Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This entry has nothing to do with politics or religions. It's just personal opinion on the BM language ...

I always thought that the motto "Satu Malaysia" is being over-used by people. They just use it in anything they want to make or sell. It's just everywhere! A bit jelak liao...

Lately i noticed that there's another Malay word that is also over-used ~ PERDANA ( the highest level, the greatest ).

You can see all the buntings they displayed at the round side : Forum PERDANA, Ceramah PERDANA, Perhimpunana PERDANA, Majlis Jamuan PERDANA, etc. I mean, if you put it PERDANA in everything, then what is so PERDANA about it anymore rite?

And this morning i saw this new bunting saying " Majlis Berkhatan PERDANA sempena cuti sekolah ".

For someone who is not very good in BM, do you think that they will interpret it as :

a) A big scale circumcise ceremony, OR

b) A circumcise ceremony for a big scale ... ? lol ;p

Again, no offense to anyone. The situation is just like us Chinese, apa-apa pun kena HUAT !!!.. sien ahh...:(

Monday, May 30, 2011

apa pun mau ...

Me : Bang, ayam blackpepper satu.

Burger boss : Nak ayam 'smoked' tak?

Me : OK.

Burger boss : Nak cheese tak?

Me : Boleh.

Burger boss : Nak extra sos?

Me : Nak.

Burger boss : Wah, u apa pun ok arr? Senang kerja i dapat customer macam u. Ha ha.

Suddenly i feel so cheap and easy. ;(

What to do? I really like smoked chicken patty with cheese and lots of blackpepper sauce marr....
難到買一個 burger 也要有矜持嗎?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

so you think i don't dance ? lol ;p

When you see someone wearing an army uniform, you know that he is a soldier. If you see someone with really bad taste high cut boots, you know she'll most likely a " kokok / lala " ( ;p ). But what do you expect to see from a dancer? What is the appropriate look / clothing style for a dancer?

Cos whenever i told people that i dance ( perform, or teach dance ), most of the time they'll give me the "mata-terbeliak-mulut-ternganga-macam-tak-percaya" look. I don't have any special ' uniform ' when I go for my class. I just wear t-shirt, cargo pants and sport shoes, just like what i always wear to work. Lazy to change at the gym, and don't want to spend extra money buying additional clothes.

Sometimes i wonder, is it really my fashion style or it's just my fierce-cold-and-unfriendly face that makes people think that i don't belong in this ( entertainment ) line?

Friday, May 27, 2011

act CUTE lorr ;p

I was having lunch at McD today. The table next to mine is a group of college students. They chatted quite loud, so annoying. One of them is an ordinary girl with a super MANJA "嗲" ( in my opinion ~ mengada-ngada ) tone. Her male friend was trying to take her picture using his iphone. She kinda screamed manja-ly at him :

Her : Yeerrrrrrr, 做麼拍人家?等下你的 girlfriend 吃醋啊。哈哈。
( Yeeeeeeerrrrr, why you take my picture? Later your girlfriend jealous la. Ha ha. )

Him : 不會 jealous 的啦。她很大方的。
( She won't jealous one la. She's very open minded one. )

Luckily she is not my friend. Cos if she is, then my reply ( as in the guy who take her picture ) will be ...

不會的啦。你又不美,jealous 來做麼?
( She won't one la. You are not that pretty, jealous for what? )

I have to admit that i have a very SERIOUS ISSUE with girls who take in MANJA tone. I just felt that they are too pretentious. And it's worse if they don't have the look to match the voice. Thank God i don't have such type of people around me. Or else sure she'll surfer whenever i'm around. LOL ;p

Are you one of the hater as well?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

don't look at me like that ...

Not sure if it's bcos of the hectic schedule that i'm having lately or it's just me, being cranky. All the while i gave my suppliers a very good image ~ friendly, efficient and good mouth ( NEVER curse ... believe it or not? ;p ). They even try not to curse in front of me ( cos they use other word to replace the bad word .. lol ;p )

But i think they'll have to take out the good mouth label from now on, cos i accidentally cursed in front of them. During the meeting, we were deciding which material to use for a display platform. And suddenly i said ...

" 個 platform 唔好用 MDF worr。上次果個重到‘嗨‘甘。“
( Eh, don‘t use the MDF to make the platform ya. Cos the last one was 'faaaking' heavy )

The minute i finished my statement, i realized that they were looking at me, unbelievable. There goes my 'good image'. So now i die-die must maintain the friendly and efficient image to prevent anymore damage on my image. ;p

( incl. F, SH*t, MCH, CCB, etc... )

p/s : totally in love with this new song ( posted at side bar ) .. kept replaying it :))

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hi princess ...

