Sunday, June 23, 2013

the sign.

Gosh ... this is my longest hiatus in my blog. ;(

I've been receiving signs from my body since 2 weeks ago .. hinting me to take a rest , which i can't afford to :(

Went to collect 3 items from my supplier. Went off without item #3 ... forgot. It's too late when my supplier called me about it. Told him will collect the day after.
Reached home. Unloaded item #1 & #2 at the lobby then parked my car. Met and chatted with my neighbor on the way from parking lot to lobby. End up taking time #1 to my house, leaving item #2 in the lobby. Only realized it the next day when i was on the way out!!!

Canceled too many classes, due to the project as well as tireness. Almost fainted in the class on Friday ( so the dramatic kan? basal.. my style ;p ). Totally weak, none of my movement that day was sharp. :(

Rested yesterday and today.. but the haze is not helping. :(
2 more weeks to go...
Praying for a good health.

Take good care of yourselves everybody. :)
Have a great week ahead.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

i hope you 'long piak' ( 撞墙 )

.. is something that i would like to say to a pretentious diva i saw yesterday. He was walking and texting in the crowded mall. Most of the people walking towards his direction have to make way for him cos he was too busy texting. And the best thing is, he was wearing a super huge mak datin sunglasses, in door. ;(

Sorry la. Super busy and stressed lately. Need to do some bitching to destress. ;p
Happy mid week everyone.