Friday, December 30, 2011

a good year

It's almost the end of the year. A year full of ups and downs, but i think i only remembered the UPs. :)
Very grateful for a good 2011. But it's not too much if i wish for a better 2012, rite?

You all out there :
Have a fantastic countdown party tomorrow and stay energetic throughout the next year!!! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


As most of you busy preparing to welcome the New Year, i'll be busying doing the display for Chinese New Year starting tomorrow ( not even 2012 yet ;p ). Went to Petaling Street today to source for props and almost suffocated by the red lanterns, cherry blossoms and gosh, DRAGON everywhere. Not to mention, different techno CNY songs bursting out loud. Really kiasi-lang and kiasu.

But you know what / who is more kiasu? ... ME.
Cos i've done my CNY clothes shopping.. hahahaah .. baju x berlambak, seluar x2, undies x berlambak, socks x berlambak and shoes x 2. BERES. lol ;p

Do you have the habit of buying at least a pair new pants ( no new shirts nvm, but die die must have new pants )for CNY every year?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Post-Mortem

2 days after Christmas, i'm sure you have received most of your gifts. I only received less than 5 gifts this year, much lesser as compared to last year, BUT, i think i'm happier this year. Cos most of them are what i like or needed. No nonsense, more related to me. :)

What about you?

BTW, any big plan to celebrate the New Year?

Monday, December 26, 2011


Which one is more unacceptable to you?

a) someone who is not very good in English but trying his / her best, ending up speaking broken English, OR

b) someone who speaks good English but likes to add in some foreign slang in it.

Me? Definitely B.. cos i hate FAKERS !!!

Merry Post Christmas everyone. :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

drama-bitch available ...

Will be at home tomorrow cos this year the gang decided not to do the Christmas gathering. No gathering, no party, No party, no theme. Sien ahhh... :(

Anyway, wishing you all a merry and vogiu Christmas. Remember to be good, so that you can redeem your gift from Santa. lol ;p
Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers ! :))

Anybody need someone to create drama and hoo-haa at their Christmas party? I'm available ( hint hint ;p )

Thursday, December 22, 2011

almost international ...

This afternoon, i went to see a new client. Discussing the concept and VM plan for the shop. everything was normal except one thing .. the conversation. We started greeting and introducing ourselves in English. 5 minutes after that, he spoke to me in Cantonese. At the end of the meeting, we were speaking in Mandarin. What a journey. It's like meeting different people from different places in the short 30 minutes meeting. Luckily i still can handle the languages. Thanks to all my busy body attitude since young. So i can speak a few languages as well as dialects. I got better position / job offer becos of that 'talent' as well. :)

I can speak English, BM, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka & Hokkien. And some simple basic Japanese ... yamaaaaaaaaateeeeeeee!!!! hahaha.
What about you?

Monday, December 19, 2011

salam bersalaman, amalan mulia

Do you shake hand with your friends or other people every time you meet them? For me, simple hello and a smile will do ( or an additional nod if i really respect that person ;p ). Cos i'm not all that touchy-touchy ( shake hand or a pad at the back ) person.
But this client of mine, likes to shake hand every time we meet and leave, even if the meeting is only for 2 minutes. He also likes to ask " How are you? ", which sometimes is slightly overused lorr... like he called me 10 minutes ago with " Hi Danny, how are you? ...." and 10 minutes later he still ask me the same question. He expect me to have something happening every 10 minutes issit? lol ;p

How you greet your friends or clients, etc?

I am going to conduct a Christmas Theme Class at TrueFitness ( Kenanga International Building, Bukit Bintang ) this Wednesday ( 21/12 ) at 7.40pm. It's our Christmas Open House, so anyone can come and join. If you are interested to join ( i hope YOU DO ;p ), please let me know asap so that i can reserve / register for you. You can also just walk in on that day itself ( i'm sure they'll allow that ). But please come in slightly earlier so that you have time to tour and get ready/ change for the class. Also everyone will get a lucky draw door gift ( i can't promise the quality of the gifts lol ;p )

See you there :))) Whore! Whore! Whore! ( Ho! Ho! Ho! ....hahahhaha )

latest addition ...

