Tuesday, June 26, 2012

licensed drama.

What is the ( probably only ) good thing from having asthma?
( Just trying to be funny, mean and bitchy at the same time. No offense to those with such problem. )




That you can do your dramatic GASP face & voice whenever and wherever you want, without anyone rolling eyes at you,or call you drama queen.
Ada agree? ;p

Happy Mid Week everyone :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

drama me.

My friend got to know this girl from a website. They have been texting each other every night for 3 weeks. And based on their conversation, it seems they are comfortable with each other.. quite serasi la konon. They have never met each other but did exchanged contact number. The problem is, this girl refused to chat on the phone with my friend. So my friend is trying to figure out what is the real reason of her not wanting to talk.

Me : Maybe she is not single lerr? Maybe she is married?

Him : I asked her, she said she is single. I trust her.

Me : Did you ask her if that is her latest photo in the profile? Maybe she is now a totally different lerr?

Him : I did, and she said that is her recent pics.

Me : I know i know, maybe she got very strange voice lerr? Maybe very deep like a man... or extremely high like chipmunks lerr? Haha..

Him : I thought of that as well. But i don't think that's the real reason.

Me : Hmm .... what if .... she is mute!?

Him : ( looked at me, speechless )

Leave it to me to create drama on anything. LOL ( syok sendiri ;p )

Seriously, can you guys think of any other reason why she doesn't want to talk?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

sleeping beauty.

It's Sunday, sleep late ( at least till 10am ). Then shower and head back to Klang. That's what i thought will be, when i went to bed last night.

Then came Sunday morning, i opened my eyes .. ahh .. just 8.03am. 2 more hours to go. 8.30am .. 8.45am .. 9.12am .. i just can't continue the sleep. Maybe i'm already used to the new daily routine, which requires me to wake up at 8.30am, then go for the rehearsal at 9.30am.

I always envy those who can wake up late .. real late .. like 3pm the next day late. :p
Can you?

I think i tried waking up after noon before, and ended up with a massive headache. :(

Friday, June 22, 2012

15 mins.

I like to sit down in front of the tv 15 minutes before going to bed. This is to 'relax' my mind . ( But normally end up dreaming about things that i jut saw . lol ;p )

So what's the last thing you do before going to bed?
( besides brushing teeth or going to toilet ;p )

Thursday, June 21, 2012

no more?

Someone told me that i'm slowly losing my mojo aka BITCHINESS in my blog.
I'm afraid that i'll have to agree with him.
Maybe i'm too busy to be bitchy.
Do you feel the same?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

angry lor.

Went dinner at 1U last night. Reached there early, so decided to do some destress therapy ( shopping la, apa lagi? ;p ) while waiting. Walked and walked. The more i shopped, the angrier i got. Cos i dunno what to buy OR have nothing to buy. At the end, i didn't buy anything. Geramnyer! Thought can destress, now i lagi stressed!

What is at the top of your 'to buy' list?
I mean things that can be bought in a shopping mall. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

morning glory.

It happened when i was in college.

I was supposed to get my passport done, but just realized the night before that i forgot to take photo for it. So the next morning, i woke up early and waited for the photo studio to open. Did the photoshoot and express printing lagi.

When the staff passed me the photos, he asked me a strange question ..

Him : You just woke up issit?

Me : Yeah. Why?

Him : No la. It's just your face...

I looked at my photo, OMG. My face was so tembam. It looked like some sponge with full water in it. Totally not vogiu at all. Luckily that passport expired years ago. Now my passport's picture is so vogiu. ;p

Do you have the same morning tembamness problem?
And it will last for how long before it disappear ( or till you are ready to be seen by others? )

Monday, June 18, 2012


Completed one my job last Saturday, and now rushing for the VM of a store opening this Friday. And of cos, the stress still carry on...

Had so many weird dreams lately. Last week with the expired food dream. Yesterday, i got another dream which is scary for me ... SPM dream. If it's BM, English or art paper, then i'm still ok. But it was one of my weakest subject Modern Maths ( actually i'm also weak in Sejarah, Add Maths, Kimia, Biologi & Fizik lah ;p ). I looked at the questions and totally shocked. So many signs that i don't understand.

What was your weakest / scariest subjects during school?

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Was doing an event last night. I'm training a group of staffs for an opening gambit for the annual dinner. Minutes before the big opening, we were all busy doing final touch up backstage.

Then we heard the emcee announcing the starting of the event ... with everyone standing up and sing the Negaraku. I was surprised, cos those people ( staffs ) at backstage ( where nobody can see us )  actually stood still when the song was played. So the patriotic! Then they sang the company's song. And the staffs continued singing and clapping to the song. I was the odd one running up and down ( not standing still like everyone else ;p ) adding stuffs on the performers. The evil in me even tried to tease the staffs so that they move with me. LOL

Honestly, what will you do when you hear the national song?
Stop or carry on with whatever you are doing?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

locker room dream.

Got a super weird dream last night.

I just finished my class and walking towards my locker in the changing room. It seems that someone just opened my locker and put something in. Instead of getting name cards or love letters ( how i wish ;p ) i saw tones of food when i opened the locker ..  and it's all in separate packaging. Mentang-mentang i dah ringan sikit, everybody wants to belanja me makan huh? ;p

Then i check the info/content on each packaging. To my horror, they all have the same problem ... date expired!

