Thursday, January 31, 2013

umbrella.. ella .. ella..

I saw 2 different couple at 2 different junction doing 1 same thing : walking with umbrella and the girl is holding the umbrella, instead of the guy.

And the funny thing is ( for both couple ), the girl is much shorter than the guy. So the guy's head is covered by / hiding inside the umbrella. Why? Isn't it mush comfortable for both if the guy is holding the umbrella. He can walk comfortably and show hie caring for the guy. Or is it tak macho for a guy to hold an umbrella?

Are you an umbrella person?
I only use umbrella when it's raining, big hot sunny day .... don't think so.

But horr, i totally salute those who can hold an umbrella while rising on the motorcycle at the same time. LOL. ;p

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I kept having the same dream over and over again ( maybe like once every 2 months ... )

I was preparing for my class in the studio. Suddenly so many people came in. I was overwhelmed by the attendance. Then when i'm about to start the class, something WILL go wrong. Mic no sound la, can't find my song in the iPod la, and the latest one ... somebody starting to put shelves and boxes in the middle of the studio.

Members started to make noise and left one by one. And when everything is settled, no one left in the studio. And that's my cue to ... wake up. :(

Why la?

What's is the most frequent dream that you dreamt of?

Monday, January 28, 2013


My friend was annoyed by me cos i always complain that i gain weight/ lose weight. Cos to him, i am already slim, yet always complain about weight. So one day, i asked my friend a stupid question :

" How come nobody commented that i slim down one? "

My friend rolled eyes and answered :

" You want people to notice issit? Then you go stuff yourself until fat fat. Then you go slim down, sure people will notice. "

" Go die. "

How many of you are on strict diet, just to get ready to look good / to stuff more food during CNY?

( i'm so going to stuff myself with this during CNY .... yummy. )

Saturday, January 26, 2013

ong or no ong?

Overheard 2 aunties talking in the shop.

" Eh, there got red color one. Ong for you. "

" No la, my one color next year is blue ah. Red is for my husband. "

Luckily i'm not a pantang person, as i don't follow ( and don't bother about all this thing ). Or else i'll be wearing something that i don't like for CNY. To me, if i look good in that color, 'that' will be my auspicious color. Cos you will succeed more when you are comfortable and confident. Agree?

So, based on what i've bought, my auspicious color(s) for next year will be ...

light grey, white, yellow, orange, blue, red, light blue, camel & black. ;p

Do you know what is your auspicious color for the year of snake?
Or you just don't care, like me?

Friday, January 25, 2013

why don't you love me .. more?

My friend always complain to me that he can't feel the love from his darling. It seems that he is pouring his heart out but what he gets is not what he wanted/imagined. So he always requested the darling to love him more. ( btw, i know both of them, and i know they love each other )

So last night, when he complained the same thing to me again ( for the N time ), i think i was suddenly possessed by a love guru. I told him ...

" Look, just like when we shower, some like to shampoo their hair first, some like to start with washing the face first, some go for the body first, and some ... wash their clothes first ( haha, in hostel, bath time = laundry time. takde washing machine ma ;p ). See? There's so many different style/way, but at the end of the day, it's still a shower. Just like love, if he/she didn't show you love like how you wanted to, doesn't mean that he/she love you any less. Everybody have their different ways of expressing love."

Make sense?

Oh btw, when i shower, i'll start with my both arms first. Left, then right.
What about you?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Just curious how's everyone's daily 'operating' hours like.
Mine ...

0100 - 1000 ( sleep, do not call/sms me unless it's really urgent!!! )
1000 - 1400 ( woke up, check mails, brunch, paperworks, etc. Btw, those who called me between 1000         to 1100 will have the privilege to listen to my 'excited' voice, need to speak in 'higher' tone cos my voice needs 1hr to warm up ;p )
1400 - 1600 ( if nothing to do, will take a short nap - the to answer phone call during this period. ;p )
1600 - 1700 ( prepare for classes )
1700 - 2000 ( most of my classes are after office hour, so a bit difficult to get me when i'm in the gym )
2000 - 0100 ( dinner, dvd, online, sleep again ;p )

So basically my operating hours is from 10am - 2pm, 4pm - 5pm, and 8pm to 1am.
What's yours?

Monday, January 21, 2013

you are not supposed to ...

