Monday, August 29, 2011

half dozen of everything ...

My ex-housemate had an interesting theory of buying tableware for the house. She didn't like to buy tableware of the same design/ color. She prefer to get those thing separately. When she saw a nice design, she would buy it to be added in the collection. By doing that, she can share the story ( when, where, why, color, design, etc ) on how she get each of them with the guests. Great topic la konon.

But for someone who got a bit of OCD issue, i just can't see things so 'meriah' ( messy / kelam-kabut ) on the dining table. Can you?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

i'm not a dog , ...

I was changing in the locker room and a guy came in and stood next to my locker. Then he took out his t-shirt and sniffed before putting it on. Then as i was putting on my shoes, another guy came in and took the opposite locker. He then did the same thing ... SNIFFED the t-shirt ( and socks) before putting it on.

Err.. i personally think that it is kinda weird to do that. Sniffing stuffs before you put it on.
Do you have that habit as well?

i'm not a dog, therefore i don't sniff. ;p

Friday, August 26, 2011

it's on !

Raya fever is officially ON.

The jam at Bukit Bintang started as earlier a 11am today. Guess everyone is rushing for last minute shopping before they head back to kampung ( starting tonight ). I can imagine the situation at Mid Valley & Sogo. Sure sesak giler-giler babi one. ;p

sempena hari raya yang mulia,
kumohon maaf jika terlaser kata,
salam dan senyum jelas di muka,
ikhlas, tak ikhlas , lain cerita.

Sape-sape yang takde kerje kat raye, jom kluar jumpe & minum.
Sape free?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

the "torn" between two lovers ...

Sometimes i feel bad when i see couples joining my class. Cos most of the time, they will be so unhappy with each other by the end of the class. Why?

Cos NORMALLY , the girl will be more excited and talented in dancing as compared to the guy. The guy just accompany ( or being dragged by ) the girl to join the class. And NORMALLY the guy will give up half way through the class. And when he decided to leave in the middle of the class, the girl will NORMALLY ask/force the guy to continue and stay with her. Since the guy can't really do what we are doing, he will NORMALLY end up putting on a miserable/ pissed face and blame the girl for that.

I see that a lot, after the class. Their interaction is totally different before and after class.

Now only i know. Besides good at bitching, i'm also gifted on causing tension between couples huh? lol ;p

I'm slowly turning on my lazy ( not holiday, just lazy ) mode. :(

almost pecah !!!

After the class, i went to the changing room to change. As i was packing my backpack, i saw someone familiar at the other corner of the room. It was my cousin. He turned to me and said :

" Hello, ah ... "

I stopped him before he can continue the sentence. Cos i know, he's going to call me "XX ( my Chinese name ) kor kor". Luckily, if not sure the whole locker room will know my not-so-vogiu Chinese name liao. FYI, i only go by my Chinese name when i'm back home.

I know my Chinese name is quite normal in China & Taiwan, BUT NOT HERE!!! Cos normally people will just make fun of it.
BTW, do you like to called in your Chinese name? Or you prefer to use English / Christian / nickname, just like me?

How come i have so many 'kemaluan' lately?

p/s : found another sexy song to use for my class.. booty bouncing .. yay...;p

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Say you want to go for a short holiday, maybe 3 days 2 nights. Totally last minute decision. Nothing too costly or too far away. Any suggestions?

See everyone going for their holidays during Raya break, makes me gatal-gatal oso want to go. But think-think only la ... ;p

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I think i just had THE WEIRDEST DREAM last night.

I was wearing just the skimpy shorts in gold ( not the best color for me ;p )...
Doing RPM ( i never tried this cycling class before )...
And pedaling to TERESA TENG's song ....

How weird was that? ;p

Maybe it's an omen for me to get a pair of gold shorts, to match my gold shoes eh? lol ;p

p/s : i think i look sexy in that gold skimpy shorts.. lol ;p

malu sial !!!

I reached the gym 30 minutes early today. Since i have nothing to do, i went parade-parade around the gym, and trying to mark my dance step at one corner. After that i went to the changing room to prepare myself for the class. And that's when i found out that my fly is actually open ... wiiiiiiide open!!!

Shit!!! Really MAJOR MALU!!!

Then i can't stop thinking :
" Those people who stared at me just now , are they looking at me cos i'm vogiu? Or bcos they saw an opening? " ;p

p/s : luckily i was wearing black underwear under the black pants. so it's not so obvious ... i hope. ;p

Monday, August 22, 2011


I was at One Utama last Thursday, meeting one of my client. As i walked up the escalator from the carpark to my client's shop, i saw a guy and a girl coming down from opposite direction. There's something about on them that caught my attention. I took a second look on him, then the girl, then back to him again, then ..... OH SHIT !!!!!

