Tuesday, August 31, 2010

malu-nyerrr !!!

I was at TF Giza for a replacement class. When i reached the reception counter, i showed the guy my instructor card. He looked at the card, then me ... totally blank. Then i looked back at him ( with my eyes ) ...

" What? You new here? Can't recognize an instructor card? "

He replied with his eyes as well ...

" Yes sir. But what is that? Celebrity Fitness? "

Then only i realized that i flashed him my Celebrity Fitness Instructor Card, when i am actually at True Fitness. Ya Allah. Sungguh memalukan!!! Luckily i only scolded him "with my eyes", not verbally. If not sure ' dapat kemaluan yang lebih besar!!! '

So now i know. Not only i am not good in multitasking, i am sometimes nyanyuk too. Maybe the nyanyuk-ness arrived earlier than the age. ;(

I think i might need to start doing some exercise to make me more alert.
Any suggestions?


Monday, August 30, 2010

not so much a multitasker ;p

I always thought that i am very good at multitasking. Cos i can talk, walk and doing things with my hands at the same time. But when i'm too concentrate on my hands, silly things will just come out form my mouth.;p

I was setting up window display at One Utama. As i was busy putting on the window stickers, my friend called, asking me if i want to yumcha after the set up. So, with one hand adjusting the sticker, one hand holding handphone and my eyes on the sticker joining point, i said :

" Ok. Give me 30mins. Meet me at FUCK. "

" What? "

" In front of FUCK. "

I didn't realized that until my client asked me why i was so angry, cursing my friend?
So malu ;p

Do you think you are a good multitasker?

BTW, you know where is our meeting point rite? ;p

Sunday, August 29, 2010

i'm not a boy ...

Went out with friends born in 3 different eras ~ 60's (Y), 70's ( me ) and 80's (W).

As we were walking, Y told us that one of her friend can't wait to turn 45 years old, so that he is qualify to join Astro's Classic Song Competition ( I think he is only a couple years away from 45 ). And i also got a few friends ( in their 20's ) joined Astro Talent Search and 8TV's So You Think You Can Dance.

Then it made me think ...
In order to join ATS or SYTYCD or Malaysian Idol or even AF, you need to be under 30 years old. And as for the Classic Song Competition, you have to be over 45 years old. So what happened to those in their 30's? I mean ... like ME?

Where can i go, if i want to show my talent ( that is if i got any other talent, besides bitching lah ;p )?
People in your 30's, what should we do???

I'm not a boy, not yet an uncle ... i'm just stuck ...


Thursday, August 26, 2010

battle of the fruits

I went in the lift, almost vomited. WTF!! What smell is that? I have to hold my breathe for 8 floors. Once the door open, i rushed out immediately for some fresh air. Then only i found out that someone brought in jackfruit ( cempedak / nangka ) in the lift before i went in. Yucks !!

Some say durian is smelly. But i think cempedak / nangka is even worst.
What do you think?

還有什麼水果的氣味比榴槤或 cempedak / nangka 來得嗆鼻嗎?
Cempedak / nangka 華語叫什麼?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

and the results ...

I walked in the studio and saw the GXC ( group exercise coordinator ) sitting at the corner.

Me : 阿靚, 做咩事啊?
( What's going on? )

GCX : Surprise! 無啦。今日要 evaluate 你 geh performance。
( Surprise! Nothing much. Just need to evaluate your performance today )

And you know what's the first reaction i gave her?
No, it's not that i am not ready or nervous or what... but ...

Me : Harr? 做咩不早點講? 我著靚D嘛。
( Harr? When didn't inform earlier? So that i'll wear nice-nice marr. )

See? Very sampat rite? I should have worried about my performance, but instead .. i was thinking on what's i'm wearing. Once a diva, always a diva i guess, looks always come first. ;p

After the class, i went to see her for the result. Guess what? My average marks is 8.8/10 !!! Very the unexpected lo. And i even got a perfect 10 for punctuality. ( Cos i normally arrive at the gym 1 hour earlier before my class. )


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Whenever i pass by any places with mirrors or reflective surface, i will automatically stop and look at myself for a few seconds. Not that i am obsessed with myself ( liar !!! ), but just want to make sure that i look presentable... at all time.

