Thursday, May 8, 2014


Good looking features..
Charming character..
Great body shape..
Approchable attitude..

Above are some of the criteria of what majority of people like to have in themselves and their circle of friends.
And i don't have any of the above in me..

I guess.. i'm just SPECIAL.

Any 'special' people in the house?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

don't judge.

I was at the drive thru counter at McD ordering my lunch. After ordering i went to the next counter to pay. There's a Malay lady in the counter and when i wind down my mirror, she looked at me.. paused for 2-3 seconds, smiled and collected the money from me.

Only then realized that i was blasting music in the car ... Bollywood music actually.
Dunno why.. i just love those musics. Very fun and energetic..
But a lot of people ( especially my Chinese friends will feel weird when i play those songs )

I used Bollywood songs for my classes few times.. and the response was quite good ( or am i just syok sendiri-ing? ;p )

Any Bollywood music lovers here?

p/s : glad to be back... on a short rest now waiting for the new project....hopefully by end of the week :)