I always hate those who are late ( for anything ) .. without a very good reason. And it's worse if that person is late and never bother to apologize or explain, as if we were born to wait for him/her.

I was waiting for a friend who is always late. And when she finally arrived, i stared at her and complained on her punctuality ( as always ). Then, with her 'MANJA' voice ...

Her : Yerrr, you cannot scold me like that lorr. Cos i'm a PRINCESS. Hi hi...

Me : ( super annoyed ) Well hello princess, you better behave and don't piss me off. Cos i'm your EVIL STEPMOTHER. Huh!
( gave her another sharp stare, and roll my eyes )

Are you a punctual person?
I never go on time.
I'll be either 5-10mins earlier, or totally late ( purposely ;p )

err ... breast 'n nipple?!

I'm not laughing at those who are not good in English, as i myself oso quite powderful sometimes. But i think i won't make the same mistakes as they are, cos it's just too " CLASSIC " . For example ...

Years back when i was still performing, another female dancer came to me after the rehearsal asking if i can teach her the steps cos she was late ...

Her : Danny, 可以教我那個 Lose My BREAST嗎?
( Danny, can teach me the steps of Lose My BREAST? )

Me in my mind : Lose your breast? How i know? Eat less papaya? ;p

Lose My Breast = Lose My Breath ( Destiny Child )

A tai-tai member came to me after the class, asking me to teach her one of the move ...

Her : Danny, 那個NIPPLE怎樣做的?
Danny, how to do that NIPPLE?

Me in my mind : Wah auntie, i don't know that the housewives nowadays are so open one worr.. lol ;p

Nipple = Ripple / Body Roll / Wave

If i remember correctly, i didn't correct them cos i don't want to embarrass them. I just quietly laugh in my heart la ( still have to be evil bitch a bit maa.. ;p )
Do you think that you'll correct them on the mistakes?


Monday, May 23, 2011

sex icon.

Was chatting with my friend last nite ...

T : Do you know that Kylie Minogue ( my ultimate GODDESS ) is going to have her concert tour in Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Taipei next month? I wonder why she didn't include KL in the list.

Me : Of cos la, she's an SEX ICON maa .. the image is too sexy la. Just like Madonna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga ... mana boleh? Imagine her wearing baju kurung and sing " Na na na ... na na na na na .... " LOL ;p

T : But how come Mariah Carey can perform here?

Me : She's an SEX ICON meh? She's just someone who likes to wear baju that is a few size smaller and make them looks really KETAT on her onli ma.... ;p

Seriously lorr, dunno why i never categorized MC as sexy. Talented, pretty? Yes. But sexy .... Maybe the KETATness killed all the sexiness in her guarr ( my opinion la ). Do you think MC is sexy? Or her sexiness style is different from others?

BTW, any Kylie's fans out there?


Yerrr, 人家第一次去拜(女)神,很緊張啦。

mumbling ~

Next week will be a super important and busy week for me.

Got a huge meeting & presentation with my new client. Still compiling materials for them to see. Mixed some songs, quite happy with it. Hope that they'll like it as well.

Need to set up the VM for a new shop for another client mid week. Also need to touch up the other shop for photoshoot. And after that, need to propose VM ideas for the office.

Got the green light from another client on the show. Need to book studio asap, and pay the rent in full ;(. Hope that they'll prepare my deposit asap.

Watched a Thai movie : Bangkok Traffic Story ( BTS ) over the weekend ~ LOVE IT. Simple and fun, romantic and real. If got time please go watch it. And also " Hello Stranger " , another Thai romantic movie with the ending that is different from what i thought.

Been so busy these days, no time to make soup for myself. Cos whenever i have soup for the day, my weight will drop a bit the next day. Maybe dah kena detox kot.;p

Thank God for the opportunities. I'm enjoying the busy-ness, and really happy with my hectic life. :)

Have a great week ahead everyone :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

it's a fine, fine day :)

I got not only 1, but 2 job confirmations today. And the best thing is, both of them are BIG company that i've been hoping to get in. FYI, both jobs are to train their staffs for the annual dinner staff performance competition. guess i'll have to shake my bum a lot more.

Really excited on these 2 jobs. Will be busy over the weekend compiling pictures, materials and musics to be presented to them. If everything goes fine, i'll start to get busy from end May till end of July. Yippie!!! :)

BTW, how was your week? Any big plan for the weekend?