Why people want to give me expired food?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Supposed to go for a morning meeting today, but got canceled last minute. Stayed at home. Suddenly i'm lost, dunno what to do. Maybe i'm already used to the hectic schedule for the past few weeks with one thing after another to rush. A sudden-break is kinda shocking. :(

How was your week so far?

BTW, remember how i complaint on gaining weight after my Australia trip? I was around 63kg before the trip and have never step on the weighing machine since i cam back till yesterday. Looking at my ( much looser shape as compared to before ) body, i am hoping for it to not go over 65kg ( cos that will be the new high if my weight ). Guess what? I actually lost weight! And i'm now 61ish kg. Thanks to all the non stop walking in Sydney & Gold Coast and all the work stress after i came back. Thank God, i didn't gain any weight, i just have a loose body ( haha ;p ) So now i can happily celebrate with makan besar. LOL ;p

Monday, June 11, 2012

i'm a professional.

My beautiful Monday morning was destroyed by a call, a call from that fat bitch!

It was 9.35am and i'm still in my bed ( jangan jeles ;p ) and suddenly my phone rang. I answered. It's fat bitch, with another annoying request!

FYI, we agreed on the package rate when we started the job. Halfway through, she asked for some discount. I agreed not to charge the extra rehearsal sessions ( complimentary session lah konon ;p ). Then she asked to reduce the charges from RM7110 to RM7000. OK la.. i bagi jeerrr.. malas nak discuss lagi. And this morning, she wants me to itemized the package and decided to take out a few of the items! Which part of the word 'package' that she doesn't understand huh? Of cos i still make profit from the job, but much lesser now. :(

First she oversold her male colleagues. Then she gave me a mission impossible to make an oil tank looks like hour glass. And now she's cutting down my budget. Hmm.. ini tak boleh jadi... i must do something.. show her the consequence of messing with me. Maybe i should take revenge!

After shower, i looked at the mirror, and it hit me. I should not do that. I am a professional, and i should act like one. So i decided to give her my professional ... revenge. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA..
( wind blows, birds flying, thunder rumbling........ drama syok sendiri ;p )

My Monday was dramatic.
How's your's?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

house keeping.

Just curious.
Do you make your bed..
Immediately after you wake up?
Or after shower?
Or never ( cos you are going to sleep in it again at night  ;p )?

I do it immediately after waking up, cos cannot tahan seeing my pillows ( i got 6 pillows on my bed ) berterabur like tongkang peach. ;p

Have a great weekend everyone. :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

sell baby, sell.

I met up with a new client ( that fat bitch ;p ) few weeks ago, talking on me training the staffs for their annual dinner. I think she was very confident with her staffs ( or herself ). She requested for a superb performance. I remembered what she said to me in the meeting ...

" I just want something that is so great that people will talk about it after the dinner. If your want, the guys can go topless. They are all very fit and muscular. "

So, i pun suka-suka planned something boomz for the show la. Mana tau, the 1st rehearsal when i met all the guys.... map oooiii... Fit and muscular? My ass! I can only imagine 2 out of 7 of them go topless... that is also because that they are skinny ( not fit ya ;p ). The rest, so he meat market, with high cholesterol one. Not sure if she is really blind ( or got no taste ). Or she is just trying to take revenge on the guys. ;p

Are you one of those who like to 'over sell' thing?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

face it!

Red satin dress .. like lantern
Orange dress .. like pumpkin
Black sequin dress .. like disco ball

What you want?
Why you got so many complaint?
Can't you just face it?

That's the fact!

Now, go complain to those people on me like you always do. Tell them how uncooperative of me to find you the perfect dress and you don't like my attitude. It's ok, cos i don't like you anyway, bitch. Opps, sorry... my fault .. should be FAT BITCH!

Am dealing with this annoying bitch for some annual dinner performance. Buat i tensi aje. Luckily can distress a bit by blog about it here. :p

I'm sorry for dumping my negativities here.
But at least i feel slightly better now.
Cheers everyone.

Monday, June 4, 2012

don't forget me.

Was watching the finale of SMASH, and this song touched me so deeeeeeeeeep. I think only an O.D. can understand that feeling and get the message of the song. It's now officially my new V.O.D. theme song. Give it a try .. :)
( Maybe i should play this song in my funeral huh? With big orchestra .. make it grand kau-kau .. and end it with big gold confetti rain... and you all will be invited ...hahaha ;p )

So? After listening to it, got feeling or not? If yes, then congratulations.. u are one step closer to become the member of PDSM ..

Persatuan Diva Sesat Malaysia ;p

Just thinking la.. if they described Monroe as "Bombshell", what would be the best description for me .. when i'm gone .. you know.. to hell?
( fyi, heaven is just not the place for me. I don't wear loose fitting robe and white is not my color ;p )
DaBomb? TimeBomb? Bombed?

p/s : thank god i'm more focused now .. after blurring for the past few days...:)

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I was meeting with my friend to pass her some CDs that i bought for her. She came out with her 7 years old daughter.

Daughter : Mummy, why you give money to uncle?

Friend : Ish. Why call people uncle?

Daughter : He is old.

I looked at her and smiled ( while trying very hard not to roll my eyes or bitch staring at her ;p )

So folks, it's official .. i'm now an O.D. ( old diva ;p ).

Sob sob .. nah, emo is just not my thing.
I might be old, but i'm still very vogiu. So, when you see me next time, please bow or do some curtsy before me. Show some respect for this V.O.D. ( vogiu old diva ) LOL ;p

Maybe it's time for me to start nurturing some new diva liao. Anyone interested? ;p

It's a new week.
Try to enjoy it everyone. :)