You are not supposed to eat curry, when your stomach is not feeling good
You are not supposed to move too much, when you hurt you legs
You are not supposed to talk too much, when you are having sore throat

But being me, i like to do the opposite.
Was having really really bad sore throat over the weekend. No voice at all on Saturday. Then getting slightly better yesterday. And what i like to do when i'm having sore throat? I love to torture the people around me ... by singing to them. LOL ;p

So here it is, click at your own risk. Sorry for the occasionally pecah and off key, super hiding tersumbat voice, and the tercungap-cungap style .. cos very hard to sing and breathe the your mouth at the same time. After all, i'm just the Ampang NTM, not ANT Singer kan? lol ;p

Oh btw, i wasn't whispering, but that's the loudest that i can go. So you might want to adjust the volume higher. :)

What's the crazy things you like to do when you are not feeling well?

Friday, January 18, 2013


I always have lower back and leg pain problem. So my friend gave a a contact of a Chinese sifu who is very good in 推拿 ( tui-na , err. Chinese massage? ;p ). I called the sifu and made the appointment.

When i reached his place the next day, he looked at me, and asked me to go back. He said :

" You so fat. I don't want to serve you. You have to lose at least 4 to 5kg, then i'll massage you. "

NOOOOOOOO........................ ( cue strong wind, thunder and lighting.... )
I stood at the door, don't know what to do. I was shocked!

Then i woke up. How la wei?
I think i'm not happy lately, that's why i am subconsciously rejecting myself.
Hmmmmmmm........ :(

My friend's wife is working in slimming centre. But he told me,

" Don't under estimate her petite size, cos she is very strong. Everyday she needs to PUSH a lot of fat ladies during work. " LOL

Happy weekend everyone. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Before the class, my member came to me :

" Eh Danny, my club is having a "Single Night" dinner party ext week. You free to come? "

" Haha, no la. I got some plan already. Sorry. "

Some background story of her "club" :
It's a club for successful adult/executives only. If i'm not mistaken, you need to have at least 100k ( or around that ) in your bank account in order to be a member. And they always have this kind of event for their members, and according to her, the success rate is quite high. And the best thing is, they have very good mixture in their member pool ~ male and female, young and matured, black & white & rainbow people. :)

You think i should go? Just to test market a bit, cos people there all kaya-raya. Mana tau got people interested and wanna 'pao' me le? Hahahah.. Dah tua bangka pun ada hati nak jadi anak ikan. ;p
OR OR OR .. she already got the potential/suitable candidate(s). That's why she's asking me to go? So that she can introduce to me? ( syok sendiri ;p )

Go or not? Go or not? Go or not?
Should i LISTEN to my mind or should i LISTEN to my heart? Someone SPEAK to me!!!!
( die die must use the word LISTEN & SPEAK, if not later people think i not in trend ;p )

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

i rather not speak.

I was taking picture at my client's shop for reference. Then one of the staff ( auntie ) requested me to delete the picture if she is in the pictures that i took. And my client said to her:

" Aiya, you so pretty. Let people take your picture also never mind la. Right? Haha. " And he turned to me, i think he's waiting for me to join their conversation. But i just kept quiet, cos i know.. if i really want to say something .. it would be ..

(asking him ) " YOU BLIND ISSIT? "

My philosophy :
I won't lie to myself just to say something to please you.
When you ask me something, make sure you are ready to take the answer. ;p

Also i was taught since young .. " Don't say anything if you have nothing good to say ". LOL.

Which one are you?
A mulut manis person like my client, OR a mulut laser person like .. me ? ;p

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My name is Henry, and i'm in my late 40's. I was attending a Halloween party with my girlfriend ~ Tia, in a big decorated room. I was in a 'cat' themed costume. Everyone was enjoying the party. By the way, this party was in the 1900s cos everyone was in some Edwardian costumes, as well as the building.

Then we heard someone knocking the door and Tia went to open the door. It was a lady, telling Tia something. And everything became black and white. I can see Tia crying, and ran to the church. We saw a coffin, and inside the coffin was me ... Henry, still in my cat costume.

Then only i ( Henry ) realized that i am already dead right from the beginning. The Halloween party is just a flash back of my memories. Now i'm floating in the air, looking at people that i loved. And next to me is an angel, in camel color office suit, waiting for me ..

" Just let go ... " The angel said.

And i woke up.

Interesting right?
What is the dream trying to tell me?
That Henry is actually my past life?
Or someone called Henry visited me when i was sleeping? ( yerrrrrr.... )
Or i should change from Danny to Henry? ( no la .. i still prefer Danny ;p )

Monday, January 14, 2013

i don't wanna grow up.