It was a super productive and satisfying weekend. I signed up for the Drums Alive training, just to improve myself. Also trying to create more opportunities of getting and teaching more classes in the gym. Super tired, but super fun. I think i did well. At least i enjoyed my own presentation. LOL ( syok sendiri )

My latest accessories... You think i'll look 'cool' if i purposely slip these drumstick in my back pocket when i go out? Saja nak ;p

7 more days to Christmas. I should be at home, cos this year no Christmas theme party. ( sigh )
What's your plan?

Friday, December 16, 2011

sooooooooo HORNY.

Buying gifts for my close friends ( who are extremely hard to please, including myself ) is really an interesting mission. Must be something unique, non-cliche and affordable ( i'm not rich hokay? ;p )

So i saw my supplier making this reindeer's horn plaque for his client and immediately i asked him to make me a few sets. I think this might be the perfect gift ( for now ) for the gang. You think so? Is it Christmassy enough?

BTW, started my Danny the Elf ( delivering Christmas gifts ) project Tuesday onwards. Few more trips to go.
Have you started buying, wrapping and delivering the gifts? :)

Don't be surprise when you see them in some of the window displays. LOL ;p

Sunday, December 11, 2011


As promised, here's the list of your names and guesses for the STARSTRUCKED contest. I've put in the correct answer and BOLDed the winner's names...

67 ChenXing
63 Scott
60 Edward
58 Yvonne
55 AD
50 SK

46 Chatmate
45 Matthew
44 Alan
40 Bong
33 Chai
32 Ash
28 Eunice
25 Jboy
24 Jade

Congratulations to AD & SK !!! :)
Sherman, i'll call you to pass you the gift.
ADlexus, please contact me at :)

To the rest of you, thanks for being a part of my humble yet vogiu ( lol ;p ) blog.
Wishing you all a KIASU-ly GOLD BLINGed Holidays. :)

p/s : super love this Gaga's Xmas song.. definitely going to use it in my Xmas theme class :))

Saturday, December 10, 2011

wrap, wrapping, wrapped.

Spent the whole night wrapping these gifts. There are still a few yet to arrived. But overall i've set the wrapping concept and tagline for this year :

Wishing you a KIASU-LY GOLD BLING-ED ( 金死人唔賠命 ) Christmas!!!

Not really happy with the end product. Not as good as compared to the previous years. But i can't be bothered anymore, cos i really don't have any time to plan and source for the wrapping materials. So that's it. To all the recipients, what you see is what you are going to get. Don't complain ! ;p

If you are requested to change / add something to the gifts, what would it be? Help me, maybe i still can make it better before start delivering them next week. Oh btw, the gifts for the 2 winners of STARSTRUCKED contest in in the pic. Will announce the winners tomorrow. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011


Finally .. got myself some time to do the long delayed Christmas shopping. But this time round, i don't have the luxury of time ( or patience ) to choose the gift one by one. Instead, i bought something generic, that is acceptable by all in bulk, yes .. BULK. Same thing, different colors. LOL ;p

Felt so guilty but don't care la. No time. Even my gift wrapping concept also super simple and not creative enough. :(

It's really a BIG knowledge when selecting gifts for others huh? Did your Christmas shopping?
Just curious, when you shop for gifts ..

" Do you buy things that you feel is nice? Or you buy not so nice ( for your taste ) stuffs, as long as the recipient likes it? "

Going to spend my weekend wrapping those gifts and start delivering them by next week. :)

FYI, the "starstrucked" contest is still on ya. Fast-fast submit your entry before closing date on 10/12/11. Good luck. :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pen merah, pen biru ...

1 more installation this Thursday, my CHRISTMAS 2011 project's file will be officially closed. Not sure why but it seems more tiring this year. Maybe bcoz of those last minutes jobs. Hmm .. will take a few days break and back to preparation for CNY 2012 again.

Meanwhile, i need to relax my mind a bit. Let's play a game, something that i played when i was in primary school. It's a 'pantun 2 kerat' game invented by morons ( us ) to kill time. It starts with " Pen merah pen biru, ... " and we complete the pantun by anything that comes to your mind that rhymes with the 1st sentence ..

Pen merah, pen biru,
Jangan marah I LOVE U . ( this is a popular pantun for 'autograph' signing )

Pen merah, pen biru,
You are lame and i'm vogiu. ( obviously this is from me ;p )

Pen merah, pen biru,
雞絲蚝油炒冬菇. ;p

Pen merah, pen biru,
( ... your turn .. time to get creative .. but keep it CLEAN ya.. :p )

FYI, the "starstrucked" contest is still on ya. Fast-fast submit your entry before closing date on 10/12/11. Good luck. :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

wake me up .. or don't!

