear. Don't be late ya?

Danny to all : OK, bye. ( that's typical me, so cold to everyone ;p )

I'm not saying it's a bad thing but i just can't stand all the 'dear's. I think i'm going to get diabetes very soon if i keep talking to them. ;p
I don't think that i call other people like that ever. I have to admit that i'm not a sweet person. Bitchy and slutty? Yes. ;p

Are you a sweet person? Do you like to dear, darling, honey, pumpkin or sweety pie others?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

let's fake it ;)

I always encourage my members to smile when dancing. So that people outside the studio won't think that i am torturing them. (;p) But most of them seems having trouble smiling and dancing at the same time cos to concentrate on remembering the steps. So i gave them an option ... FAKE IT. Yup, they just have to fake the smile by showing me some teeth and breath through their mouth. I don't mind at all. as i myself is quite fake as well. LOL ;p

There's also some other times that i need to put on my fake smile. Like when i'm meeting up with clients ( all becos of money ), being introduced to a new friend/stranger ( just trying to be less fierce ) , to my hairstylist ( to put him in a good mood ;p ), etc.

Is there a time when you have to force yourself to put a smile on your face? Don't tell me you always smile from the heart, cos i just don't buy it. ;p

Friday, April 22, 2011

wake up!

I went for my hair cut just now. As usual, my stylist came to me after they shampooed my hair. Then he started to work his magic on my almost difficult to manage/style hair. But this time i noticed something different. He was very chatty throughout the whole session. The told me like almost everything that i don't need to know ( his family members, their company trip, his love life, etc ) Inside my head i was like ... err, TMI. Finally, i asked him when paying at the cashier.

" Wah, today you very good mood horr? So chatty one? "

" Aiyo, very sorry lah. I have to talk, or else i'll fall asleep."

So happened that the company trip was the night before and they only reached home at 5am. Then have to report for work at 930am. That's why he must keep himself high/occupied by talk and talk.

" Why don't you take coffee?"

" Cannot la. Later my heart beat very fast."

" Oh, same like me la. "

I think i will either dance or eat non stop ( junk food ) if i want to keep myself awake, cos coffee is not an option for me. What about you?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Just a short preview clip for my che-ches after Tuesday morning's class on what they are going to get next week.
Will upload the full clip if got chance ( and if i am wearing a nicer t-shirt with vogiuer facial expression lol ;p )

* check out the 'sakit kepala' & 'sakit perut' poses that i used in the dance. ;p

I wonder if the clip will somehow attracted you to try/join my class. Anyone?

Thanks Jade for the clip.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I. I. I.

I was chatting with a friend when he suddenly asked me :

" Are you an "I", "I", "I" person? "

" Huh? "

" "I", "I", "I" as in "ME", "ME", "ME". Everything-is-about-you-All-that-matters-is-you-person? "

" ( without any hesitation ) ABSOLUTELY. :) "

" You are so selfish. ;p "

Okay, this is my very own philosophy/ theory :

I must love MYSELF before I can love others.
I must take care of MYSELF before I can take care of others.
I must help MYSELF before I can help others.
I must satisfy MYSELF before I can satisfy others.
I must smile to MYSELF before I can smile to other.
dan banyak lagi ...

So in a way, I put an I before everything I do. And i don't think it is a bad thing to do. Especially in this cold and cruel world. Are you an I, I, I person as well? ;p

Monday, April 18, 2011

who knows?

... having a bad hair day can be so much FUN?

Was playing around with the wigs after the show. Just cuba-try for fun lah. I think look so mengancam and meletopzzzz with this hairstyle? Cos afro somehow makes my face looks smaller. LOL ;p

Can you imagine yourself parading in front of Pavilion .. with the same hairstyle?
Suddenly go an idea of throwing a tea party in Pavilion ( or anyone of the shopping mall ), with everyone wearing afro wig. Sure gempak giler one. Anyone interested? ;p

* thanks Yasmin for the pic.

You know what is even more FUUUUUUUUN?
To have 2 new members in the family within the same week.
Welcome Happy Kai Xin n Rachel Hui Xing. ( my 2 new born nieces )

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I went to a studio to do a trial class. So as i was waiting for my turn outside the studio ( next to the recep counter ), i overheard an auntie talking to the receptionist :

Auntie : Who is that guy ahh?

Recep : Oh, he is the instructor for the 730pm dance class.