Then i realized that my group of close friends do that as well. That's why we will have to make a few stops at the shopping malls, just walking from end to the other. Bad habit huh?

More importantly, do you do that as well?

tentententen+one : a brand new blog ( blog名有沒有很長氣?;p )

Monday, August 23, 2010


I have a habit of folding up the sleeve ( to make it shorter ) whenever i wear t-shirts. Not sure why, it's just my style. Maybe it makes my narrow shoulder looks broader. I didn't really think people will notice that until one day, SK told me about it.

He said whenever he passes by those window display with the folded sleeve on mannequin, his mind will just say :

" This is Danny's shirt ( 大嘴geh衫! ). "

Some people MUST wear belt.
Some MUST fold up the collar when they wear polo tee.
So what's your style?
What's your signature look?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

banjir ...

I must say that the mamak near my place is very generous. Why? Cos i i tapao only 1 roti telur, and they gave me this :

kari ikan, dal & sambal ( maybe can they can see that i am a spice freak ;p )

Normally when i eat at mamak store, i have to ask them to refill the curry, just to satisfy my crave for spiciness. But this time, i can really call it : ROTI BANJIR ! ;p

Can you see my roti? Like banjir kilat.. or tsunami of curry. LOL ;p

See, when i was young, i love to eat rotic canai with sugar. And now, i love it with lots of curry and sambal. Eh!? It's just like me kan? SWEET when young and HOT now !!!

So, how you like your roti?

p/s : There's a joke among my friends and i. Cos i wrongly said that Madonna's "STICKY & SWEET" tour as " SWEET & SOUR" tour. So tak vogiu kan? lol ;p

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Went for my hair cut yesterday. Since my usual stylist is not around, i was attended by another stylist. He was quite friendly and chatty as well. It was quite nice and relaxing to chat with him.

He also told me that some of the customers thought that he is a new stylist, when he is actually one of the pioneer stylist of that saloon. Then with a cheeky tone, he said :

" 邊個會記得我啦?我又唔靚仔。。。
I am not good looking. Not surprise if people can't remember me lorr... "

I looked at him and just smiled. And we continued chat on other stuffs.

When i reached home, only i realized that i should have say something when he commented about his look. Something like .." no lah, you good looking marr..." OR " maybe you always hide yourself lerr? ".

Do you think that i am rude?
I mean maybe he was waiting for me to say something like that? LOL ;p
Another good example of me being stupid and bad in PR. :(


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

anything but ...

I was standing outside of the studio, checking on the timetable. Then one 'che-che' ( not regular member ) passed by and stop behind me.

Che-che : Morning. You are Danny right?

Me : Morning. ( nodded and smiled )

Che-che : Haha. Just now i thought who is this guy. Wah, you look really different when you are on the stage conducting class horr? On stage you look so different, and now you look so ORDINARY. I almost can't recognize you.

Me : Huh? Really? ( This is another shocking statement received after the 38 incident ;p )

Che-che : Oh don't get me wrong. It's a compliment.

You know lah, as someone who always hunger for attention like me, it's really devastating when people call you ordinary. ;p
Do you see yourself as someone ordinary or you are actually special?

My life motto :

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My friend ( Yaz ) was talking to her client ( Z ). So happened that i met this client few times before in our dinner gathering with another group of friends. So i told Yaz to tell Z that i say hello. But apparently Z can't really recall who i am. So Yaz gave her a few more infos, and finally Z remembered :

" Oh, Danny? He is that 38 one rite? "
“ Danny ?是不是那個38的?“


(晴天劈靂 !!!)

I was so shocked. I dunno what to say. Cos all the while i thought i am portraying the vogiu look. Really 接授唔到囉. I want to be vogiu. At least vogiu is an attitude ( i think lah ;p ). But 38 is just ... plain 38. So not my direction.;(

Do you think i'm trying to hard to be vogiu?
( Can see how hard i tried to announce to the world that i am vogiu horr ? ;p )


Monday, August 16, 2010


As a freelancer, i always receive phone calls from new client enquiring on my service ( both VM and dance ). But the one thing that i don't really like is the way they ( not all lah ) enquire about the job :

" Hi Danny, this is XX from XX. I got your contact from XX and would like you to do a display for us. So how much you charge? "

Don't you think that is a bit UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE? To ask people's charges without giving any infos on the job at all. How i know what is the scale of the display? What concept and materials that they want? How can i figure out the cost with nothing to refer to?

