Friday, July 30, 2010

pssst ...

I was on the way to tapao my lunch just now. I went in the lift and there's 2 boys ( probably 7 or 8 years old ) in there. I looked at them, press the button and stand next to the button panel. They were standing behind me. It was quiet for a while, then i heard the boys whispering among themselves ...

Boy A : psst psst ... tengok kasut dia, cantik lah.

Boy B : yelah, suruh mak kau beli untuk raya lah.

Boy A : kau tanya dia mana dia beli lah.

Boy B : tak nak la.. kau nak, kau tanya sendiri...

I heard the whole conversation, and i smiled to them when i walked out the lift. And my mood was really good for the whole day.:)

Guess i am a little too desperate for attention ya? Who cares lah, as long as i get the compliments, even from kids.

Or do you think that i am pathetic? ;(

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is something me n my gang used to do when we were in college. We like to create our own language among ourselves, trying very hard to be creative and different from others lah konon. LOL ;p

Language 1 ~ single alphabet
We change all the first alphabet of everything we want to say to a SAME alphabet.
From " What do you want to eat later? " to " Tat to tou tant to teat tater? "
From " Can i borrow the chart from you? " to " San sai sossow se shart som siu ? "
Sometimes we forgot and spoke in that language to out lecturer. And of cos, we just laughed it off and pretend nothing happened.

Language 2 ~ east meets west ( Chinese + English )
We put the plural ( add s ) in English when we were talking in Chinese.
" 今天的課s有好多東西s要做。那裡找來醬多時間s啊? "
" Library有沒有很多人s?"

Think about it now, it was quite stupid and salah, but fun. Cos people will just stared at us whenever they heard us say things like that. Another way of getting attention horr?

Do you have your own language/terms among your gang?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fake it !

You know when we were performing on stage, we have to put on our biggest smile. And most of the time we have to fake it, cos busy remembering the choreos and the chaos at the backstage. Bet most of the audience thought that we really dance and 'smile' at the same time. Well, that is on stage.

But when it comes to real life ( work life ), it seems that i can't control the ability to fake my smile. I was in a meeting with my client the other day, few of them. When the bigger boss started to share his story on the table, the rest of his staffs seems quite enjoying it. The smiled and laughed a few times, but i didn't. Cos i really can't find anything funny in the stories. I tried to squeeze a bit of smile, doing my best to let him know that i am listening.

I always tell the members to breath through their mouth, to create the smiling face. But it's so weird if i do it in front of them. I can have thousand and one facial expression whenever i am on stage, but i can't even fake a smile when i am really needed one. Sigh.;(

Are you a professional 'faker'?
I am talking about faking the smile ... other 'fakes' we talk next time ;p

sien ...

Monday, July 26, 2010


Do i look like someone who knows lots of things? Mr Serba Tahu maybe? Cos not sure why, but lots of people came to me and ask things that i dunno how to answer.

One middle aged woman came to me in the studio before i start my dance class ( note : DANCE CLASS ) and asked me about a lot of things, almost everything EXCEPT dancing. Which type of YOGA is better for stretching and flexibility? Which YOGA is for beginner. What's the difference between YOGA and body balance? How many different type of YOGA classes we have in the gym? Honestly i really dunno what she asked, as i myself dun do yoga. So i just told her that i'm not sure, and direct her to the front desk.

Funny rite?
The Yoga studio is just right at the other corner, and she came to me.
Is it her problem? Or i should do my homework for all other classes so that i know how to handle those questions in the future?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

得得 - 失 = 得得得 ;p

It was really a hectic week for me. 2 theme classes on Tuesday and Wednesday ( i was having diarrhea on Monday night ). The big event for my client on Saturday. Luckily everything went well, better than what i expected. And the best thing is, i think i managed to create more opportunities for more jobs ( both gym classes and event ).

I can see members ( maybe not all ) are quite happy with the class, and definitely looking forward to the next theme class, which is Halloween. The theme? ~ VAMPIRE!!! Any suggestion what i should wear?

