Saturday, January 30, 2010

Senyum sikit, boleh?

I always envy people with a nice smile. They look so presentable and vogue, i mean at least their facial expression is very nice to look at ( Pic A ). Cos whenever i smile, i tend to ' over do' it, and created lots of wrinkle ( Pic B ). Some call them smiley-wrinkles ( 笑紋 ). But who cares lah kan? A wrinkle is a wrinkle. Not to mention that i'm like doing a free ' gum ' show whenever i smile .. cos besides having big mouth, my gums are quite big too. ;p

I once had a female manager who smile like Pic B, and it looked so forced and fake. And we called her The Mannequin... cos she is actually quite fake in

So, you think you fall under which category ya?

p/s : Although i tried hard to be VOGUE, i guess i'm just not that perfect anyway....:(

Friday, January 29, 2010



凡看到人就問 :‘食飽未?‘ (不官什麼是間,都無是無刻的怕人家“吃不飽“。)
Shopping時看到人就問 :‘行街啊?‘ ( Abothen?微服出巡啊?)
但我最beh tahan的就是明明已經從外回來了,還要問 :‘返哩啦?‘(我有時腦筋short到時就答 ~ 無啦,回魂唶!)

是他們明知故問,還是每樣東西都要double confirm?

還是你最beh tahan人家問你什麼?

Whenever you ask someone " How do you do? " ... are you really interested to know? or it's just another way to PR? :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm not a boy... not yet a man?

I was shopping a some new gym/dance pants at Mid Valley this afternoon. You know lah, it's very challenging to buy pants for my superb ( or rather abnormal ) body proportion, especially my lower body ~ extremely short legs.

So i went in Studio R to check if they have nice track bottom. As i was browsing, i saw this knee-length pants that is quite nice and so suitable for me. Immediately i grab size S and went straight to the fitting room to try. Strangely, this S size is obviously much smaller than the usual S. So i asked the promoter :

Me : Excuse me, can you please get me a bigger size? Cos the cutting is too small lah.

Promoter : ( Smile ) Oh sir, of cos the cutting is small. It's actually for junior.

Me : Oic. Then, can you get me the largest size please.
( Half of me was so embarrassed, and the other half was so excited )

Then, i end up bought a XL size pants from the junior department. Not to mention that it's very much cheaper than men's pants, and also the cutting was perfect for me. Hehehe.. Definitely a GOOD BUY! Guess i should start survey CNY clothes from children's boutiques. LOL ;p

Aren't you jealous? I'm 33 this year and still wear clothing from junior department. How many of you still shop from the junior's department? Or how many of you WISH that you still can shop in that department? ;p

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was outside of the studio, waiting for the instructor to finish his class in another 10 mins. Nothing special, they were having fun with the step boards.

But suddenly something caught my attention. It was the music that was playing in the studio ...

" Tang.. tang.. tang... " It was Sammi Cheng's 獨家試唱 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( 20 exclamation marks, cos i was really shocked ) ! And the best thing is... it was a cover version ... in Thai !!!!! ( 5 more ;p )

My goodness, i thought i will only hear this song when we are in Karaoke doing the lala stuff... Just when i thought those songs in my list are already the 'creme de la creme' of the LALA society. Tak sangka still got people use it to teach class. ;p

What is the LALAest song in your song list ( new or old.. as long as the LALAness is still there )?

p/s: Dun get me wrong, i still LOVE this song very much... but not in gym la :p

Monday, January 25, 2010


Remember the story about me falling sick almost every time i completed a major set up? Well, it arrived on the dot.

I was feeling very exhausted and weak for the whole day. No mood to do anything, except lying there on my couch and watched DVDs. Maybe it's a hint that i am going to fall sick... real soon. :(

Good news is, i don't have any major VM job to be done at the moment. Bad news, i still have to teach classes almost everyday. I've drank lots of water, and tried to get more rest. Hopefully it won't affect my daily work.
( Hmm.. sadly, this time the medicine from shopping malls also can't make me feel better. )

Do you have a ' falling sick season'?
Cos one of my friend MUST fall sick every time before CNY. Maybe that's her way to welcoming the new year. LOL ;p

Saturday, January 23, 2010


It happened few years back, when my mum was still driving our antique car ( bought since 1985 ). It's actually THE car that me and my sisters grew up with.