But i have to say that, most of the people who have this kind of attitude are .. CINAMAN!!! Cos to them, money comes first. Creativity and presentation, lain cerita. Ada agree?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

it's NOT your birthday !

It happened years ago...

Say it's your birthday and everyone seems to forget about it. You were lonely and bored. So you called one of your close friend. Then you managed to hint/ tell him in between the conversation that it's your birthday. And what you got from him was a cold reply :

" Today is your birthday meh? Dun lie lah, yours is next week. Eh i busy now, talk to you next time lah. "

Kesian kan? Dah lah birthday takde orang ingat. Pas tu call orang kena reject.
What will you do if you are him? I mean the birthday boy.

Oh dun get me wrong, cos i am not the poor birthday boy. I am the so called useless 'close friend'. LOL ;p

p/s : 順便在此祝‘阿強‘生日快樂。

pp/s : found another great song that gave me goose bumps and made me cry. posted at side bars...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

me and fb

I went to the changing room after my class, and fb was sitting in front of the lockers while talking on his handphone. His ass is really huge that actually blocking 3 locker doors ~ 12, 14 & 16 ( including mine ). So i politely told him :

Me : Excuse me, do you mind? Mine is 16. ( and smile )

He : Oh, mine is 14. ( smiled to me )

And he moved his ass ... FEW CMs ONLY from my locker door( fb is now blocking locker 10, 12 & 14 ). It's still very hard to get my stuffs but i didn't want to tell him twice. Then i went to the steam room before shower. 3 mins after that, fb came in ... WITH HIS HANDPHONE!!! Suddenly the steam room became so ' happening ' cos he was talking really loud ( not in Chinese or Malay hokay? ;p ) Besides the noise, he also filled the steam room with his B.O.!!!

I can't stand the smell, so i went for shower. Guess what? After my shower, there he was blocking my locker door again! I was so pissed off that i didn't bother to ask him to move away. I just open the door wide enough that is touching his shoulder. And he still didn't MOVE !!! I can honestly tell you that i was cursing so bad in my heart when i was putting on my clothes. He is really a fb!!!

FYI, i DO NOT have problems with big size people. I just hate people that is so INCONSIDERATE !!! ;p
What will you do if you were in the same situation?


fb = f@t b@st@rd ;p
( still remember this character from Austin Powers? )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nobody ... no more !

I am officially so sick of NOBODY ( the song, the dance, but NOT the girls, yet ;p )

I think i've seen so many versions of NOBODY performs by those wannabe Wondergirls, Wonderboys and even Wonderquas. So sick and tired looking at everyone doing the same thing. Everyone was so into it last year that i was requested to do NOBODY ( Big Mouth's own choreography ). So i did and they liked it. Cos it's different. But so far the worst Nobody is from Sg Wang ~ all those TECHNO remixed version non-stop blasting . Just feel like slapping those seafoods.

But i got a call from a client last week, asking me to train they staff for a performance during their annual dinner. And guess what song they picked?

Ding ! Ding ! Ding !

You've got it right. NOBODY !!! with the original steps. I almost vomit ( blood and word ) when she told me that. But what to do? Money still money. Just suck it up ad do lo. But i definitely going to change a bit on the choreography. To add in a bit of the Big Mouth's vogiu-ness.

Do you still enjoy listening or dance to NOBODY now?

Anyone interested to see Nobody by WonderMOUTH? lol ;p

p/s : Alan, i can still train the Wonderbras if you want. But i'll do it my way ;p

Monday, August 9, 2010


Yeah.. i totally hated that word, and do not wish that it will ever happen on me. Cos my body and mind were not designed to handle them.