As for the event, i think the client is happy with the result. That some of them ( from different divisions ) already started to ask me if i'm interested to do their coming annual dinner. It feel so good when you know that your actually on demand. LOL ;p

Lastly, thanks to the diarrhea and pressure ... my pants seems a bit loose, especially the waistline.;p


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


was having a massive diarrhea since Monday midnight.
am still on recovery.
not 100% up yet.
this week is a very hectic week for me.
2 theme classes and the event this Saturday.
hope that everything will be fine...

but on the positive side, i am now 2kg lighter. LOL

p/s : when was the last time u shitted in ur pants? ;p

Monday, July 19, 2010

mat salleh celup ...

There's this instructor that i dun really like. Cos he is quite pretentious when he conduct a class.

Why pretentious? Cos he will suddenly 'possessed' with a Australian ghost whenever he is teaching. I know him quite well. He is just a local boy, never went overseas for wok or studying. But i dunno why he likes to speak English with an Aussie slang.

five, six, seven, aiit ( not eight )

And i dun really get him whenever he give instruction, becos of the slang as well. I mean he do speak 'normal' English when we hang out. Do i think that the slang makes him looks better? i Dun think so.

Do you have this type of mat salleh sesat/celup people in your group?

( blonde wannabes )

p/s : Do you prefer to have an English speaking instructor with an ( self- developed ) Aussie slang or with Hokkian slang ( that what people commented about my English ;p )?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was doing a replacement class at Pavilion last Friday. Since i'm not sure on how the other instructor do the class, so i asked one of the member who i know.

Me : Eh so what is her style huh?

Him : Err.. she is more to hip-hop lo. Sometimes a bit of trance-pop and dance-pop.

Me : Oic. Then do you think my style is considered as dance-pop?

Him : Actually i think yours is more like SLUT-POP lorr. Hahahahaha.

Me : ... ( speechless .. cos deep down inside, i kinda ... ;p )

I just broke my own record for doing 14 classes in a week ( last Monday till today ~ 10 own & 4 replacements ). And when i do the replacement, i will steal 1 minute of the time , just to introduce/promote my own class to the members.

I should be feeling tired for having so many classes, but i'm not. Cos i can see the attendance of my classes are getting better and better. Must be the result from my 1 minute promotion. So happy. Cos i felt super productive. :)

How was your week? Was it productive?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Supercalifragilisticastialidol ...

Although i always say that i am a vogue person, but i have to admit that sometimes i do things which are tak-vogue at all. I don't really believe in feng shui. I don't care about those silly pantang-larang. And i don't bother to know things about my horoscope or zodiac sign. I don't mind walking under the ladder, i am not scared of black cats, my own birthday is on "13". . .
But there are few things that i insist of doing it ( not sure why ) ...

1. When i go in bed, i must step in my right foot first. Cos i will feel uncomfortable and won't sleep well ( i think lah ) if i accidentally step in using left foot. ( but nowadays even right foot oso i can't really sleep. )

2. When i listen to radio or watching tv, i must set the volume in even numbers ( 18, 20, 22, etc ). It's a habit that i develop dunno since when. Weird right? ;p

3. When i get off from the car, i will switch on the car alarm then off it, then on it and off it, then finally on it. Not that i like to listen to the alarm sound but just make me feel more secure after doing it few times.

4. I will avoid walking near to a tree at night. Something that i started way back during college.. together with friends.

I know i know, vogue person like me ( syok sendiri punye ) should not have weird habits like that. But i just dunno why and how it started...
Do you have any of those silly habit as well?


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I know i might not be the expert in marketing, but sometimes i do think that i know how to attract and sell things to people.

Say you a member passing by a notice board in a gym. There's a poster of a coming theme class. The concept is CIRCUS. Which of the following will attract your attention and make you interested to join?

My proposal ~
The Circus :
Come join the circus and be a PARTY ANIMAL. A dance party that will make you Gaga all the way.
( Key word : Circus, animal and wild )
( Dress code : Anything that brings out the animal in you )

The final result ~
The Dance Party :
Join us as we party to the funkiest music, injected with quirkiest dance moves. Everyone is welcome and bring your friend down to clown with us.
( Key word : Circus, clown and fun )
( Dress code : Colorful )

When i saw the poster, i nearly vomit blood!!!
Cos i asked for ANIMAL and they gave me CLOWN !!!
PEKCEK ahhhhhhh !!!

animals are NOT clown !!!