So the story is, i was out with my mum that day, and she was driving ( cos i dunno how to drive manual car ;p ). FYI, I have not been traveling in that car for ages. Then suddenly she asked :

Mum : 鳴啊,還記得這輛車的‘叮叮‘聲嗎?
( Ah Ming ah, do you still remember the 'ding ding' sound of this car? )

Me : 記得,超過100kmph才會‘叮‘嘛。
( Yup, it will only sound when you drive more than 100kmph. )

Mum : Yeah lo. ( Smiling herself )

Me :做麼?不要跟我講你現在要表演給我看啊?不要三八啊!
( Why? Don't tell me you want to show me the sound now huh? Dun 38 huh! )

Mum : ( Keep on smiling )

Well, i am not surprise if she really plan to drive 100kmph just to bring back the memories. Cos she is kinda unpredicted sometimes. LOL.

BTW, can you drive both manual and auto car? Or you are just like me, only know how to drive auto car?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nanny GAGA

She is 59 years old, and She is 60+ ( with a few grandchildren ).
She is open minded, and She is very sporting.
She is a first timer, and She is a regular.
She ask about the details after class, and She hit the ab-crunch machine right after the class.

They are both my most ' experienced ' member, and they are both did Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE .. in my class.
I am very touched and happy to see people in their age who still have such energy and open to try anything new. FYI, they crawled like cat on the floor together with the rest of the members, so sexy okay? ;p

BTW, i did sampled some original Gaga moves ( the claw, like above pics ) in the dance. After the class, a few of the che-che came to me and asked why i did the claw thing. Is it in conjunction with the YEAR OF TIGER? ( pengsan ) But, they are so CUTE, kan? ;p

Are you going to do anything on yourself in conjunction with CNY? Get new hairstyle ke? change your clothing style ke? get a botox ke? get a new 'face' ke? ;p

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I normally will fall sick once the peak season for my VM job is over.

Today, i finally completed all the CNY and Valentine's Day window display for my clients. And as predicted, i am feeling very tired and weak. Not to mention that i have 2 classes today. So i quickly went to my 'personal doctor' at Pavilion, to get some medicine. Got some meds from the 'clinic', not cheap okay? ;p

There, my medicine :

Can see result in 5 minutes, very effective.;p
( ada chantique? )
Guess this will be my CNY shoes this year.:)

BTW, what is the ONE item that you must buy to celebrate CNY every year?
Shirts? Pants? Undies? Shoes? Belts? Socks? Wallets?

My answer is ... SEMUA DI ATAS.. DAN BANYAK LAGI ;p

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reading a MOVIE ?

I have a ( not sure if it's a bad ) habit. Whenever i watch movie, my eyes will automatically focus on the subtitles ( Not only English movies, Chinese movies as well ok? ;p ).

Dunno why .. but i think i can understand the movie better if i watch with the subtitles. You knowlah, my England sometimes quite powderful one. So it's better for me to refer to the subtitles, just in case i ter'get' other story ( got the wrong meaning of the lines, cos sometimes i really can't catch what they said, esp. English la ;p ) But it's another way of entertainment for me, cos sometimes you'll get some very funny words at the subtitles ( esp. English to Malay ~ tennis court = 'mahkamah' tenis LOL).

But sometimes i missed some very interesting details, cos too focus on the subtitles instead of the visual.:(
I guess next time i should write ' read movies' instead of ' watch movies' as hobby huh? ;p

Do you have the same habit?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

She is BACK !!!

Yes, The Queen of Negative Energy ( in my class ) is back!

I have not seen her for quite some time ( thank God ) and suddenly she came to my class. I thought she looked so familiar but can't recall what's so special about her. But when we finished the class and she started to complain... OH ! then only i remembered. She was the one who spread the rumours to other members about how boring is my class, and always try to p???? other members that other classes are better. So that they will go to the other class instead of joining mine. ( Do you think she is paid by other instructor to do that? LOL ;p )

I did asked a few of my regulars on my class and on her. Then only i learnt that she did that in almost every classes she attended. SAMPAT kan? So free nothing to do... i think she is the original "DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE" .. hunger for attention.;p

I don't mean to be rude but once a while, i would like to slap her and ask her to shut up ...LOL ;p
So, what should i do huh?

( Maybe i should choreograph a dance move where you have to slap other people.. and i ask her to be my demo model... hahahahaha ... cool kan? i'm such a genius*...;p )

* i can see the queue waiting to slap me, AGAIN...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was at BV2 yesterday for a meeting. While waiting for the client, i walked around doing some survey. Then i saw this group ( 5 person ) of " young execs " passing by. And two of them were wearing some 'voguely designed' sunglasses ... IN THE MALL.

I always wonder .. WHY they do that? To me it looks a bit funny and terencat. And while i was asking myself those questions in my mind, one of them 'ter' kicked the power point on the floor ( maybe he didn't see it cos he was wearing the sunglasses ;p ) and almost PK. I just stood and looked at him. And immediately those 3 words appeared in my mind ...

