Monday, April 30, 2012


I think older people ( including me ) likes to exaggerate when describing things. I was talking to a che-che member before the class. Then we started to talk about age.

Her : Aiya, you young people of cos can do fast steps la. I old already la.

Me : Young? ( process mengexagerate bermula .. ) No la. I'm almost 40 liao lo.. ( i'm 35 ;p )

Her : 40? I'm reaching 50 liao la.

Me : Wow .. Really?

Her : Haha . no la.. i got 4 more years to go before 50.

Then we continued talking about other stuffs. On my way back, while driving.. i suddenly thought of a scenario. What if lah kan .. i twist the conversation a bit .. like ..

Her : Aiya, you young people of cos can do fast steps la. I old already la.

Me : Young? ( process mengexagerate bermula .. ) No la. I'm almost 40 liao lo.. ( i'm 35 ;p )

Her : 40? I'm reaching 50 liao la. 

Me : Can see lor.

What do you think will happen huh?

Happy Labour Day everyone. :)
Tonite can go memburuh huh? lol ;p

Sunday, April 29, 2012

call me ( gaga ) maybe.

Went to apply for Unifi for my house. The girl gave me the form to fill. Then she asked me the ' soalan cepu emas ' ..
" Apa ID you nak guna? Tolong bagi dua option ye. "

I was like, aiya... names again. I'm not very good in creating names ( that's why till now i have not register my company ;p ). Then i thought, what the heck? It's only for logging in ( not that i have to mention to my client, or anyone ), so dengan selambanyerr i wrote :

First Choice : DANNYGAGA

The girl saw it and laughed!!!
" Biar betul. "

I stared at her for 1 second and back to the form. Celaka punye betina! Makes me embarrass only. I actually wanted to use " THEBIGMOUTH " as my second choice, but i don't think i can take another embarrassment. So i wrote :

Second Choice : DAMOUTH ( as in The Mouth )

Now all i can do is praying that they give me my first choice, cos i think it's cool.
Say say one day you open your wifi and saw an iD by the name DANNYGAGA. Do you want to find out who is the person? ( syok sendiri ;p )

You have any unique / crazy IDs to share? :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

ask me first!

I was having dinner with friends when she received call from her friend :

" Oh, i'm now having dinner with friends. You should join us... "

And immediately she sensed a very strong and powerful bitch-stare from me. And she realized she did something wrong, by inviting stranger ( to me ) to our gathering/meeting. Cos she knows, i'll extremely uncomfortable with people who i met for first time and most likely end up keep quiet the whole night. Not that i'm cold or arrogant, but i just dunno how to socialize with strangers.

I got a few friends who always check on the guest list before decided to join the gathering/dinner. If there's new name, then most likely you won't see us there. ;p

Do you like to have surprise guests/ strangers in your gathering/ party?

One more thing that my friends will ask me first before doing anything .. buying me presents.
Cos i received complaints from friends every Christmas that i am extremely hard to shop for. ;p

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I am a light sleeper. A very small noise will wake me up. But i love to sleep listening to the sound of pouring rain. Not sure why, but it's very calming to me. On the hand, i totally hate sleeping with the sound of running water in the drain/pipe or water dripping from the tap.

Both same same water ( rain and from the pipe ), but why i only can accept one of them?
Strange kan? ;p

Can you sleep with noise?
Or you prefer to sleep with a certain noise only?

Anyone know when i can get those sound/noise machine with different sound ( like those we see in the movies )? Interested to get one and try the effect. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

laughter's the best medicine?

I was having dinner at a cafe in Jaya 33. It was a quiet evening. The cafe was so peaceful with only a few customers. But i all ended when this group ( only 3 ) of map dating came in!

Ya allah! Pilih tempat duduk pun kena 5 minit. Dah settle down, then ordered food. And the nightmare begun...
They talked and talked and talked ... so loud. But worst of all, is their laugh after the talk. Very annoying.. like a bunch of TURKEY only.. Gobble gobble .. crockokok ( how to describe turkey's noise huh? ) I quickly finished my noodle and walked out from that 'farm'.