Sometimes it's really sucks when you are trying to get people out of the box.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Found 2 boxes of decorative butterfly from the previous display in my storeroom. Since i'm still looking for the headgear for my theme class ( dress code : colorful ) next week, so i tried to create something with it. And below are the 'ingredients' :

Rama-rama ( beberapa ekors )
Cat warna ( beberapa botols )
Maska muka ( 1 keping, tapi kalau kepala besar boleh guna 2 ;p )
Manik berlian ( se'bling' yang boleh )
Tangan yang vogue ( sepasang )
Otak yang vogue ( se???.. excuse me, what is the penjodoh bilangan for OTAK huh? )

Ladies and gentlemen, aqua and diva sekalian, may i present to you, my new custom made headgear :


Ada vogue? Now have to crack my head looking for the baju to go with the headgear. Any suggestions?

Hope that it will stand out in the class next week. And i really enjoyed creating accessories / props for myself. Save money and definitely won't be the same as others. :)

p/s : i still got a some FREE passes for trial workout at the gym. Siapa mau?

Monday, July 12, 2010

light on Saturdays ...

I am currently obsessed with a new thing, something i redeemed using my credit cards reward points ~ the digital weighting machine. LOL ( so lame right? )

I stepped on the machine whenever i am free ( sometimes more than 5 times a day ), when i wake up, before lunch, after class, before bed, etc. Since i weight myself so often, i kinda know when is the lightest or heaviest day of my body, and it's SATURDAY! ;)

Why? Cos i got 2 classes on Saturdays, and the timing are really odd. So odd that i have no chance to have breakfast or lunch cos need to rush from one gym to another. And also i don't really like to eat before the class. And when i reached home around 5pm ( with nothing in me since morning ), i can't wait to weight myself. And it normally won't disappoint me, to get the ideal weight that i always wanted. Although it's only for one day. ;p

So thats' why i love Saturday so much. Cos it's the day where my wish comes true. :)

Do you know when is the lightest day/ moment for yourself?

p/s : Saturdays used to be my lightest day as well ( maybe 10 years back ). Cos i will eat extremely light during daytime, so that i'll look good when i hit the club at night. LOL.. Those were the days...;p

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Say my name, say my name.

Finally received my 1st cheque ( yeah, waiting for the 2nd one as well ;p ) from winning the FlyFM's contest few months back. ( Yay! ) But when i look at it closely, DAMN! there's error on my name. Personally i think it was an unacceptable error lor.. I mean guys, do you know how to pronounce the word

" FHIAU "?
( Piau? Fiao? or HIAO!!?? )

I'll have to call them tomorrow to reissue the cheque. Hopefully it won't happen to my 2nd cheque. ;p

Oh by the way, my name on my instructor card also got error. And that name made me looked like Indonesian-Chinese or some Latino. LOL.

I always wonder, is it so hard to get my name correctly? Or it's just as UNFRIENDLY as the owner? LOL ;p

So do you have a 'FRIENDLY' name?

p/s : posted a 'cute' song for you to start a new week. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

rated U

I was compiling some songs for my client last night. And it's for a fashion show. Easy right? Just get some upbeat vogue and cat-walky tunes. But the thing is, the guest of honor of the night would be our DPM. So everything has to be polite, friendly, or in another word - FORMAL & CORPORATE ( a.k.a. BORING )

How lah to get vogue when there's so many restriction kan? Now Lady Gaga is definitely out of the picture. Same thing goes to Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kesha, Rihanna, etc. All those RnB songs with lot of cursing, drinking, love-making rap lyrics also out! Too sexy and partyish also out! Too noisy also out! Anything politic or religion related lyrics also out!

Please help me. I need to compile and remix the songs by this weekend. Cos i need to present the song lists for their Chairman's approval by next week. Do you have any songs in mind that are vogue ( suitable for catwalk ) but still presentable to everyone, especially The ONE?

Since i am the director of the fashion show, do you think that it's ok for me to surprise them. By asking the models to do slutty pose at the finale? It's not in the guidelines anyway. LOL ;p

p/s : the song that i posted also cannot use.. cos it's kinda sexist. ( SIEN )

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As an instructor, it's very important to encourage and acknowledge member's hard work ( during and after the class ). Sometimes i really want to communicate with them more. But due to my limited or rather powderful England, i normally end the class with the same line :

"Good job and thank you everyone. Hope you enjoyed the class. See you again next time."

It's like a routine for me already to say those lines by the end of EVERY class. I think some of my regulars also expecting that every time.