They said the older you get, the earlier you'll wake up.
I used to wake up around 10am ... now, i start to admire my ceiling by 8.30am :(

What is your auto-wake-up time?

BTW, i'm postponing the closing date for the starstrucked contest cos i'm not ready with the gifts yet. Trying to buy more time to buy the gifts. Kesian kan? LOL ;p
So if you want to join, fast fast submit your answer la. I'll announce the winner by 10 December 2011. ( This time i promise )

FYI, nobody got it right yet. But got 1 person guessed so close ( just 1 under the right answer )

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

glam ..meh?

I came home after gym. Passed by my neighbor's house and the door was opened. As a 'concern' neighbor, i quick quick scan the living room. WOW... glamour nyerr... There's this sofa couch with leopard print right at the corner of the living room. Macam tak percaya aje. Cos my neighbor is a very friendly and polite family ( orang-orang alim la konon ). Tak sangka got so wild taste lorr.. ;p

I know some people prefer printed sofa. And some like them made of leather ( nampak macam lebih kelas ;p ). But i prefer those fabric with plain color, not velvet type, but with more texture like twill or canvas type. I think it's more comfortable to sit on it, cos dunno why i always feel that leather sofa very 'warm'. You think so?

What is your ideal sofa set?
Leather? Fabric? Printed?

FYI, the starstrucked contest is still on ya. Fast-fast submit your entry before the end of the week. Good luck. :)

starstrucked !!!

While most of you guys happily enjoy the long weekend, i was busy making and installing the Christmas hanging mobile for my client. But thank God it's done. :)

Tapi ... penat giler ;(

Ok ok .. trying to get in the festive mood. :)
Now see the below picture?
See the stars? ( blue & silver )
Can you tell me the number of stars in the picture?

Now, 2 "vogiuly wrapped" gifts will be given to 2 person who guessed it correctly ( or closest by not exceeding the actual number ). Fast- fast, submit your answer :)

Happy guessing. :)

Tips : between 15 ~ 70 pcs.
I will announce the winner by end of this week. :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

a student again ...

I was at the lobby of my condo going towards the parking lot. Then i heard a few ladies talking in English ( broken English ). It was the group of cleaners. What a fun scene to watch ..

Thank You ... You are welcome ... How are you ... I'm fine thank you ...

It was so nice to know that people never stop trying to learn new stuffs whenever they can. Therefore i decided to sign up a new course in the gym, which will be held mid December. Hopefully i can do/teach more different classes in the gym than just dance. ( I am not getting any younger ;p )

Besides that, i would like to learn how to play guitar, spanish, sign language, playing drums, ...

Do you have anything that you would like to learn now?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

come and see ...

I was setting up the windows at One Utama when i heard a girl screaming not far away. Apparently a young college girl slipped and fell at the walkway. I looked at her and laughed in my heart.

I had the same experience, in front of Starhill lagi. I fell and stood up within 2 seconds and walk away asa vogiu as possible, hope that not many people realized it.

Cos to me ...

You fell in public. It's already embarrassing enough. Why want to shout and announce to the world ?

Betul tak?

I got a friend who scream on almost everything, be it good or bad thing. Sometimes i feel a bit over lorr. Are you a screamer as well?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is the 1st thing ...

... that comes to your mind when i say :


Am doing CNY display proposals for my clients and got stuck. FYI, CNY to me is the most difficult and boring festive to do. Cos it's so restricted. Must follow all the pantang-larangs and cliche. So sien ... :(

Can you guys suggest anything? Anything that is modern, unexpected, CNY-ish and most importantly .. vogiu? Kamsia very much. :)

I asked the same question to one of my friend, and his immediate answer was :

龍飄飄!!!!( 炸到!)
LONG PIAO PIAO !!! ( rolled eyes, fell on the floor with a vogiu pose and fainted. )

Takkan i put her posters big big in the window kan? ;p

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It's not a metaphor .. i actually did vomited after a whole day of rushing and installations for Christmas displays.

Every thing went quite well, besides the heavy rain and the massive jam in the afternoon. I was so happy cos i reached home earlier than i estimated. But after i unpacked everything, i felt slightly uncomfortable and rushed to the toilet. There's where i perform my dramatic scene ( LOL ).