I was queueing at the stall in the food court for my lunch when i saw a funny/weird thing. The young man ( in his 20's ) in front of me went to the cashier to pick up his order and pay. He took out his wallet from the back pocket and ...!!!!

It was a Pikachu wallet. A man in his office wear holding a Pickachu wallet.
Weird or funny?

I don't think i can carry/wear the cartoon/comic character stuff anymore. I'm just too matured for that.
The most i can see myself with is with the classic .. Mickey.

What cartoon/comic character that you think you can carry/wear?
Or you are still carrying them? ;p

Friday, January 11, 2013

oh my face!

I was staying at the dorm of an university ( that's actually one of my real life dream, cos i never attended uni before ;p ). Our dorm is a very old building, like those renaissance building.

Every morning, i'll wake up with lot's of blood on my face. I will scream out loud as usual. And the blood will dry up in minutes, and will go back to to the usual vogiu face.

That's all, the details of my dream last night. ;p

Happy weekend everyone. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

yet another one.

Last night ...

We were supposed to go to Bangkok by bus ( double decker bus ), but there's problem with the bus engine. We have no choice but to drive. By the way, the double decker bus is as high as my balcony ( 8 storey high ). Cos i can see the upper level of the bus from my 8th floor balcony. 

When we reached Bangkok, it was winter ( yeah rite, winter in BKK ;p ). It was icy ( not snowy ) everywhere. Roads were covered with ice, tree with icicles, a very fantasy and magical winter scenery. Suddenly the brake of our car was out. Our car is unstoppable! No choice, we just slide and glide on the slippery icy roads, in the tunnels, uphill and downhill....

And i woke up, rushed to toilet. I had diarrhea .... 3 times .... between 3am and 7am. :( 

Do you think the unstoppable car is the hint of my going-to-burst poo-poo? LOL ;p

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

talk n walk.

I was in a carnival, in my primary school. So crowded, everyone seemed so happy, including my late uncle. Some playing games, some eating, and others dancing. Then my mum came to pick me and my brother. ( FYI, i don't have a brother, only 3 sisters. An that 'brother' is not Chinese ;p )

We came to a junction and suddenly hit by a lorry. My 'brother' was threw out from the car from the front wind screen. I ran to him and keep screaming to the passer-bys ... CALL AMBULANCE !!! CALL AMBULANCE !!!

Luckily i was just dreaming. ;p

I'm not sure if i actually screamed while sleeping, but it would be scary if i do. :(
But i know i have some sleep walking incidents when i was 4 or 5 years old. Luckily nothing happened.
Do you sleep talk/walk?

Monday, January 7, 2013


( fyi : it's a norm for the attendance in classes ( or at least my class ) drop by the end of the year, nov & dec due to members busy with year end staffs, as well as going holiday with family. But it will be up again by the new year, when everyone started to come back. Oh and also, i am kinda known as the ' housewives/aunties/che-che killer ' ( 师奶刹手 ) in certain fitness centers. No need to explain kan? ;p )

As explained earlier, the attendance of my classes is back to normal. I can see lots of MIAed members back in the class. But that's not the point. Not only the members are back, but they are back ... with souvenirs. Cos normally the members will get something for their 'favorite' instructors. So far i got a few gifts from them. A bit paiseh to accept, but they insist. Decorative items, as well as food.
Sometimes they also gave me moon cakes ( during Mid Autumn Festival ), glutinous ball soup ( during Winter Solstice ), handmade cookies and angpows ( during CNY ).. dll.

So, guess who in their 'favorite' list ? MOI! lol ;p

( ahh.. they love me so much.. i'm just so popular ;p )

p/s : in case you are confused, i am extremely FRIENDLY and CARING in my classes. i'm only BITCHY in the blogosphere. ;p

Sunday, January 6, 2013

drink! drink! drink?

Went to a wedding dinner of an ex colleague ( bride ) last night. Everything was ok. We stayed for a while after the dinner ( to avoid the massive crowds at the lift lobby, also to have some time with the bride ). Suddenly some of the best men came to our table and started to do what best men always do : DRINK. DRINk MORE. ;p

They started to nag us one by one. 1st the lady, she directed them to her husband ( kesian the husband, terpaksa minum ). Then they attacked my friend sitting next to me. She told them that she is allergic to alcohol. She explained to them few times before they finally moved on .. to me.