I was once scolded by my secondary teacher for laughing too loud .. with a rather high pitch ( if you know what i mean ;p ) So now i have to control the volume and tune when i laugh ;p

How do you describe your laugh? Crazy? Demure? Divaish?
Do you have a signature style?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

you are what you watch.

Sometimes i feel a bit sorry to the staffs at my usual dvd shop. Cos every time i go to the shop, they'll try to sell me the latest movies, and most of them are action movie. Padahal, i sikit pun not interested in actions. My list very simple niarr... no action, no thriller/horror and no sic-fi. My philosophy is very simple. I just want to watch the movie without using my brain. Action makes me kan-cheong, thriller/horror lagi kan-cheong and sic-fi ... just too complicated for me to think. ;p

Therefore i usually go for comedies and dramas. But if there's dance or fashion element in the movie, then i'll definitely get it, even fashion in horror. lol ;p
If 'you are what you watch' .. then i'll be a dramatic person with lots of sense of humor. :)

What is your favorite movie / drama genres?

p/s : i really like Thai's drama/ comedy. not that i understand what the say.. but the way they present it is very nice and comfortable to watch. :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

not that vogiu after all.

There's a super diva member ( Chinese ) in the gym who sometimes join my class. He always come in with branded stuff ( even his water bottle ;p ) and acted all diva like so the atas. Never social with any other members, just do whatever he needed to do and then go back ( ehh! ... sounds so like me lol ;p ).

As a friendly and caring ( ;p ) diva, i always wanted to talk to him. Saje nak check his background. So one day, i saw him in the at the changing room before the class. As a 'friendly' diva, i asked him ..
" Hi .. joing class today? "

Then dengan vogiunyerr ( tapi tak sevogiu i ;p ), he turned to me and said ..
" No larrr.. very laychee ( lazy ) la, no enerchee ( energy ) today. Just run on the mesin ( machine ) only. "

Me ..
" Okay. See you in the class next time. "

I smiled to him and walked away. Ceh!! Diva kampung rupanyerrr. ;p
( yes ! i am a shallow person ;p )

I was once commented by a member that my English have a Penang Hokkian slang / accent ( padahal i'm Klang Hakka ;p ). Do you have any special slang / accent when you speak English?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

comparing notes.

I was having lunch with my friend at Canton-I ( Mid Valley ) on Friday. I went in to get a table first, cos he was late. While waiting for him and browsing the menu, i got nothing to do ... so just pasang telinga je la. ;p

There's a table of 5 young adult behind me and they were busy comparing things like ..
" Eh.. u got this app boh? very cool one la . See? See? ... "
" How much you bought that LV ahh? Cos my friend iso have and she can get cheaper on overseas lerrr .. "

Okay .. gadgets and branded stuffs ~ not interested. Then i switched channel to the 2 chinese aunties sitting next me. And they were also comparing ..
" You not got eat medicine or not? How many type you take huh? .. "
" Your son got girlfriend or not? My son everyday go out with different girl.. haih ... "

Hmm.. health and family ~ very suitable for their discussion. But the best thing is when they comparing sick and dead people ..
" Eh.. i heard Susan's husband got cancer lerrr.. lung cancer worrr.. "
" Yalo yalo... i heard from Kim. Cos apparently my brother in law oso have. They met at the hospital. That's how i know. "
" Ehh? What happened to that old lady selling eggs in the our old pasar huh?"
" Which one? Nehh.. that very skinny one, husband always come to help one ahh.. "
" Ohh that one.. DIE LIAO LA! .. "
( Leave it to the aunties to create dramatic scene. ;p )

So, what you notes do you guys compare whenever meeting up with friends?
Salary? Branded stuffs? Lovers? Sex life? ...;p

It's going to be Monday again. Have a great week ahead everyone :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

the fat one.

Ever noticed that in those movies or dramas about the life in school/ college/ uni, normally there will be a fat ( or more heavy weight ) one in the group of friends. And he/she is normally the fun provider.

