Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to Basic ...

It's the end of 2009 and i decided to do it the basic/ traditional way .. write the post ... YES! i mean WRITE.
( Kindly click on it to read the content ;p )

There you go, my last entry for 2009. Just so you know ~ WRITING a post can be quite tiring. LOL ;p
See you next year. CHEERS !!! :))

p/s : did u have a great 2009? i know i did :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

a little too LATE ?

I tried something unusual the other day...

I was chatting with one of my friend via skype. We talked about life, Christmas party and gifts, my blog.. and all the usual stuffs. But the UNSUAL thing is ... I WAS EXTREMELY NICE TO MY FRIEND!!! I was so polite, soft spoken and apologize immediately when i said something wrong. And THAT IS SO NOT TYPICAL ME ;p LOL
At the end, the conclusion that i got from him was ... " something is bothering me, i am not happy. Cos I AM ACTING WEIRD."


Most of my friends or ex-colleagues love my bitchy attitude. Cos they said that it's very entertaining to watch me do my LASER SHOW. ;p Gosh, I guess it's very hard for people who have a VOGUE ( or rather unfriendly ) FACE like me to be nice and friendly to others. 命苦啊~~~

Do you think that you will still come and visit my blog if i cut down all the craps and bitchiness ... say January 2010 onward? :)
( BE HONEST !!! )

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Went to a Christmas Party organized by friends on Thursday. ( FYI, this is my very first time attending a Christmas party lerr..) And the theme for the night is OTT ~ Over The Top ( 浮誇 ) !!! And there is actually a PUNISHMENT for the LEAST OTT guest! Oh by the way, the BEST OTT award gets RM200. ( 10 person x RM20 each ).

Knowing me ~ the KIASU one, and them ~ the DARE DEVILS, of cos we have to dress up really OVER to avoid being punished. Who knows what is in the punishment lists.;p

There, my OTT look for the night. Ada OVER tak?I stitched the costume myself, ok? ;p Anyone want to borrow for Halloween next year? ;p

( thanks SookTeng for the pics ;))

Although i didn't get the BEST DRESSED AWARD, but i am glad that i made some new friends that night. ( not easy for some anti-social like me to make new friends, ok? ;p )

Did you have an over-the-top Christmas this year? I did. :)

p/s : Would like to thank the following people for their gifts :

Alan C. , now i can stay vogue-ly fresh whenever and wherever i go ;p
Wayne , now i can be in tip top condition ( btw, the opening is as wide as my mouth.. lol )
Kristen , now i can show the world how fit i am...;))
KK , now i can widen my circle of friends
Andrew , now i can keep my private stuff.. PRIVATE ;p

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I wanna know ...

( 通過我的posts和人。。如果我們有見過面啦。)

我看我 : 賤光四射

其他的samples 。。。
我看SK : 臥虎藏龍
我看Keenyee : 外俏內騷
我看Alan C :人小腿大
我看Karen :能煮能幹

你看我 :XXXX?

*不可以用粗口噢!!! (雖然我知道你很想用來罵我。哈哈。)


Saturday, December 19, 2009


Something funny happened today...

After finished a class at the studio, i packed my bag and went down to get my car.( The studio is at 1st floor )FYI, the staircase is s a bit narrow lah, just nice for 2 person like me ( M size ) to walk side by side. Normally the staircase is clear when i go down. But today, as i was going down , there's a rather 'large' lady coming up for the Yoga class.

I think she is in her mid twenties, and is wearing a XXL clothes. When i saw her coming up, i was panicked. Not because that she is too pretty or what. But i was thinking wether to go up again ( so that she can come up first, BUT i think that is a bit rude ~ indirectly showing that she is very big ;p ), or just continue walking down and maybe have to squeeze a but when we meet side by side.

What would you do if you are in this situation?

p/s: to those inconsiderate people who likes to stand side by side ( 2 or 3 person ) on the escalator and block other people from going up, i got three words for you from the bottom of my heart ~ 死開啦!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I enjoy being on stage ( dancing, not talking ), and i love that moment. Cos i can feel the confidence and the satisfaction. And i know i can send out strong message through my body language and attract those that need to be attracted. But when i stepped off the stage, i will be someone that is too shy to voice up. Public speaking = asking me to kill myself! I called it 'off-stage fright'. ;p

Now, i believe that there is some little thing you do everyday which makes you feel confident, satisfied and enjoy doing it. It could be :
~ the moment where you are doing some presentation in front of your clients
~ the moment you get back from work and cook dinner for your loved ones
~ the moment you speeding all the way to work cos you over-slept

So, what is THE MOMENT of your daily life?

p/s : If you think 'crossing the road in front of pavilion with your supermodel walk' is your moment ... err.. still acceptable lah. ;p

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



每逢聖誕或生日,朋友都會有同樣的煩腦 。。。不知道要送什麼禮物給我。我自認是個很龜毛和'yimjim'的人。很少人會懂得我的想法,導致通常都會收到一些‘不是我‘的禮物。好死不死,我又不好名牌。因為朋友說:像我醬的人,送名牌就最安全。哈哈。(如果有醬簡單我就不叫‘大嘴‘啦。;p)

Are you someone who is very good in selecting gifts for friends? Or you bought it just bcos you like it?

