Monday, February 21, 2011

Posted a 'meriah and sexy' song .. to maintain the divaness and the positive energy in my blog while i am away. :)
Don't miss me too much ya? ;p

p/s : Did a few classes using Gaga's Born This Way ... member's feedback was really good : " We should do something like this more often." And i replied : " It's very much depends on the song." Cos most of her songs are very 'inspiring' for me to choreograph. :)
Guess i am just another GAGA-victim huh? ;p

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let me teach you ...

... how to get exra angpau for Chinese New Year.;p

I guess it is not too late to share a "CNY" joke.

Every year, me and my secondary school classmates will gather at my friend's house during CNY. Eat and gamble. Maybe i was too carried away with the game, i said something stupid when my friend's father came back.

A : Uncle, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

B : Uncle, Happy New Year.

Me ( busy counting points on my poker cards ) :


I was so embarrassed and everyone laughed at me. I think that uncle pity me, so he gave me 2 angpau .. one for CNY and one for his 'Birthday'. lol ;p

BTW, how was your CNY 'income' this year?
Mine is quite good ... he he he. ;p

Friday, February 18, 2011

blog + er = blogger

Kisah Benar... sumpah!
I was in primary school, having my English test ...

Question :
What is a room where you have shower in it?
_ _ _ _ room ( ans : BATHroom )

My answer :
( Gilerr kan? My england was really powderful then. I thought 'shower' is show+er. Just like teach+er, work+er, etc. I wonder what was my teacher's reaction when she saw my answer... BOWDOOOWW ;p )

Anybody can top my bodohness?
Don't malu malu to share ya..:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was doing my business ( big one ;p ) it the gym's toilet when suddenly a loud ringtone ( boom boom pow.... boom boom pow... ) came from the next cubicle ... make people terkejut & terkecut only. The guy answered the phone. He then talk and talk and talk for about 5 minutes. And there i was, forced to listen to his conversation.

Don't you think it's a bit rude to talk in the toilet? Huuhh.. nak 'close deal' dengan peacefully pun tak boleh. ;p

Will you answer call while in toilet?
I won't ... normally i will silent it so that it won't ring at all. ;p

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Running Potato

Ever since CNY, my daily life can be summarized by using only 2 words : COUCH POTATO. No wonder my body oso more and more like potato ;(

Not much VM job to do since CNY. It will be the low season for VM till end April. Luckily i still got the classes to do. Or else sure i die boredom

Last Friday, nothing to do. Gatal. Went jogging for an hour ( cos really cannot tahan the shape of my body liao ;p ). Never jogged like that before in my life, but was worth it. Cos the ' permandangan sepanjang jalan' was quite nice. LOL ;p

The next day, my kaki macam nak tercabut. Naik pentas pun susah. Members laughed at me. Damn. ;(

Went jogging again today. Hopefully it will be ok tomorrow. 2 classes, and i'm going to do the song that i played over and over again these few days ~ BORN THIS WAY by my sister GAGA. :p

I think this is the 'most normal' song with positive message from GAGA so far and i'm loving it! Fast fast go listen and let me know how you feel. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I was at the saloon getting my hair cut. As usual, i'll wash my hair. And the shampoo boy was trying to PR with me. Asking me what do i do, where do i work, where do i stay, etc. At first it was still ok, but he is getting more and more annoying.

I told him i am teaching dance classes in fitness centre. Then he asked me a BONUS question :

" So you teach the people dance lah? "
( So, 你係嘪教個D人跳舞吤?)

I answered, " Yes."

But in my heart, " Of cos teach people lah, abothen? teach ghost ahh? "

Do you think it is very rude if i answer him like that? But that's the truth ;p

SOrry lah, i really cannot tahan long winded person. ;(

Monday, February 14, 2011

sorry for making you smile ...

There's this girl in my class who always have a very serious facial expression. One day, in the middle of the class, i told her to smile while dancing. So that she can relax and enjoy more. And she did, she smiled for me ... and i finally know why so never smile in the class ...