Say you are a member lah, besides the above lines, what else would you like to hear from the instructor? So that i don't have to use the same line over and over again.
( but try to make it short and easy to remember ya ;p )


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ada udang di sebalik .. mee? ;p

Say i'm not really close with you.
And we are not attracted to each other.
The story is i just came back from overseas holiday.
So happened that we met each other in the gym one day.
Then i took out a box of chocolate and gave it to you. ( as souvenir )
And before i left, i told you that that box of chocolate is .. NOT CHEAP.

Do you think that i am showing off?
Or what is the possible indirect/hidden message?

Personally i won't tell the value lo.. unless i WANT you to know. ;p

p/s : btw, i'm the one who received the chocolate, hokay? ;p

Monday, July 5, 2010

I don't mean to be bitchy ...

I was talking to another female instructor the other day. Then suddenly i noticed something interesting on her t-shirt ( chest area ). So i took a deeper look. She realized that and shouted at me ( of cos joking lah ) :

Her : Weiii, hamsap ! Why you look at my boobs ahh? Sexy issit?

Me : Oh dun get me wrong. I thought i just saw a plane landing. Sorry to disappoint you. ;p

Just to share some funny story on workout attire with you guys.
Still remember “貼身膏藥“? So whenever she attend my class, she will make sure that she change her clothes every class. If she's joining 3 classes back-to-back, then she'll put on 3 different sets. Wether she is sweating or not, lain cerita lah. And most of them are very less-cloth/ skimpy ( ATTENTION : Less Cloth not necessary SEXY, hokay ;p ) Sometimes bareback lah, or low cut deep V. Not to mention the color combinations. ;(

After the class, i always go to the counter and talked to the girls. " I don't mean to be bitchy, but don't you think that she is a bit over?? Just make me wanna slap her more. LOL ;p "

BTW, do you think that we should have fashion police in the gym? ;p

p/s : 其實當我說"I don't mean to be bitchy"的時候,我也覺得有很好笑。應為我明明就很bitchy。哈哈。

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I totally gave up on them. After 'this' and 'that' incident, i finally got one more and the FINAL reason for me to stop working with them!

Few weeks ago, they commented that my music is not up to date. But when started to use the latest songs, the commented again :
" Your music is more suitable for the young people la. Maybe next time you can use those songs from the eighties."
( Hello, you are the one who asked me to UPDATE my music !!! )

Then the other day, i saw this woman ( mid 40's i think ) in the class who came to the class but didn't really dance. If this happened in the gym, normally the member is either not well or having some back or knee problem. That's why they opt for a lighter exercise. But when i asked her on her reason ( btw, she is very arrogant and not friendly, and old, and ugly, and bitchy, and always complain, and fat, and ..... ) :

Me : Why you didn't do the steps?

Her : Oh, i just don't want to get sweaty ! ( nak maintain vogue yang tak pernah wujud )

I really don't understand. Why bother join a workout class ( to get fitter and healthier ) when you are not ready to get all sweaty? And the best thing is, she always complained that my steps are too simple. Padahal, most of the time she can't follow the steps during the class! And when i see that, i will purposely speed up and create more complicated steps for them. Just to make her more miserable, and for me to enjoy watching her looking miserable and kelam-kabut. ( nikmat nyer tiada terhingga LOL ;p )

So finally, i told that woman on Friday that i will only be working with them till end of the month. Cos i know, the more i work with them, the more pekcek i will be.


Thursday, July 1, 2010


Scenario #1 :
There's a new intern in our company. And the girls go crazy about him, cos he is quite cute. So one of the girl dragged me to his office and ask : " Do you think that he's cute? " I only answer with 2 words : "NO CHIN", and broke all the girls' dreams. LOL

Scenario # 2 :
I was at the gym when i saw this guy. Good looking, nice body shape and quite perfect package lah konon ... how i wish i have those kind of qualities. As i was admiring him, he received a sms on his phone. When he lower his head to check on the message, ALAMAK! I finally found something that i do not wish to be like him .. DOUBLE CHIN.;p

Given a choice, you rather be someone with NO CHIN or DOUBLE CHIN?

( No offense to anyone with the above criteria ;p )

My sister's new nickname = double chin. Cos her name is Chin Chin. ( Lame joke kan? ) LOL ;p