No set up tomorrow, just some meetings. Hopefully can et more rest tomorrow.

BTW, i'm still can't decide on the concept for my Christmas gift wrapping this year. Any suggestions?
Wrapping from previous years ...

Monday, November 14, 2011

nice heels :)

What will be the first thought when you see a ..

Young, slim and tall lady ( note : i didn't say she is pretty ;p lol ), walking in Old Town Kopitiam wearing mini seequin dress. She got all styled up from head to toe, full make up and hair-do. Everyone in the kopitiam kept staring at her, and she knew it. BTW, did i mentioned that it was 11 in the morning?

It was totally a salah fashion at a salah venue on a salah timing. Tsk tsk tsk ...

I stared at her once, then continue eating. All i noticed is the heels that she was wearing, not bad. That's all.. hahaha.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

why Gollum ?!

People workout, i workout.
Why people can get a slimmer body after that, my body still the same, only my face getting more and more hagged?
That's my main problem. Cos whenever i go for diet, my face will slim down before my tummy. By the time i get a not so bad abs, my face will look like Gollum. ( muka cengkung, perut buncit ) :(

Do you have the same problem?
Or opposite from mine? ( slim body, but chubby face )
Or your face and body will slim down together, which is the ideal way?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

oopsy daisy...

After the class, i went in the sauna before shower. After a while, a middle aged Malay guy came in. I went out to get a quick shoer and return to the sauna. He Malay guy started to ask me question ..

Him : Err.. boleh ke sauna dan mandi macam ni? Saya baru join, so tak tau bolhe ke tak.

Me : Boleh kot. Bukan mandi terus la, tapi cuma turunkan suhu badan kejap.

Him : Oo. So sauna macam ni boleh bakar lemak ye?

Me : Haha. Bakar lemak kat sauna tu untuk orang malas la. Haha.

Him : Haha.

10 seconds after that, he went out and never came back.

Then only i realized maybe that guy might misunderstood/felt insulted by my 'malas' statement so he went out. ;p
If you are that Malay guy, do think that you'll feel insulted with my statement?

Haiiiih .. me and my big mouth ... again. ;p

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My own observation...

There are couples ( mainly Malays ) like to sit next to each other when having meal. I once asked my Malay friend about it. And her answer was :

" Mungkin pompuan tu gelojoh masa makan. So tak nak bagi laki dia nampak. " ( 食相難看 )

I like her answer. Cos really, sitting by the side is less obvious than seeing it right in front. :P

I totally hate sitting side by side with others. Why lah? So many seats dun want, want to come and menyemak with me! And also i feel more comfortable chatting face to face than side by side.
What about you?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Below was my PERSONAL thought :

Young people tend to wear black or darker clothing to look cool. While the mature ones trying to look younger by wearing more colorful clothes. ( Do you agree with me? )

Remember my previous post where i wear black almost everyday? Yeah, not only to look cool, but also to make me look slimmer. 2 weeks ago, i bought 6 pcs of t-shirt from FOS ( those 3 for RM45, cheap cheap only la ). Black, blue, lilac, pink, light green, purple and ... SHIT!!! :P

Most people want to grow old gracefully. I guess i just want to age vogiuly and have a "vibrant" life. Can? ;p

Monday, November 7, 2011


I was out with family for lunch yesterday. Suddenly, someone's phone rang...

" Everywhere i'm looking now, i'm surrounded by your embrace, baby i can see your halo ..." The ringtone was Beyonce's Halo.

Dengan selambanya, my younger brother-in-law took out his phone and answered. I was so surprised, cos he is a football super fan and his idol is Andy Lau. So the tak match with him. Even my sister also dunno why he chose such a song...

I used to set some pop ( lala ) dance songs as the ringtone, but it was quite embarrassing when my phone rang during the meetings. So i'm now using the most generic " classic telephone " to avoid further embarrassment. But some of my friend found it lame.:(

What is your ringtone? And what was your craziest ringtone?

BTW, i totally hate certain ringtone like .... " 靚女,聽電話。。靚女,聽電話。。" SO LAME. lol ;p

Thursday, November 3, 2011


B ( same person from the previous post ) always try to earn as much money as possible, so that he won't feel insecure. But when he earned enough money, he'll spend it on designer branded stuffs. He'll feel satisfied for a while, and then start to feel insecure and worry about having not enough money again. So he'll go and make money again...