Some might say that i am not sporting enough. But i'm just trying to minimize the damage, on me and them. Cos when i am presented with something unexpectedly, i will lose my vogiu-ness and start to act like idiot and talk nonsense. Then a few minutes after the shock therapy, i'll start to look for the organizer and and laser him kau-kau. So see? It's a lose-lose situation kan? ;p

But of cos, i don't mind watching people's reaction when they got the surprise. Cos that's probably the most genuine expression of him / her.

Do you like surprises?
I know i don't. ;p


Sunday, August 8, 2010

cry baby, cry ...

Went to Di's birthday dinner last night. It was fun and cozy, just four of us. Eat and chat, laser and bitch around. From the dinner, i discovered that i have quite a lot of similarity with the other girl.

We both have the COLD BITCH look. ( very obvious )
We both enjoy watching Madonna's concert. ( DVD only la, not the real one ;p )
We both like to decorate the house ourselves.
We both love shoes.
Then surprisingly, we both tend to cry / have tears in our eyes easily.
And we both are not EMO people.

Yup, i 'tear' easily. Listening to songs, watching TV commercial and movies. Or maybe when i saw something touching, or very 'GRAND' ( 壯觀 ) and gave me goose-bumps. Anything that 'inspired' me will make me feel like crying. Just a form of me expressing my gratitude i guess.

Are you a ' crying' person?
And do you look like one?


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

happiest bitch on earth ...

I will be super busy again starting today.

Setting up Raya window displays for 3 clients ( 12 shops ). Not to mention that i am in the midst of finalizing a few jobs ( new clients ) for the coming months. Thanks to my ex boss, one of the job pays really well. Hopefully everything will be ok.

BTW, i met an instructor friend that i have not seen for long time. And the first thing he told me was :

" 賤人,你瘦左喔。“ ( Bitch, you've slim down worr. )

Ah, gembira nyerr hati ku. ;p


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Do you like to call your friends or someone special by those 'manja' nicknames.
Honey? Darling? Pumpkin? Muffin? Piggy?

I extremely hate it when people call me those, especially the cute ones.
I am VOGUE, not CUTE. If you call me bitch or diva, i'll accept, cos it's true.
Below is a KISAH BENAR, to show how much i hate getting cute nickname :

Someone once tried to be manja with me...

" Hello, SoChu ( 傻豬 silly pig ) ... how are you today? "

And my direct response was :

" What's up, SoHai ( no need explain rite? ;p ) ... i'm fine, thank you. "

See? Very obvious how i react to those nicknames rite? ;p

What is the paling beh tahan nickname that people once gave you?
Those super geli that will make people next to you wanna vomit one. LOL :P

My attempt to take a CUTE picture of myself ... 2 or 3 years ago?
Cute or Puke ? ;p

Monday, August 2, 2010


I have a habit that some people think that it's weird.

I love my perfume. I like to 'perfumed' myself whenever i go out. To classes lah, to meeting lah. to hang out with friends lah, i even wear perfume when i go out to the kopitiam to tapao mixed rice for lunch. Not sure why, but i just feel more comfortable whenever i am wearing perfume. Not that i have any B.O. problem hokay! ;p

Do you think that i am weird?
Or i am just wasting money? ;p
Or you are just another guy, same like me? :)


So, 要不要買咧?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I won RM200 shopping vouchers the other day. So i when to the shop at Pavilion to use it before it expires. FYI, it was a shop that sells hip-hop / street / skaters kind of clothing. Meaning their clothes are slightly bigger and more loose that the normal clothing. And guess what? Their smallest size for t-shirt is M. Of cos it's too loose for me. The i decided to just get their accessories and sundries.

Got myself a sling bag, 2 belts and a Tee. ( it's loose but the graphics is nice ;p ) Went to the counter, and i still have RM30+ left. I pointed at the corner and asked the Chinese sale assistant :

Me : Do you have those flip-flop in size 9?

Him : Harr? Sorry?

Me : D flip-flop有無9號啊?

Him : ( looked at me, still puzzled ) 咩係flip-flop?

When i told my friend about the incident, he only gave me one word as conclusion : PRETENTIOUS!

Do you think i am pretentious?
Cos that's how we call when i was a fashion merchandiser.
Or is it my fault that there's actually difference between slippers and flip-flop?
Do you know?