The moral of the story is :
You don't need to wear those things in order to make yourself VOGUE(r). Just look at me, tak pakai apa-apa branded stuff pun...tapi still maintain VOGUE.;p
( i can see people are queueing up to slap me oledi. LOL ;p )

( This was the exact reaction in my heart when i saw the incident ;p )

By the way, are you one of those who wear sunglasses whenever and wherever you go?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 times a night ...

I'm already in bed, ready to sleep.
Suddenly got a sms from an unknown number.
( not sure if i know this person before )
It's one of those forwarded jokes / greetings.
And the sms kept coming every 3 minutes.
I received a total of 7 different jokes / greetings from an unknown number.

What would you do?
Reply to ask who is the sender?
Reply to ask him/her to stop sending sms?
Ignore it and just sleep? ( but it will bother you for the night wondering who is the sender )

Saturday, January 9, 2010

shake it ..

Went to the gym earlier today to workout and bump into another instructor. Let me just describe him to you guys :

He teaches BodyPump & BodyCombat .. and i only i teach Dance.
He is very muscular and well built .. and i'm NOT.
He starts a conversation with : " Yo bro ... " .. and i start with " Ooi bitch ... ".

So you know how different we are. The funny thing is, when he saw me, he came to me and wanna shake my hand. But you know lah, people like him got their own way of shaking hands.. then twist la.. fist bump la.. ( those very black guy's way ). I only know finger snap (;p). So when he shook my hand, i dunno what to do. Just gave him my hand, look at him and let him do whatever with my right hand. FYI, i felt like total idiot. Why can't they just say hello and smile. ;p

Do you have anybody around you that act that way? The very street / hip hoppy way?
Or better yet, do you know how to do those hand-shake?

Thursday, January 7, 2010


A scene from Ugly Betty ( Season 4 ). Amanda just help Marc solved his problem...

Marc : ( ecstatic ) O-M-G, Mandy. You are BRILLIANT !!!

Amanda : ( shocked and angry ) You take that back! I am BEAUTIFUL !!!

I can't help but burst out laughing, cos it's so dumb. And i hate to admit that... that is sooooo ME. ;p I know i am a shallow person, cos i always think that outlook is somehow slightly more important than the content. ( That's why i always end up buying some pretty but useless stuffs..LOL )

But if given a choice, you rather choose to be labeled as 'DUMB' or 'UGLY' ?
( Must choose one )

( 一定要選一樣!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010





A corner of my living room, fully occupied by the cherry blossom. Not only that, i can see cherry blossom at the dining, in front of the washroom, and the corridor as well. Can't wait to send them out next week, cos i can't stand seeing so many flowers in my house! ;p

BTW, is 'finding true love' is one of the item in your 2010 to-do list?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is that my CUE ...?

Last Saturday after the class, a member from my class came to me and asked me whether wanna join him for lunch or not. Since i have to do my Saturday routine, so i said yes. So we went makan at the cafe .

Everything was quite casual. Chatted about work, classes, and of cos, some bitching. ( ;p ) After the lunch, i asked him if he is going straight home, cos i am need to get something from the shop. He said yes, and told me to call him for lunch whenever i go to my supplier's place. ( I just found out that my supplier's place is opposite his office ) I said OK, smiled and walked straight to the shop.

After a while only i realized something.. something silly and might be rude...

Do you think that the line " Call me for lunch whenever you go to the supplier's place " is actually a CUE to exchange contact , business card or anything?

How can i be so dumb to get that huh? Gosh, although it's already the new year, but my PR skills still suck... BIG TIME. ;p

Friday, January 1, 2010


Few years ago, i was approached by a female marketing staff at the fitness centre. Although i didn't sign up anything with her, but i still can remember her name. Cos it's kinda special, or shall i say .. weird ~ SPOON. Yes, her name is SPOON. ( as in "sudu" )
Yesterday, i met up with a new client. After that, her staff emailed me some info of the company. And guess what? His name is also SPOON. ;p

I always thought that using nicknames ( or Christian names ) from fruits ( Apple, Orange, Banana, etc ) or weather ( Rainy, Windy, Ice, Summer, etc ) is considered quite ' interesting' ( or strange ;p ). And now people are actually using names from CUTLERY as their nickname? What is happening to the world? ;p

I can't help but imagine that in future, the below conversation might happened to me :

Me : Err, mister. You are?

Him : The name is FORK. Fork Yew. ( LOL ;p )

Do you have any friends who are using very interesting / strange nicknames?

There, you can have at least 5 different names from the above picture.:p

p/s : dunno got ppl name themselves from the stationary category or not.. Mr Ink Wong and Miss Staple Lim...LOL ;p