( So far i have not get any back feed back from friends la. It's either i'm really good in CHOOSING, or they are really good in ACTING. ;p LOL )

Sunday, December 13, 2009


After spending few days thinking of the concept and searching for materials.. here it is.. my Christmas gift wrapping for this year. Trying not to do the expected stuff, so i did the low profile thing with a hint of the festive. Nothing loud or rich, just humble and eye soothing ( just like ME !!! ...LOL ;p )


p/s: so happy to 'meet up' with one of the blogger while searching for the berries at 1 U yesterday. Nice meeting you, Sandra.:)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good BUY !

Have you ever bought something that you felt TOTALLY WORTH BUYING even after a long period of using it?

If you dunno me yet, i am a SHOE-FREAK. I can't stand looking at a pair of nicely designed shoes. And if the shoes come with an affordable price ( there is no description for AFFORDABLE ;p ), i won't think twice but to buy it immediately. Guess there's a little bit of CB ( SJP ) in me. ;p

There is these 2 pairs of shoes that i bought years ago, but still made me proud every time i wear it.

1st pair : My NIKE gym shoes. Wear it to almost everyday. You can see some part of the sole is a bit worn out. But sometimes still get compliments from others. Do you like the color combinations?

2nd pair : This one lagi macam CELEBRITY. Bought it 2 years ago and only wear it to special occasions. But every time people saw it, they will definitely ask me where i bought it, cos they really love it. Never fail to grab the attention ( sometimes i just wish that i am the shoes ;p ) Do you think that the design is too loud?

Now, what is THE thing you bought that really makes you proud? Let's narrow down the category to clothing or accessories ( bags, shoes, etc ) items. Share a bit, mana tau we are of the same taste? ;))

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is NOT in your wish list?

Finally, completed all the Christmas job last night. So now i can put my Christmas nightmare aside, and start my favorite thing ~ CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!
It's always a big challenge to buy things for your friends cos you want them to like the gift as much as you do at the end of the day. That's why i normally try to get the gifts which are suitable or useful to them.
Now, do you mind sharing with me the things that you DO NOT wish to receive as your Christmas gift? Just want to know what is the not so popular gift in general. ( Doesn't mean that i'll get something for all of you, ok? ;p Unless you have been good to me ;) )

After getting all the gifts, it will be another part of the process that i love ~ GIFT WRAPPING. Still remember the wrapping style for last year Christmas? Hoping to do something impressive this year. Wait and see ya...:)

Gift Wrapping for Christmas 2008

Sunday, December 6, 2009


星期五剛忙完了Setia Alam的Annual Dinner show。以為今年可以擺脫‘二奶‘的命運,那知道。。。連三甲都沒得進!

也要感謝阿蘭。雖然生病不能來幫忙,但也很有responsibility的通知我。你take care啦。


( Sorry ah.. a bit out focused ;p )




Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hottest topic in town ...

Today is only the 2nd day of December, but i've already heard people talking about the same topic everywhere more than 10 times.

" Wah... so fast.. it's the last month of the year liao... Have you achieved your target for this year? "

A bit sien la.. everywhere oso people ask me the same question. My target? Err.. to stay happy lo..( and to be fit ;p ). I don't really set a target / plan for myself every year. Cos i am too lazy to think of my future... just let it be lah.. As long as i am enjoying my everyday.:)

But if you really want me to sit down and think, what did i achieved so far ya?...

~ went holiday ( at least once a year lo. 2009 ~ Spain & Portugal )
~ did lots of VM job which most of them are new for me ( especially the Christmas set ups.. damn tiring.. but when i look at the reward... hehee.. can go shopping liao...;p ) ( will show you guys the pics if got chance lah )
~ know more friends from the blogsphere lo...( cos i hardly go out and mix around.. so glad and thankful...( fake tears in my eyes ))

Honestly, my daily life is quite a routine, so nothing much to pick on.

So, what's your biggest achievement this year ( so far lah )?
( I hardly ask so serious question one ok? It's so not me ;p )