I felt so sorry for him, despite the times that he told us that he will try to stop that habit. I just dunno why people are so addicted with designer branded stuffs. Really that great meh?

Cos to me, when i look at someone ...
I'll see the IMPORTANT part .. which is how well is his clothing coordination and how he 'carry' the clothes, and NOT how big is the designer logo on his shirt. Agree?

Are you a sucker for designer's labels?

OK, ok. I have to confess. The only thing that i insist to buy on designer labels is perfume. No need to explain why horr? lol ;p

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

very 'class' meh?

Me and my friends were bitching about another person ( A ) that we all know. Then we compared one of us, B ( who always claimed that he have fabulous taste, and very conscious of what people think about him ) with A. Suddenly B got so angry cos he felt insulted. He said :

" Please lah, i am far more classier than him ok? I got listen to Adele one. Huh. "

Err.. since when 'listening to Adele' is something to determine whether you are class or not? To me, the fact that he used that reason to look down and judge on others just shows how SHALLOW and LOW is him. Agree?

I used to joke with my ex colleague ...

Her : Danny, tengok i punye display. Class gitu, kan?

Me : Ye la, memang ada class. KELAS BAWAHAN! Hahaah. "

So, u apa kelas? :p

p/s : Am currently deeply in love with Christina Perri's new song ~ A Thousand Years ( posted at sidebar ). I'm not a fan of Twilight, but i can just feel the love and sorrow in the song. Love is in the air. Please, please, please, listen to the whole song, ok? :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

is it weird ...

... to have Nancy Sit ( 薛家燕 ) teaching me how to iron clothes in my house?

... to go on a high heel shopping spree with my niece, who is now 19 ... months old?

... to climb and jump from building to building, just to go and get my car ... which is just parked downstairs of my condo?

I'm having more and more weird dreams lately. Am i really that stressed or i'm just too creative, even in my dreams? ;p

I think if i start jotting down all those funny/weird dreams that i had, i can publish a book called ...
" Big Dreams, by Big Mouth. " lol ;p

p/s : Happy Halloween everybody! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011


I was searching for some documents in my storeroom when i found a picture of me.. taken in 1995 ( 1st year college ). I was shocked with my fashions sense then. But i admired my courage to go out like that ...

Look at me! Blue tee, blue jeans and blue shoes. I was trying to be a SMURF or what? Or is it i already knew that there will be a super box office movie coming few years later. So i quickly put on my AVATAR look, so fashion forward huh? And notice that black spot on my pants. I accidentally spilled batik pigment on it, and felt so creative and cool. So i let it there for some time. What the hell was i thinking huh? :P

Happy Halloween everyone.
I know most of the people / bars / clubs are going to celebrate tomorrow.
BTW, anyone plan to go as a SLUTTY witch or Red Riding WHORE ( Hood ) ? LOL ;p

p/s : CF is having an annual instructor gathering / halloween party tomorrow. Them : Back to School. Don't think i'll go with any costume lo. Cos my gang is not there :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

still waiting...

In my opinion, there are 2 types of movies that we will not watch for the 2nd or 3rd time.

1st type ... SHITTY movie. 屎片/爛片 No need explain more kan?

2nd type ... GREAT movie. A movie that is so good that you dare not watch again. Maybe too good till you can't stop crying. I got 1 in my list ...

A Korean movie about a boy and his grandmother. Very touching one. Made me think of my late grandma only. I bought the DVD few years back. Watched once. Till now still dare now re-watch it. Sob sob... :(

Are they any movies that is so good that you dare not watch again?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

say CISSSSSSSSS........ ( bedebah ;p )

I don't really like taking picture, cos i don't think i look good in it. ( I look better in real syok sendiri ;p ) And i'm extremely ' beh song' when people / friends 'force' me to take picture WITH them. I mean i don't mind taking picture FOR them. So i'll end up giving them a 'fake smile' for 2 seconds.

I was at SS2 Mall the other day when i saw this family ( parents + 2 kids ) passed by FullHouse. Then the father asked his kids to pose in front of the shop to take pics. Then changed pose. Then changed pose. I can see the smile on the kids' face slowly turn to sour. It was so hot and it took forever for the father to snap a picture. Kesian betul budaks tu. Sometimes i think the parents were too excited and carried away when taking pictures for their kids. Never thought of the kids feeling oso. :(

Do you like to TAKE picture?
Or you like to TAKE picture for others?