I felt sorry for her ;p

You know, some people were born to look better when they are not smiling. I am one of them. cos when i smile, my face will blush and i'll show my whole set of teeth and my super big gum. ;p

Can you smile?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Tomorrow is the day when people LOVE and HATE at the same time. Couples will love it and singles hate it. But for a non-romantic person like me, it's just another day. ;p

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. :)

By the way, which of the following you think is the LAMEst VDay gift?
a) Teddy bear

b) Heart shape chocolate

c) Rose bouquet

d) Rose bouquet with chocolate and teddy bear?

One more thing, i hope that our florist ( most of them ) can spend more time study and improve their bouquet wrapping style. Cos from my observation, 70% of the flower bouquets in the market are being presented with horrible wrapping/packaging. They always add a few layers of colorful wrapper to make it bigger. But to me, they just made the bouquet looks cheaper. Don't they know that LESS is MORE?

You agree with me?

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It happened N years ago ...

I was at the gym working out. When i was doing sit up, i noticed a girl passed by and stared at me. Not sure why she was smiling. After the workout, i went to the changing room. Took off my shirt then my pants and ... astaghfirullahalazim!!!

But i have to thank that girl for not telling me. At least i can finish my whole workout session. Cos if she did, i will be so damn malu ! LOL :p

p/s : luckily i was not wearing a fancy color or design ;p

Would you tell a stranger that his/her pants is koyak?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Me vs Mdm Kuan

One of my friend complained on my attitude.

" Why must you be so Bitchy? So Stubborn? Calculative and Anti-Social?
Why can't you be more nicer and better person; like Mdm Kuan ~ Maha Penyayang, Maha Pengasih, Maha Pengampun, blah blah blah ..." ( .. can't remember what else he said ;p )

After he finished his long lecture, i turned to him and said :

( If i am as good as Mdm Kuan, i won't be sitting here. You'll see me on praying table. ;p )

( picture taken at Macau, 2005 )

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I always know that i am very bad in PR, cos i dunno how to 'repackage' my words ... to make it more flowery.

I was talking to my friend about Hello Kitty. We normally described Kitty as rounded, whitish, with a bow ribbon, innocent rounded eyes, etc rite? Then i told him that actually Hello Kitty have a boyfriend ~ Dear Daniel. And when he asked me to describe Dear Daniel, i only used 3 words ...

" Like cat lorr " ( 貓樣囉 )

At that very moment, i realized that i KILLED all the cuteness on Dear Daniel. ;p


( sounds so ;p )

Monday, February 7, 2011

more FUN fries?

I was at McD yesterday for lunch. Had a set of my favorite Double Cheese Burger. So satisfying. :)~

As i was enjoying the burger, i noticed that there's some people who poured out all their fries on the tray. To me it's a bit messy ( berselerak macam makanan ayam jerr. ;p ).

Do you think that is the more fun and yummy way to eat fries?
Do you eat that way as well?
Or you are like me, pick one by one from the cup?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Was doing the spring cleaning for my laptop and found these clips. A project i did last year which brought me a lot of good reviews and opportunities. It's a performance by the staff for the company's charity dinner. I also broke my own record as this is the biggest group of staffs that i've taught ( 50+ ) for a company's performance by far.

Part 1 ( African Tribal Dance )

Part 2 ( Disco Dancing )

The steps are quite basic cos we want everyone to get it to create the mass impact. Feel free to comment. And if your company is looking for someone to do this type of event...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

say it right :)

Some people like " 恭喜發財 " , cos getting rich is the ultimate aim every year.

Some like " 青春美麗 ", cos looking great is the most important thing is the whole life. ( am partly in this category ;p )

But i like " 心想事成 " the most. Cos i think this is the most complete wishes of all ( semua dalam satu ). Save time and can get everything that you want. ( Talk about efficiency ;p )

So if you see me during CNY, no need to say the whole bunch of wishes. Just a simple " 心想事成 " will do :)

Big Mouth would like to wish everyone ...

Or you actually got other preference?