Apparently, me and the guy was wearing the same shirt! I think he saw me as well. I was panicked at first, but when i looked at him again, i told myself that i can do it. I held my head up high, acted normal. And when we passed by each other on the escalator, i turned to him and smiled. Why? Cos obviously ...

I LOOKED VOGIUER WITH THAT SHIRT! hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha ( snap ! )

Do you normally run away when you saw someone wearing same shirt as you are?

p/s : totally in love with the song i posted at the side bar. so refreshing :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

cehhhhhhh ...

There's this member ( who joined my class once every few weeks ) in my class who thinks that she is very good, and likes to complain every time she join my class. Too cold la, steps too easy la, songs not nice la, etc. And the thing that i hated most is when she tried to get other members to agree with her. But luckily so far nobody layan her.

Then yesterday, she came to my class again. All geared up with the latest collection of Nike sportswear ( i have to say that her fashion sense is quite good ;p ). As usual, she started to give me some 'suggestions' for my class :

" Danny, why don't you do that Lady Gaga's new songs? "

" Huh? We did 'Born this way' & ' The edge of glory' liao worr. Which song you want? "

" Nehh, that new song .. POKOFACE."

Yes! She said Lady Gaga's NEW song ~ "POKOFACE" . Dah lah lagu tuu lagu lama, nak sebut nama lagu pun salah.

I think i just shut down on her after she said that.
No point kan? Paying attention to her? Buat sakit hati & buang mase aje.

Friday, August 19, 2011

suddenly 170.

Went to cut my hair yesterday. My stylist decided to try out a different style for me. and i actually quite like it. Cos when i stepped out from the saloon, i suddenly realized that i am now 170cm. Ahhhh .... life is just so beautiful. ;p

Have a great weekend ahead everyone. :)

Thanks to the technology ( hairdryer, hair products and of cos my rambut yang kembang setaman ), everyone can now be slightly higher. Yaaay !

p/s : me stylist said to me : 哇,你頭髮又粗又長,老人家說醬很‘命硬‘。then i looked at him and like ~ whatever la. ;p

pp/s : i think i looked pale in almost every pic i took. why larr? ;(

Thursday, August 18, 2011

attention to all victims ...

2 more weeks to raya ..
People sibuk perpuasa, i sibuk berbuka.
I've gained 2kg so far.
And i blame it all to Bazaar Ramadan ( lol ;p )

Any other victim ( of the bazaar ) out there?

I think the 1st step i'll do is stop going to the bazaar.
2nd step, exercise more ... :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

once a lala ...

I always have difficulties choosing songs for my class. Cos we have so many different type of members in the class. Not everyone will appreciate the type of song that i chose to teach. Lebih-lebih lagi, with my LALA taste. ;p

Recently i'm super in love with this song : Mr Simple by Super Junior. I tell you, the beat is so strong, the melody is so catchy and it's super lala ... me likey :) But i'm not sure if i should use it for the class. Cos at certain point, i also felt that it's a bit too noisy and of cos... lala.

I've posted it at the side bar. Try listen to it.
What do you think? Ok for the class? You likey?
Your shoulder ada move tak? Your bontot ada shake tak?

Happy LALA-ing :)


talam dua muka !!

Just found out another shocking dark side of fitness world...
Luckily i'm strong enough to survive :)


Requested by William :
( Rupe-rupenyer, i dah kena inject dengan jarum bisa buat bertahun lamer nyer. Nasib baik badan i bisa bertahap over, baru boleh maintain vogiu gituu ;p )

p/s : 希望我那位還在 coma 的 member 可以堅強的醒過來。

Monday, August 15, 2011

i know i'm mean, but at least i'm honest ...

Some people like to tell you good news only. So that you won't have to feel sad at all. ( Type A )

Some people like to tell you bad news only. So that you'll feel bad for not appreciating what you have. ( Type B )

Some people like to tell you good news most of the time. But they'll only tell you bad news when they want you to feel bad. ( Type C )

I am Type C. ;p
What are you?


Friday, August 12, 2011



你有沒有 get 到啊?哈哈。

Another 'syok sendiri' entry, proudly brought to you by The Big Mouth. ;p

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Some funny conversation while i was in BKK 2 months ago ...

We were in the hotel room getting ready to go out. My friend wore a simple t-shirt, bermuda shorts and canvas shoes. Very casual and simple. Me on the other hand, wore a tee-shirt, skinny jeans and canvas shoes, but everything was matchy-matchy. Like a copy from those fashion catalogue. So my friend asked :

K : Why you wear so nice? Sampat ah? Go out only la.

Me : Why cannot? Let people see la.

K : You think people here know you meh?

Me : That's the main reason la. Cos i dah takde reputation in KL. Cannot fight with the fashionista there. So just let me try to be fashionable here. Can or not?

K : Over!

When you go for holiday, do you normally 'dress-up' or 'dress-down' your clothing ( fashion sense )?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

u guess lerrr ?