Friday, October 21, 2011

my Happy Meal :)

I don't normally post entry about food, but this time .. I HAVE TO. :)

I just finished my class in Wangsa Walk and i was raining, heavily. I can see it's jam out there. So i decided to have my dinner there before i head home. I walked pass a few restaurants and stopped in front of the "Ayam Penyet" shop. Ever heard of Ayam Penyet? It's an Indonesian restaurant serving some interesting local dishes.

I always wanted to try it but no chance/ time. So i walked in and ordered the Empal Penyet ( fried beef ) set. BTW, i'm the only Chinese in there cos it's not something that Chinese will eat ( i'm used to it, as i considered myself Melayu celup ). The set arrived, and i took a small bite on the cili. WADUH WADUH .. terus meleleh ;p

It was so good. The cili, the beef and the side dishes. I can practically eat the rice just with cili alone. Those who likes spicy food, THIS IS THE ONE TO GO. So goooooood. You guys should give it a try next time.:)

Now who said that only McDonalds can serve you a Happy Meal? I just had mine, and i'm going back there again tomorrow. Anybody wants to join me?


I always admire those instructors who can conduct a very fun and 'noisy' class. They always know when to do the 'Ooooooooo's, 'Aaaaahhhhhh's and 'Heeeeyyyyyyyy's. And the most important part is .. when to say something ( normally something encouraging ) to the members.

I am still trying very hard to 'open up' myself. Cos i think i always give a very COLD feeling to others. And i always feel hesitated and shy to make noise during the class. I did, but maybe just for 2 minutes. ( :P ) Hmmm, it really takes whole lot of hard work to create a 'great and fun' class. And i'm heading to that direction. Hopefully it's not too late. :)

Any tips?
Or anything that you would like to expect from your instructor?

For those who dunno me yet .. " i need longer time to warm up ... especially to newly met people " :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

upper vs lower

Do you know what to do when i ask you to :

" Move your upper body to the right. " ,OR
" Concentrate on the lower body only. " ?

I think there's still a big group of people/ member who are confused with their upper and lower body, especially during warm up session. Cos whatever i said, they'll still move their whole body.

Any other more easy to understand 'terms' that i should use? Cos i dun think that i want to say :

" Move your body from shoulder to your waist to the right." , OR
" Concentrate from the butt down only. " :)

I always wanted o conduct a 80's theme dance class. Sure fun, with those shorts and head ban... Remember my name .. FAME ;p Anybody want to join? :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I always wonder what will happened if i'm involved in a fight. I mean a real fight with punching and kicking. For a 'good' boy like me, i've never involved or witnessed a fight. Me punching and kicking? I think i might end up shaking the hip and do a high kick instead. lol ;p

Anybody fancy a 'not-so-friendly' fight?
Feeling a bit wild lately. ;p

Any tips for a sure in fight? Just in case ( touch wood ) i kena tomorrow. LOL ;p

Monday, October 17, 2011

just did it !?

I think my memory is getting weaker and weaker.

Woke up this morning, brushed my teeth and wanted to shower. Then my phone rang. I ran out answered the phone. After that, went back to the bathroom ... and brushed my teeth again !! I only realized that when i rinsed my mouth. Cos it felt so familiar, so familiar like i just did that 10 minutes ago.LOL ;p

Now i'm so worried that i might not remember my way home after a tiring dance session at the gym. Hahaha :))
( Seriously, if you see me walking alone i the mall/ road side, please come and approach me. Cos i might need your help.;p )

Anyone have similar problem?
If gingko is good for strengthen the memory, then i think i'll need to be soaked in it.;p

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I was at Jaya 33 this morning for my class. I stepped in the lift and wanted to press the button, and i stoned/ blanked out for 2 seconds. Guess what i saw on the lift buttons?