Do you have them in your gang back in your school days?
Or you are actually ... the FAT one? ;p

( Entri ini hanyalah untuk membuang masa semata-mata. Tiada niat untuk mengungkit rasa kurang sedap hati kepada mereka yang gemuk, yang pernah gemuk, yang sedang mengemuk/menyah-gemuk, yang kurus mengadu gemuk, dan yang gemuk tak mengaku gemuk. ;p )

I had a taste of a full-time instructor's daily routine ( i.e. conducting an average of 5 classes per day ) on Wednesday.
Consequences :
I don't want to get down from my bed on Thursday. I was too tired to move my body, even to go to toilet. ;p Can't wait for the weekend. Hopefully can rest.

Have a great weekend everyone. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

what makes you beautiful.

Inspired by the hit song " What makes you beautiful " by the now super popular boy group ~ One Direction ( OMG.. i am super outdated, cos i can't recognize anyone of them lol ;p )

So "what makes me beautiful"?
I have to say that it's my unusual sense of humor. I know i am bitchy and got a super big mouth. But i'll make sure that every time i laser people, i'll add in a bit of humorous in it. So that they will suffer and enjoy it at the same time. My ex colleague once told me, she likes to be lasered by me. Cos it's not as harmful as the other diva in my department. ;p

Please help me to know you guys more.
" What makes you beautiful "?
( just need to pick one quality of yourself .. tak yah nak mengada-ngada bagi sampai berlambak ;p )
( also, i'm referring to inner quality only... if u say your beautiful eyes or pretty face, i'll pour acid at you very soon ;p )

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I went a haircut last week. The shampoo boy by the name Simon came to shampoo my hair while waiting for my stylist. Everything was ok until he ask me wether the pressure is ok. Apparently, that young shampoo boy is a girl ( tomboy ). She got a very convincing boyish look.

I got a friend who did some drag photoshoot. According to him, he looked like Kris Dayanti after all the makeups and hairdo. Tapi sampan sekarang, tak tunjuk-tunjuk gam bar lagi. ;p

Do you think you ( male / female ) will look nice if you drag ( as a female / male )?
I no need to think also know the answer.
With my square face, thick brow and big mouth, i'll be the literally 'drop dead' vogiu .. muka peach rumah, boleh mampos!!! lol ;p ...

Can you imagine a 'woman' like this called ... HEAVEN? lol ;p

( Post ini hanyalah untuk membuang masa. Tiada niat untuk menimbulkan sebarang rasa kurang senang hati pada mereka yang inigin, telah atau sedang mentransformasi. ;p )

Monday, April 16, 2012

apa pandang-pandang?

Why some people can stare at other people tanpa segan silu huh? Don't they know that it is rude to stare at others like that? I was stared, and i felt super uncomfortable, mainly becoz the starer ( got such word? ;p ) was not someone of my taste ( lol ;p ). If not, lain cerita la... pandanglah sepuas-puas nye.. i bole pose different angle lagi .. hahaha :)

Normally by the end of my dance class, i'll gatal-gatal to ask the member to turn back and dance facing the door ( where normally people from outside will stop and stare ). Saje, nak buat free show gitew ;p

And i shared with them a small tips :
Don't be afraid or shy with those people staring at you. What you have to do is just stare back at them. Trust me, they'll feel more uncomfortable than you guys. Cos at least you are moving, but they just stood they for you to stare. LOL :)

Do you agree with my 'philosophy' ?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

le package.

Me and my friend, both 35 years old.
I look like my age but i have younger mind and attitude.
He looks early 20's ( still can pass for college big look ) but thinks like an uncle.

Given a choice, which package you want ... for yourself?
I have to admit that i am shallow, cos i think younger look might be a better choice. ;p

Last week was quite tiring. Hopefully the coming one will be better.
Have a great week ahead everyone. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012


I was walking to the carpark after the class. There were 2 auntie member ( not my member ) a few steps away behind me. I heard them talking ..

A : Eh.. is that the dance instructor just now?

B : I think so la.. Danny or Kenny maa..

A : You saw how he shake the hip or not? So hiao. Beh than la..

B : Ya lorr ya lorr.. hehehehe ...

Why people like to talk behind others? Like literally behind others? 
I so want to turn back and say thank you to them ;p

Just realized that it's Friday the 13th today.
Anything interesting happened to you?