( she looked at me and turned to the receptionist )
Auntie : He can meh? ( in a very sarcastic and doubtful tone )

I really felt insulted by her statement. I never came across anybody that is so rude! Dah lah badan macam badak, mulut pulak laser tak insured. I told myself : she is my victim tonite. LOL ( 此仇不報非大嘴。哈哈。)

Thanks to that auntie, cos she really 'boost' up my energy throughout the whole class. And the feedbacks from other members :
They can't wait for me to have my own class there. :)

BTW, i saw her after the class. She was sweaty and half dead. ( mission accomplished ;p )

如果她是說 ‘他能嗎?‘ 我都不覺得怎樣。‘他能咩?‘ 那個‘‘真的很讓我火大!;p

The moral of the story is :
Don't bitch about others when they are right in front of you. ( so twisted and salah kan? lol ;p )

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the bitches are getting younger ...

I was waiting for the lift at the lobby with my tapao-ed lunch. It was quiet until these girls ( 4 of them, wearing primary school uniform and all shorter than 120cm ;p ) came and waited next to me. I think they just got off the school bus. They started to talk about their day. The conversation was quite acceptable until they started to bitch about their teacher and friends!

I tell you, the dramatic level is as good as those 'real housewives' show on tv. I was so surprise that the kids nowadays are so bitchy. At one point, i thought i was watching a live telecast of Sex and the CIty ... Disney version.;p

I just wish that someone will teach them some manners. Like when you are a junior in a certain field, you have to respect those who are more experienced and senior than you.

" They did not say hello to me! ;p "

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

face to face

I went for dinner with 2 friends last weekend. I think the last time we met is during Christmas last year. So when she saw me, she was quite excited. As usual, we asked about current life, etc. Not sure if she's over excited or that's her style, cos when she talk to me, she placed her face very near mine. Really near ( less than 20cm ).

I tried very hard not to move further back cos that is too obvious. Also to maintain my vogiu face from show how uncomfortable i was. Then i kept looking at other places to avoid staring right to her face.

Do you have any issue when people talk to you like.. really close to your face?

p/s : i got 2 ticket for Show Lo's 羅志祥 concert at Putra Stadium this Saturday. Don't think i want to go and get annoyed by thousands of screaming teenage girls. Scared later i tak boleh tahan and slap them one by one and ask them to shut up. LOL ;p
So, siapa mau?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

drama in the sauna

After the class, i went to the sauna ( trying to sweat more ;p ). There was 3 of us in the sauna when an old fat Chinese uncle came in. He then 'selamba-ly' took out a bottle of scented oil and pour it onto the stones ( i dunno how to call that thing ). The whole sauna became so 'wangi' with his cheap scented oil. The scent was too strong that i went out immediately and coughed LOUDLY to protest. I think it's rose or something ( i don't mind if it's lavendar ;p )

We were so pissed cos he should ask us if we are ok with the scented oil before he pour it out. Cos who knows some of us might be allergic kan?

When i met up with a friend for dinner that evening, i told him that i was so regret how i handled the situation ... cough to protest. Cos it's so not me! He said, if i see that uncle again, this is what i should do:
Once he started to attack the sauna with his scented oil, i'll pretend that i got asthma or some breathing difficulties. Then look at him asking for help, hold his arm and FAINT. Biar dia terkencing dalam tuala!

That should be the way? Barulah match with my DRAMATIC attitude. You all think it's workable or not? LOL ;p

Another thing i cannot tahan is when people burp in the sauna. And the worst thing is fart. The smell !!!
It's so uncivilized kan? ;p

Monday, April 11, 2011


I went back to Klang to have lunch with my family just now. During the meal, my little niece was touching and playing with her hair. So as a 'responsible' uncle, i told her :

" Don't play with your hair while you eat. You will dirty your hair."
( 吃飯時不要玩頭髮。等下弄骯髒頭髮。)

Right after i gave her the advise, i turned to my sister and laughed. Cos i thought my advise was so SALAH! ;p

Can you see what is so SALAH about it?
( answer's below )

Answer :
As an adult ( with a matured and right thinking mind ), we should advise the kids not to play with their hair while eating ... cos it is UNHYGIENIC !!! Get it now? lol ;p

Hmm.. i am so glad cos i am so CONSISTENT ( on being shallow ) with almost everything i do/say. ;p


Saturday, April 9, 2011



腦中只出現三個字 :何必呢?

Giving the wrong presents to others sometimes can be a BURDEN. Cos we give them what we think that is suitable for them, but not necessarily the thing that they really need. Agree?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was resting and cooling down with a few members after the class. Then one of them started to ask stuffs about me like my age, work, etc. ( fyi, i am quite new in this studio ) Normally i'll ask them to guess before saying anything. So according to them, my face shows that ...