(btw, how come there's no question on #4? suei issit? ;p )

Immediately i thought of 2 scenarios :

a) Say i was late for an interview at 13th floor and already in panic mode, then i saw these buttons. I think i'll slam the lift door and die for a while. ;p

b) Say someone got heart attack at 11th floor and they called an ambulance. Then abang ambulance arrived and saw these buttons. " Alamak! Matematik aku dapat P8! " (:P) I think the people at 11th floor die. ;p

What else scenario can you think of?
Do you think you'll be happy to have this concept at your office. school, condos, etc?
I personally think that it's fun and creative, but not practical. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

let's get loud ( or not ;p )

I extremely uncomfortable having meal with people who makes a lot of noise when eating. I used to have a housemate in college where she is very loud when eating. We were all eating in front of the tv, then one by one will slowly move away from her. Cos beh tahan with the THX sound effect. It's like she's announcing to the world that she is having her meal...

chap chap chap ( see? i'm chewing vege !!! )
slurp slurp slurp ( yumm, i'm drinking my soup !!! )
buurrrrrrrrrrp ( ah, i'm full !!! )*

But when i was in Japan, i'm totally fine with them slurping their ramen loudly. Is it bcoz i respect their culture? Or me being a double standard hypocrite? LOL ;p

Do you have any friend who likes the THX effect? Or you are one of them? ;p

Me doing the " slurping sakan " in Tokyo. ;p

* actually i burp a lot and very very loudly. who wants to have a burping battle with me? lol ;p

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have economic rice as lunch most of the time. And normally i'll ask for half rice, and i'll pick 4 dishes in small portion ( 1 vege, 1 meat, 1 egg and 1 other ). But i really don;t understand some of the people who just take rice and 1 dish. Like one of my ex colleague, she only take the rice, 1 fried chicken and some curry gravy. When i asked her, she said she's just used to that. To me it's like a bit plain lorr...
( btw, she is not poor ya... cos she is higher position that me )

What is your normal economic rice selection?

And i'll normally take a small bowl of free soup to go with the rice. I just love soups :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

me pushed.

Few years ago, my friend recommended / encouraged / forced me to try skinny jeans. FYI, i have issue buying pants as my lengs are huge and short. Therefore i'm extremely conscious when buying pants. But after trying the skinnies, i loved it. And bought few pairs after that.

Few years later, i pushed myself to try something new ~ 'Dropped-Crotch' sweat pants ( some called it 'diaper-pants' or 瀨屎褲 ;p ). All this while i've been avoiding it cos you really need the attitude to carry it. But somehow i convinced myself to get one, and wore it to the gym today. Surprisingly it was extremely comfortable to dance in it, cos its soooooo spacious. No wonder so many dancers like to wear it. LOL ;p

Would you ever try wearing this type of pants?

Monday, October 10, 2011

walk the walk.

We were doing Maroon 5's Moves like Jagger. I thought of combining some 'fashionable element' in the choreography. So i did a simple 4 count step where i want them to walk with attitude ( ala-ala catwalk la ;p ). Cos i though it will be fun having a bunch of people catwalking in the studio at the same time. So vogiu kan? ( also can lepas gian sikit pretending like coordinating a fashion show lol ;p )

Everything was ok. But when i play the music and they started to walk ...

Now i know why sometimes we laugh at SOME of the contestants from ANTM when they try to do the catwalk. Some were born with it, and some just need to work hard, real hard. And i'm thankful that i'm doing OK in this department ( although there's lot more of other stuffs that i don't know ;p ).

A lot of people can talk the talk. But how many of you can really walk the walk?
So you think you can walk .. like catwalk?

p/s : i lost about 1.5kg thanks to the fever. yayyyyyyyy!! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011



I think i really need a lot of work / project to keep me healthy. Cos whenever i ma slightly free ( no project ), i'll tend to fall sick easily. No income and sick. So unvogiu!

Later still need to go for 2 classes. Too late to cancel class now. Dunno got energy or not. Going to sleep now. Hopefully the fever will cool down soon. :(

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

bang! bang! banged!

3 words to describe my class last night : 陀衰家!!!

I was about to start the class when the tenant upstairs started to drill the floor. It was so loud in the studio that no one can hear what i was saying. So i requested to change to the yoga studio, and that was my first time using that studio. Everything was ok until we finished the class. I switched off the lights and sound system, and talked to the members while walking towards the door. And suddenly .. BAM!!! I banged my face right on the glass panel, next to the door!