Enjoy the weekend everyone. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

chicken OR rice?

How do you define a good chicken rice? By how fragrance is the rice or how juicy is the chicken? For me ..
#3 .. chicken ( i only take roasted chicken, don't like steamed ones )
#2 .. rice ( i think this is quite important )
#1 .. the chili sauce

Yes, to me , the chili sauce is the main element for a good chicken rice. I can eat the whole plate of rice just with the chili, with or without chicken. :)

Same thing for nasi lemak. I don't care how creamy your rice is, or how good is your rendang or curry, but if you sambal is not up to my taste, the .. FAIL!

So, chicken or rice for you?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i'm really really sorry :(

I came back from the class and saw a lady ( who usually feeds the cats at the parking area ) playing with the cats next to my parking lot. She smiled to me and said ...

Her : You park kat sini kan? Tadi bila you keluar you terlanggar seekor anak kucing. I dah bersihkan and tanam kat luar.

Me : Huh!!!??? ( i was so shocked and speechless and start sweating... )

I think she saw my reaction and tried to console me.
Her : Takpe. You bukan sengaja kan? You pun tak tau...

And right after that, she turned to the cat and said :
" Takpe la sayang. Anak sudah tak de. "

Now i am not sure if she's trying to make me feel better or worse.
On top of that, the mommy cat was looking and meowing at me.
I feel so sorry for her . :(

RIP kitty.

p/s : down with the flu. :(

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

demanding & high maintenance.

1 more week...
3 more days...

That's me, counting down the days for the next hair cut. Yay. :)

I have a very demanding and difficult to maintain, and i'm obsessed with short hair. Once my hair at the side touches my ears, i'll start to feel uncomfortable until the day they got trimmed. And my hairstylist is used to see me ... every 3 ( max. 4 weeks ).

How often do you cut your hair?

Going to cut my hair tomorrow or Thursday. Can't wait!

Monday, April 9, 2012

fast n slow.

Why some people ( me ) always walk very fast, with or without them knowing it?
- i got short legs, so every step is smaller and i have to make it up to those who take bigger step while walking... frequent asked question : You are in a hurry .. meh?

Why some people can only walk in super slow motion?
- they normally tend drag their shoes and take their own sweet time when walking ... frequent asked question : Tsk.. can walk faster or not?

Why some slow walker tend to fall when they try to walk faster?
- i just don't understand why they can lose balance or concentration when try to walk faster.

Are you a fast or slow walker .. in general?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jolyn : The Big Mouth !?

I was doing replacement class for Jolyn the other day. So, before the class, i announced to the class ..

" Hi everyone. welcome to MTV dance. I'm Danny. I'm replacing Jolyn for today. "

Then out of sudden, a makcik ( i think she's a first timer ) said ..

" Huh!? Kat schedule tulis Jolyn. You bukan Jolyn ke? "

I looked at her and said ..

" Haha, no. Jolyn is a girl. I'm Danny "
( in my heart : akak ni biar betul? ada ke muka vogiu cam i ni bernama Jolyn? ;p )

You know, my sister ( Lady Gaga, just in case you are new here or still dunno about it.  lol ;p ) have a name for her alter ego - Jo Calderone. I also want to give a name to my own alter ego, maybe something more latinish or eastern European ... sound more sexy and grrrr. lol ;p

Any suggestions for me huh?
Ana Guilliana?
Eva Czecholslovakia?
Coco Beechee-mania? ;p

What will you name your alter ego then?
Share-share a bit :)

Happy Saturday !

Friday, April 6, 2012

hari ini dalam sejarah.

While the Christians celebrate Good Friday today, i celebrated my MALUest day.

I danced for 5 hours today. After the class, i was so tired and thirsty. So i went to Chatime to get a drink. I was standing at the counter looking at the menu ...

" Tiba-tiba, tanpa disedari, setitik air liuhku meleleh keluar dari bibirku yang tebal lagi juicy itu dan menitis di atas menu. OH TIDAK!!!!! " I was literally ' drooling' at the menu!