A lot of people ( male & female ) like to ask people to guess their age when people asked them how old are them. FYI, i'm way pass that stage, cos ...

a) i am comfortable and proud to be 34 this year, and

b) to save myself some disappointment / embarrassment ( just in case they say i look late 30's, buat sakit hati aje ;p )

So, how old are you?


I've been coughing since end of May. I tried almost everything to make it better and now, i don't really cough anymore. But i know, i'm not 100% back to my tip-top condition yet ...

I was driving to the gym while listening to the radio. Oo.. my favorite song. I sang-a-long. And when i about to hit the high note at the end, i coughed! Damn! All the while i have no problem on that part and becos of my cough history, i now can't handle it. How lah if i go sing K with ppl? Buat malu aje. Hilang segala kevogiulan ku!

My friend once told me that the best way to heal cough problem is ... just wait. Let it heal itself. Sure boh?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i love u slut !

If you are a fan of " How i met your mother", then you'll know what is a 'I-LOVE-YOU-SLUT'. It's for people who easily say 'I Love You' to other people, even to someone that they've just met. Just becos they have feeling for them.

My friend told me that we should always express our feeling to those that we love whenever we can. Cos we won't know when will be the last chance for us to do so. But to me, it'll be more precious and meaningful if we say that in special occasions or when the mood is right. You feel me?

So, are you a 'I-LOVE-YOU-SLUT' as well? Or just plain 'S-L-U-T' ? LOL ;p

Monday, August 8, 2011

B'yond姐 。。再戰江湖

Nah, here's my version of Run The World. Let me warn you first ... there's no super canggih dance movements ( cos i'm too old for that ;p ). But i think it's good enough to dance and sweat for 1 hour. :)

So, enjoy .. B'yond姐's humble ;p
請多多指教( 嘲笑 )。

( click here for B'yond姐's debut MV ;p )

Friday, August 5, 2011

lost ...

After 6 weeks of non stop rushing like headless chicken, i finally can rest today. I don't have any deliveries or display set up to do. I also don't have any classes today.

Woke up at 9am. Turned on my laptop. And the 1st thing came to my mind was ..


I am lost ... without anything to do. I'm used to the hectic life. Believe it or not, i used to hate school holidays. Normally can't wait to go back to school. Guess i'm not not a holiday-person. :P

Found this super nice version of a classic dance song ( posted in the side bar ). Am non stop listening to it while 'trying' to enjoy my off day.
Have a great weekend. :))

只有兩個字可以形容現在的我 。。。犯賤!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

oh yes ...

Him : Hi. Is that Mr Hwang?

Me : Yup.

Him : Hi Mr Hwang, I'm Jason calling from XXX insurance. We just launched a new package that i would like to share with you. ( didn't even ask me if i'm convenient to talk or not! ;p )

Me : Oh i see. I've already signed up a few policies and i don't think i need another one right now.

Him : Oh yes. this is a new package that ...... ( he went on explaining the details without listening to me )

Me : Err.. i'm actually driving now. So not convenient to talk.

Him : Arr yes. May i know if you have signed up for any of the similar programme ? ( see? he is ignoring me again )

Me : Thanks, but i'm not interested. Bye.

Him : Oh yes. No problem. I'll call you again later. ( huh? seriously? )

Seriously, i know that it is important for a tele-marketer to close as many deal as possible. And i respect them, by not just hang up the phone. But isn't it more important for them to listen to their clients?

BTW, i did "Run the World" with my che-ches yesterday. And i was very impressed with the 60+ granny ( if you still remember from my Hookerface Campaign ) do the routine together with the rest. Go granny!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i look u down ;p

One of two of the lifts in my block is under repair. So we waited for the lift to come down for almost 5 minutes ( cos stopping almost every floor ). I think he was in a hurry cos he kept looking at his watch. Her phone rang, he answered. He said that he is coming back. Then the lift arrived. We walked in. The doors closed.


Doors opened and he went out ... and it's 1st floor!!!

When i was in my old apartment, i never take the lift as i was staying only on 1st floor. With or without things to carry, i always used the staircase. I really don't understand why some people rather waste their time waiting for lifts when they can reach home in 30 seconds by taking the staircase?

FYI, he is NOT old, fat or with walking problem. He is just a normal teenager!

Monday, August 1, 2011


.. NOT ME!

After so member's requests and weeks of avoidance, i finally ironed my heart ( 鐵了心 :p ) and choreographed the song that i felt it's way too challenging for me ~ Run The World ( Girls ).

I always love to dance to songs with hard and strong beats but i tell you, this is one of the number that constantly made me feel that " I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS!!!"

Anyway, can't wait to see the reaction on the member's faces when they do this. Hope that it's a fun and satisfying one. :)

I know not everybody likes this song, cos some felt that it's too noisy. Memekak aje. ;p
You like?