真的很感謝,也很感恩,能不停的有 job 進來。
一定要全力以赴,做到最 vogue 。哈哈。

p/s : if your company's annual dinner got staff performance competition, remember to look for me worr. Kamsia in advance. :)

Friday, May 20, 2011


Due to the fact that i'm getting older and my memory is not getting any better, i have to video down all my dance steps for future reference. Cos sometimes right in the middle of the class, my mind will just snap and jam. Can't remember any steps at all. That's when the clips are really useful or else i'll get the booos ;(

OK, below is the clip of Everybody by Rudenko. This is the clip where i got complained by member for being too sexy or rather slutty. Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, sila buka mata tu besar-besar and tell me .. ADA SLUTTY meh?

I still think it's more sexy than slutty. Maybe you can help me rating it.
( sexy x?/10 & slutty ?/10 )
Whatever it is, do not say this dance is CUTE!!! ;p

騷貨一出 。。。
( 自 high 中。。)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was doing the launch of a new shop last week and there's fashion show. 4 adults and 4 kids models. Out of the 4 kids, 3 of them ( between 3 ~ 8 years old ) are brother and sisters .. all ang moh. After the show, while packing up the stuffs, i overheard the mom of the 3 kids talking to the show director :

Director : So where you guys going after this?

Mom : The 2 of them are doing DKNY show at KLCC tonite. Then 3 of them got 3 shows this weekend.

I was like .. WTH! I oso 'ampang next top model', but how come i don't have shows like them? But one thing for sure, i kinda pity the kids, cos they rushed to our show right after the school with the uniforms lagi. And all of them looked so tired. I wonder if they really enjoying what they are doing ...

Ok, ok .. 'pity' is just a nicer word to cover up. The actual word should be envy .. and a bit jealous. ;p

Did you have an enjoyeable childhood?


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was watching the sitcom " How i met your mother" and they have an episode where they pointed out on this girl's habit. She is a newscaster and she like to say 'but umm...' whenever she is interviewing people. And the gang just made fun of it and made it a bet game. Whenever she say 'but umm... ' they'll have to drink a shot. Fun game eh?

I guess everyone have something that they always say ( 口頭單 ). I know mine is definitely ' and then ' , cos my printer confronted me before. Make me malu only.

So what's yours?

OK, bad words like CCB, LC, MCH, MLF, etc semua tak kira. ;p

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just checking ...

What is your limit / self control on farting?

a) when you need to fart, you just fart .. tak kisah lah kalo ade orang kat tepi tepi

b) you only fart in front of people that you love or trust .. kesian ur mak bapak, ur dahling, ur kucing... etc

c) you will keep the farting pleasure only to yourself .. never fart in front of anybody .. kedekut lah konon ;p

I am definitely the "C" type ... kena maintain vogiu marr..

Monday, May 16, 2011

what's my name ?

This is the thing that i've been dragging since 2007. Ever since i quitted my job and turned to freelancing, I'm suppose to set up ( or register ) a company for billing and other purpose. But till now i still have not decide on the 'NAME' that i want to use for my company. But i think it's about time for me to really sit down and decide, then register.

It's just like naming your baby. You don't want to name them something joke-able or lame. It must be memorable/catchy, artistic and related to what i am doing. And most importantly ... vogiu.

So till now i'm still struggling with the names. FYI, i do creative stuffs ( visual merchandising & event organizing ) and performing projects/jobs. Any good suggestions?

The last thing i want for my company is called " Danny Hwang Productions", cos it's so 'lazy' and lame. ;p

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Syukur alhamdulillah, my mission with the new client is completed. Everyone was happy with the result, and i've secured more projects in the future. :)

Not sure if it's becos of the stress and sleepless night, i have tonnes pimples growing on my face. Not only that, but my palm also started to sweat easily. I don't have this problem before. But luckily it's just very mild, unlike my ex-colleague. Cos you can see sweat 'dripping' from his palm.

Do you have sweaty palm problem too?
Or other 'symptoms' when you are stress?

Monday, May 9, 2011

misen imposibel ...

Danny : The Big Mouth is going to perform a series of misen imposibel for my new client starting tomorrow.

Deadline : Thursday 12/4/2011 @ 3pm

Wish me luck.

上星期累積下來的壓力,弄到我的豆豆一直 piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit 個不停!:(

p/s : 昨晚聽人說,王菲11月會在 KL & Singapore 開 concert。有誰也聽說?真的嗎?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

yeah, i think i know you ...

I was sourcing for some props in IKEA yesterday. Then i saw a familiar face far away walking towards my direction. I think i know him, but i totally have no idea where, when, how and most importantly ... his name. I was hoping that he didn't see me but he did. And dengan senyuman lebarnya, he came to me and say hi.

I smiled to him and told him that i know him but can't recall anything. So he tried to help me recall the details, one by one. After 3 minutes, i still can't remember anything. He then continue telling me things that i did or said to him ( which some of the content was quite shocking ... cos it's too friendly ~ so not me ;p ) I think he is very determine to make me remember him. After 5 minutes of non-stop info feeding, i slowly recall the history and continue to chat with him.