MALU GILER !!!! In my defense, it was dark, the glass panel was crystal clear ( kudos to the cleaners ;p ) and i was totally not familiar with that studio! :(

I still can see my sweaty/oily face-print on the glass panel when i leave the gym. ;p

Hmm .. it's been quite a 'bumpful' week. Few 'things' happened to me, but i'm very excited. Cos i know, after a hurricane, comes a RAINBOW! Can't wait to see my big fat rainbow. lol ;p

Monday, October 3, 2011

bag's back!

I received a call from the gym this afternoon. They found a bag in the locker room, and checking if it's mine. After confirming that the bag is the one that got stolen, i immediately rushed to the gym. In my heart i was hoping that the fukker took anything but my car keys, cos that would saves me a few hundreds or maybe, thousand.

I arrived at the gym, went in the operation room, and my bag is there! I quickly open the front pocket to look for my car key, and it was there. It was a big relief. Apparently, he stole my bag and just took my watch. Stupid kan? Although my watch is gone, but at least i don't have to go through the changing immobilizer issue.

But i think i still have the right to CURSE the fukker right? After all, he did gave a not very vogiu moment. Imagine me running like headless chicken in the gym, mall and also parking lot. ;p

p/s : thanks to those who cursed that fellow for me. u guys are real friends.. lol ;p

pp/s : just bought a 'kiasu-size' padlock to lock the locker...;)

ppp/s : i think i had a great Monday, how about you?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

i hope you 爛 !!!

Not a very good way to start the month of October ...

I was in the gym yesterday for my classes. After the class, i went to the changing room and found out that my padlock was missing. I opened the locker and my gym bag is gone. I have my watch, camera, a whole stack of CDs and most importantly, my car keys in the bag! I was so worried that the fukker had drive my car away. I ran to the parking lot. Thank God my car is still there. I reported to the security and they agreed to have an eye on my car while i went back to get the spare keys.

It was so tiring. Calling friends, looking for locksmith and filing report with the management. Luckily everything is ok now. Tomorrow i'll have to send my car to the service centre to change the whole lock thing. :(


But looking from the bright side, i now have a very GOOD reason to buy new watch, gym bag and camera. Going shopping tomorrow. Haha :))

p/s : and now i won't laugh at those who use gigantic padlock for their locker in the gym as kiasu people. cos i'll be one of them starting tomorrow. ;p

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I was informed that i didn't get the project that i was hoping to. I was disappointed, and sad. But after a super fun and sweaty class, everything seems ok to me. Not sure if i'm really that OPTIMISTIC, or maybe my hope/passion for that project was not as deep as i thought.

My ankle is in pain, that i have to cancel 2 classes today, just to let it rest. Unexpected 'off-day'. Kinda enjoying it. :)

Below are some of the quotes that i learnt from watching all those dramas, and i would like to share with you guys :

" When you hit bottom, you do not have any where to go but UP."

" You have brain in your head and legs in you shoes. You can make your own decision on which direction to go."

" Just use a bit of creativity, and you can re-make your look: from BORE to WHORE. "
( My favorite quote from Drop Dead Diva )

Tomorrow's Friday. Have a fun weekend .:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

their job vs our responsibility

Whenever we are attending a family reunion, it's our 'responsibility' to go and greet the elders. And when they see us, it's also their 'job' to say something about us. And i think the most common ones will be :

1) Waa .. you are all grown up and more matured now. ( in another word, you look OLD ! )

2) Waa .. you look so healthy and prosperous now. ( in another word, you look FAT ! )

Which one is SCARIER?
I DEFINITELY prefer then to tell me the 1st line lorr... cos i know i will grow old vogiuly. But being FAT is just not what i want to do. ;p

p/s : i think i know what is the scariest comment :

" Waaa. you are all grown up and prosperous now. " lol ;p

Monday, September 26, 2011

beauty in the world

Let me ask you one question :

" What is the most beautiful thing about yourself? "

Me :
a) if i'm passionate in something, i'll hold on to it as long as possible
b) i can be a very helpful and true friend ( that's if i've accepted him/her as my friend ;p )

What about you?

Ah, life is so beautiful, have a great week ahead. :)

Just found this song by Macy Gray last week, and it spoke to me.... like real deep in my heart. Am playing it everyday to "celebrate" me. Hope you'll like it too. :)
( song posted at the side bar )

update on 8.55pm :
i was watching the movie A Little Bit of Heaven, suddenly they put the same song in it .. i literally got goose bumps once i heard the intro.. ohh.. i feel so amazing now. :))))))