Not sure if the young boy at counter saw it or not, but i was trying so hard to control myself from blushing. If this is the early sign of me getting old and nyanyuk, what's next? Terkencing dalam seluar, while dancing? Ish... takutnyerrr....

Have a great weekend everyone! ( while i try to recover from my embarrassment ;p )

Thursday, April 5, 2012

the longest week.

I'm going to break my own record this week. My average sweating hours ( time in the studio ) as of last week is 9 hours per week. And for this week, with all the 'doors' ( which i absolutely grateful for ), replacements and trainings, i am going to spend 15 hours in the studio. 15!!!

I am so exhausted when i reach home every night. And when i thought that i will fall asleep immediately, BOOMZZZ ... insomnia happened. Imagine a tired body with a restless mind. Maybe my body and mind is still adjusting to the new routine.

I'm not complaining, i'm just tired. ;p

What is your average working out/ exercise/ sweating hours per week?

p/s : i'm having running nose as i'm writing this post. :(
       hopefully will be fine tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

run Big Mouth, run.

I was working at 1U yesterday. Since i finished my work early, and i still have a couple of hours to kill before my class, i went for a movie ~ The Hunger Games.

Half way watching the movie, my handphone slipped out from my pocket and dropped on the floor. OMG! It was so dark and i can hardly see anything on the floor. Luckily nobody sitting next to me. So i started to molest the carpeted floor by raba-ing every inch of it. Can't find. Then i widen the raba zone and found it under s few seats to my left. Thank God.

After the movie, went down to get something to munch before going for the class. Then only i realized that my wallet was not in my pocket. Immediately i ran like nobody's business from lower ground to 4th floor. And i think i accidentally her-pushed a couple standing side by side on the escalator ( or maybe they memang patut dipushed? ;p )

I went to the entrance and told the guy .. " My .. my.. my wallet ... in .. inside.. "
He nodded and let me in. I rushed to the hall and saw the cleaner was vacuuming the floor. I told him about my wallet and went to my seat. SHIT! It's not there. We kept searching up and down but can't find it. Then this "angel from Bangladesh" said something that i never thought i would be so happy to hear it  .. " sini ada "
There, my wallet, stuck in between the seat! I was so happy and relieved. I thanked him and tipped him for his help and honesty ( cos he can just pretend can't see anything and take it after i'm gone ).
Syukur alhamdullilah.

When was the last time you ran so fast as if you were running for the Olympics?

Monday, April 2, 2012

good bye.

It's the 2nd day of 2nd quarter of 2012. I am starting to believe that everything is going to be better from now on.

I bid farewell to one of my class due to some reasons / excuses (:P).  It was kinda sad at the beginning, cos that was one of my earliest class since i became an instructor and it's been more than 4 years with the members. But the sadness didn't last long cos guess what? Right after i told he management on my decision to drop the class, i received calls .. and were offer 4 NEW CLASSES somewhere else ( at a much better rate and nearer to my place too!! syukur alhamdullilah )

All the while, i believe that ..
" Sometimes, letting go not necessarily is a bad/sad things to do. ( work, relation, etc. ) "
And i'm happy, i'm kinda right again. :)

Anyone starting a new journey this month?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

15 years

Received a sms from a friend who is currently teaching in a college.

Her : Oooi.. i found a guy who looks exactly like you la. He is 20 years old. He likes to dance. His fashion style is same as you and he is also got a very laser mouth. Just like you. ;p

Me : Really? Send me his pic please. Let me see.

( 5 mins later, i received her mms of that guys pic )

Me : Damnnnnnn!!!! I have to say, i totally agree with you la. He does look like me.. i mean the young me. Scary.....

You know, it's quite normal when people told you that you look like somebody. But when you yourself admitted that, it's a big deal...

Then i thought of this crazy idea/ prank. What if i ask her to go to that guy, show him my picture and say :

" Hey, you really look like one of my friend. Here's his pic. Just wanted to give you a preview on how you'll look like .. in 15 years. Enjoy. ;p " LOL. Giller kan? ;p

What will you do if someone came to you and said the same thing?

It's officially the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the year! Are things going accordingly to your annual plan so far?