One of the best men put the bottle of whiskey in front of me, and tapped my shoulder ( that's the signal of : IT"S YOUR TURN! ) I slowly turned to him, ( bitch ) stared at him a bit and shook my head 2, 3 times. And he went to attack other victim. PHEWW! That was easy. lol ;p

What other reason/excuse/way to do to avoid the typical dinner force-drink?
Suggestions anyone?

Little souvenir that we got from the dinner. A photo booth at the event with lots of fun and colorful props. Great idea. ( but the queue was quite long ;p )
Congratulations, Jasmine & Daniel. :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

it feels great.

Something that i got from the group of people that i trained for their company's annual dinner. And our group got #1!!!!! ( also my first #1 in my staff competition career ;p ) I just wished that i was with them during the show, cos i was away for my holiday. :)

Anyway, it really feels great when you know that you are appreciated.
Way to start a new year with some appreciation and encouragement. :))

Happy weekend everyone. :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

tahun baru. drama berterusan.

Not sure why, but my mind is kinda super productive lately. Especially when i am sleeping. More dreams to share with you guys ..

I was sleeping in my room ( in my old apartment ). Woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water from the kitchen. I was feeling dizzy and drunk, can't walk straight.

When i went back to my room, i was shocked. Cos there's so many people in my room. My sisters, my friends, my clients, etc. I turned around, saw a group of dancers rehearsing in my room. I even asked the dancers not to jump or step on the floor too hard, cos it's midnight. My neighbor downstairs are sleeping. WTF?

This afternoon, i took a nap, and went back to the 'after-party'. My room was in chaos, so many dirty plates and glasses of orange juices and red wine... and some of the 'stars' from the 'night's' dream appeared and leaving my room...

Weird of not?

Since i am good and productive in making weird/interesting dreams, i think i will create a special series for those dreams and post it here. Let you guys 'see' how COMPLICATED my mind is ... lol ;p
I'll call it " my vogiu bedtime stories ... "

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

tahun baru. drama lagi.

I thought my new Years' Day was quite dramatic. Mana tau? My New Year's Night lagi drama.

I had a few dreams last night, 2 of them were related to death. Yup, kematian/ kemampusan ;p
1st death was my old neighbor, an old granny ... not sure if she is still alive now? ...this one a bit scary...:(
2nd death was some stranger, a young man .. this one quite fun .. cos he ( the ghost ) helped me to do a lot of things .. things that is impossible for a normal guy to do... lol ;p

Then got other dreams .. with appearance of lots of people .. people from my 1st job till now. It's like a flashback of my career history.... but nothing happened. Just hi and bye .. like my real life...hahahaha ;p

How was your 1st sleep of the year? Ada sweet?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

drama tahun baru.

Woke up at 7.45am today .. thought of starting a new year early so that i can do more things ( nak celebrate new year with a productive day konon ;p ). Went IKEA to get some furniture that i was supposed to buy last year ( 2012 ;p ).

Reached IKEA at 9.20am. They open at 9.30am. Went to draw some money at the ATM. Machine got problem and some error. DAMN!

Started my furniture shopping. Selected the furniture and got their storing info. Can't find the flat trolley! They opened at 9.30am but there's still no trolley at 10.15am. And the staff just selamba asked me to go search at the entrance. Great help. I ended up using the supermarket trolley to transfer those bulky boxes. Imagine me, not so tall and not so muscular, lifting those boxes from floor to the trolley. Super heavy and difficult. DAMN!

Went to cashier, scanned the goods and oops.. there's price error on the merchandise. Waited 10 minutes for the cashier to call and check with the office. Apparently i have to pay in the wrong price and get a refund from the customer service. DAMN!
**( i would like to apologize to the cashier for showing her the not so vogiu side of me ;p )

Went to customer service... so many people... waited for another 15 minutes. But luckily the CS were nice and friendly. OK, not so geram anymore.

Came home, knocked my head at the wall while trying to carry those boxes in my house. DAMN!

So hungry, wanna cook instant noodle as lunch. Guess what? Gas habis. DAMN!

Went out to buy groceries and tapao food. Reached the supermarket and it started to rain. DAMN!

Came back, makaned, and started to set up all the furniture pieces. All things done. I am happy and satisfied. At least i got something done today. :)

My New Year's day was quite dramatic, can't wait for the rest of the year. Hopefully all fun stuffs from now on. :)
How was your New Year's Day?