... i am a very fussy person ( ada betul )
... i am a bitchy person ( sangat betul )
... i am a virgo ( memang betul )
... i don't like to mix around ( absolutely betul )
... i hardly talk, but once i start to talk ... ;p ( betul )
... i am a perfectionist ( partly betul )
... i am working in creative line ( sangat betul )
... i am 30 years old ( how i wish they were betul ;p )
( they were so excited and kept asking a few more question. can't recall what was the question )

What can i say? They really read me like a book... a 'face'book. lol ;p

Do you think that people can know/guess your character/attitude by just looking at your face?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

me & my big mouth

As an instructor, we are suppose to create a fun environment for our members. Encourage them to shout, to smile, to get loose, and of cos ... to get seksaaaaaaayyyyy.;p

Normally i will do the full routine with them towards the end of the class. And i'll tell them to pretend that we are shooting a MV. So that they'll give me everything that i need, the steps, the energy and the facial expression. So i told them :

" Please remember to give me the sexy face ya.. Bagi i muka sesundal-sundalnyer ok?... hahaha..."

Then i looked at them. Oh crap! I think i might have used the wrong word cos some of them looked a bit shocked. ( fyi, 70% of my members are kakaks and makciks, and once a blue moon, some 'abangs' sesat lol ;p )

So now i just have to wait and see if the attendance drop in the next class. ;(

Do you think segatal-gatalnyerr is more appropriate than sesundal-sundalnyerr? but i was really hoping for sundal face worrr....;p

Am currently in love with Who Says by Selena Gomez. It's like a younger and happier version of Pink's Fucking Perfect. So happy that there's so many nice songs with positive messages nowadays. Cos i think we all really need that.
*posted it at side bar, enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

好一個 peter pan!

Was chatting with a friend and somehow ' Peter Pan' came in the picture. It seems that his colleague says that he is like peter pan, cos he looks really young, like college boy. ( padahal, he is older than me ;p )

Out of jealousy, i purposely twisted the meaning of peter pan by telling him that calling people peter pan is actually an insult. Cos when people said that you are like peter pan, don't be too happy. The actual meaning behind it is :

You are childish! Grow up! Stop dreaming!
( cos peter pan never grows up and stays in his ever magical neverland )

Jahat kan i? Create things yang bukan-bukan.
But i think it absolutely makes sense worr.
So don't be too happy if next time i say you are like peterpan ok?
Cos i just don't want to hurt/insult you directly.

I'm so glad that i just created a way to insult people without them realizing it.
I'm just so smart, vogiuly smart.
LOL ;p


Monday, April 4, 2011


I guess it's time for me to go out and mingle with some human beings.

I accidentally delete/change the configuration ( or code or something lah ) of my internet connection in my laptop this morning. Since then, i kept trying different ways of fixing it ( ie. slamming the mouse, non stop clicking the icon, cursing my poor little mackie, etc. )

Then i call some friends to get help, still no answer. There's this ex colleague of mine whom i have no been keeping in touch for a year or two. I always went to his house when i have problem with my mac from the day i bought it till now. He is my last resort cos i don't want to him after so long just becoz i need help. But no choice, horse died walk on floor ( 馬死落地行 ).

So i picked up my phone and called. I guess i was too nervous that i forgot to PR with him before asking for help. Luckily he is still very nice to me, but he apologized cos there's a problem ~ "He and his family moved to Penang since last year ".

OMG! It suddenly hit me that i should take more initiative to connect with the outside world. Not only to keep myself updated, but also to make more contacts. So that i know where to go to if i'm in trouble next time. :(

OK now, anybody interested to meet up with an unfriendly guy, with super fierce face and know absolutely nothing about gadgets? Preferably not too far from Ampang/Cheras? ( that's another reason i don't go out.. too lazy ) ;p
( so sad, i'm so desperate now ... like cheap sale ;p )

p/s : after lots of clicking and cursing, i accidentally solved the problem ( i think so, at least for now ) THANK GOD ! :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

what are you?

( it's time for some monthly syok sendiri post ;p )

I was in a meeting with my client and a publisher whom i've never met. I was sitting there quietly, jotting down the whatever info that i need for my VM concept and smile, occasionally.

Then suddenly that female publisher said to my client that i am CUTE, cos i always have that smiley face. I was shocked, trying very hard not to blush. She repeated that comment 3 times throughout the meeting. Seriously, a bit overwhelming for me. As i prefer people to call me vogiu than cute. Cos i think my selling point is my character and personality, not the look. ( yes, yes, feel free to vomit now ;p )


都沒有想過我的感受。 ;(


Friday, April 1, 2011

what kuku are you?

I once went for an interview ( for VM ). At the end of the interview, the interviewer ( a very fashionable lady ) complimented my fingernail :

" You have a very nice finger and fingernails. "

I was so happy. But this not the first time people say nice thing about my finger and nails. Cos i have what the Malays called it : KUKU GELAS , fingernails of a more longish shape. And it's normally what people use to model jewelries and/or anything to do with hand ( hand cream, nail art, etc. )

So, do you have KUKU GELAS? Or you are the opposite ... KUKU CAWAN?