I am very impressed with his patience. Cos if i'm in his situation, i'll just say bye and go. Cos i'll feel embarrass and insulted.

Do you think that you have the patience like him?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

sweet 'n sour

Once upon a time ...

One member came to me after the class ...

Member : Aiyo, very sour la my butt.

Me : Huh? Sour?

Member : 屁股很酸啊 . Butt very sour ( sore ) ah..

Me : Haha oic. Thank God mine is always sweet. ;p

Sekian cerita and Happy Mother's Day :)

Sometimes it's quite fun to speak broken language on purpose. But of cos not all my friends appreciate it. :(
Some of my signature broken language ...

... pink coror ( color )
... krang ( klang )
... sunsain ( sunshine )
... fesen presentasen ( fashion presentation )

What's yours ( if got la ;p )

Thursday, May 5, 2011

都說了 "Have a nice day" lorr ... :(

I am not a fan of SMSing, cos i think it's a waste of time when you can actually call and get what you want on the spot. And i have a limit of number of SMSes per conversation ~ 3. Yes, 3. The first 2 SMS i will still layan a bit ( depends on mood and the person la ;p ). Then if they keep on SMSing me, i'll reply them ( my 3rd SMS ) and end it with a "Have a nice day" ~ my own polite version of saying " Enuff liao. Dun waste my time! Go bark at someone else. " :P

But horr, i dunno why some people are too slow on getting the signal. And they still reply me after the 3rd SMS. And of cos, i either will call them directly ( if there's something important ) or just ignore them. Malaslah nak layan.

Do you think that " Have a nice day " is a good hint to end a conversation?
Or you have better lines that i can use next time?

有的東西,get 到意思就好。

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

to BLINK, or not to BLINK?

Do you think there's any differences between these 2 icons?
Cos sometimes i accidentally sent the blinking one to my clients ( or someone i just know ), and i felt a bit inappropriate.
Like i am trying to be funny with them.
Am i thinking too much?

Say you are getting a text from someone that you love. Is there any emotion/excitement differences between the text with blinking or non-blinking icon?
Or you just don't give a damn? ;p

And i think too much again? ;p

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It was a long weekend and i have nothing to do, except DVD marathon and eat non-stop for Saturday and Sunday. But on Monday, i was too sick for the DVD anymore. So i decided to do some spring cleaning, especially with the stuffs that's lying on the counter, covered with dust.

FYI, whenever i go travel, i like to bring back something that will represent the country, just for remembrance. ( Boleh lah feeling-feeling a bit, when i'm too tired and busy with work ) So i took them down, and cleaned each of them. Took some pictures to share with you guys.
( not many but i'm happy and proud with my collections. )

England ( London ), France ( Paris ) & Italy ( Rome )

Thailand ( Bangkok & Haadyai ) & Indonesia ( Bali & Jakarta )

Korea ( Seoul ) & Japan ( Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka & Osaka )

Turkey ( Istanbul ) & Greece ( Athens, Santorini & Mykonos )

Spain ( Barcelona & Madrid ) & Portugal ( Lisbon )

Last but not least, Hong Kong & Singapore.
I've been to these 2 countries few times but seriuosly, i can't remember if i bought anything from there as souvenir. Cos really no idea what to get. Any suggestions?
Don't tell me Merlion figurine or stuffs from HK Disneyland ok? ;p

Monday, May 2, 2011


It's so funny ( and annoying at the same time ) that most of the decision that we make is actually something that we don't really want to, but no choice. Cos it's 'politically correct'.

I was at a company's annual dinner helping out the performance part. And i got to know the result first hand from the person-in-charge ( right after they calculated the points, before announcing the results ). Ok, 1st A, 2nd B and 3rd C.
Then few months after that event, i bumped into one of the committee. So i congratulated her ( she was a B ), she seem surprised. Cos she told me she didn't won anything. Ehh?
Tanya punye tanya, then i managed to find out the actual reason. B already got another award, so they gave the performance award to other people. WTF? So not fair kan?

Then another story ~ annual dinner as well ( yes Y, i'm talking about you company ;p ). The committee decided to open up all the sponsored hampers for lucky draw and divided them equally for all the staff. So that everyone will get something at the end of the day. So weird kan?

Given a choice, would you like to try your luck on getting a big hamper ( if not, then go back empty handed ) OR just stick to the committee's idea by knowing that you'll definitely 'win' something ( 2 packet of cookies, maybe ;p )?

What should we name this game : a 'lucky draw' that doesn't need luck to win? ;p